issue #207             Friday May 1st, 20014

Nightmares are very important to me, they are the warning of things that will or may not happen in the future depending on our capacity to remember them very well to not do them in the future, and I could say thanks SB, but i rather give my thanks to JC. who gives me satisfacton by remembering the good times since last time i wrote a journal maybe 2 months ago?, im not sure. there has been many great times, in my head comes now when i meet this big black super hot guy that was for sure from a mother of father black and a mother or father blond blue eyes, he was late 20s curly long shaggy hair with green eyes, perfect skin and 6'5, 10 uncut,  but also a super "Co" wich means a condom one, yeah so i had to pass, and confirmed why not fuck with guys younger then me, but real sex was when a tall black guy earlies 40 with a 12 inches who just came out of closet, fucking crazy hot, a good long time of getting fucked by that monster dick, it was so fucking intense, he just wanted to have his dick inside my ass
forever, so i did my best to entertain it, we were inside a seedy cheap motel room where he is the best customer, so he got privilegdes, that hole was the happiest one in the whole world after him dumping his huge load of sperm deep inside my culo, oh damn, sometimes that pleasure can not be explained in words.
Another hot black guy was an older one that he gives the best blow jobs ever and he goes for long time, i meet him in a spa here in downtown LA and in that specific spa that day in there i was out of my room walking and i saw in this other room this white sexy older hot manly body laying on his bed with face up and dick up, hard and ready to cum, so i went in and i sucked it for 2 seconds, and I started to ride it like if he was a bull but only for 1 minute or less cause then I changed to doggy style in front of that mirror (yes to the mirror), not 4 or 5 minutes passed by before he was asking me if he could cum, i said, fill me up and breed me with every drop of your sperm deep inside, and he was already cuming inside my hole before i finished answering, then i left that room with a huge smile on my face and butt hole that was dripping sperm down my legs.
Another black guy fuck was the one that i filmed sucking his 12 inches dick, soon i hope to post it on my site that is featuring right now my musical creation "Liberec",  i feel the need sometimes of updating the songs i have created, casue the reason that i a make them is so i can hear the kind of music and lyrics that i want to hear always, listennig to other kind of music and lyrics can be brainwashing like in certain places i go often because i have not choice, but their brainwashing techniques work only when you are not aware of it, lets keep in mind that what im writing now
can be false or be real, i wont say what it is so i can be protected.
I still fucking love listenning most always to my last musical creation "myself" almost everyday all the time.
I talked one day many years ago about if there would be a making of a movie about the transformers and soon after that they made the first transformers movie, with the number 4 new one to be out now days, so now i wonder if it is time to a full special effects 3d movie of wonderwoman, with a famous and cheap female, so the studio can spend the money on special effects, paying the nerds more then usual to guarantee good results. Just like i see now that the future of porn is in animated cartoons 3d seeing what u wish you could see in porn but was not possible because
human actors are limited, but the animated one is the present and future of porn, making mucho dinero right now and for all the time to come, mmm!, i may want to have my own company?, and direct?, and edit?, porn got to stick with porn, people doing movies non porn should stick with that, the crossovers cannot do too well cause is not meant to be that way.

My birthday was the best one in years, i got few great gifts, and great company.
If mr Luther king have on his name a day as a national holiday for helping black people, then Obama should get how many days for helping blacks and every other race?, or that holiday should be changed from King's to Obama's?.
Since march i only wear black, because it became then a year since i lost a big part of my heart, which is not being allowed to my my 3 dogs, but its growing back after pretending they die so it wont hurt anymore, so for is only black clothes, black computer, black phone, black bags, black hair?, and even cockrings and dildos and almost man too.  Being free makes me feel happy most of my day by 98%  of each day. Im not into politics i enjoy a lot watching the non porn movie "Limitless" with the fucking hot Bradley Cooper, or the non porn movie "The Secret".  I almost
feel in love the other day, but decided not to, i dont want that kind of feeling inside of me yet.right now i got to discover the secret tips in finding the right timing or creating the right timing for anything i do. As usual i end this journal giving my gratitude to my higher power the holy trinity, the father creator all heavens and earth, his son is the king of kings an lord of lords, Jesuschrist, and the Holy Spirit that is highly respected for is the energy itself inside the human, together the 3 of them are the holy trinity that is saint, blessed, eternal, and perfect. 

Issue # 206          Thursday February 13th 2014

Once again from West Hollywood, California , USA, the best place on planet earth for me, cause the way I see it is that United States is and always should be the best country in the world, because it is where America is located, and America is the capital of the world, is the place where for over a hundred of years allocates the best representants of every country, representing all kinds of fields, like for example sports, and I lived in it for most of my life and so far i'm still, my way to do it is by keeping  a positive mind frame to make it easy, even sometimes when i think about certain places, people, animals and even plants from the past i could get very melancholic, then i have to grow another layer on my skin to make me stronger and to not be powerless. Re learning never ends, and achiving moments of happiness is what i live for, trying my best to keep aware of the present time the more as possible, and being in company of other people is what makes me happy the most, specially men, sexually and non sexually, the non sexual connections are more joyful when is in a place with many in it at the same time, and the sexual ones are more fun for me when is in a place with just one individual at the time. I wanna live my life splitting my day with both equally, so far i think im not, but it is for sure that I am getting close to it, coming all the way from 2 years ago when i had no connections at all, and today for example i just had a fucking amazing orgasm after arriving at this super hot muscle guy who i suspect is an escort and or a masseur or personal trainer because of the setup his penthouse in Beverly Hills was, he made me hang from a bar with my head on the floor as a new way of rimming my ass, but it didnt quite made it for me, so i chose the normal way and i was laying down on my back on his massage table and him on top of me in a doggy style in the way that he was sucking my dick while i was licking his soft and perfumed butthole that sure was better then candy and diabetes free, damn, or I was too fucking horny, or he was just too fucking good cause i just got up from that table got behind him without him having to move from his doggy style and I fucking monted him from behind like a fucking dog in heat and after few strokes of my dick going in and of his sweet hole that needed only some of my spit for lubrication i was already edging like crazy, he noticed and told him to breed him, and the way he asked for it made me just do it and I released from me a generous amount of my babies sperm deep inside his happy love hole, wow, pure satisfaction and super fucking happy I was, with a smile in my face that still lasts, it happened 2 hours ago, I should write some of other situations, encounters, and thoughts rather sooner then later, but right now I have this big rush to post this right away, maybe i'm being rushed by my higher power the Holy Trinity that is blessed, perfect, saint and eternal, and i'm forever grateful and devoted to it

issue # 205

December 21st, 2013

To you all from my favorite place on all planet earth, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA, very indeed for almost 3 months already. I don't know for how much longer but as today i'm so lucky for it. i feel now like a transformer, more then meets the eye, and wanna keep it that way. I must make clear that in order to comply with the latest rules of the game i have to explain that whatever i say in these journals could be all truth or it can be some, or it can be no truth at all, that way i protect myself and i can be free to live a happy life. Rock n roll said to me some stranger one night that i was very down, so I did it and sure it works. Listenning to my latest musical creation called "Myself" brings so much satisfaction inside of me, it puts me into a trance, the words and melodies are just what i want to hear the most out of any kind of music, I'm not aware of how many people enjoy my music, other then the ones who tells me, but the main reason i make it its for my own satisfaction with beats, words and melodies that i wish i could hear when i want to go into that zone that music puts a human into. Its been a couple of months since changing the color of my hair from blond to  brown. I been working hard on updating my website, such as the style,  my biography, the ask me window that was broken for a year, interviews, and other things, and soon i should post some little clips of the close ups of my dick an ass in action taken with my cell phone's cam, oink!, such as for example the time over a month ago with a big fan of mine who is a versatile black and yummy guy, or these other white guys who's generous butt holes were taken by my dick and hands, and toys, some other times i wasnt so clever to film it, like on time a month ago that this super blond blue eyes man in his forties picked me up and took me to his place and while watching some hot porn he fucked me with his very large dick breeding me not once but twice, jacuzzi and cake between orgasms. another time was with this guy i know for many years and re encountered with him few months ago, so one day few weeks ago he invited me over and we both were just
too fucking horny at the same time so, while watching porn he gave me the best blow job i could remember ever, fuck, it was edging for a good couple of hours before diner and falling at sleep, mmm!. Another time of some good joy for my dick was when i had this other blond blue eyes white pig man also in his forties from Missisipi who picked me up and took me to his place where i fucked his soft, juice, warm and tender generous ass all night long. Lately i been hanging out with this fuckbuddy who is in his early 50s who cannot have enough of my ass, and we meet few times a week for some of my ass happy hour time, diner, porn and cuddle while sleeping sure makes it even better. Oh forgot to mention the time I hook up with this guy whith a major thick cock who gets into being sucked, and i took it as my pacifier, unfortunately he is not the kind of guy you wanna repeat due to his cocky personality, and i cant blame him. just like with this other white guy with a very nice hole but with him i got to film it and soon i should post it on my site. What i wish i had filmed was the time I fucked this super hot peruvian around my age, with the most amazing body and tan, another latin man i fucked very joyfully was actually yesterday, from Honduras, and his ass was beyond exquisit, milking my dick twice in a few hours. oh wow. Now i'm gonna start to wrap it up, cause i just don't like to seat for too long typing, and also i cant mention all of the times i had sex cause they are many and cant remember all of them. Probably i'm not gonna feel too good after I finish with this journal cause there may be lots fo things I'm forgetting to mention now. Jesus birthday this year may be the saddest ever for me, as my evil ex partner wont let me see our dogs anymore and they are sitll in my heart, but then again Im not in
physical, mental, and spiritual pain like I used to when i was with him, so it might be the best  Christmas for me in a very long time, besides i'm getting back my sexuality to the point of having an orgasm by fucking or getting fucked with someone almost everyday, my financial situation suffers as an exchange for it, but is not so much of a sacrifice for someone who does not longer care for that to the point of having to do escort work like I used to once upon the time, escort is not for me anymore, financial security is just not as much important like it used to be for me, or like it s for most people here in, Los Angeles. Lots of ways of thinking have changed in me, such as the need to be in love with just one person or giving into the way of thinking of the most people, often i see me saying, oh i got it now!, instincts are not instincts for nothing again, and dreams of traveling were back. Before ending this I got to mention how the fascinating Richard Fort is now a  non living argentinian gay legend who is now remebered by millions, i'm sure he is now not far from the celestial bodies, who i always publicaly express my gratitude to, as i do to The Father, creator of all heavens and earth, his son who's birthday coming soon is the biggest celebration of the year every year for the human race and the holy spirit who is responsable for joy, comfort, and all positive feelings, together they became the holy trinity who is blessed, saint, perfect and eternal.

issue 204
October 1st, 2013

It is very super wonderful to be able to create another song that i love so much, it is called "Myself" and is basically about keeping in mind the basics rules for a great life after i drifting too far away from it. Few years ago i gave up my powers because I hated to be older then 35, so unconsciously i sabotaged my own life, but my higher power Jesus Christ didn't agree with that, and because his wish is always my command I had to stay alive and started dealing with every challenge of being older then 35, and self reconstructing all the damage done to my temple, sure is a job that cannot be done not in one day, by the time i'm 40 years old i expect to have me not only completely fixed inside out but also updated if i follow the steps, I know the tools for that, and i'm using them already, they are: 
>Learning the secrets of society, the importance to keep them secret and following them of course
>Connections im creating takes having tons of strength, care and joy.
>Places required to go in order to achieve my goals, even if they are not desired places.
>Situations where my instincts take control to make the best of them.
>Options I did not know i have and I keep discovering.
>Decisions i make constantly as a result of prioritizing.
>Analyzing what i'm thinking so i can feel good.
>Memorize the little things that gives me important results.
>Ideas are the seeds of my imagination.
>Dreams are the way Jesus revels my future.
>Courage to reach power, is almost my most important tool to succed in anything.
>Faith is my most important tool, but a mystery too.
Now, I wanna talk about some fucky fucky, specially about this super bottom hot latin power pig who I could fall in love with, we meet online, few weeks ago when i went to his place, in downtown LA, his loft's door was open and him in bed doggy style, ready to share his ultra generous and starving butt hole and all i wanted to do was to satisfy it, and I noticed it was so fucking warm, sweet, and juicy after getting my hand inside, an instant deep connection, so fucking it with my cock was a constant edging situation bigger then ever before, I was in a trance, but cock couldn't handle so much excitement so it wasn't too long for before it turned into a volcano erupting my lava/sperm deep inside him, yuuuum, not bad for our first time, but a week later i came back and i was able to last longer in the fucking of his fucking dreamy ass, with even a little time for his toys
Not too long after that i went to one of my fuck buddies i fucked for years already, and it was pretty much the same way of fucking and playing as that hot latin pig, but with this one i told him to let me use his cell phone to film close ups of my cock fucking his ass, with him i lasted a lot longer, i fucked him for hours that night, it sure was very full filling, specially at the end with a big load of my sperm seeding him really good, that orgasm felt so fucking enchanting, releasing and magical, indeed, for the edging time was so fucking long.
Around a week after that i went to this other fuck buddy of mine and made him film with his cell phone some close ups of my cock fucking in his sling this young, smooth, very pretty latin boy with the best butt hole i have ever encountered in my whole fucking life by far, WOW, DAMN I fucked him the more i could before having to go to some other non sex engagement, so I made sure to make him really pregnant with my babies.
I'm not having too much fucky fucky now days like I would like to, but when i do it sure it is quality fuck.
I'm not anymore into Facebook like I was, but i'm kind of interested in Linkedin, and wanting to join a gym and keep meeting more different kind of people and get back working more on my website and try new things to see where the flow may take me as long is not outside of Los Angeles, suddenly it is much exciting seeing people i haven't seen in years now that i'm way more out then how i was few years ago up to few months ago, learning to control what i think was the key to pleasure or torture and for that and everything else in my life i must express publicly my gratitude to the Holy Trinity, which is The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for they are blessed, saint, eternal and perfect, taking care of my spirit is as much important as my body and
mind, indeed.

Issue # 203
July 17, 20013
Mmmmm!, about fucking time i had some real good fucking time like the other day with some horny peruvian pig i did meet in the internet who invited me over his place, and before he started playing some porn my dick was already getting hard, he was a stocky short and smooth guy wearing speedos that came off right away then he positioned in the middle of the bed like a dog in heat, so i got some lube went behind him and just sticked my cock inside his already juiced up nice butt hole,  it was kind of like high school kind of fuck cause his love hole was a little tight, so i took my time slidding it in and not so much of all the way in and out cause it would have made me cum faster then i already did, cause God knows i tried to hold my cum from coming out the more I could, but after 20 minutes i turned my head to the right and there was a fucking huge mirror showing what we were doing and my sperm just fucking erupted out of my balls and dick like a fucking volcano all the way deep inside his fucking super warm and juicy fuck hole.
Not many days passed since then before i went to some white hot daddy's apartment in West Hollywood to do some cock sucking as a way to start getting back my sexuality, so after getting all naked while watching some 80's porn i started sucking his rock hard fucking yummy cock, but not even 7 minutes passed by that i was already drinking his large size super protein. Last Friday I went to "Chaplin House", cross the street from the "Chateau Marmont" here in Los Angeles, it used to be Chaplin's home around 100 years ago, now it's a restaurant/dance bar where I like going to dance and dance, just like been doing on the past 2 Saturdays before this last one at "Mickey's" in West Hollywood, and last sunday i went around 3pm to "Eagle" in Silverlake and damn, i got so fucking horny watching some real major hot daddy bears, and some exciting pool games, later on that evenning back at home i jerked off watching at one of the photos i took of one of those fucking hot leather bear daddies.
So, it seems that i have now my bar/clubbing weekend going on, but i also had some time with mother nature too, i went one week day 2 weeks go to Venice Beach with a friend, we laid down in the sand right at the ocean's waves, we eat yummy food and drinks and ice cream and good music, took a sweet nap, we got some hot tan, also some real super ultra fresh air, and had diner at one of the boardwalk's restaurant we ate some yummy fried shrimp, while watching all kind of different people and turists walking by. One other day i was invited to got to some huge movie theater to watch "Monters Inc" while eating some huge buck of buttered and caramelized pop corn and monster size coca cola iced drink, and sure it was a super gay one cause the 2 main characters were males and never hooked up with other females and they end up living and working together happily ever after.
It seems also to me that having now a much more clear mind and body plus new resources getting to me makes the level of my standards to go higher and higher, such as yesterday feeling at home walking on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, but right now my home is in a safe, peaceful and clean one with nice people around, it feels to me like when i was 14 years old living with my family back in Argentina, but I don't think these people are or could be like my family in any form or shape.
Another exciting situation in my life is that now days I'm making a new song, i got the music already so now i'm working in the words, I think it might be my favorite one ever created.
Just like in my dreams things are happening, one of my favorite dreams is the one that i fly like superman, always alone and making sure to not touch or get tangled with the electrical cables from the posts when i'm flying in the city.
Yet there is also sometihing new and fucking awesome else going on in my life, finally i got into Facebook big time, its been over a month since I got addicted to it, I even have the current biggest female entertainer as one of my friends, we have been chatting since then, i think she doesn't quite realize yet that she is the number one female entertainer as today. I fucking love her.
 I don't quite know yet if I should get some time to ask in a very detailed way to Jesus for a boyfriend, maybe soon ?, cuz so far giving the most details as possible when I ask him for anything has made my life way much better then when I didn't took the time to ask him in the best ways as possible, so all my gratitude goes to him the lord of lords Jesuschrist, to the Father the living God creator of all heavens and earth, and to the Holy Spirit who give us joy and happiness, together the 3 of them became the Sant, Blessed, Eternal and Holy Trinity.

Issue # 202
June 3rd, 2013
Yeahhhh, finally i'm writting again, I'm getting better each day passes by, for  there was a substance I was abusing all last year through to the end of February, costing me almost everything and everybody, so, my higher power Jesuschrist rescued me and i'm still paying for such a retarded mistake, so, I had to swallowd my honor integrity pride and dignity and humbling myself to the lowest levels a human now days can go, without going into details i'm starting to explain now.
Since the end of this past february I stopped taking that substance, left that house were I lived ror 9 years, I have been in places with people I have never wished for before, it took strenght from me I never knew I could have, many times i was Job from the bible at the mercy of the devil testing my faith and power, but as right now i feel like those test are being lifted from me, and the sweet rewards are finally arriving, I'm getting back my body from like around 2005, I have a gardian Angel
in the form of a human body, only the people who i'm connecting in person now days can see the difference in me, and the veracity of my recovery, and i fucking love to carry with me the copy of the results of the test i like doing once a month that shows me being negative for that substance in me that I abused for way too fucking long.
I'm still in Los Angeles, CA, still way too fucking single, with one or two guys wanting to be my boyfriend, but I cannot have one yet i think, so I'm working on achieving few major goals and dreams bigger then any dream i have ever had and acomplished before, doing it through the book/movie The Secret which is paralel to the kingdom of heaven with all of the celestial bodies and the all mighty living God who I believe to be the energy creator of all sort of energies in all dimensions. and he is perfect, blessed, holy, saint and eternal.

Issue # 201
March 19th, 2013
I have found great relief to know i m not the only crazy freak being attacked by these group of a satanic cult, and it's a fucking bith of taking everyoneaway from me, and not being able to trust anyone i meet, now, that fucking kills me, but I'm meeting more and more guys my age in the same situation, it seems like those skulls and bones people are working very hard, and yes, I have moved out of that house, this  past weekend, finally! i felt that it was killing me, still in Los Angeles area, later on i should talk more about where i live now days. not too much fun the process, but as the days go bye i'm absorbing more faith, hope and dreams, plus the backfiring weapon i use works perfect or almost perfect, sometimes better then expected, now, how about asking Jesus to make me wiser?, wel, lets see if he does give me that, cuz i already know that he wants me not to be rich, kind of like him when he was on earth, but then again maybe i'll get to be like salomon, now that would do it for sure, mmm!, until then so far i think i'm Job, there is some more crap icould talk about but for certain fucking reasons that i cannot explain now i keep this one really short, this scoop is just me saying, hi everyone i'm doing fine, and happy birthday to me next week, maybe i will want to go clubing here in LA for my 38th B-day, and that will be my first time in them after year and a half, so, mmmm! ay ay ay ! .
Now i publicly give my gratitude to the unbreakable, eternal, perfect, saint, blessed and holy trinity that is made of the Father creator of heaven and earth, his son Jesus lord of lords and king of kings, and the Holy Spirit who gives consolation, joy, peace and comfort

ISSUE # 200
February 16, 2013
Some how is not easy anymore to seat down and write these scoops of mine, specially now days that i'm dealing with a pulled muscle in my lower right side of my abs, it started last week after lifting weights and i felt it, so i took a vicodin and it kind of went away, and i didnt chilled out i kept moving around doing things, lifting things, but few hours after the effect of vicodin was gone and then the pain was bad, couldnt even fucking walk, so I went to the doctor who gave me more happy pills, and told me what to do to avoid further damage, and that it takes 6 fucking weeks to heal, basically I have turned into a turtle, but not a ninja one, yet *
Today i have decided to explain in here what really is going on with me in details, it is kind of fucked, very hard to believe the type of living i have, even i cannot believe it *
At the end of 2004 I meet this guy, let's call him X, we fell in love and were lovers for one year here in Los Angeles, after ever since than we have been rommates/friends with a deal were i would take care of all of the 3 level house where we live, and these 3 little dogs everyday in exchange for rent and food, and some money, but somehow I have lost my social life to the point of having no friends at all, part of the reason for sure is  having to defend myself against the tricky attacks from the network who is been preventing me from having a much better life, yeah, the aids network*
Sometimes i feel so lonely thats pathetic, like a horror movie, like if i was trapped in some kind of invisible waves that wont let me leave this house, But still I hope that maybe someone out there could see the whole me, so we can be together for more then just hot sex, I guess I have to go out and find it, cause so far the ones who have come to me havent been able to see me deep inside, I got to start my searching for my blue price and also get a social life, as far as the network attakcs i have found back in November the ultimate weapon that works only for the attacked one not the attacker, its called backfiring, it gets activated whith the vicitm's request and knowledge of it, and very important is for the victim to do or say nothing against the attackers in order for their attacks to became like a boomerang, returning the attack back to them with the same intensity or more then the one they used to send the attack, i know it sounds very mentally disturtbing, and if instead of receiving an attack i recieve help, then the people who helps me or do things for me receives from my protector Jesus major rewards, is like i meant to be financially broke like Jesus was, while i see Jesus give my helpers the power to conquer their financial dreams, i see it with every boyfriend lover or friend i have been with i have seen them grow financially to the levels they desire, not matter what dream high the level is what they want, so that makes me a muse i guess, or a lucky charm, an amulate, and got no fucking clue why God does this with me *
Now lets change the subject and talk about fun things and people like the lazy mayas who never continue their calendar, thank God for the other cultures and races for their calendars, whatever *
One really good thing is to be entertained by Carlos Ponce, mmm!, if he was Ricky Martin's boyfriend/husband Carlos would be the top, fucking Ricky Martin's ever happy singing butt hole all the time
You can see Carlos Ponce in a movie called "Couple retreat" or something like that, where Vince Vaugn is not stupid at all as a producer, but u got to wait until almost the end to see Carlos, and the female side of showbusines comes Sofia Verga, I mean Sofia Vergara who has ultra gettho international celebrity that i like to watch *
And finally after one year i fucked some starving ass and fucking pretty hole it was in this one night that finally i got to got out and went visit a friend, but he was in company of this hot pig that all of the sudden he pulled down his pants and underwear and started to tease me with his butt hole, never a smile, very serious about it, it was like a cat in heat, always looking at my eyes, and at my cock that couldnt take it anymore and went inside that love hole, and not much longer after i just couldnt hold it, i was egding since the moment i entered that fucking butt, and sure i can go on about other things happening in my life but for now this is better then nothing, all my gratitude to my ultimate protection which is the Holy Trinity * 

Issue # 199

Its Saturday 23, November, 2012, very early morning here in Los Angeles, drinking hot chocolate with toasted french bread with butter, mmm!, and i got fucking so mad at myself for not writing more often that i think i have decided to try to do it everyday for at least 10 minutes maybe be right before going to bed, instead of writing one elaborated scoop every few months, yeahhhhhhh, it should be going from gucci to costco, meaning quality for quantity, mmm, something new!, for the sake of changing, cause that is the fantastic part of life, everything, no matter what matter, or organism changes constantly, most at different speeds, and the reason i'm saying this is because now days when i look at pictures of me from from around 15 years ago i can see how much i have changed, like the line between my eyebrows for example, and could take it out with botox but i like them in a man, it made me fall in love with Andy from Erasure ( and no, i don't have a belly or started balding, not yet). Now days most adults wanna be and/or look younger, and most kids wanna be and/or look older, but, how about some present time satisfaction instead?, people not understanding this and putting themselfs and other down was so fucking annoying, until recently that i came to a much greater acceptance of my new body, just like Demi Moore said, and plez someone tell her ex to stop trying to seduce Hana Montana cause her fiance is gonna punk him silly, damn, what a fucking hot fiance, and pass that joint already bitch. a year ago i gave up, was too tired of almost 10 years of constant defending and fighting plus i have done and lived every fantasy and more that i could think of, that it was totally cool to die, then i made a song about it called "Time", and went to the hospital, i signed all kinds of papers giving a friend the power to be my attorney and take care of my funeral and all that, but................... GOD had different plans then the one plan of dying that me and the network had in mind cause there was more angels then demons in that hospital, i could so feel God's omnipresence comforting me while i had tubes on my nose and mouth and dick, tied up on that bed by my arms filled with at least a dozen of needles connected to pouches of all kinds of chemicals, including chemo, waking up like this 3 weeks after they induced me into a coma, and only God and some of those angels and demons know what really happened to me and my body on those 3 weeks, i guess i was the new version of Daniel from the bible who was tied up and bounded into a blazing furnace, but GOD had one angel in there so Daniel and 2 other guys were unharmed, and the doctors, i mean..and the people and king where amazed by GOD, and they let me, i mean let him live. My apologies to my horny fans for not providing you with some sexual content, but soon i should, hang in there with me buddy, but i could tell you that after almost a year finally i got to play with some 9 inches pretty pacifier few weeks ago, mmm!, i promise i'll get more into it later, now i got to post this online soon. maybe as soon as tomorrow. So now i'm publicly give all of my gratitude to the essence of life that is GOD, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, who are THE blessed, THE saint, THE eternal and THE holy trinity. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS

issue # 198

Sunday 25, may 2012
Damn! time fly so fast, and sorry I say that too much, but it kind of fucking sucks when life feels good, so here I'm trying to catch up with it, or at least some. I been working my ass off fixing this, my electronic house, I realized that if there is people from all over the world cumin inside and see how it is, but did not quite saw it that way until few weeks ago, when I started fixing and updating lots of stuff fucked up from years. I used this software program that have a very clever strategy in letting you use all of the functions for a month, then of course you get hooked up to it and then you must buy it, pretty much like a good hooker, plus it seems they got no competition, maybe it’s like someone told me about not holding money for too long, circulating the cash makes finances economies better, besides it sounds fun to spend more money more often, and go shopping in cool investments, oh shit!, fuck politics!. Now, how about the other night that was kind of fucking weird, I was inside this tinted window car in a supermarket’s parking lot and I jerked off while watching this buff mexican employee putting back the carts, I didn’t even had to pull my dick out of my pants, it was the fastest erection followed with ejaculation I ever had , I felt like such a fucking perverted freak of nature, but totally more released, and relaxed, now when I go back to the store and I see him I can feel he sense something, and sorry guys I don’t have any explicit sexual material to share yet, and I know it’s been maybe over six months, and I don’t believe it, but I have to cause it is, and I don’t know if it is good or bad, but if is no the result of being induced into a coma for 2 or three weeks then, what can it be?, it’s like something inside me has changed, there is certain parts of my memory that I cannot reach like the sexual ones, but I guess I should start working on that soon, and maybe I can find some visual files of parts of my sexual history that I can access, but after finishing working In here first, cuz it’s about fucking time already, even the church lady told me. Ok, that was not funny, funny was to watch the super ultra funny Alan Ferrara in one night that I was treated by friends for my birthday at the biggest comedy theater in the world where the biggest comedians ever have performed live in it, Alan is so funny you pee your pants!, me? almost, but I was drinking wine too, which normally don’t, a relapse I guess. I created a new song called “Ha penis” the original name was “Happiness”, but fucking boring it sounded so I palmerise it, and the day of birth of this song was the same day as mine, March 27, and I became 37, and I think I like it, my new age, my new song I love. I got to start working on the visitor’s area of my e house, members always cum first, but soon I would like to do something special, maybe a web cam show, I don’t know yet. And here is when I get totally serious and give my public gratitude to my God who is the Father who is the Creator of Heavens and Earth, to the Son Jesus Christ who is the king of kings and lord of lords and tothe Holy Spirit who give us consolation and joy, together they are the blessed, saint, perfect, eternal and holy TRINITY.

issue # 197
Thursday, January 26, 2012

Last Christmas was filled with present under the tree from and to my best friend who takes such fucking amazing care of me, and our dogs, then we all drove together to Santa Barbara from LA, for the whole weekend.
here and there i go sometimes to the AA mettings at the gay center in Silverlake, CA. or im resting or meditating, or cooking and eating healthy foods, or working on this new song im creating, or watch tv, or lift a little of weights as part of my recovery.
no, no sex for me yet, just jerking off once in a very fucking while, but i feel i should soon with some fuck buddy of mine, or something, mmm, i feel like when i was 14.
Thanks to all of you guys who expressed their concern for me, and thanks to the Father, the son and the holy spirit, together they are the holy trinity, my higher power.

issue #196
Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hi everybody!, and sorry for taking such a long time to write a journal, so i'll be short in this one so i can tell you what is up with me now days, cause i'm working hard in living in the now so i can enjoy my happiness of today, and sorry hardcore fans of mine but, im far away from being a sexual pig.
The past few months have been the most crucial ones ever, let's say that the combination of crystal meth + no nutrients for a long time = hospital, yes for the first time in my life i landed in there for weeks, I don't know all of what they have done to me, but it was my only choice or die, so i chosed not to dye even that im not afraid of it for i been so close to going with jesus like i wanted so bad in the moments of pain, but the holy spirit was with in me, protecting me from the evil doctors and nurses, but i found out that there is more angels working in there as nurses and doctors then the other way around. I apologize to my fans and i love each one of them, and i'm still recovering, but i had to come here and explain to you all what happened to me, so i'm concentrating in the present and future and its very different from my past. I'm not longer sure if cretain viruses exist or not while before i was so sure about one of them not existing at all, i have some really cool plans and ideas on what and how to live this new life of mine where ilegal drugs and disorganization are not longer part of me, i feel fresh, i feel pain, i feel happy, i feel love, hoping that someone out there can learn from my mistakes, i wish i have never tried crystal meth, only God knows how much, but since i can not go back in time i can only think about now and the future, being greatfull to the holy trinity, angels and people, there is a thin line between getting better or dying, so i m trying to recover with medication, a nurse, resting, watching movies like the ones from Jennifer Aniston style, or transformers, tv shows like Cougar.s Town, also looking forward watching the private screening of Glen Close new movie, she is a drag king in the 1890s, and between perfect acting, some new high level of hair, make up and story it should be the movie that takes all the oscars this year.
I am forever thankful to the blessed, saint, eternal, and perfect holy trynity.

issue # 195
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Im apologizing to everyone of my fans and any one who has been expecting new updates from me and my website due to some debilitating illness, i have now a doctor which is very contradictive with what how i used to think and believe, its like trusting them not 100 percent. It's been a long and very slow recovery process, which i guess it puts me on 3, i did 1 and 2 for sure specially 2 which is the performing one, so I'm going along with a new flow that would let me live happy, i would not be ashamed to say i was wrong or that not everything i believed was right. From here Los Angeles, CA, I THANK YOU all from the bottom of my heart for hanging in there with me in this uncertain time of my life.
Beyond thankful and faithful still i am to the blessed, saint, perfect and eternal holy trinity which is the father, the son and the holy spirit

issue # 194
Saturday, April 23, 2011

always i have planned most everything that i would do and did up to being 35 years of age, so now its just so fucked up of me for not planning for at least the next 10 years, but i should start doing it very soon, it's no that simple to do it cause i must be very realistic but a dreamer too and meditate a lot. Me, like most people out there thought that i would live not longer then 35, i am very surprised, that is my excuse, i guess Jesus needs me for something that i'm qualified the best for and could be or take a long time from now, or i 'll die tomorrow, or in between, or the mayan calendar is correct and we all die in a few months, so then i created a new song a week and a half ago called 'time', cause i have been so obsessed with time to the point that if i think too much about it, i start loosing coherence and control of my brain, and i tried forgetting about it and have sex instead, and yes i dont think i should keep writing for today, i just had to feel like i'm talking to somebody who would not talk back at me, and feel a little embarrassed for what i'm saying cause it is not actually what you expect to read out of a porn star, so now im starting working in a new bright song that would make me not to ever want to listen the song i just did called 'time', but im gonna do it in a way i never did it before, in a way that very few people has done it. as far as making more porn movies or live web cam shows no way for now still, but ...
and here is when i express in public my endless gratitude to the father creator of the heavens and earth, to Jesus his son who is the king of kings lord of lords, and to the holy spirit who is the comfort and happiness giver being together as one as the holy trinity that is blessed, holy, saint and eternal.

isue # 193
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Since my last scoop/journal was so short and unsexual, i decided to make this one a little longer and starting with the sexual part, like the night here in fantastic los angeles california, when i just couldnt fall at sleep, and jerking off was not a fucking option, i just had to stick my fucking dick into some ass and unload inside, so like most people do now days i went online to see what was available , and sure it didnt took too fucking long before i had a texan 25 yo blond stocky cub bear taking me to his new apartment in hollywood where he took off his clothes right away and started to show off his beefy totally smooth and lubed out incredible butt hole while searching for some porn to watch, he kept on saying that i looked so much like jeff palmer , but i told him same thing i tell anyone i first meet... yeah i know everybody tells me the same thing!, no one believes me but some of them at least pretend to believe me, so i took off my clothes i lifted his legs up and i pene trated his slut hole while talking dirty in spanish since he was bilingual, but my balls accumulated so much cum in a not that long period of time that my fucking cock just fucking exploded all the way deep inside his fucking never satisfied rectum like a fucking volcano and sure i felt the meaning of having a release and after 20 or 30 minutes later again i got on with his ever hungry ass hole and gave him some more of my babies, then i called it a night, a fucking awesome night like this other one i had with this fuck buddy of mine tom, he is a very hardcore bottom that loves get into extreme butthole and domination play, taking my fucking cock and cum, toys, my hands, he likes getting very verbally and so fucking twisted, we can go on for hours and hours sometimes, he wanted to meet the blond porn star from the 80s kevin williams and since he is the only porn star that im acquaintance with, i introduce them but i dont know what happened after they meet, they wont tell me, and i guess i dont even have to say that i enjoy fucking kevin way better when its bareback and i almost fucked him again on the very first day of this year 2011, cause he called me that morning to invite me to some wild party fuck, but i already had plans to fuck this bisexual guy or dude or actually fucking pig for he just loved to lay down in bed on his stomach while i played a roll of a masseur but i was terrible at it cause i kept on massaging the same area and not with my hands, i was massaging his prostate with my verga muy caliente, but some how he just didnt think it was a very unprofessional massage, of course we were watching straight porn, eventually i got off so good making him pregnant and i proceeded to kept enjoying the new year with a bigger smile, just like when my new fuck buddy michael blows my cock as it is his specialty, and sure it is cuz he can milk me out like no one can, dam! what a fucking mother fucker good cocksucker, but there is this submissive asian guy that could give Michael a run for his money, when this asian guy gets a hold of my cock it makes me feel like my cock is his pacifier, but his advantage was his ultra soft fucking butt hole and gymnastic positions in what he was able to offer, with his legs up and feet almost behind his neck i fucked him while hugging and kissing which made it really fucking hard to hold me from cuming, so i was just fucking edging and edging and edging like crazy, it was way too fucking intense, but he was way too g out and he started moving too much so i decided to give the relief to my balls with the action of breeding his warm, juicy and tender fucking love hole, all the way deep into that very sweet and inviting cavity of his, then i called this buddy of mine that loves asian and he came over to enjoy some of the cock pleaser pig, not longer needing lube to drill his fucking hole. And that is that for telling some of my sexual endeavors, as far as live web cam shows im taking a little break from it but coming back very soon to it. I just did an interview with the biggest gay international magazine called Winq, also online at, but who knows when be posted by Ferenz.
Well this should be good enough writing, so maybe now i ll put on my tennis shoes and some little shorts 2 sizes too small and go running, just so i can some sun, oxygen and some honking cars too. mmm!, then i got to keep working on the creation of the lyrics for my favorite music i have ever composed, its staggering, i guess its my way to compensate for not making more movies, cause tons of people ask me when im doing one again, and im not, cause i done it all, but then again who knows, you never know, look, who would have thought that i could still survive that fucking network that wants me down, but for my higher power nothing its impossible and im damn serious when i thanking the mighty, blessed, saint, perfect and eternal trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit.

issue # 192
Thursday, September 30, 2010

Since my last scoop, i was able to get a new computer and get back with my live web cam shows, for July and August, but not so lucky for this month of September after arriving here in California where i should stay hopefully forever, but not so easy cause also im now facing these people that wants me to jump, just like that video from David Bowie, they say I have no brain, they say I have no fear, they say i have no eyes, got to believe in somebody, I must offer my most sincere apologies to all of my stronger followers for hanging in there with me and understanding why I havent being able to perform my live web cam shows this whole month of September, and it's killing me, but I know I have to keep fighting cause Jesus is with me and im unleashing now from earth an SOS call to heaven for a major Divine intervention so the person i live with now days can understand me or I would have to find another place here in Los Angeles so I can be and live the way i am, its like if i was a monster taken from a bathhouse to be transformed into another of those many politically correct humans and be and think just like they do. Im so sorry that I got no hot sex stories to tell, yet, it sucks, but the truth is that im feeling so lonely after this situation and from before back in Argentina where i saw my family with still that mentality of faggots go to hell, now all i have in life are my fans, and because i have so much respect and love for them is that I feel like i must be totally honest as always so that way if they know then i can be charged with their invisible power they provide to my spirit from all distances from all around the world making me stronger again, feeding my spirit with their energy, and eternally grateful i will be to the holy, blessed, saint, perfect and eternal trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit.

issue # 191
Friday, June 11, 2010

Now days are not so good days, my computer broke about a month ago and the Only one mac store here in Mendoza argentina takes forever to fix it, and i don�t wanna go windows, SOS please, between this and soccer i�m ready to go live at the International space station
Maybe i�m being punished for calling my last song liberec� , it means freedom in russian, but hours alter i post i ton my website, there was an huge terrible attack i think it was from some area in russia that wants out, then a couple of days later i posted the lyrics and hours later again in Russia there was another attack, so now i�m not so sure anymore about using any russian word ever again but let�s better talk about some other fucked up things like one day i went to the best movie 3d complex theather in town and i watched iron man 2 and it was just me in the whole brand new 3d movie theather, and it was priceless, and highly entertaining kind of like only funny tv show to watch here in Mendoza, of course is the nanny with fran dresher. Last week was the very last time at the only gay bathhouse in the World with no hot water, well, i was just too fukcing horny, so once i was nacked inside the heat room i started sucking this big thick piece of meat from this man that was pretending to sleep Laying on his back, i just pulled the towel without any words from anyone i went for that cock, at that momento it belonged to me and my mouth and i sucked on it like a baby with his pacifier but then another man entered the heat fuck room and then i wanted that pacifier too so i took it and not long alter my mouth was filled with his yummy sperm, i enjoyed drinking that ultra fresh sperm down to the very last drop, but i�m not using my own computer now so this cannot be a large scoop, and my live web cam shows are totally interrupted so i�m no so happy, sorry, and may the holy saint and blessed perfect and eternal trinity have mercy of me.

issue # 190
Saturday, May 01, 2010

I had a fucking wonderful world wide broadcasted live orgasm on my first day of being 35 years old as i announced previously, but I didn't figured out the 1 hour recent time change made in USA, so I think i was one hour late but it was a fun 40 minutes of stroking and edging, fuck! an orgasmical way to start my the best year so far in life, every 10th year after being 5 years old its always by best year in life, so i'm more excited then i ever been, and Australia or Brazil is what i'm working on now, I must go to one or both of those places this year, unless I die. Few weeks ago I went online and meet a guy from Ohio who lives here in Buenos Aires. One night I went to his apartment and after a refreshing fresh shower, wine and popers I was already deep inside his soft, pink, juicy, warm, tender, inviting, generous, open, starving, hypnotizing, seductive, appetizing, exciting, sweet, good, great, welcoming, fantastic and fuckable butt hole, but I think he have a boyfriend, so no repeat with him, One day I wanted to take a train to Cordoba and back to Buenos Aires, and i did, it was fucking adventurous being in there all alone, i went to their gay local bathhouse as the very first thing, it's called "Estambul" and it was very modern and clean, it seems they are now working in eventually someday to be the first 24 hours open spa in all argentina, about fucking time stupid retards!, then after having a decent orgasm welcoming with this really tall guy with a big thick mother fucker that came a big fucking load, all over my face while I was cumin stroking my cock right at the same time, mmm!, so fucking re leased I was afterwards, damn!, just like this, one night i meet in a sex club a tall so fucking sexy man from israel with a rock on nice cock that shots big loads of cum, i loved hugging him afterwards before taking care of another cock through that glory hole. Living in a place like Argentina with no big personalities like Tina Turner cumin to town any fucking time soon, gives as a result the resurrection of the timeless and ever international Bob Marley and drinking hot chocolate and cookies with friends watching a horror movie and waiting to see one that it's coming up becomes exciting, like "Scream 4" that it's about to be filmed in Michigan Detroit, with Courtney Cox and David Arquette plus tons of special effects, for Halloween, just like The Bounty Hunter with Jennifer Anniston was for valentines, every children, i mean every actor have their turn, sharing! fucking yelled mamma, shut up bitch, i mean mom, I'll go jerk off live on my web cam whenever the fuck i want!, (BTW my mom its dead), and why i'm back in Argentina is what most people ask, and the answer makes me a looney, but God told me to be where I am now, I kept on calling the airline company to postpone my airline ticket around 10 times in a period of 3 months. Don't quite know for sure, but I'm re charging a lot more then re leasing, I'm rested, and ready and alert for another long journey that might last a lot longer then the last one, as a server of God one developpes a sense of anticipation of what might be based on a combination of things like the study of dreams and the amount of desire coming from the server who's always on alert to follow only his master's orders, in my case my master is Jesus Christ who is part of the holy, blessed and saint trinity.

issue # 189
Saturday, March 06, 2010

I traveled from Mendoza to Buenos Aires staying there for most part of February, and one of the things I did while there was hanging out with Michael Darton who is a bright and sexy british producer I meet few years ago in Los Angeles, he is addicted to traveling, and i'm not anymore, but I'm trying to have a relapse with Sao Paulo, Sydney or Cape Town or ..., mmm!. Another of the things I did in Baires I was often inside an underground gay sex club while being in Buenos Aires and one time I saw a cool guy with some fucking nice cock that wanted to get sucked so bad and no more then 5 minutes passed by before swallowing every drop of his massive huge amount of cum cock, another time I went inside the dark laberint and a very tall shaved men kept following me until I grabbed his fucking hard cock and i went down on it like if i was the happiest baby ever enjoying a pacifier way too much cause at some point semen started to erupt from his cock all the way down my throat, yummm!, One day I was in downtown Baires and this hot muscle guy recognized me from my movies and didn't know I could speak spanish too, by the 3rd time we meet we had an orgy with big hard cocks and hard young cocks from late 10's to late 30's, OINK!, damn!, that teenager fucked me so fast and so hard like if my ass was a fucking pussy or something, fuck he really fucking fucked me, he is a fucking fucker, very fucking fucker!!!!!, yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!, more more! On last week of February i came back to Mendoza and finally after missing 4 live webcam shows on February's last day and Sunday I had the great satisfaction of a great one, no disconnections, great angles, in time and I was super fucking horny and all fucked up, wild and freaky, all nude and hard showing off right in the moment as horny men watch from all over the world, was a fucking blast playing with myself for a good 40 minutes until I couldn't and didn't want to take any more edging, and I fucking let my blow go fucking wild releasing my balls real fucking good for once and all, fucking yeah!, mmmm!, Now days I'm enjoying living in Mendoza more then Baires, even still its a fucking little town, but sometimes i cruise gay people on the streets, its such a fucking magical moment even most times they happen to be carrying children and wife, so very fucking very fuck that!. Now something really fucking sweet cumin up it is posting a new song I have created called " Liberec' and exorcise yourself ", i'm way content with all i hear so far, so I can say it's all good except now if I could only kick some time's ass, would do just fine for me, thanks. All the glory and honor goes to the father the son and the holy spirit that form the all mighty, omnipotent, sacred, everlasting, eternal, saint, blessed and holy trinity.

issue # 188
Monday, January 25, 2010

Christmas was with my family, and on New Years Eve I started the year with a major fat cock up my ass after getting fucking drunken with 2 big bottle of beers at a gay nightclub here in Mendoza, after dancing the whole night and making out with few guys here in there, I left the club alone around 6 am in a town car and on the way to my place I was already grabbing the driver's major thick fat hard cock and stroking it all the way until getting into my place and I sucked on it for a good while, and as soon as he sticks his fuck cock inside my drunken hole he ejaculates a major fucking load all over my butt and back, he was a married/straight guy very fucking hot.
One day it was way too fucking hot at siesta's time so i went to the only gay sauna here in Mendoza, Argentina and after sucking on a masseur's 27 years old cock of this very muscular straight/ho fucking hot tattoed fucker that drove me fucking nuts from the very first look, soon after i was seating on his cock using nothing but saliva, damn! was I way too fucking horny or what the fuck?, he fucked me standing up behind me, with my legs up, mmmmmmmm!, after doing that guy I did a tall hairy one but with him was at first his cock going for my lips, mouth and throat and his curved down cock hard as steel cock started mouth fucking me and less then 2 minutes later I was I already drinking a fucking major ammount of sperm, it was so fucking yummy!, like drinking liquid yogurt "semen flavor" my favorite !!!!!!!!!!, OINK!,
One night I meet a hot scorpion on his 40s great body and made planes to meet the following night, we did, but I made him wait cause I wanted to see Maria Tosca in "Tosca" and a live show at the french opera, and it was watching Celine Dion in 1958, the best singing cunt for sure, and one of the not best singing cunts took that fucking 9 inches curved down thick mother fucker cock mainly from behind while laying down on my stomach, mmm! now my favorite position to get fucked, yummmmmmmmm!, but that guy didn't had enough of my ass after unloading 2 fucking gallons of sperm inside of me, cause half an hour later he was fucking me again while I jerked off right at he was cuming again for the second time deep inside my super juicy love hole, then we passed out falling at sleep, we had a little weekend romance the whole time together, but I'm not up to get hooked, sorry suckers! and, oops sorry !, cause i'm supposed to be dying as the reason for me to be in Mendoza, ARG, LOL, I always end up being the last person to find out what is going on with me, all the retards from web sites like wikipedia and the alikes should just get a fucking clue, WRONG!, and I'm not even going for the written clarify thing, I'm way better off at the clarify with the actions way, as very fucking usual. It's all good in here except that It seems that the current president doesn't like the one that's going to be the next one, damn! the bitch is fucking lossing it, but the next one it's gonna be the very first christian president ever, his name is Cobos, from Mendoza, so, that and a real hot weather i'ts what is going one in the country where I live now days, and all the glory and honor goes to the Father the Allmighty, the son Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit for being the saint, holy, blessed, sacred, divine, powerful Trinity that is everlasting, it is forever, it is eternal.

issue # 187
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Even after 2 weeks of arriving into Argentina I had so much melancholy that at times my heart was fucked big time drowning into a deep ocean of tears to later be rescued by that inner force of energy that always have the last word on what's gonna be of me. After being in Buenos Aires for almost a week I came to Mendoza by the end of November unable to even try to explain how is it feels coming back to where I lived my first half part of life, i was a magnet with zero resistance pulled with a flow into the unknown, happy but scared. Now days I'm doing fine here in Mendoza and uncertain of what's next. Several days passed by since the last sentence that ended with the word next, and forgot to mention that few days after arriving into Mendoza the much needed rain arrived too after almost 8 months of no rain, the weather its hot but with out all the humidity from Buenos Aires, and finding out that the president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez seems to me to be so far the best one ever, the money here is rolling and its not being put away for fear, so now I got to admit that a female can be in most cases a better administrator of money then men, but unfortunately USA missed out that chance, for what I can see, fear became the way in USA where money does not circulate on the streets (not wall street ) as much like it used to making their economy go kaput , little old basics of economy secret, but come on, get a fucking clue !, i'm just a freaking fucking porn star so i better get with the program and start telling the fucking juicy stuff, and all about the hot uncut ever poking cocks from the non so brainy males, oh yeah!, actually I just had a couple of them in my mouth few hours ago in the only gay spa in Mendoza, damn! talking about so many different shapes, fucking odd and way yummy ones, so fucking yummy that I even jerked off thinking about it right before writing this second part of this journal, but now i got to go sleep, later on I got a bunch of things to do, but I had to write this ending it as usual with my public gratitude to my higher power, the ever saint, holy, blessed, sacred trinity that is The Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit, to them all my respect and devotion eternally as they are for ever.

issue # 186
Friday, November 13, 2009

yeah I know, long fucking time since writing a journal, but there is already so many freaks out there writting so much crap about nothing that i did not wanted to ad to the damage, so I'm going for what's important only, like for example what to expect if you wanna move to a small town in the midwest like Midland Texas, well, maybe try;ing it out one week before Halloween was not a good idea, for it was just like a fucking horror movie, huge empty lands, abandoned gas stations and warehouses, and how fucked up is that their main supermarkets are called HEB when you hate the biggest virus fraud ever?, everybody drives trucks so they can fit their massive fat asses into a driving munchine, I mean machine, a sweet romance of fat with fat eats more fat, animals beware!, plus not even one gay store, bar, bath, nada! no gay nothing!, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!, after swallowing my pride through the humiliation process everybody must go at the airports to board those fucking huge heavy metal flying machines and surviving for that?, But looking at the bright side, they filtrate their water with some kind of salt that make you feel you are showering with the softener used for laundry, the people that I stayed with were not that fucked up and mainly gay, and Dallas was not as far away as LA, by the second day i was already at Dallas gay bathhouses, getting back my mental sanity, WOW, nasty fucking pigs!, yummmm!!, at one point I laid down on a leather hammock to relax a bit, and all of the sudden I had a big trucker daddy penetrating my anus, another white male masturbating watching me suck on a large uncut penis from some hispanic male, and right after the trucker unloaded his big cargo of semen inside my surprised anal cavity that big uncut cock also went in there and exploded like a pinata but was not my birthday, WOW and then that other white male also introduced eagerly his manhood inside my abused & sperm dripping butt hole, somehow I didn't mind at all being treated as if I was blow doll + no names + no phone numbers + no stupid questions + NO WORDS = YEAH !!!!!!!, I could go on and on about a dozen of similar situations I experienced on my stayed in Dallas Texas, but i hate writing for long periods of time, sorry I'm not a pot head anymore. I got back to LA over a week ago and I don't think I'll be here for much too long, i'll go wherever my master wants me too, cause him Jesus Christ, The Father and Holy Spirit are saint, blessed, sacred and divine for ever, eternally, they are the Holy Trinity everlasting source of love, life and energy.

issue # 185
Friday, March 13, 2009


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If you are one of my readers you may notice that I haven't wite a journal in about 4 months because of the obvious reason, yes, it's not as much fun as fucking, so now I'm adding audio. The good times & causes for not writting more often are many, so I'll mention just few. At the end of January here in Los Angeles, CA I filmed one scene for a new european company on, yummmmmm!, I got tag teamed by this young hot master german and an italian power massive drilling dick that was on automatic containing so so so much sperm that it could feed whole Africa, but my butt hole was hungrier then that continent, mmmmmm! fucking indeed!. One day it was a webcam show time and I was so horny I could have fuck a tree, so i went to this big fan of mine that i was introduced to the day before by a mutual aquantance, mmm!, fuck! he was a big macho bottom fucking pig, a true exibicionist who got very arroused showing off live through my web cam his fucking sweet ass hole being fucked by my fucking desperate cock, I enjoyed every fucking minute of his already abused hole that was filled with cum from who knows how many men, I blind folded him, I tied his hands while he was laying on his belly, he wa wearing just a cowboy hat and ripped apart jeans so i could pound his plenasureable fuck hole through one of those jean's holes, mmm!, red lighting, great porn was playing and my webcam got fucking amazing close ups of what matters the most in entertainment, yeah! cock & ass, my over energetic-hard as it could be cock of mine was just going for it, at all kinds of speeds, sometimes all the way and all the way out, using few different techniques i pounded and pounded, and almost 2 hours after of taking control of that fucking perfect slut with my non stop edging, making my balls constantly release pre cum, or post cum or pro cum, but cum for sure and lots of it enough to get him very fucking pregnant. On another web cam show i was fucking 3 hot men, one of them on a ever comfortable sling, and that was some real swinging, swinging with a real pourpouse, unlike the non fucking sense swinging from golf, my kind of swinging does not miss the hole, and also I was a hole too for the guy who kept saying...I want it, I want it, and his cock looked like lots of fun but i told him... no boy! your fucking cock is too massive for my inocent and tender fucking love hole, but he just kept saying... but i want it, i want it, so then i just fucking took that mother fucker Moby dick and inserted it inside my fucking very fucking nice fucking hole and let him have his fucking way with it, fucking me from behind me, from the front with my legs up and this way and that way, but in that room there was two other holes that wanted some attention, so I just kept going back and forward, satisfying that way my cock with ass and my ass with cock, yummm!, yummm!, yummm!. Oh! I just also remembered some more pounding of my ass by this fucking big stocky tall blond guy giving some joy to my ass with a major thick cock can, that did more then quench my slut hole's thurst, it over flooded my rectum, tsunami after tsunami, in the kitchen, in the bed, in the living room's table, in the bathroom, damn! we were so fucking out of control that i was ready to do it in the Vatican but then that fucking pope would try to join in the fun, such a fucking wore! yeah!, is not fooling me i know that he probably when he is not being fucked or fisted he got a butt plug inserted the whole time, c'mon, i can tell he is a cock pleaser cause he can only not be on if he is the devil himself, mmm! (he might), that fuck was not a webcam show, but a very recent great fuck that i filmed with nightshot light should posted in here my e home very soon. *** The following does not contain much sexual language *** now u can rewind, get the fuck out and go fuck with somebody or keep on reading and think that i'm totally fucked up in the head, but is just that the news on tv and everywere is destroying everyone's trust, faith, optimis, positivness, entusiasm, joy, confidence, it may sound confusing but the news are responsible for so much, and unfortunately there is o many easy to manipulate zombies in this world that what to do?, I don't like hating, but I FUCKING HATE THE NEWS!!!, FUCK THE NEWS! SOMEBODY KILL THE FUCKING NEWS IF THEY ARE BAD!, SOS! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!. Thanks to my GOd I can still have a pretty up lifting look at life, well..., more like up erecting, it makes me feel so fucking good to create music like the one I finished on 03-04-09 called "Today", after doing the one called "Jesucristo" I let over a year pass by before creating another and never took me so long before, but it was out so much respect I have for Jesus Christ. I been very consistent with my webcam shows doing them almost every weekend, if Microsoft doesn't give me problems, I tried Mac but they are not good for webcams yet and Linux is an open source, wich means too open to lots of circunstances included bad ones. On Jesus's birthday (Christmas) I got lots of great gifts under the tree and gave lots of great gifts as well, that is the way to give him gifts and to receive gifts from him I logicalize, and on New Years Eve, nothing but just a good long fuck in the morning with one of my fuckbuddies. Still I'm no going to those places where you have to pay money to spent time lifting weights and sweat without any sex called "Gyms", I'm just so glad that I have a small butt, not to be confused with ass hole, cause I saw one of the newest movies from a porn company called "Treasure Island" where a white and a black guy with fucking huge cocks were strugling to fuck the bottom guy not because his butt hole was big, cause they are known for enjoying fucking big ass holes, is just that the bottom guy had very big butt chicks, not his butt hole, but his butt was the problem, and I felt so happyy with my small butt that even if I'm being offered a billion dollars I will not go back to those places called Gym, now tanning in the sun, yes, I'm already starting doing that, but no the tanning beds cause i feel aweful afterwards. Vitamins are in the food I eat, but I remember when i was more retarded then now and took them them in pill's form or any other way then food, but not as much retarded as the people that still do that stupid test for some super fake bull shit virus and they don't even bother to read what it says on those little stickers on those little glass vials where their blood goes, now that is real fucking pathetic, they should watch David Bowie's video "they say,Jump" and watch it over and over until maybe they can get a fucking clue. Oh my Jesus Christ please have mercy of me for the way I am sometimes or the way I say things, you know I will never be perfect and I'm so fucked up in so many ways, so please just look at my heart so you can forgive the bad in me and make me better for you as your server that I long to be, I'm saying these words to you with all my respect and love for you, and in public and raw because you know I am not ashamed of you but I feel lucky for having you inside of my heart and makind my life so fantastic and bright, Thank you for ever jesus Christ, holy and blessed is the Father you and they Holy Spirit eternaly.

issue # 184
Monday, October 20, 2008

Today morning when i woke up i felt very uneasy and very anxious, like something i had to do, and then i knew it was time to write in my journals, and it's been the longest, God knows how much I hate myself when i let so much time go by before writing one. Today I'm writing about some of the most fun things that happened in my life since then, and yes!, I'm talking about a black guy, mmm!, yummm!, but this one had the thickest dick ever, I just couldn't fit it inside my mouth, so fucking frustrating!, it made my so mad that i took that mother fucker very hard piece of meat and I stick it inside my ass like a boa eating the prey, oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!, then it was all good, I was taking it like a man!, but not even half an hour into the real fun he ejaculated inside my ultra happy colon, flooding it with some major amount of sperm,leaving my smiling ass wanting for more, and sure another another cock that was almost as big as that black one did the trick, it was a fuckbuddy of mine I called "the trucker", who I filmed with one of our fucks for the enjoyment of anyone's eyes who goes into my E-house, and wow! then finally I had some release. I had lots of other great fucks, but I don't feel like telling them, sorry you all, but I do wanna mention that I'm half way down finishing a brand new song. Also i must mention that because of the current financial situation here in USA, last week I almost lost my faith, but only few hours passed by before getting it back, and that is the worst thing that can ever happen to me, cause my faith is for me only the optimistic thoughts inside my brain. Also I noticed how now days I see more and more of an army of look a like me, but extremely beautiful and young kids from all over the world ( specially west europeans ) doing gay bareback porn, making me feel really happy but not in the way that I feel like I'm special or anything like that, cause sure they are younger and prettier then me, but because I feel like all my hard work through the years is paying off, like I'm a useful tool directed by the all mighty in order to serve some justice for all those souls who were taking out of this world by the ones controlled by the devil and his army, and yeah it sounds very retarded, but this is what i have to remind myself so I don't feel empty like early today, cause having a an honest purpose in life is all I enjoy living and fighting for, driving all that it's me into making my brain to formulate ideas and concepts to produce them into reality and understanding that errors and mistakes will pop out, I'll never be perfect in this world, but trying to get close is what I think it must take for one day to reach that, but once I'm not longer here. And I got to end this one with of course the mention of how much better and happier my life is when I think and feel the overwhelming love that Jesus have for me, it's all i need to feel the best I can


issue # 183
Tuesday, August 05, 2008

In my try to have a life more organized and simple i decided to do my Internet live shows every Wednesdays at 5pm PST, at my e home as always, this way anyone on this planet have the chance to see me (and in real time), but 2 Wednesdays ago I ran into trouble, again with the fucking estupida web camera right at the last fucking minute making me miss the fucking show, fucking piece of shit! i became so fucking furious at myself that I made me go live on line every day at noon for one week since that Wednesday until the following one which was Wednesday July 30TH, intending to punish myself, but instead it turned out to be muy fucktastic. siiiiii. One of those days I incorporated this heavy 14 inches thick dildo with heavy balls, and received a very warm and juicy welcome from my ever hungry love hole, in the beginning it was a slow entrance all the way deep into me, but then also slowly I took it out, but it did not felt right being out for long, my butt hole had to have it back, and since then it became a countless and fast in and outs for the rush from it took over, ejoying being watch on real time by other horny man all over the world, I took at least 10 of those fucking yummy 14 inches, and after a very while, from my super precuming cock i shoot a fucking nice load of sperm, what a fucking exquisite fucking orgasm that was, mmm! talking about a real fucking prostate released, WOW!, just fucking classic!. I did another of those shows in Long Beach, CA (which is around 45 minutes from los Angeles), with one of my fuck buddies and one of his fucking hot buddies that i fucked while holding the web cam very close to the connection point between my ever precumin hard&happy cock and his fucking crazy hole, mmmm! so fucking magical, felling like I was David Copperfield making my dick disappears and re appears and giving front rows to guys all over the world through the close ups my web cam provided, ay ayummy, and I got him pregnant. Another of those shows featured a fight between the good old black butt plug and the new big dildo disputing for my fucking juicy%warm butt hole, but my ever fucking nice&giving sweet hole is always making sure to provide happiness, so, both of them took turns, they got their share, as usual my sweet&tender butt hole took big satisfaction with the duty his main job is, and yeah!, I'm a fucking doofus, so move over Busssshhh.
Any fucking way, I just couldn't let my fucking, mo'fucka greedy fucking ass hole get away with always taking control, how about my fucking stupid cock? so finally I made my fucking retarded piece of meat take over on a couple of my fucking live shows, taking the main role and make it all about just and nothing but my verga(cock) caliente, my body and face taking the second roles, it actually was a quite fucking nice view, making me want to take some photos to post here on my e home/whore. Well well, gentleman and gentleman I know most of you already know too well how good it is to get off everyday at least once, but believe it or not, (I know you are not), I don't usually get off everyday, yeah, oh yeah!, yeah!, si!, yes, yeah! correct, affirmative, and yeah, I'm aware of how fucking terrible wrong that is, way too fucked up of me, that's more wrong the watching a movie that is not porn, I feel so fucking embarrased and ashamed, i don't deserve to be a porn star, but i'd like to change that, and that is why I had to publicly confess to you all and now make my goal to get off at least not once but twice a day everyday for the rest of my fucking horny life, (hopefully inside some man's ass or throat), like the other day after one of my live shows that I was still horny just like anyone who is scorpion(horoscope's sign), and this puerto rican with a thick 8 inches&uncut verga(cock) and this other white 9 inches of even thicker cock turned me pretty much into their fucking blow doll, damn!, i felt like a fucking a fucking 3 dollars whore, yummm!, i guess I don't need to explain that much if i say that after a long while my mouth, throat and stomach end up filled with a gallon of puerto rican sperm, and my rectum filled up with a gallon of white semen dripping out of what looked like a man gina, rigth after they dropped me off at home i had to perform an abortion cause unfortunately is not normal in this society to walk around with sperm dripping down my legs. and yeah, very OINK!. Few days ago I went hunting and i catch a bear, turned to be one I already did last year, but his dick is so fucking pretty and thick, that I had to have an encore, mmm!, but I felt so shy that I pulled out my laptop and with the web cam I recorded some of that action, siiiii, if I ever post the clips in here my e casa then my joy for turning a dick into a pacifier will be too evident, i'll be seing as a big fucking puto. And... I'm so fucking done writing, you can stick fork on me, I just cannot fucking stand it for too fucking long, come on pigs! you know it's priceless time i could use for some slutiness, so fuck you for make love you like I do, I'm even taking also time away for the creation of a brand new song, and the tools I'm using for this one are pretty much kind of fucking primitives, but miracles can happen, if not then look how the eternal energy, source of power, life itself, the all mighty Jesus Christ has always protected me, and with the most respect I'm being serious about Jesus Christ being all that for me and even more.

issue # 182
Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hi my people !, hope u all doing good, and I'm doing just fine, still no working out anymore, (over a year already), I have the body I wish to have. Still I got no human boyfriends. Still no taking any fligths on airplanes and it's been over a year already. I eat most any kind of food including some junk food except animals. I'm still in Los Angeles, CA. still. It's been around five months since going to a sex club, bathhouse or even a night club. But...I'm still working on this electronic house
with such things as these journals, being live through my camera on my computer and having guys watch me on present's time on Wednesdays when I go for a good time with just myself and a butt plug.But today I'm extra excited not just because is Wednesday but also because yesterday I started creating a new song, oh yeah, about time, but it may take a while to be done for i wanna enjoy the process the more i can, si, enjoy it like the most stiff over 9 super thick inches black cock I ever took in my life, damn!,it was also on yesterday and fucking brutal was how my love-butt-hole took it like a pro from around 1:30 pm to 4 pm giving that cock just 5 minutes bathroom break during that whole time in which did not came out of my hungry rectum, I just had to have constantly inside me for the longest as possible
leaving the doggy style as the only position we missed, ohhhhhhhhhhh! yeahhhhhhhhhh!, such a fucking enchanting fuck, my ass hole was the happiest on planet earth, ohhhhhh wow!, i was surrendering to a fucking high level of pleasure by feeling that
endless amount of precum making my joy-hole so fucking creamy that we could hear those juicy and squirmy typical penetration noises, yummy!, and seeing it through a big mirror only made me go more and more crazier and wilder then Pat Robertson checking his bank account, i called it a perfect fuck time, and sorry for being yesterday such fucking cock hungry pig but is just that I started the day with a 36 years old, 6'2, 220 pounds of a way too good looking white bodybuilder seeding me after just 15 or 20 minutes of fucking me with his 9 semi cut full of sperm cock, so this would turn any human into a cock hungry pig too, and yeah, anyone, including the ones who like woman too. But i have been ass hungry too, yeah! this past weekend I joined this little orgy with two hot black guys and a white one ay ay ay!, that white guy drove me fucking
crazy with such an appetizing ass that I fucked and fucked and fucked like there was no tomorrow, he was smaller then me allowing me to maneuver him how and all i wanted, plowing him mainly with his legs up and hugging him that way while kissing, it was kind a romantic fuck, i unload a couple of days cum inside his awesome inviting butt, we were watching the last porn I did which was last year I think, yum mm, and i got to say that the combination of a fucking fun present with images of a fun past is equal a major fucking exclusive, incredible euphoria, big fucking time, like only few things in this life.sorry again for no writing these journals more often but you all must understand that when you are ever horny like i am then is hard to be writing when you can be fucking, also I'm making this one a short sexual report one for the one before was kind of heavy with some non sexual report. i can only be forever grateful to God for giving me all he does, no one but Jesus
Christ has always been there for me as cheese and insane it may sound, but that is for me and got no problem saying loud.

issue # 181
Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally I'm here, writing about things I been doing since mid April until now, the end of May of 2008. Some of the most important things were posting on my website a couple of video clips I have filmed myself while getting fucked, one of them was with this very fucking hot fuck buddy of mine, sometimes he fucks me while my web cam is so my people can watch it live, cause I'm done with the fucking butt plug, I much rather a cock or an ass, turning it into a sex live show instead of just a live show, mmm! yeah yeah yeah, like the last one for example, ohhhhh!, I had the best blow job ever, never before a guy sucked my verga(cock), like this fucking pig I meet recently, it was wooooooow!, plus his ass was perfect also, I fucked him for like an hour making sure to position the camera in the right spot which is very close so you can see and feel like my cock and his hole were right in front of your nose, just in and out in different speeds, mmm!, remembering now makes me want some more but i got to write this journal (now you see why it takes me so fucking long to write a journal). Last month I had not one but 2 major hot bottoms for myself at the same time and place, si senor!, they invited me over and I was just switching back and forward cause i had a few days of not sex so I just had to perform some serious drilling, pounding and plowing my way into some huge orgasm impregnating one of those stretched out juicy and warm holes, then they took me to the San Vicente Inn (only gay hotel in LA), and wow!, there also i had some more holes that i fucked and fucked, getting off again and again inside some real cock demanding butt holes, oh boy! only then I was set to have the patient it takes to learn the web master's language. and do also some landscaping, or downgrading my computer to Windows XP cause Windows Vista is nastier then watching the queen of England's nude. One day from last week a neighbor visit was to start my sexual engine and give my ass a huge smile with a huge load of cum from a white uncut thick European cock, it was amazing that he ejaculated as soon as his thick uncut cock entered my rectum, so I had to have more action and i went to the hottest 25 years old model I have ever seen, he was black, 6 feet's tall, and hung with a 9 thick inches that enjoyed penetrating my never satisfied holes,specially my lower hole, it was wow!, he fucked my ever hungry butt hole for hours, to the point it looked and felt like a fucking pussy, so warm and all juiced up with tons of precum, his face, body, cock and personality could not have been any better, it was like a fucking perfect dream, mmm!, this other Italian friend and his roomate were watching us perform position after position of pure fucking pleasure, just so fucking sweet!.
Another day i was picked up by this cute boy looking Philippine and took me to this big brand new loft in downtown where an orgy was taking place, in there was a Chinese a Japanese and a white older man, and yeah, i fuck them all, wow! they were very sexually experienced, plus 2 more guys came by, a fucking stocky hot looking white surfer dude with a real thick cock that complimented me for my blow job performance, and a Italian hairy jock with some real amazing ass hole, making me edge for some fucking looooooooooooooooooong time, he end up with at least a gallon of my precum inside his rectum, then i was ready to go to a Barmizpha that was over the top at the most luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, great food but more boring then listening the Pope talk or watching some recent Hollywood movies, I haven't watch a movie other then porn since "Citizen Ruth" this past new year's eve because my favorite actress Laura Dern was in it, OH! I watched also "The transformers", but the music was not what I expected, so it sucked for me, i think the non xrated movie industry is done or something, the other day i was trying to watch some porn online and this pop up with a cartoon kept annoying the hell out of me, it was bob the
sponge or something like that, and the fucked up thing is that not long ago it used to be the other way around, were porn used to be the annoying pop up, ffucking weird ah?, but everything is possible, like last week having some fake tattoos with chinese letters for I'm obssesed with one day going to China, the only problem is that few months ago i dream I was dying in an airplane, and somehow it became very fucking traumatizing, so I haven't fly in a airplane in a bout a year and I'm not planning to fly at all, I'm just fine moving around in the ground, and now ...........................THE FOLLOWING AND LAST PART OF THIS JOURNAL CONTAIN SOME POLITICALLY VIEWS, U BEEN WARNED, REPEAT!, NOT SEXUAL AT ALL WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ!.....................................There is something that I been wanting to talk about, so finally now I do, it is about what happened to me a year ago right after I created a song called "Rocky" which was in the memory of a co-star of mine, denouncing most of the medical field as criminals, I just had to, even knowing how angry the medical network would become, wanting for sure my complete destruction. and soon after that I found myself with nobody I could trust, it became
real hell for me, it would take too long of writing to explain all the fucking horrible situations I went through, they almost succeeded but I had Jesus Christ with me and him and his angels did not let them hurt me more then I could take.
One midnight on Saturday when most hotels here in Los Angeles, CA are full somehow the Holiday Inn located on 250 Silver Lake bv. Los Angeles, CA not only had a room for me but also with a special discount, and in the back of my head I kept thinking what was the catch, and sure soon after checking in I found the catch, it was involuntary experimentation, which can be done in endless ways such as substances on your food, drinks, water and air, until then I never knew a hotel room could be so close to a hospital, yes the place where my best friends are, the medicine field ones, well, that was my room that night, the number 508 with a wonderful and extremely close view to a hospital that had some major powerful lights pointing towards the side of where my room was. So i taped shot all the openings of air and water such as the hot tub, sink and air conditioner machine that kept being on and very cold even after being unplugged, I asked for another room but this guy from Nepal with who I checked in told me I could not. After closing all the openings and turning off the lights i tried to close the window but an electrical shock did not let me, and every time I tried to reach that window I was shocked with a strange electrical discharges, no the typical one, a very different really hard to explain, it was so fucking strange and powerful, to the point of my fingertips being burned black, it was like some kind of radiation or something that automatically made me felt so ill that right away I turned on the lights, called someone I knew near by that I could go and get the fuck out of there the soon as I could, taking with me just my computer and the few things could grab in the period of one minute, it was past 2;30 AM and I went down to the front desk and as I was calling a taxi cab while being in some real physical and mentally shock, I heard that guy from Nepal calling someone in the phone and saying that the procedure was interrupted, and
when i confronted him about it he grabed the phone and went to the back so I could not keep hearing his conversation, with a smirk on his face that I will never forget for as long as I live, soon after that a taxi arrived taking me to a friend's home where i recovered from the most traumatic moment I had ever experienced, later on I researched about it and came to find out that there is other people out there also that have been and still are victims of these involuntary experiments, also I kept fighting Bank of America and that hotel for the charges of thousands of dollars for damages to that room where the medical
network tried to experiment or who knows what with me, but I don't blame Bank of America for no being being such an incumbent for being one of the many incumbents there is out there is not a choice, for just about anyone can be an incumbent, the ones
who are professionals like for example most people from India and Nepal who are incumbents for money and/or a best friend or a family member can turn into an incumbent because they are forced to work for these secret agencies that are contracted by money powerful networks such as the medical ones for example, and after learning that i created the song "Jurando pero no". But also after that song i created another one, my latest, called "Jesuscristo" for him is the only one I can count and trust in a world where us humans sometimes act as animals, but also finding ways to get along like at this moment in my life. After years and years of hearing people say I'm wrong in believing and probing that HIV never existed, how can they still don't see that surviving so many attacks is because of Jesus?, how blind are they??, for is not me but Jesus Christ that glory goes to, cause i could have been a Joey Stefano long time ago, but because of Jesus Christ I'm still here to be just one of his servers who is not afraid of the physical dead but of what comes after, the dead of the energy inside this human body is what I'm afraid of, the saddest moment comes inside of me when i think of the dead of my energy or spirit or soul or whatever you wanna call the source of my being and what makes me write this what you are reading now. I feel that sharing is what keeps energy existing, and that is my ultimate goal.

issue # 180
Saturday, April 05, 2008

Downloading, uploading, updating, upgrading, testing, scanning, fixing, repairing, configuring, cleaning, restoring, enabling, disabling, defragmenting, running, docking, undocking, locking, unlocking, installing, re installing, deleting, erasing, shedduling, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!, damn! so much fucking crap to go through now days in order to have a computer with fucking problems, fuck me Bill Gates!, it was so fucking nice 10 years ago before AOL morphed into some kind of virus, and the ones like Microsoft started creating all of these problems so they can sell their solutions, mierda!, pero que cabrones!, but i guess we cannot have it all, it's the catch, kind of like the hospitals but not that bad. The reason for complaining is because in the last month i missed a couple of live shows on my website due to my fucking puta computer, and that really fucking piss me off, more then anything, even more then listening to those mentally challenged people from the AAA meetings, or the headaches i used to get from ipods (specially their earphones), or watch a porn that is not bareback (or the ones who keep saying, yeah! fuck yeah! non stop), or not being able to fit in my mouth a cock of a huge black guy because is just too fucking thick and big, and indeed, it was last week when I decided to celebrate my 33rd birthday getting me a parade of cocks going by my both ever hungry holes, and sure i was very generous to myself, cause fuck!, it was the united colors of Benetton parade, missing just the yellow one, mmm!. Some how I was penistrated by different stiff meat measuring 8 inches or bigger, plus their owners were pretty fucking good looking too, yummmmy!. And the best performer who took all the honors was the one with the monster cock who I couldn't fit inside my desperate mouth, after all it was for sure the biggest mother fucker cock up to date I had ever seen in my whole slutty wore life, and affirmative, it felt like being fisted at first, but once he started to fuck me with my legs up, i took it like a man and then i was in heaven, he just pounded my ass in a few long different positions until (of course) unloading deep inside my ultra happy rectum, flooding it really good, he was a 6'4 black man in his 30s, 220 pounds of natural massive muscle, with a big afro hair and driving a huge white truck and with the way he acted it seemed like he had a girlfriend or wife, i hate me for not filming it cause it was the best fuck in the ass i ever had up to date. But lately i did filmed other good fucks almost as hot as that one, i just need to find the time to post it on my website, also some yummy photos like the ones with the assistent of Hening Van Borg who is a very famous german photographer who photographed me a couple of weeks ago here in Los Angeles, CA and his assistant who was also tall and very fucking blackilicious offered his huge man body and cock for the photos we took, mmmm!, he just knew get me into gear cause as I entered the photo shot's location I noticed my music playing some of my music at this location's, what a fucking joy full photo shot that was, and talking about joy full is when I meet with this fuck buddy of mine who few weeks ago fucked me in one of my web cam shows, mmmm!, ay caramba!, he can just go and go and go for my butt hole for hours, and making my love hole so sloppy filling it with tons of precum and cum, he is all big, hairy and muscular with a 8 and a half never satisfied ever hard cock just like a fucking rock, mmmm, we normally meet at his work after business hours, I come in, he pulls the inflatable mattress and ... party time!, mmmm!. fuck! being such a fucking slut is the best, but the bad side effect is that it prevents me from working more on my website, and that fucking sucks, and i could go on and on about many other fulfilling fucks and situations i been having since last time i wrote a journal, but is just that being addicted to sex is such a fucking major blessing that i can only take advantage of it, OINK!, and even better is when i can say it, publish it, and not having to hide it all like some people that pretend to be mother Teresa while they are bigger cock pigs then me, well, almost as me, but sometimes being too honest is confusing, for example i hook up the other day with this big bold macho white bear guy with a major thick cock and while fucking me while I was laying on on him on my back he said, of man!, it feels so good fucking you because you have the body of a 14 year old boy, ahhhh???, did not know what the fuck to say to that, but what I know what to say for sure is that I'm still endlessly thank full to Jesus Christ for such a privilege of honesty, cause it is really fucking awesome to admit it, and sorry for making this journal so short but i got an amazing life to live on present's time, (for whatever time means), and seating here writing is not that much fun, so let's just fucking go out there and fuck like there is not tomorrow, come on already! just go!, go!, go!, for sex is not the only but the best thing of life, mmmmmmmm!!! si cabron!., OINK!

issue # 179
Sunday, February 03, 2008

8:11 AM 2/3/2008

I was just thinking the other day how is it

that I'm not into tennis anymore, i haven't

played or watched like I used to, I don't even

know who won which tournament, also I

noticed how fast time is passing by me, it

feels like it was yesterday when i woke up

on Jesus Christ's birthday, and under the

Christ mas tree I opened gifts, ( and not

from Satan, I mean Santa), i swear it feels

like it was just yesterday, but, so what?,

now, a really fucking and major fucking

amazing event took part last month and

that was the creation of a new song being

completed and posted on my web site, it is

called "Jesucristo", finally!, after starting

on the end of September 2007 and finished

last month (January), damn!, about time i

say!. talking about procrastinating, but the

result is rewarding, and I'm content with it

big fucking time, specially since the music

industry keeps going on the direction I

wanted to go since I started making music

8 years ago, and talking about certain
amount of years, I remembered the other

day that on November of this year my

electronic home is turning 10 years old, ay

caramba!, and yeahhhhhhh!, It's been quite

few months since I'm not taking any kind of

vitamins or supplements, also not going

back to the gym still, I just happen to feel

very secure and totally happy with the way

my body looks, maybe because I don't eat

animals like chicken anymore?, I don't

watch TV, specially avoiding the news at all

cost, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! now that's

more fucking damaging for my brain then

politics or poppers, I'm keeping my hair

relatively short, I haven't go out to

nightclubs or parties at all, I haven't

traveled any further then Long Beach where

sex is always fun and everywhere, oink!, and
fucking love it this way cause I guess I got

burned out with traveling, it is just not fun at

all anymore, besides everywhere is the

same thing, I haven't in many months and

hopefully I won't for many months, just

bring New York closer to Los Angeles and I'll

go there, and sorry my fans from the big

apple but thank God technology makes me

be live through my e home/web site not

only to NY but to every city all over planet

earth, and the space, c'mon!, I go live twice

a week for at least on hour each time. And

talking about that, just a few days ago, on

Wednesday i had my best "self pleasuring

exhibitionist time", mmm! maybe because
earlier on that day I had the greatest fuck

ever by the hottest guy ever, very very ever,

and i don't know if was because of his looks

or his way of fucking, he was a tall italian

looking, 6'2, over 200 pounds of nothing but

real massive muscle (not the steroids kind),

all smooth body and a cock that was

fucking huge as well, and
curvy to his right side, mmm!, we meet

online, but as soon as we meet in the 3 d

world he took off his clothes and i was

already melting with them on, so by the

time all of his clothes came out i was

already evaporated in the air, damn!, I could

not fucking believe my fucking eyes, I just

can not think of anyone, not even a co-star

from my movies to be so fucking appetizing,

his already super hard cock did not need

much of my starving throat, it was just too

fucking obvious that my butt-love-hole was

gonna get the time of life, oh man !, all i

could think was him fucking me like a

fucking blow up doll,

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!, fuck!, the lips of

my pac man hole were ready and open and

just fucking desperate for hosting that

amazing hard piece of pretty meat, and in a

matter of seconds he was already
mounting me from behind, and i could see

through this big mirror the most impressive

man i ever been or even seen before in my

life behind me and hugging me so very

tight with his fucking huge muscular arms

while penetrating me, sending goose

bumps all over my body, forgetting

everything and everyone, he put me on
a total trance in which my body felt more

lighter then lettuce, his dick went all the

way in and all the way out increasing the

speed going harder as the time and
different positions passed by, oh wow!,

what i fucking real fucker, and i was just

fucking taking it like a man, but it seems

like he was enjoying it a little more then
he should because he could not hold it for

hours like I needed but for around 30 or 40

minutes only, and then I felt an ocean of

sperm flooding inside my rectum it was a

tsunami, making my butt hole the happiest

as it has ever been before, way way ever,

oh WOW! buenisimo!, then we said bye to

each other and I started to get ready for my

live show, and for a change it was not

delayed, i started just in time, but... the

problem was noticing not until 15 minutes

later, ( 7:15 ), that my web cam was showing

me my butt plug on the web cam's program

only and not in my web site, shit ! how

fucking estupido of me?,so , faster then

George Michael in a public restroom I

switched my web cam onto my web site,

and then, my people started to see me, live

on present's time, just having fun playing

with myself and using for lubrication for my

dear butt plug the gallon of semen from

earlier on when that fucking incredible

hunk fucked me so fucking good making

that generous deposit, I was just so turned

on in that show that my cock was really

fucking ready to orgasm constantly, edging

like crazy for almost two hours, precum,

precum, lots of precum, while showing off

in few different positions while massaging

my prostate with my butt plug toy, and the

orgasm I had was more fantastico and

releasing then I could ask for, mmm!, it felt

like I was Bobby Brown coming out of jail,

oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh!. One night I was so

fucking horny, (of course!), that i hunted

online this amazing muscular black

masseur, and glad was I was taken by him

on this free time, because his 10 inches

cock made my ass close to be ready for

fisting, wow!, he sure can fuck all night long,

i was laying on his bed on one side and he

was behind just pounding and pounding,

hours passed by feeling him unloading few

times one after the other with out taking his

cock out of my man puss, also I was kind of

surprised I was taking it all the way
because not that often i take inside my ever

unsatisfied love hole the biggest cock ever,

and then my cell phone rings, so I had to

share my joy hole with this other
man, a white student with a 8 and a half

cock major thick, he needed my ass too, so,

me being the nice guy i am, I had him pick

me up and take me to his place where he

fucked me using as lubrication just the cum

that I already had inside me from the hot

black muscular 10 inches masseur,
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, he

unloaded his sperm inside my fucky-hole

after pounding it for like an hour, on top of

me while I was laying down on my face and

him being me, oh!, so much pleasure that I

had to have an encore the following week

taking some close ups photo of that black

horse dick, bravo!. Oh! also i must not forget

about this other fucking huge muscular guy

that on his way home from the gym he

wanted to stop by where I live, I went into

his car and we did not move more then 5

blocks and he was already ejaculating in

my throat, is just that he had this puerto

rican look, he was like 6'3 tall, and around

200 of major muscles, and his cock thick

like a can of coke, amazing what the gym

can do, cause his erection was automatic

as soon as I touch his crotch, and not even 5
minutes after he was already feeding me

with his yummy sperm!, mmm!, I guess I'm

going through a big muscle guy period,

well, u cannot eat always the same thing so

one time I did it with this 2 slim trimmed

guys but their cock were huge and not only

the one with the bigger penis fucked me but

also I fucked him too returning the favor,

damn! he sure was the full package, yumm,

then I went to the other room to see what

happened to the host of that little orgy

group and found him sleeping so I started

to fuck him until i came in his ass, and these

other 2 guys with the huge cocks came by

and the one I fucked with started fucking

the host that was sleeping with my cum

inside his ass that i just had unloaded, and

he also breed him too, well, turns out to be

that the host was not really sleeping but

just pretending, dahhh!!!!!!!!!!!, LOL, sorry I

that was a brain fart. another day I had also

a 3way with one white beefy texan big thick

cock guy and this tall skinny thick cock

italian, and we all fucked each other sucked

each other, got each other off, mmmmm!!!,

just like a fucking 3way should always be,

at least for me!, and I could go on and on

about other sexual adventures and other

things I have experienced on my life since

the last time i wrote a journal but then it

would take me days and I can only do it for

hours, I get so horny after wards that i must

have some fucky fucky, yeah, right after

posting this one online, and whoever tells

you that sex is not the best thing out of life

is the biggest fucking liar you'll ever know,

punch him really hard in the nuts and run, ( I

was joking), so, no, no punching anyone just

punching yourself if u don't believe me

when I say that I own to my Jesucristo more

then words can say and that hopefully

someone out there understands that his

love is way bigger then we even fucking

imagine, and yeah, whatever call me PPP;

"porno preacher palmer"., later!.

issue # 178
Sunday, December 09, 2007

Lately i been hating myself for not being responsible as I should, I have not write a journal in over a month and a half, I been a very fucking horny slut,

using almost all of my free time to meet people online and fuck and fuck, like for example with this unbelievable and so talented ass hole of this muscular

and so well proportioned hot latin Adonis, the second time we meet I filmed part of that action, his ass makes my cock grow hard and fucking erect

automatically, penetrating his juicy cavity with my hand while holding my cock and beating off my cock inside his love hole make him one of my favorite fuck

holes ever, but even that feels too good to fist him, is my cock that takes most of the time and pleasure using that fucking piggy culo(ass), for at least a

couple of hours. Some other day I went to this White guy's place, and he had a sling on his patio and it was covered so neighbors wouldn't watch, yumm!,

talking about another major fisting fuck hole, so i fucked until breeding him way deep inside, oh! and i forgot to mention that this buddy of his fucked me

earlier with some real thick cock, and he just would not let go of my ass. Few days ago I hooked up for the second time also with this 6'4 muscular 40 year

old hot masseur who i meet/fuck with first 6 years Ago, and damn! his job or I don't know what made his dick a lot thicker then 6 years ago, damn!, but sure i

took it like a man, for almost half an hour, and right when I was finally getting his 10th, final and fatest inch of his fucking huge monster cock deep

inside my very giving love hole he came, leaving my rectum filled with a huge week old load of his sperm and wanting for more cock and cum, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!,

There was a day last week when I hooked up with a big black fuck buddy of mine who performed a tag team with another black guy friend of his on me and I just

took those two mo fucka black snakes like a fucking pro, and ... wow, sure they breeded me like there was no tomorrow cause afterwords i felt a river cumin

out of my culo caliente. i remember also few nights ago being picked up by this tall white male who was visiting this other fuckbuddy of mine who is Russian

with the fucking silliest accent that turns me on a lot and makes me stick my cock in his very well accommodating rear end for the longest time, going inside

and out of his ass makes my dick feeling like the happiest one on earth, he is very tiny, few inches shorter then me, and I'm 5'8 tall,(real size), he was

just so easy to move around and maneuver as I wanted, but before fucking&breeding the coolest Russian guy I ever meet, I received a magical impressive blow

job from one of his guest, (the tall white guy who drove me there), it was warm and too exciting, sucking my verga with his fucking warm and juicy and

starving for dick mouth, it was just like a fish's mouth, he took my penis as his own pacifier, (and no, i don't fuck with animals, it was just my

imagination going wild). And what also was not just my wild imagination is this other guy i meet online as well who invited me to his place in West

Hollywood, soon after i arrived he already had his very thick 8 inches and very demanding cock going inside my butt hole, and it felt so good to feel such

strong piece of fat wood strong precumin so much, making my man hole to be so fucking juicy and sloppy that i could not have enough, i did not allowed that

verga to stop penetrating me in and out, i Was just enjoying it way too much and in almost every position there is, but because of the curve of his amazing

fat cock i preferred with my legs up, and then the orgasm he shot inside my culo was an ocean. Once he was done with my asshole I had to have a little

abortion in his bathroom before he drove me home cause I did not wanted to leave some of his own sperm coming out of my butt hole on his car's seat, and

almost forgot to mention that he had the biggest and most complete video porn library collection I ever seen. OH! few days ago I meet this fucking awesome

white guy from Long Beach, CA picking me up here in Los Angeles and taking me to his house and while also watching some fucking amazing porn I fucked his

white smooth fisting hungry butt hole so fucking good, and mostly in my favorite fucking position, from behind laying on the side, que rico!!!!, but his cock

was hard too looking to enter my butt hole, and sure it didn't took much to convince my very giving love hole, so, soon enough I had his nice fucking pretty

polla(cock) visiting the warm and inviting cavity of pleasure in my butt, it was a fucking nice pounding what he gave me, but his butt hole had something that

kept making my pole wanting for more until it was just more edging then I could take, edging my orgasm with such heavenly hole for too long was no happening,

i was precuming more then a priest watching a porn, i had to let it go, so I did that, I injected with my woodpecker a respectable amount of semen depositing

it all the way deep inside that fucking nice and wide open men hole, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!, talking about having a release. ay ay ay!
And is all I can remember at this time about my latest sex adventures. Now I got to post a couple of private sex clips in my ehome/ecasa so my members can

enjoy it, also I been working in not being so fucking late for my live web cam shows, it's so fucked up how much later then the time announced I go live, i

just kick myself for being 15 to 40 minutes late, I do them for an hour or more, all I do in them is be nude enjoying myself, jerk off live to the world.

Finally!!! I'm starting to write the words for the new song that is victim of my procrastination, so fucked up of me, but is on the way and it's called

"Jesucristo" for is about time I make one dedicate to him, besides as soon as I finished creating the music I knew that it was for him but I wasn't

completely sure like now. Since the last time I wrote a journal until now I have meet a very cool famous actress, I don't wanna give too man details because

actors are weird that way, and there was nothing sexual to it at all, at some place here in Los Angeles it was me, her and this friend of mine who introduced

me her, and I got to chat with her for a good while as my friend and her were doing something related to her work , she inspired me to stop eating meat and

go more for vegetables and fruits and sure it's been helping me with the fucking acne, big fucking time, who knew?, are u still clueless of who I'm talking

about?it's Alicia Silverstone, and she is the same as her character from Clueless, I realized a while back that actors and their characters are almost the

same, so she is fucking sweet, happily married and looks the same as always, when she talks it sounds so fucking trendy, like a little girl sometimes, she

gave me all the advises that an animal protector would, and even sent me an email just like she said she would with links to animal cruelty free related

organizations, so I guess she is clueless of who I am, or maybe she does, that is something really hard for me to know from a woman, but from men I know when

they know me even if they said they don't, also I know when a male really does not know me. It took me quite some time to find out if the UFO exist or not,

and sure I got really confused to the point of almost believing it's real, but after i studied the subject and analyzed the information and their sources and

found out that not for nothing Jesus who I trust the most, he is the very core of each living cells of my body and there is no force that can go against him,

no for nothing his birthday is the biggest celebration of the year since many centuries, and it sucks that the devil dresses as light (popes, catholic

church) and make Jesus look bad by involving money as the ultimate insult to God who of course does not it need any money, and some dumb people believe these

evil forces and think that God really wants none and they miss it big time, the fucking devil have it easy with so many dumb people, and yeah people can

just go ahead and think i lost my mind and it's just fine with me, cause serving Jesus even in the most strangest ways known for humans is what I live for.

issue # 177
Friday, October 19, 2007

yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!, there is some really fucking great news, it seems like the war in the middle east is ending within weeks, it looks like the major business

who control this country and the president had enough and want the war to end now before their business get worse and also because if any country attacks us

then they better do it while we are protected by our guys that are now over there, about fucking time!, such a damn long one. Yes, long one like the fuck I

had with this guy I meet online, picked me up and took us to some sleazy motel in the area, and i fucked his hairy, warm, juicy and so fucking open butt

hole while watching some amazing porn from this company called Spunk, ay ay ay!, it was just too hard to watch it cause I was edging and it was just so

fucking hot that i couldn't control myself from ejaculating, so after an hour or so i took a little break and this puerto rican background hot muscle guy

fucked my ass, but in a way that was so fucking suave, it was like having a romantic guy making Love to me while whispering hot stuff in my hears while making

out, it was just so fucking intense, looking into each others eyes and tongue kissing non stop while his fucking pretty nice cock was pounding my love hole

with my legs up and we just couldn't stop, i was just fucking flying in heaven, never knew i could get fucked in such way, we intensely kissed while looking

into our eyes for about half an hour or so but then he just couldn't take it anymore and he started screaming of pleasure and i felt inside my butt hole his

sperm exploding and filling my overjoyed rectum with such huge amount of cum that it felt like a fucking river inside of me, we chilled out for about 15

minutes in that bed in his arms, then my cock had to get off and his ass hole wanted to have my orgasm inside and did not took too long after inserting my

fucking cock that was desperate to ejaculate and breeding him was like being on cloud 9, i couldn't believe how long it lasted that orgasm, it felt it was

forever, then we laid in bed for a while, we cuddled, chat, and he took me back home, haven't see him since then, but i have a feeling that he have a

boyfriend so I don't wanna repeat cause I may get bad karma, besides there is so many hot man out there that, why repeat?, mmmm! and sure i been having

plenty of them lately, like the other night that this 30 year old blond blue eyed guy from Phoenix, Arizona was staying in town and after meeting online we

picked me up and took me to his place where we had to be very quite because his girlfriend would wake up, and damn!, it was another flip flop major fucking

action again, but his time I filled him up with my cum first after an hour of he fucking me, me fucking him, then we rested and he made me sucked his cock to

the point of getting his big load of semen down my throat while i was jerking off and cumin at the same time, mmmmm! wow!, he had it inside his balls for

several days cause it was a lot of protein i swallowed. But unfortunately I'm fucking around the whole time in my life, bummer!, gardening is not as much fun

as sex but sure it makes me feel almost there, i just somehow like it a lot, and I do it in a way that is very detail oriented so when people see the results

they notice the big difference, and making a difference for better brings some hard to explain joy to me. I been also suck a good boy with my web cam shows,

being late sometimes, and missing only one in the past month, hopefully the next one should be with some guy fucking or getting fucked, cause it's been a

while since doing it that way, changing excites me mucho. OH!, also few weeks ago i created a new song that now I have to ad the words to it and I'm in

conflict with myself about what to say in it, cause I don't want people to get the wrong idea, but i think that I'm gonna have some cojones and just do it,

and no, is not political. I was thinking the other day reading one of my fan's emails about traveling, and it's been the longest time since getting out of

town but I just don't feel like doing it at all, i feel that why to travel if I don't have to?, i just will if I must, fuck it!, and OH!, last week after

fucking with this Aussie guy all night long he convinced me to change my hairstyle beside I was already fucking sick of the same shaggy one, so I graved this

pair of scissors and cut-ted my hair really short, and I wonder why didn't I do it before, that much I like it, and so the guys at Beige, the only gay club I

like going out to here in Los Angeles, mmm! at some point I was making out with my tall huge black guy with the biggest lips and penis i had in a long time,

but i discovered after wards that he already have a boyfriend so I left that at that, damn! fucking marriage!, now I'm gonna end this scoop the same way as

usual for I have a happy life thank him, for total mental incapacitate I would have be to not admit in public that Jesus Christ is my eternal boyfriend, the

best one, the perfect one,him , the alfa and omega of all. ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

issue # 176
Monday, September 17, 2007

This is been such a fucking wonderfull year for me so far, allowing myself to *discover*, *fight*, *accept*, *un-say*, *create*, *share*, *connect*,

*disconnect*, *relax*, *prepare for* but for the most part *"enjoy"* so many new things and the usual things. Time can be a real fucking bitch to control and

that is the or a problem that really fucking buggs me, that is why I have not writen a journal in so long or as often as I used to, somehow as time goes by

life gets too fucking overwellming in the choices and decisions I got to make, so if wasnt for my eternal one and only boyfriend Jesuscristo that gives me

clues through my instincts then I wouldn't even be writing this right now or ever, besides, challenges are a very satisfactory part of my life, so fucking

bring it on!, as long as i have great health the rest don't matter that much. But let's just get to the best parts and most juicy ones of my time since my

last journal..., mmmmm! and oh!yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!, burning up in total joy was when few weeks ago when one of my fuck buddies invited me over the

bedroom of his place that was turned into a sex dungeion with 4 differents screens showing 4 different kinds of porn, yeahhhh, the good ones with no idiotic

condoms, mmmm!!!, damn! he sucked my filled with too much sperm hard as a rock cock, taking more joy then usual to that is what I noticed from him, normally

he is known to be just a top, but I knew that eventually he had to get tired of it, and sure I all my persuation tools to take full control of his dying to

get plowed love hole, yeahhh!, I fucked his butt hole in such a clever maner that in no time I had my big cock all the way inside his starving ass hole, to

the point of making him eat my verga(dick) with that hole of his that not longer had to beg to my friend's brain to get some real hot major fucking

satisfaction, and feeling and seeing this took me to the highest level of satisfaciton like only few times I have experienced and decided to take it another

nutch higher by taking advantage of that trance situation he was in and making him promised me that he would be a cock wore slut for the night and take as

many loads for as many cocks as possible after me breeding him love-hole, and his afirmative quick response only made me orgasm inside of him in a bigger and

better way then ever, and not too long after he was getting inpregnated by this kid carriend a major tool between his legs that hard so hard and mean that

my buddy could not longer control his expessions of joy like he never felt, after all of these years finally I saw him lose total control and just fucking

surrender to some of his most obstructed fantasies and WOW, seen it while i was fucking this other pig big-juicy-slutty beefy butt in chaps was pure heaven

damn!, what a hungry love hole he had!, to the point that afterwards he took to his place and I fucked him in there again while his dog had the front view.

Another time I meet this tall and muscular beefy black guy and went to his place, and after cleanning my love hole I found him in his bed waiting for me

witht his massive tool, and since I haven't been much of a bottom lately it took a little while to make that piece of meat to penetrate me, but once I was

open he just fucked me in some positions that I wish there was a video camera to record it, cause damn!, he just knew how to fucking pound some ass, like if

i was a fucking blow doll, and for so long that i fell at sleep while he was fucking me, and woke me up the next morning with his dick, then he started

fucking me again, and what a great kisser, oh! those big lips and tongue drove me to the edge constantly and after he unload it this giant amount of sperm I

unload it mine and that is what i call starting the day in a good way, mmmm!!. In another night I meet this other guy who was white tall, skinny, shaved

head, goatee, blue eyes and with s butthole to fuck for days non stop, but i fucked only for 2 or 3 hours while watching some bareback porn from the good old

days, good kisser too that mother fucker. and i did it from behind while he was laying down on his side for it is my favorite position to fuck, edging the

whole time, edging means getting closer to cum. Another time i meet with other good neighbor with entusiasm to help other members of the comunity for after

picking me up from this house where i live and taking me to his apartment proceeded to provide me with the best blow job i can remember, and all my ability

for edging was destroyed by such an amazing talent, it was just too much and after 30 minutes my sweet white protein erupted from my cock and was swallowed

by this real trirsty neighbor leaving him with the desire to keep on sucking some cock, but it was really late at night and I had to go to sleep and I can go

on with more and more exciting situations i experienced in this past weeks, but I have to work tomorrow, oh yeah! i forgot to mention that I work part time

as a gardner, believe it or not I just enjoy it big time, and it is some real hard work, (specially on hot days) but it makes me feel so fucking good that

it's been almost 2 months since I started and keeps my body is such good shape that I don't even know what a gym is, I don't play or watch tennis anymore, I

don't watch tv or go to the movies but alsmot made it to see "the Transformers", no more bathouses. The only bad side effect is that i haven't done any photo

shots, songs, journals, apereances at night clubs, interviews, or movies, only I kept doing my webcam shows on saturdays on website where is a moment's time

for me and my world wide fans/electronic lovers only, they get to see me live and direct nude jerk off enjoying myself with myself. But things are already

changing for I already went to this recording studio here in Los Angeles last week and I started with the creation of a new song, also I'm in talks for the

filming of a new movie, hopefully this week I'll take some pics to post on my website, and right now I'm writing and posting this journal also for mt webite,

so I'm feeling so much better, keeping my fans happy is been a priority for the past ten years for sometimes I see my fans as they are Jesus Christ making me

feel never lonely, so my endless gratitud goes to him who i own more then this life of mine.12:27 AM 9/17/2007

issue # 175
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am listening to some of my own music as I'm writing a new journal in over a month, and damn! I should listen to my own music more often, cause it sure refills me inside better then any stimulant, making me feel like I'm all I want, I'm all I need, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!, mmmmmmmmm!, but don't get me wrong!, cause I don't wanna sound like one of those freaks from the AA meetings who are so fucking bitter and know it all, for if they know you are someone that once in a while would drink a beer or do some drug, (not even if is once in a very while) would be totally unacceptable, they'll stop talking to you, they think you are unworthy and a lot less then they are because they want you to be the same or more miserable as they are, they want you to follow every fucking rule of their stupid cult even if it doesn't make sense to them or you, their are just really fucking spooky, dark and very contradicting people. but again!, don't get me wrong!, cause I'm not an alcoholic or being hooked on any drug, actually, I been lately doing the master cleansing diet which consist in getting rid of toxins from your body, spirit and mind, it is sort of a fasting process that includes lemons or limes, cayenne pepper and other non man made stuff and it teaches you how amazing the human body can be, but no fucking way I'm doing the 40 days fasting that Jesus once did, I just do it on my own way, they one that works fine with me, and it clears my body, spirit and mind so much to the point of finding out tons of things like who is my friend and who was not all along, (like these couple of very bitter/judgmental and hypocrites old queens from Portland, OR for example). Discovering that I'm so much better off being alone then in bad company was really revealing, the stress and other negative crap just goes away, but it make you search for things that matter, in my case a place to call home for a long term, so, few weeks ago I went to Portland, OR wanting to find out if there is where I belong, but it took just few days for me to find out that it was not, actually the gay world in there is crumbling down fast, from few gay sex clubs and bathhouses back when I used to live there over 2 years ago is now reduced to just one pathetic bathhouse, it's so sad to see that town became just another one with tons of gay people being content with their rights and freedom taken away that I just had to get the fuck out of there, what a fucking shame!, so I'm still looking around wanting to find that place to be in a long term, just like this new song I created called "Jurando pero no" that I posted online in my website right after my last journal, (over a month ago, and also I photographed myself to update the "photo gallery" of my website), and the result of it was very very very much satisfactory, based on the opinions of some of my people, besides I really fucking love it big time too. Lately I have not been in time for my live web cam shows that I been doing almost every Saturday....., but this last Saturday I was all charged, very on and in time, and as a result I had the record of most viewers ever, FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!, I have never had so many people watching me have some good time like when I was a fucking horny teenager getting myself off for around an hour, mmmmmmmmmm! and I didn't even had my hair shorter and dark as right now,( I changed my hair yesterday), it was just a gift from heaven since it was done on Saturday, July 7, 2007 which was 7-7-7, a day that won't repeat in another hundred years, WooooooooooooooW!, no wonder I had so much fun doing it!, it actually was my favorite one ever by far, mmmmmmmmmm!!!, maybe because I was thinking of that day over a week ago when I visited this new good looking new acquaintance, in a really summer hot after noon here in Los Angeles and I discovered in his dvd player this movie he made of himself in where he uses this fucking huge dildo to fuck his own amazing stretched out incredible juicy, soft and tender butt hole of his with such a passion that automatically I got the hardest hard on I ever got, it just made my cock turn into a piece of steel, and it did not took too many strokes before I unloaded a real major amount of sperm out of me, that release was so fucking intense that I did not cared for anything else at the time, I just had to released my fucking raging cock, and sure he took it as a real compliment, cause he told me he`would get me some copies, and now I just cannot fucking waiting to get some of his self made porn movies, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!, damn! I need to see more. Such situation with this new acquaintance makes me so fucking excited with the prospect of meeting more and more new people, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!, friends change, some of them never were friends, the world change, nano technology is fucking crazy & incredible, the republicans always leave the country all financially destroyed, then the democrats have to rebuild it, LOL, funny but hard to deal with, but........ the great thing from life is that no matter what, if I can remember that Jesus Christ is always there to be reached, then life becomes all magical again, and just life itself is the biggest gift I can ever receive, and acknowledging him as the one giving such a gift by thanking him, makes my senses to intensify to the highest levels, so all the glory and honor to my higher power, the all omnipotent and all mighty Jesus Christ.

issue # 174
Thursday, June 07, 2007

I had never before in the past 9 years that I started writing my journals-bloogs-scoops spent so long without writing one, it's been over a month, but too many unbelieveable

things had happened that didn't gave me the enough desire to do so. Obviously there is not fucking way I can write about everything, but what I think are the most important

ones, let's start with the good ones, like the time I moved out from this roomate who it seems to me he enjoyed too much complicating my life, all those stranges gasses in

that apartment were too much for me, but I stayed in there only for one month, the weakness and dizzyness from the strange gasses together with cluster headheachs and the

endless colonies of bugs and bacterias from that full carpeted apartment were literally fucking killing me, then I found out that he went through tons and tons of different

roomates before me with even on of them suing him who knows for what, and don't really wanna even know what or why, but I do know now that in the past he worked for A

R Research & Referral Group Inc. Social Sciences and Humanities, also for Elkin Weiss and Companies Inc., Medical Asset Managment Inc., into many other spooky jobs, i knew

him as David, but his boyfriend would call him Trevor, so, who knows? and by now I don't give a fuck anyfucking way. I'm so fucking gone from now, thank God!. ButHe was

not the only one that Jesus protected me from, cuz many other coorporations, medical coalitions, and anti human rights groups, were also trying to put me down big fucking

time, but at the end I kept my peace and good health in exchange of me not longer being a porn star and a dissident for HIV FRAUD and other health issues. Right now I'm

extremely close from posting on my website a brand new musical creation of mine, a song that should reflect my past few weeks and present. After getting emails from some

really great people in my life I realized that this planet is all pretty much the same and no were I go there might be the same crap, but, here in LA is just too much for me, that

is why hopefully by the time I'll write my next journal I should be already out of LA, not too easy of a task as it may seem, but I know I can and it may not have to be another

country, even though few weeks ago I stayed at the Holiday Inn located in Silverlake, CA in a Saturday night checking in around midnight when is hard to find availability but

some how not only I got a room but I got some nice discount, little I knew the fucking catch I had to pay for, it was the most fucking horrible situation I ever had in my all

fucking life, the room was a 502 or 508 and it was the closest one to this fucking spooky hopital which for me translate into hellspital, and the sticking feeling in the air of that

room was just too fucking much, so I turned off the Air condictioning but there was still this very cold air still blowing a little bet, so, I unplugged it, but still that sticky really

cold air would not fucking go away, the I covered with the bed covers and I openned that window with a view to that strange building roof, and even after sealing off with duct

tape all of the air and water holes from that room, that very cold sticky air orliquid gas was present, the humidity was bigger then miami after the rain, and one point

everytime I tried reaching with my arms that window I felt some electric shock waves, no matter how many times I tried, and I started to feel so aweful, kind of like dying and

so fucking dizzy that I freaked out and took all I could from my belongings as fast as I could running to the front desk, and sorry! but I was not about to be an unvoluntered

human guinea pig at all, fuck now!, and once donwsntairs in the lobby the guy working there who looked like from Nepal was talking with someone in the phone and when I

heard him saying that the project was interrupted, quickly he moved to the back of the front desk to continues that conversation in a way that I couldn't hear it, it was around 3

AM and my taxi cab finally arrived taking me to someone's place I know near by and for the rest of that night I was very traumatized and in a state of a bad shock, and I still

have nightmares about it, hopefully I was not exposed to anything permanent. But the fucked up thing is that not only I got to go through that, but days later I discover

through my bank that the owner-manager of that Holiday Inn who of course is Indian(from India) tried charging me like 10 times more the prize of that room when I checked

in, making my life even more of a hell, and as today he still won't let go, that is why I'm mentioning this fucked up episode, cause i wasn't gonna, I don't ever want to have to

tell this kinds of situations to no one, no ever!, then like a week after again he tried charging my bank account for like 20 times more of the price of the stay in that hell-room,

and in the most misterious ways, my wallet with the receit of that hotel's stay disapiered making it even more complicated for me. God and the people who knows me well

understand I'm not a racist but somehow it seems to me like there is always people from India and Nepal ( who always are together) trying to make my life hell, i just don't

fucking get it, maybe all the 7 elevens, all the motels and most hotels and most taxi cabs in USA are not enough?, so now they are taking over the healthcare system too?.

Honestly I don't give a fuck what they do as long as they leave me the fuck alone, now everytime I come accross anyone from India or Nepal I just want to run away from

them, and sorry if I sound like a racist but I'm not, I even got gang banged by a group of black men in one of my movies to showed I'm not a racist at all, but what the fuck

can i do?. Days after that I flew to Texas wanting to forget that shit, and just enjoy that invitation from one of my most sweet pigs lovers-fans, and sure he deserves the

fucking pig tittle for sure, yeahhh!, after he picked me up at the airport he took us to his place and after a shower we started with him wanting to fuck my very tight hole, and

yes!, tight for real!, for it hasnt' been fucked much lately since not getting fucked much due to so much crap going on, so instead, I just fucking took control of his fucking

yummy nice shape mushroom cock with my juicy mouth, and we just couldn't have enough of it, then he fucked me some to the point of him unloading some fucking freaky

nice orgasm of sperm deep inside my unfucked for too long love-hole, mmmm!!!, then I followed his request of just sucking his unsatiable dick that was more of my own

pacifier toy then a penis and I kept on playing with it with my lips, tongue, mouth and deep hungry juicy throat, but at some point I had to enter that fucking yummy wide

open and too well trained inviting butt hole of his with my verga(cock) that was just fucking dying for some major action, and from behind while he was laying down on his

side was the way to go, I was edging for the longest, and after taking few breaks and already few hours of being in heaven that night I turned him on his back with his legs on

my shoulders and fucked him in a way that would hit and massage his g-spot on his prostate to the point of him jerking off this nice big load of semen while I literally I fucked

the cum out of him, then I pulled out my cock and came all over his body, mmm!!!!!!!!, talking about some real long time waiting for release, and now that I'm being

transported back into some juicy time, now I need some more fucking action, mmmm!!, maybe a shower and hunting for some fucky fucky would just fucking do it, sorry fuck

buddies and fans, but my electronic book organizer broke and have no way to contact you, so, some fresh new meat is being required soon!!!, yesssss!, as part of my farewell

from Los Angeles, now it's time to stretch out this botom love hole of mine back to the fullest potential, OINK!,and make my cock be in pain from so much fucking action, and

... of course... I'm thanking my Jesus Christ for being inside my heart as my eternal boyfriend, the best one I could ever ask for, cause instead of being jelouse he sure seems

to be very glad I love-connect-fuck with others in the most loveable ways as possible, him loving me just the way is the best way for me as I feel.

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. BTW as soon as I can replace my logitech webcam for some other brand I should be able to photograph my current self, but not

being all oiled up right after fucking, tried that few days ago and sure it did not worked out quite as well as I thought. Life is so fucking good!.

issue # 173
Friday, April 27, 2007

I apoligize to everybody for what I wrote earlier, that was a total mistake of mine for such does do not speak well and give power to Jesus christ over any attackers, I'm gonna have to start making some changes in my day's routine, so I can cope better with any challenge, just like the Williams in tennis, butin a few days I'll write about this new fetish I wound last week, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!, damn!

issue # 172
Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Today Tuesday, April 3rd, 2007 It's been one week since I turned 32 years old, but i feel like 21, which is the age of one of my two co-stars from my last movie scene I filmed few weeks ago. On the day before my birthday I played tennis for the first time this year, (Serena Williams keeps inspiring me), it felt so fucking good that afterwards I even worked out my legs, and after a shower this rad friend of mine drove us for shopping on the way to Palm Springs and, we slept there in some hotel, and woke up on my birthday in Palm Springs, nothing crazy at all, just shopping and hanging out with my pal and his doggy, then we drove back to Los Angeles. On the day after my B day I worked out my chest, and I'm all ready to be back to the gym often, like in the good old fucking times. The day after, on Thursday I moved into this new apartment here in Los Angeles, CA, and spent the next following days cleaning, placing, organizing it, and by now I feel at home, and this new roommate was not a friend or an acquaintance like the one before, and sure it seems better this way because in there I even lost the hard drive from my notebook computer, but this new home have more giga bites any fucking way and was not working right also. 3 days ago on Saturday , I did my web cam show as every Saturday like in the past few weeks, and reaching finally some real consistency about not missing my shows on my website, besides they are tons of fun for me. After that web cam show i was kind of called to duty at the "Slammer", which is some real fun sex club here in LA, and it was packed with lots of horny men that were walking, fuking and sucking around, mmm! heaven?, I just went for the glory holes, yeahhh!, at some point I had this really tall white blond german guy pull out his fucking big and long cock to be sucked by my hungry throat and introduced it inside my juicy and warm rectum, also I got fucked by some hot muscle black guy, and by another muscular asian guy with some decent size and very fucking hard cock, but at one point there was this guy with a hot mustache and really tight jeans that were holding this monster hard cock, and sure it was once he unzipped his jeans and pull it out, I sucked and stick it in my butt hole quite few times in those 40 minutes we played, mmm!, then I had this blond stocky blond guy fucking me through a glory hole, and later on I fucked him and dumped my load insie his already abused and inviting fucking sweet ass hole, and now I should get ready to go have some fun at Beige, my favorite nightclub here in Los Angeles. May Jesus Christ allow me to be the best I can be and always keep me the closest to him as possible.

Issue # 171
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

On Wednesday morning, March 7, 2007 I went to LAX airport to catch a first class flight to Texas and meet with this really cool guy who wanted to meet me in person for 4 years as he said, (and showed), so it made me want him to meet me in person too, soon after arriving to Texas I went to some big local leather store and he got me a fucking hot leather uniform, a total new one like I have never used before, MMM! ouuuuu!!!!, ( I should do a photo shot with), mmm!!!, then we went to the local organic Whole Foods to prepare for what it could be a long physical night, and sure it was fucking long&fun cause what a fucking good cock sucking job he does!, takes directions with tons of real fucking pleasure, so I just fucking surrendered to some real new role play. Dying to fucking try some new way of sex, I found it, but no, it was not me fucking a female in any scene for any movie, I looked around and noticed some European porn into this new clothed sex trend, for it can be really fucking cold but sure that can still make it to be so really fucking hot, a brand whole new way that turns me on so much, more I never knew. Once inside his big home, we showered and got ready, he I was done I walked down stairs to the porn room were he was waiting for me, and I showed up all in leather from head to toes, including a leather hut, only my cock and butt hole where nude, and we really enjoyed too much playing all night that way, so much fun that 2 days later, on Friday, March 9, 2007, I went to Lax and took a flight to San Diego in a small airplane that feels you are on a trip with your family, so I slept good. George from SX Video picked me up one hour later at that United Airlines commute area exit and after getting new tennis shoes on the way to SX Video's studios, and few other things I needed for my scene in this new movie called "Sleazers ll" (or something like that). And of course it was my very first full clothing sex ever to be filmed and second one not being filmed, I did not created the trend but sure I's like to put it out, anytime would be fucking great. The were these two real hot guys dressed in security uniforms with their fucking full erected penis unzipped in each side of my face's chics and my position was on my knees while being photographed by Rodrigo, a brand new fucking great photographer, and between takes I could not take it and I was sucking them all I could, and the 21 year old's cock from Michigan had a real fucking thick beer can fucking mean tool. The story for this scene was about them finding me sleeping on top of these strippers/gogoboy's pedestals and after getting real close to me they noticed the hole in the back of my tight black jeans and one of them introduced their security sticks inside my butt hole and I woke up, and I started to move my butt hole with pleasure, it was a major fucking hot & new fucking feeling to know I was gonna get fucked by them both in more then one position in a whole new way, they even double fucked me so fucking good, unfortunately Gary and this 2 kids did not understood this clothing sex fettish that it's been around since the late 1960's because few minutes after the scene started they fucking took off their uniforms, but maybe some day I'll get to do it %100 the right way, still I was content and fucking happy for being only my first attempt of it on film. After one of them ejaculated in my mouth and face, the other one with his real thick monster cock fucked me all he could until he just released that fucking load inside my really fucking abused butt hole, cause sure I took those fuckers like a fucking mancunt, and after using me to get a load off them, the one with the thickest cock told me to get the fuck out soon or the'll comeback to fucking use me again, and as they were leaving I started jerking off and had some amazing fucking major orgasm shooting a fucking nice load all over my black tight jeans, falling this way to fall at sleep again on this strippers/go-go boys's pedestal, (of course!). Few hours later in that evening I flew back to LA, CA. Lately I been having some retarded attempts to comeback into using my personal computer that now have a brand new internal hard drive because they one I had for the past years is gone, I lost it over a week ago, so also I been looking for a different place to live, maybe still here in LA or maybe Portland, OR, or who knows?. Also I wanna celebrate my soon to be birthday performing that night live a new song in some really cool gay bar for my east coast fans, as usual. NYC may really need me at Stonewall this year, but they will get right tickets from the cops for indecent sexual behaviors, and also it seems like now days cops in NYC are trying to catch scoulpers drug dealers only in gay so they can close it down, but not with straights bars, so what the fuckl?, where the fucking is Hillary Healthcare Clinton doing in NY politics for gays?, good I'm not republican or democrat or have any political title. But them getting rid of the legendary Roxy where I did my very first birthday musical show in the year 2000 was too fucking much!. Somehow my life is being very challenging lately, I did not know that my beliefs about certain fraud can cost my privacy more then I ever dreamed, sometimes i feel like a puppet, and is like a roller coaster like the ones in the fairgrounds, it takes you all the way down and all the way up, constantly, mmm!, and that explains why I rather not taking the mechanical ones, like also I'm not interested in being part of any Tally ho games or being one of their llamas, LOL, people who show a personality to the world of the Internet that is not their real one, never really was my thing, besides, by now I'm used to being the way I'm, so take note all of you freaky modern money mercenaries, that Jesus, his mother and angels are with me. Was it a dream that or/with other similar pharmaceutical companies keep on trying to bring me down because of my belief there is a huge fraud?, how those bets are doing?, how many people took notice that only a very short period of time passed between the famous Ana Nicole Smith confessed in an interniew on TV about never taking those fucking diet pills and got paid a lot for it and her dead?, and even more fucked up is that media wont talk or repeat that interview's broadcasting. But thank God most people still use their common sense still, even if they ignore my protector who I live for, the one I mention at the end of my journals, FUCK SI!, Jesucristo es mi novio! that gives me my best self.

issue # 70
Sunday, February 11, 2007

As the days go by I can see more and more all the possibilities of me feeling good with myself by myself, and then I don't feel the need to change anyone, and accept people just like they are. Finally I posted a new song on my web site!!!, it's called "Rocky", and I created it in memory of the coolest porn star and co-star I have ever meet, It fucking took so much out of me, feeling his energy all around me making me do this song, what to say in it, and even where to write the lyrics, (which
was at the San Vicente Inn where I have a special pass), very weird, it was like I had not choice, and some people might think that revenge drove me to it, but honestly it wasn't, he was my favorite co-star from the fucking shrinking condom porn,(he only did porn with condoms), he was so fucking nice that became naive, the perfect kind of victim for the fucking huge monster medical group, I believe they kill him very slowly, who knows what the fuck they injected him with, probably with chemo and/or AZT, to the point of making him to develop lymphoma's, hospitalized for the period of over 6 months, it seems that he took his last breath around Jesus's birthday last year. But finally this song is out, and by now I feel lots of relief. The combination of actions between electronic and human cell's can bring such a fascinating product such as creating
a song, and I don't create songs with the intention of making money, it would fucking ruin them, that is why still is the only free access to my electronic house, and I have never dreamed of any Grammy or any awards other then people enjoying my songs, and actually some do!, fucking WOW!. Some people might think that this new song "Rocky" was driven by revenge, but no, it was not at all. 2 Saturdays nights ago i dressed my leather chaps, red jockstrap, leather boots, harness and jacket and some friends picked me up and we went to the local leather bar "Eagle" here in Los Angeles, and had some real good time just hanging with them for around an hour, very different night club then "Beige" where I went few days earlier with this new friend Joseph who invited me for diner, it was fucking yummy!, we also cruised that place filled with lots of yummy specimens, damn!, such a fucking nice eye candy time, but the real fucking candy was the other day when I meet this fuck buddy/fan with benefits of mine of years, fuck!, I just love fucking that love-hole while watching some bareback porn and spend hours just going for it, mmm!!!, it's fucking eternal heaven to penetrate his love-hole with my hands, dildo, foot, but for the most part with my fucking never satisfied dick in and out of that beyond generous man-butt- hole of his, forgetting about space and time. Last week I also had another long fucking session too, but with a brand new very giving butt hole, and he was very good looking, great blond hair(but no the gay-army cut), muscular, sexy, and masculine in addition of being a real fucking pig, yeahhhhhhhh!!!, all the fucking right ingredients, he sucked my pacifier for as long as I wanted, and fucked his ever hungry incredible yummy and stretched out mangina to die for also as long as I demanded, so fucking nice, such a juicy ass hole that was already fucking lubricated with other man's sperm from before i arrived, he was able to just fucking take my taco-verga(cock) for the fucking longest, a real %100 fucking bottom that very well deserved that fucking tittle for fucking sure, damn!, and him being so fucking submissive only made that fucking encounter extra sweet. Last Thursday night I went to "Tigerheat" which is a club for 18 and over guys, and it was fucking cool until this tall black so fucking annoying security guy called Simon kept annoying me as usual with the VIP bullshit wrist band to the point of making me leave that fucking club and not wanting to never ever go back there, so it would have to be "Rage" if I want some twinky club on Thursdays, and thanks to the guys from "Cock/Block" for mailing me their exclusive membership card, mmm! glad I was qualified, and sure I cannot fucking wait for the February 18Th party, sounds like a lot of hot sex with hot guys a la Europe = bingo!, I hope I can fucking make it, si carajo!!!. 2 days ago on Saturday at 6PM PST I went live to the world through my web cam, no interruptions at all, perfect Internet connection, awesome lighting, and fucking great set up, I just really enjoyed big fucking time, just me naked jerking my fucking hard verga(cock) for an hour, I was only wearing my leather harness. Very, very soon I should be doing a photo shot with some real amazing photographer, about time!. Sorry guys that lately I'm not performing my own music live all over the night clubs like I used to, but I really don't feel like traveling anymore like I used to, so, I hope God makes a miracle and gives me back that passion so I can go to NYC at the end of March to celebrate my 32ND birthday like I usually do, but sure I believe in miracles since they happen to me all the fucking time, and fuck yeah indeed!. Hopefully Jesus Christ will keep being what the KOG is for the UK people, but only a lot more, for he is all omnipotent and to him I own it all and live for.

issue # 69
Monday, January 29, 2007

I think I had a really fucking crazy dream not long ago, it was about the reason and fixing way of the current weather situation all over this planet, really fucking weird cause some how I saw Rocky(porn star) turning into a star of fire in became part of the sun that was make out of all the brightest people that ever lived on planet earth. amd he was sending a message that the space, the sun, the space and everything in it like the planets is what we are, and when we die our physical side becomes part of the ground here on earth earth and of many other material things, but the energy part of humans called soul, spirit, conscience and so and so goes to either space or sun, depending in what kind of life we lived on earth, the sun losing itself or leaving because the little attraction to a planet that seems to be filled with the opposite of what the sun is made of, creating this current weather. And sure it sounds like an episode of that tv show "The twilight zone" cause the world not having enough shinning stars bright positive loving people is the reason for the sun to become burned out or go away from earth is not too scientific but then again since this life we are living have us always connected by the material with the energy, then it might not be so fucked up, yeah right!, LOL. I'm really going fucking nuts, and for sure in my dreams, like the way I felt when I watched Serena Williams win the Australian Open, but at 25 years old most people accomplish the most, cause still when you are about to be 32 like me you can still accomplish things like the creation of a new song, like the one I'm working on, and for sure it's been taking lots out me to make it, like I died and resurrected few times in the process. No more bathhouses stories for a while, I'm enjoying winter and doing my part for a fucking change, it's a wonderful life fucking awesome when we can change it often in so many kind of ways, and trusting & working for my protector Jesucristo is the ultimate reward I have ever experienced.

issue # 68
Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I started this year, 2007 learning more then I could ever imagined, and I just cannot fucking explain it at all to anyone, to anyone, but sure it is really very fascinating because understanding something that did not make sense for so long took tons of stress out of me. I do not longer work out at the gym anymore so I do not longer have a buff body, so it's been few months since I have a very slim, cut up and well defined body that for some people included me fucking love it cause it seems like it took off few years from me, and others don't like it because they are into muscle buff bodies or they presume that I'm sick or something which is not the case. I switched from a PC computer to a MAC but now days I'm giving up on owning a personal computer, is just that I realized that I couldn't let a fucking machine take control of me and the time that is so fucking short in this life, so instead I'm enjoying life a lot more, which is the main reason for me to not write this journals more often, so I officially apologise to all of my fans for it, and i hope they know that I wouldn't forget them, that is why I been doing my live webcam shows that now days it's me fucking some fuck buddies of mine, or rarely me getting fucked, it feels like doing a mini porn, lots of close ups of cock sliding into some fucking hot juicy, warm and hungry hole, mmmm!!, I just fucking get off a lot being an exibicionist transmiting to my fans all over this planet, and that is a priority for me even that sometimes I miss a show here and there, and it'sbeen moved to 6PM PST (only through my website). Now days I'm meeting and connecting with lots of new people, and still working on some ideas that hopefully soon should materialise into some creations that I can post on my electronic casa. I'm still living in Hollywood, CA but I never know when that can change, and I really don't feel like traveling that much at all even that I'm gonna have to push myself to do it at least for my birthday cumin up in around 2 months hopefully in NYC. And this is the part in where I have to say that it may be truth or fiction the following that you are about to read............ "in the last few hours of the year 2006 I was in line outside this local gay bathhouse here in Los Angeles with this ex-fuck buddy of mine that few days before I fucked for around 4 hours non stop, he is or looks a lot like some real famous actor, and that night I kind of ignored him for my very hungry love holes were so very hungry and demanding taking all kind of cocks and loads of sperm, making the sperm of all of these man go dripping down my legs, at some point I broke my record of size cock taking an around 12 inches cock from this 6'7 tall balck man and I had to stand on top of the bed in order to fit the level of his cock into my butt hole, and sure it was good that he did not took more then around 15 minutes to get me fucking pregnant cause sure it was really fucking challenging, but I took it like a real fucking macho man, and of course I kept on taking quite few other more cocks, mainly there was latin and black ones in this particular bathhouse, then in the early first morning of this fucking amazing 2007 this very famous actor or look alike famous actor took us for breakfast at Dennys and then we went to sleep together and started this new year together, but no romance, no fucking way!. I fucking enjoy way too much getting fucked, pregnant and inpregnating other man to get stocked with just one, too many fucking horny hot man for me!, And from now and on whatever you are about to read is confirmed to be truth"............It's been just fucking awesome to discover stuff that I cannot even explain and no one could ever guess, too complex,but is just making a lot of differnce in my life and for the better, I'm enjoying my life a lot more then ever before, not being controled by a fucking machine anymore made it for sure, and I have to thank my higher power Jesus Chirst for that and all the glory for him from me always and I keep on having faith in him that there is the best eternity that I can not even begin to imagine for me after this short life cause sure I like thinking what eternity means, and too bad for the ones who won't get a fucking clue.

issue # 67
Thursday, December 21, 2006

One of my favorites, or my favorite co star ever won't be able to reached in person anymore, Rocky died few weeks ago, but still lives in mine and many other's heart and more then ever actually. and long after still he will live forever in "Palmer's Lust", for me he is not dead at all, I just won't see him much as usual and sure I can feel his energy around me as I write this because I remember how much he really liked me, no other porn star liked me more then him. So please my fans if you or anyone you love unfortunately ends up in the hospital please make sure they understand that you are straight, have a girlfriend and a baby, and all that straight fantasy crap like you hate sex, and only do it with your girlfriend cause you are scared to catch hiv, bla bla and all they want to hear, please trust me in this one!, I don't see people working in sex being too wellcomed into the hospitals, be way extra careful with any kind of hospital or clinic and watch out for those injections that can develop into dead within half a year.

issue # 66
Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm experiencing happiness in some really new&improved ways, anticipating & directing my only life better then ever before because with the addition of living in the moment & having tons of fun every minute of it, mucho sexo!, so, come on!, what the fuck!, I am the one who gets to be Jeff Palmer! fuck yeahhh man!!, feeling a lot more fucking confident then ever and is only getting better, asking and listening before talking but I don't give a fuck what people's perception of me are, results is what counts to me, so I just fucking love to be out and be recognized every day of my fucking amazing life, specially recognized by hot horny guys, oh yes!! I'm often meeting&connecting with tons of all kinds of new people, fucking OINK!, I'm becoming more and more empowered as time goes by, to the highest levels of efficiency, serving my higher power energy Jesus Christ, (happy birthday boyfriend!), his HS now controls me and I'm falling in love more and more with this fucking perfect energy, never felt less lonely in my life and he is showing me all kinds of unbelieveable hidden tools & formulas. The HS's control over me started a day or two before my last journal, he gets rid of fear, worries, stress, and so many other fucked up feelings out of me. Now I imagine & see what to do and with the right timing, acquiring a new strength of instincts to know when someone is being really truthful and i know what i just said MAY sound really fucking insane to some people out there all over this planet, so I apologize to them, I'm sorry for making you feel that way so please do not fucking come back to read anything else I write ever again, thank you very fucking much!. What you are about to read might be truth or fiction, real fans always know best!, ............"one fucking day all of the sudden I was in this private man's club here in Los Angeles, CA and in there was a bunch of fucking hot horny man fucking and getting fucked, so, I was naked within minutes of entering that place and my skill full butt hole was already very fucking clean and well fucking lubricated with a prostate attached to it that was fucking dying to be rubbed the right way by the most cocks as possible, all kinds of shapes and sizes were well cum, the only fucking requirement was to have a fucking generous amount of fucking sperm to fucking feed my fucking starving love holes of mine, and my very fucking ready cock of mine was already fucking pre cuming with some fucking major anticipation. It was way too fucking hard to remember or count them all. I started walking and I saw this fucking handsome guy, he followed me and invited me inside to one of those much fucking pleasant full mirrors rooms, it looke like he was in his mid 30's, white, blonde, blue eyes, muscular beefy fucking hot body with some very inviting ass hole already filled up and lubricated with some other man's sperm, damn!, he knew I was Jeff Palmer because he acted nervous when he first saw me there, and admiting it was the very first thing he said to me, really fucking awesome!, and instantly he made my cock to be rock hard and with his well fucking talented juicy fish mouth&throat, and right away my fucking cock full of cum went inside his fucking exquisite butt hole already fucking filled up with other man's sperm, it felt like heaven, I fucked it for the longest as I could while watching every angle through those mirrors, but his fucking bubble butt was too fucking pleasant and my balls were so fucking huge and begging to just fucking eject already some fucking major first load of semen, so I shot that fuckikng load of cum deep inside him, mmmm!, got him so fucking pregnant then George Michael in a fucking gay public area at night, then I went for a shower and soon after he started to fuck my over heated fucking culo
caliente ( ass in heat ) in a way that we could even fucking see clearly his fucking nice thick white cock going all the way in and out of this hungry rectum of mine, we tongue kissed like fucking crazy, and that probably was what made him fucking ejaculate only after around 30 minutes a fucking river of sperm filling me up me really fucking good, wow!, and his fucking balls where like 3 times bigger then mine, so once my butt hole received that ultimate fucking lubrication made of pure clean fresh semen, I kept adding more and more, specially in that fucking steam room where I just removed the towels from this good looking guy's waist, he looked in his late 30's seating there with his fucking raging and hard as a fucking rock thick cock and with out anyone saying one word I just fucking seated on it and started riding it but it only lasted like 5 minutes because because then he fucking downloaded his first fucking huge raw ejaculation deep inside my fucking love hole while sucking this other guy's cock that was also ejaculating at the very same time my other hole was being filled too, so I just fudcking had both love holes of mine filled up at the same fucking time with mucho esperma, (later on that night the guy fucking my butt hole performed the best encore I ever had with his really fucking huge thick cock with kind of pointy end, like a pine kind of, mmm!!!, very fucking hairy too), then this other guy who watched all of that invited me over for a little walk and right in one of those alley's walk ways he lifted my towel from behind and just fucking sticked his really fucking hard like a fucking rock penis inside my extra fucking juicy&warm butt hole, and not even a couple of minutes after he was breeding me shooting his cum deep inside of me, that night I kept on collecting on so many fucking loads, fucking OINK! and there were few guys in their very early 20's fucking me and me fucking them like there is no tomorrow, dumping loads in me as wel like this 21 tall black perfect face, body and cock guyl, In that place I also fucked some other exquisite stretched out & juiced up cum holes avoiding the tight ones, I was the best samaritan attending all kinds of well flavored cocks and ass races in need because I fucking made sure to have at least one latin, one black, white and one asian cock and/or ass holes, I sucked&swallowed dicks&sperm, I had all the fucking ass I could, my never satisfying verga (dick) was fucking raw penetrating one delicioso man's hole after the other and unloading inside two of those quite few man raw butts while most people here in Los Angeles, CA were sleeping. Several hours later after a good fucking shower, food and rest I dealt with some errands and other things, and afterwards I even had time to meet with this guy who had requested meeting me in person few days earlier, and he seemed very stunned to see me and meet me in person and for me it was so fucking awesome to see that, totally fucking got off!, after our meeting we decided that we wanted to know each other better and sure we fucking did cause few minutes after that decision he was sucking my rock hard cock for the fucking longest time, until his jaw was fucking numb, then he fucked me from with some real fucking passion, and few different positions, and some fucking great wet friction with so much of his fucking precum inside my raw hole, he tried fucking me last for a long time but just couldn't and fucking went for it and spermed me nice and deep inside my wanting more anal cavity. Sure there was quite few other man I fucked with that night but it will take way too fucking long to fucking explain them as well, so now the part of my journal that can be true of fiction is ending right now and what you are about to read is confirmed by me to be true"....... Now days I'm talking with few gay bareback porn companies and seeing which one should be the one to do my very next fucking movie with, but at the right timing, also a week ago I meet here in Los Angeles, CA ( where I still live) with Lee from, he took some fucking real ravishing photos of the current me, hopefully a lot sooner then
later some of them should make it on my website, fucking hurry up Lee! and te amo Lee!. Even that I missed a couple of my live webcam shows still I managed to do one few days ago on Saturday December 16 of this ending 2006 year at 4 PM PST, and one of my friend's thick cock made it into that fucking exciting live sex show fucking my hole for almost half an hour with great close ups but he kept on getting too close to ejaculate many times, (those online close ups looked so fucking hot!), and after getting off inside my world wide live web butt hole I fucking jerked myself off for another 20 minutes and then I had some fucking real full filling live world wide orgasm. Lately I got some fucking amazing ideas to hopefully turn them into reality, but now this fucking journal of mine is cuming to an end but wishing to write another one again the sooner then later, if my higher power energy Jesus Christ decide it that way, submitted only to him is my best reality ever, fuck yeah I say!.

issue # 65
Monday, December 04, 2006

Today I'm so happy and grateful now that... I know what I want from life, I know my potential to feel good so I asking no one to be different so that i can feel good, everything is going well for me, I'm optimistic, I'm healthy, I want to keep creating more music and perform it live, I want to keep doing movies and be a director one day, I'm stress free, I'm working out once or twice a week, I'm wiser, I enjoy all the energy around me, I want honesty from my people, I see only the best of my life, I keep on learning every day, my goal in life is to be the most successful adult entertainer in the history of pornography, I have faith in Jesus Christ who is my only lover/partner and higher power, and I'm extremely grateful to him for me being me Jeff Palmer.

issue # 64
Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I know there is some people wondering how I’m really doing now days, so, stop reading if you already know I’m doing well. This gentleman I know called me today and we spent around over hour and a half just having some real exciting time, (specially when asked to give him a hand, mmm!), very intense!, mmm! just thinking about it makes my stick want for more love dovey holes, but I got to go to sleep soon tonight bcause last night my banana was also fucking sliding in and out of this monkey’s mouth and love hole in West Hollywood, yeah!, I’m making up for all the past year being secluded and now I'm going out to "Beige", other clubs, meet new people, and all about my new freedom, I know my current roommate here in LA since 1996, we never had sex and doesn’t bother me rumors I heard of being otherwise. No time, not care for belonging to one man if he is into the monogamy bull shit crap that is 2 guys fucking around on each other without getting caught, never admitting it or game over, and blame the technology not me, endless new ways for men to connect, mmm! easier, faster, more often, that man fucking with this man, and that guy, here, and there, everywhere, all the time, always a new cock, new ass, daaaamn!, my new diet!, mucho satisfaction for my cazzo. I’m sooooooo thankful to my 1 & only eternal boyfriend Jesus Christ who woke me up from some weird dream, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Life is so fucking good now! just by using the reason’s why my God resurrected I get the ultimate protection ever, even if the HIV Fraud machine tries to frame me into being a child molester or some kind of guy with some other fucked up thing like manipulating my DNA or genes, or even try to kill me. So, under the all mighty name of Jesus Christ I order any evil force to stop intruding my life and to never return, under the mightiest name of Jesus Christ, giving this way meaning to the reasons of his sacrifice for us humans.

issue # 163
Sunday, November 26, 2006

fuck yeahh!, finally this fucked up year is over!. There is so much fucking strange stuff going on in my life, way too many fucked up people in Los Angeles, CA., thinking they are so fucking cool for trying to put others down in the most bizarre ways, LOL, really though town for who is strong and smart, keeping myself really quite about lots of thing I have learned lately. I really feel like I'm finally enjoying some few new ways of living, doing a lot of walking around this town like if I was in NYC, and as result my waist size is now smaller, lost body fat, no gas, no pollution and no insurance or mechanich problems for me, so there yu go Jacky! (and tell me with who you hang out and i tell you who you are), also this week I went back to the gym, tanning, and looking for a new studio to make some new music, hopefully in few days I'll do a new photoshot too. Yesterday Saturday I did my live webcam show at this friend's apt. and started with his hard thick cock going in and out of my hungry and very soft and tender butt hole, he fucked my for around 30 minutes while he was edging/holding his cum the whole time, damn!, it looked fucking hot on the screen, and soon after he finally ejaculated in my ass hole i jerked off a nice load of cum of my own, mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!, it was my first ever llive sex webcam show, hopefully I'm not spoiling my people cause I think they are like my butt hole and cock, always want some more!.
(The following that you'll read can be real or can be fiction, I cannot confirm it, this is a free country but not too free for total freedom of speech with out negative consequences)... One evening the other day I was so fucking horny and with out a computer or real friends and so fucking horny, so?, time for church!, yeah! I went the fucking local gay bath house!, mmm!, damn! i couldn't take my clothes off fast enough to go find that hot black guy that I saw as I was entering that house of sex, once i found him I pulled this fucking huge 9 inches thick black cock from under his towel all hard rock erected and I just lifted that towel, turned around and introduced deep inside my juiced up butt hole and he started fucking me from behind while standing up and me bending over some, and after like 5 minutes he dumped his big load inside my rectum, and it look like he just came out of jail cause he was full of cum, major fucking tsunami of sperm inside of me and this albino hairy blond very muscular man saw us and once the black guy's turn was over then this other guy took advantage and made his cock find the way into my the ocean of cum inside my love hole and fucked me as well dumping his load as well, and kept on walking around hunting this time for a butt hole nastier or as nasty as mine to just fuck and feel that fucking awesome friction of skin2skin with lots of sperm in between, and sure I found these smooth latin boys laying on their stomach taking one after another cock, I fucked every fucking stretched out abused fill of cum butt hole i could find, and of course I paid some attention to their bodies and faces, that night I fucked, got fucked a lot (included by some few monster huge cocks), sucked&got sucked mucho!, ate cum from both holes to my heart's content, enjoying the best out of life, yeahhh! "fucking raw sex", love can be deceiving, hurt you, make you lose time and personal dreams because is blind most always, and no one to blame because we are talking about another fucking horny sexual male like me and you, and I could go on and on with other hot stories but no time with all the shit I got to do now days. So it seems to me that giving my soul, spirit, heart, mind, body and all that makes me to the mightiest energy was my most wise decision ever, belonging now to the king of kings and lord of lords Jesus Christ, should give me the ultimate protection and the happiest road to take as my guide i trust in him one thousand percent.

issue # 162
Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hey people!, sorry that took me so long to write in this journal of mine but been too busy living life, mmmm! it's been just fucking awesome lately, being single is getting better as the days goes by, I don't go to the computer science classes anymore, the online world is a little too fucking spooky for me right now, my comuter was attached and need to fix it, I'm changing my emails, phone numbers and all that, there is already some cool folks wanting to help me out with it, mmmm! maybe I'll feel afterwards like I own them a good fuck?, mmmmm!. I'm still living at Bob's apt. here in Hollywood, who I know for many years, and very greatful to him, but I'm already looking around for some change, some new cool place to live. I'm working now days in my next movie, doing my next webcam shows on Saturdays, maybe a new ph�toshot?, re locating myself into another city?, no fucking clue yet, now days my life is just fucking fine and wondeful, and very soon I should post another journal, a real kinky one cause today I don't have much time and had to post this here. Lately my life has changed, I learned a lots of things that I keeping in secret, sorry!, but being unfairly framed is not in one of my things to do list because Jesus Christ exists can really kick HIV FRAUD MACHINE's ass, that is why I'm always thankful to my God Jesus Christ, The HIV/FRAUD machine might be trying to put my body, but not my legacy.

issue # 161
Monday, October 23, 2006

Last Thursday i was so excited for getting some real high scores at the school, that I celebrate it by going to some local gay bathhouse here in LA, and it was past midnight but there was plenty of pigs wanting what I was wanted, one I was in my room I got naked and went out for a walk and found this muscular shaved head tattoo guy and he invited me inside his room, his nipples were huge and yummy, his cock was nice and thick with some metal cockring and he fucked me for the longest while we could see each other in those huge mirrors and it was better then watching porn, after a long while he dumped his seed inside my butt hole, really fucking good, then ass soon as I saw this really fucking other fucking hot muscular and soft pig in his late 30's who passed by my room I automatically invited him into my room and I just fucked him silly for the longest, he fucked me too and I kept on fucking him, completely total fucking flip flop fuck, he was such fucking good kisser, we could not stop kissing and fucking like pigs, we even invited this other guy who was muscular but he didn't care much for him, then again i went walking around and right next door there was this black guy with some fucking nice juicy erected grande penis and of course I went inside and sucked it and installed it deep inside my ass, he was quite good looking, fucked me really hard and dumped some really fucking big load deep inside me, then, I took off and saw this really tall, hairy and skinny guy in his room with his legs up and he was such a fucking pig about it that I had to fucked him for a little while at least, and then I found the best looking guy I have ever seen and ever fucked me, I think he was a porn star or some hot-perfect-bisexual because damn!, his face, his bodybuilder hairy body, and his fucking cock was just way too fucking much and there he was in his room just jerking off all by himself, so he invited me, I cum in close the room's door and few seconds after I turned around and offered him my butt hole and because it was already fucked and open and filled with other man's sperm he fucking went crazy fucking me really fucking hard from behind, right in front of those mirrors i saw live these big hairy bodybuilder fucking me, so fucking good! got fucked by the hottest guy i ever seen, and after like 20 minutes of that position he laid me in his bed with my legs up while all of this huge hairy pecs and muscles was on top of me just pounding my beyond submitted and the happiest love hole ever, and after receiving a fucking huge deposit of his semen inside my ultra hungry slut hole was fucking fantastico, some of my best ones ever. I thanked him and kept on walking and I saw the second guy of that night,( the flip flop fuck) and of course we did some more flip flops for another good long while, then I went to my room and soon after I had a young la latin visitor with some really hard cock full of sperm that ejaculated inside my mouth after 10 minutes of me sucking it, then I went out of my room and I saw this room with the door open and this guy laying down on his stomach, sunny side up, and he butt hole was already abused and filled with others man's sperm and he looked like a cholo or a mexican gangster, tattoos, very fucking macho, and i fucked him for the longest time but I kept on being on the edge and getting close to cum too many times, so I stopped and went to my room and in there I had another visitor, he was the Brazilian guy who fucked me years ago who used to fuck me in the bathhouses, and his cock was way fucking thick, one of the thickest I know, and he fucked me really fucking good and after breeding me with his semen I went to the shower and the Jacuzzi, then I went back to the cholo guy and fucked him again, this time he had more cum inside his ass hole then before and turned me on so much that I only lasted around 15 minutes, wishing I could do it for 10.000 minutes ejaculation long. Finally around 5 am I went home and watched some hot porn on the Internet and jerked off thinking of all the fucking hot sex I just had in just few hours before and how fucking hot it was, so fucking intense!, last Friday I was too fucking tired from such fucking big sex marathon and took it easy did not go out, and on Saturday I was energized and ready for a good web cam Show. I asked this acquaintance of mine R who's just so fucking cool that makes me want to be his boyfriend or really good friend, cause letting me use his place and cam was so fucking awesome, the show went really god, not dildo or ass shot this time, I jerked off from 3:52 PM PST to 4:52 PM PST and got off in this furniture's glass desk with glass and moving the camera around was the best fucking thing, then we meet with one of his friends who reminded me of my ex lover papito, LOL, too fucked up funny!, and 3 of us went for diner, we had a reservation at "Numbers" which is the only restaurant in LA for sugar daddies and their boys, LOL, it was so fucking weird because non of us are sugar daddies, well, maybe one, it actually wasn't that bad, the place is like the 70's with amazing food and service, fucking hot guys, terrible DJ, and cool terrace, and fucking awesome! 2 C my good old friend Victor in there, then we went to Ultra Suede and I just fucking danced my ass off, was just feeling way too good, and my friend R was there on the side of the dance floor just watching me dance and being very cool by just mainly looking at me only to the point of making it look like he was my boyfriend and then of course the same all same that always happens to me, some guy without T short started flirting, dancing, just going for my friend R's attention thinking he was stealing my boyfriend, it was just funny to me, and after dancing until 3 AM we both took off and went back to his apartment in WeHo and went to sleep, i was too fucking tired to play around, so, nothing happened other then making out earlier on a little bet. The next morning Sunday 22, (yesterday) he took me back home here in Hollywood and I ate, and took off to meet these guys, one of them I hooked up with him before and he contacted me to make me fuck his friend who is all fucking tied up and blind folded, first he sucked my cock making it really fucking hard and when I started fucking his hole i noticed that it was already filled with so much sperm, that feeling inside, mmm. so typical of a soft and tender texture of sperm inside a raw ass, and after around 15 minutes they told me that I was free to shoot my load whenever I wanted cause there were other guys lined up to come by, his butt was really fucking abused already, then, I went back home and did some more homework for school and then I went to the San Vicente Inn and FUCK YEAHHHH!, it was fucking fiesta time!, I meet with this guy cumin from Palm Springs around 7 PM, once inside his room I made him suck my cock and he made hard and I started fucking him right away, then I took off my clothes and went walking around and saw this shaved head buff muscular bottom smooth boy with a big fucking mangina and I just fucked him really good, then I kept on walking and saw this guy that looked Brazilian but he was not with blue eyes and a fucking nice cock that I sucked for a good 20 minutes, then I went out to meet this guy I came with and fucked him really good for another 20 minutes or so and this guy showed up at the door that was open and I invited him to share my friend's ass and he fucked my friend with his fucking big cock, we both kept going back and forward with his ass, taking turns and sharing while tongue kissing desperately, fucking nuts!, then he just dumped his load inside his ass and right away I started fucking him too so I could feel that fucking creamy yummy load with my hard cock pounding in and out of that fucking pig ass, by that point we had in there this hot this latin guy that I invited in, great cock sucker, like a master cock sucker, then I went to the muscular shaved guy's room where I fucked earlier on and he I fucked him and his friend with a huge monster cock, then I saw this other one guy that I was sucking earlier fucking him and dumping his load in his ass and then right away I fucked his hole that was warm and juicy to the fullest, then I came back to my friend's room and fucked him some more and this other guy with the big cock came back again and this time he wanted me to suck his cock while i was fucking my friend and he shot his load inside my mouth while I kept on fucking my friend with the Latin kid watching all this action very excited, then this big dick guy leaves and I go back to the room of this other guy and his bed he had this tall porn star with the biggest cock and I saw this guy seating on it but it was too big even for this fucking hot mangina boy, so he left and I started fucking him, yeah the guy with the fucking monster cock, his hole was as good or better then his cock, filled with lots of cum and I fucked him for the fucking longest while he fucked this Latin boy legs up who had a big chorizo himself but not as monster as the guy that I was fucking while kissing like crazy for he was just a pro at kissing, then i came back to my friend's room and I fucked him really fucking good for a good fucking while until I couldn't take it anymore and I shoot my load deep inside his perfect juicy anal cavity, it was heaven fucking him for the longest I did, now I love to be free from so much bull shit that comes along when I have just one lover that will be a challenge for some competitive seducer/slut/no moral fag like always happens. But at the end of the day all those "g spots" and "cer*****s" actually helped me out, on day one of them is a scorpion, no offense my scorpions fans!, TJs, and the other one who made sure to showed me one day on myspace stuff about Eli**a bull shit crap open eyes finally and no more of that, YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!, I cannot fucking wait to listen to my own song "Easy" over and over and over. Now I'm way too tired and got to take a little rest, yesterday it was a real happy and very fucking exciting day because Jesus Christ is God to me, and lovers come after.

issue # 160
Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Few days ago on Saturday I had my web cam show in a location that wasn't good for the special electronic connection I need for those kind of shows, but today actually I found a really good one ready for my next one a few days. After I wrote last time here I had few feeling low days, but last night Tuesday it ended, instead of going to my eternal favorite night club Beige I meet with this really cool school acting teacher who won the opportunity of me giving him a massage and went to this house around 10:30 PM and I was way fucking horny, days, and days! of not getting off since Saturday!!!, WOW, not even jerking off!, so I did that and jerked off into his pubs and he sure he didn't mind because he jerked off too, LOL, I felt like it was a big fucking failure to launch masseur for getting all fucking sexual at the end, and a taxi took me back home here in Hollywood, CA, on the way I finally answered all these missed phone calls from this boy I meet a week ago or so, the 22 years old boy who fucked me so good then and last night as well, this time we fucking kissed a lot more fucking crazy like then before, he sucked my cock making it really hard, then he starts fucking me with my legs in the air, and really hard, his face and body are perfect and buff and the fact that he is not too tall is actually not too bad at all because my body's size matching his felt so fucking right, both of us naked and making out like 2 fucking horny teenagers, it could have been an amazing porn scene, and probably it was, but he is so fucking good looking and honest about being a slut like me that it is way too fucking refreshing, just what I need right now, sent from heaven 2 me, and damn!, he wanted me to cum while he was fucking me and sure I fucking did, mmm!, he fucking shot this fucking huge load all over my torso and it was just like a fucking shower of cum, mmmm! and right away he put it back inside my happy butt hole cause he can keep it hard for a good while even after cumin, and then I fucking shot my load so fucking good, it was so fucking releasing, I felt like in High School where most people's best time ever is, going to school and fucking with a guy 9 years younger, then we went walking to the 7 eleven while holding hands, smoking, and constantly kissing, then we came back to his apartment, I think his name is Ren, not sure, a trainer in 24 hour fitness/ Burlesque boy, we smoked and in bed while holding him from behind really hard I pulled hard his hair back, smacked him on his face, verbally abused him the right way, he can just be such a fucking food nasty pig, kissed his ears from behind while spanking his ass really hard that made my cock went really hard while I was being very verbal and a pig, and I just fucked his incredible butt hole so fucking good, I fucked him for a good while until he came all over his stomach and I pull it out before cumin so my cum would mix in his stomach and make pancakes, very attentive to me making me like him even more, asking me if I was hungry and made me soup, what did I need, this and that, kissing constantly if close to one another, and sleeping together in his small bed that make us sleep closer into each other's arms or else, holding constantly while sleeping for hours, and I guess that is one advantage of not having too much money in your hands cause then you lose grip of what really matters in life and not what other fucking greedy people desires and ways of life are, I feel so much better already that I gonna try going to go to his burlesque show here in Hollywood, CA near by soon on Friday. This morning we woke up around 11 am, so we slept and cuddle for around 6 hours, and he wouldn't let me go at first and made me feel fucking great, but I had to go next block which is where I'm staying at cause I have few things to do today, like writing this journal for example to all my people, to tell them that I'm planning in connecting my web cam every time or most times I go online, or while I'm studying at any time or any day except Saturdays because is the day that goes xrated, now I'm getting ready to finish my homework from school, maybe give a massage later on today and/or connect my web cam, go to the gym, today I feel like I just woke up from a long strange dream and feel great to be awake, fuck yeah!. thanks to my eternal boyfriend Jesus Christ.

issue # 159
Friday, October 13, 2006

Last night I slept with somebody else other then the same guy from the past several months, and it felt so powerful, it wasn't about sex, it was about having that company out there, waking up smiling and not being able to stop smiling looking at the window out side the balcony looking at the city of Hollywood from this all the way up Hollywood hills house, and the person I slept with was really good looking phycially, mmm!, feel new today. I went to the gym a couple of days ago after of 2 months of no going, I'm so excited to be actually not as good as before but even better, I decided to be a masseur, is legal and won't sucked the soul away from me. Now I have to talk to this guy I just meet from Seatlle who is so fucking good looking.

issue # 158
Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I been studying all day today for tomorrow I got a test at school, ay ay ay!, and I'm learning everything about computers all kind of electronic devices, and some of them look so familiar to me because for the past year I would see all kinds of electronic gadgets where I lived up to a month at my bitch boy's house, never had a fucking clue why he would live his Mac laptop w/ huge RAM turned on while he was at work, smart phone, that FireWire Bus card, his smart phone capable of making calls but not receiving, his phone card, the printer, this bluetooth and other devices he never used in front of me like the scanner or printer, not knowing that he uses all these to help him hook up and fuck around secretly, but lately, specially today I just learned all about them and how they work all together for obvious secret real reasons, no wonder he explain why how all that stuff works, I feel like a fucking dumb ass right now, LOL, actually by now it's cool with me knowing that as a matter of fact my ex bitch boy is constantly hiring all kind of male hookers, masseurs and strippers as I write this, so, is all good!, just un poquito weird only, and sorry guys for turning you into my fucking shrink, you guys are my best therapy, just little bummed out cause I found out that after all is true that not because I changed it means others can, not matter how much i try, and yeah it makes me laugh right now just thinking how much I tried with him hiring for a year left and right masseurs and hookers behind me, LOL, few months after I moved in I found in the garage hundreds of printed pages of Hooker's photos and information all the way back, from the year 2,000, LOL, Damn! hundreds!, all kind of shapes and sizes, LOL, he destroyed them right after I showed him, but hey! I wasn't wasting my fucking time!, fuck no!, that was the fucking game actually, and I just had enough of that fucking bull shit fucking game, I'm not proud I played, so much that 2 night ago i told him to his face that I fucked around too, but course, he would not confess, but knowing that he suffers from self aggrandizing syndrome and it shows when deceiving happens, I understood this is Los Angeles, maybe this pirate skull on his neck or the big skull with huge wings on his chest where a sign?, not into tattoos anymore, no fucking way! Sorry guys that I got not much of a sexual adventure in this journal, but, knowing as a fact, confirmed 150% that as a matter of fact my ex bitch boy's right now and most part of his next free time is printing hooker's photos and information pages and pages from those website, calling them from his PDA 1 way, means only he makes the calls while telling his friends when they call him that I'm a fucking asshole and that he doesn't feel like talking because he just break up, and go back hiring and fucking around with hookers because they are the most discreet and easy fucks, makes me feel a little strange, but actually sounds kind of fucking hot in a weird fucked up way, LOL, I'm only fucking kidding!, no really into fucking with him again, fuck no!, is just that I just need lots of more fucking then that!!. Hopefully maybe tomorrow I'll get some ass and cock, but only after my test at school, mmm!. Finally I'm fucking single and slut again! just like I should have always been, cause in LA all of these self aggrandizing people live so fucking scared of being judged so much that they just check out of reality and go lying left and right to keep up with all that fucking bull shit image game crap with out never confessing. Thanks and the glory to Jesus Christ for now keeping away from the hypocrites who extracted out of me so much energy and life that is coming back to me very quick.

issue # 157
Sunday, October 08, 2006

Today is a really fucking cool day, and when I re read it today again I just fucking freaked out so bad that I had to fucking erase lots of what I wrote, LOL, sorry, so fucking embarrasing, feeling like a fucking damn ass, sorry guys, i acted like such freak getting to fucking into. LOL, thank God for Bob Marley!

issue # 156
Friday, October 06, 2006

Yesterday on Thursday around noon I went to the Dash's stop and I noticed in the small street with stop signs how much drivers can cruise a guy standing on the street, WOW!, and I was in the mood of looking too, not long after I got this guy offering me a ride to my school, sure I took it and on the way he made me suck his mushroom head fucking nice cock while he was driving, and sure after swallowing a huge massive amount of sperm not even a minute after I started sucking his hard piece of wood I believed him that he didn't have an orgasm in 3 days, exchange phone numbers and I went to the school, after that I came back home here in Hollywood, CA where I'm staying now with my friend B** and 1 block before arriving I see this 22 year old fucking hot good-looking blond kid that was dressing really fucking hip come across my path and he had an amazing body also and we both automatically turned around and we passed each other by and smiling we introduced each other, exchange phone numbers and kissed, once I was back home, I did laundry, checked emails, made phone calls and planned a couple of meetings with some eager fans wanting to meet me now that I'm finally single, I took a shower, I ate, and soon after it was time for me to take the transportation car that this special fan who arranged for me to go to his fucking huge house to meet him and I had a fucking awesome time, I started giving him a massage and soon after he just turned around and I started sucking on his cock, he got off and then I called this other 20 year old fan from Orange County who I spoke with earlier and he picked me up and then he took me to this really small gay club called "Fubar" and it was packed around 11:30 PM, but I went in took a look around and five minutes after I was out the door and this kid fan picked me up in his Range Rover and soon after that I went to one of the local gay hot bathhouse's here in Hollywood and YEAHHHH! it was fucky fucky time!, I went straight to the bathrooms where I proceeded to clean my hungry starving butt hole, I lubricate it and went straight in hunt of man, I found this really tall dark hair very muscular tanned guy with a fucking big hard cock and automatically we went inside his room and right away he lubricated his cock and started to fuck me from behind then with my legs up and went back from behind while looking at the mirror and it could have been a really fucking hot scene for a movie for sure, and after a while he just got me pregnant with some major load of cum, I left his room and then I was ready to fuck some nice hole, so i meet this white blond guy with a great tan, and really smooth, he was such a fucking pig that once inside his room he just started sucking on my cock and once it was hard as a rock, I just started fucking him really good and his butt hole was like a fucking pussy, so open and soft and juicy, YUMMY!, and I couldn't take it anymore and I just filled his hole with my big load of cum, DAMN! it felt so fucking good!, then we chatted a little bet and then I kept on walking around for more sex, then this muscular guy who fucked me earlier was ready for a second round, and this time it was in my room and he fucked me longer then before, damn! he really knew how to fuck some ass, I was in heaven!, he unloaded more cum inside me and I kept on walking around with my butt hole dripping cum all the way down to my left, and found some other guys who fucked me and dumped their load inside my hungry hole, swallowed some cum from a couple of other guys and then I came back to the fucking hot blond smooth pussy pig man and just fucked him again, but It was time for me to meet with this kid I meet earlier that day, so I took off and meet with him at his apt. which is one block away from where I''m staying now days and he just fucked me like a fucking maniac, such fucking hard cock and even that he was tired he came twice inside my ass, then I took off to come back here home where I'm writing this and ready to take a nice rest, so much fucking action this early morning that I'm taking today off, but not without before writing it in this journal of mine,. Just so you guys know I'm not planning in going to the bathhouse again soon, I have lots of stuff to work on, so it may be a while, but still I should have plenty of my exciting fucking times, life is so fucking good again, and some people may wonder how can I be such a slut so soon again after breaking wiht someone, but who cares? I'm fucking single and fucking ready for romance, and then you know is time to go for sure once they start pulling out the secret gadgets devices on you, so I'll just stick with my Jesus Christ and my fans, who knows who'll be next?, so all my endless devotion to him.

issue # 55
Wednesday, October 04, 2006

YES !!!, Today is an amazing day!!!, I just find out that there is an opportunity for me to Miami very soon for a top secret to do a solo video shot and a solo photo shot for this major company!!!, I think I’m going there around Wednesday, October 11, also I might go to NYC for a secret special event next month. FUCK YEAHHHHHH! I cannot fucking wait!!! I wish I was there right now !!!. I really feel that I revised my last scoop/journal (my worst one ever) 3 years ago and it was actually few days ago in September 29, the day after I shoot my August/September photo gallery for my website that now that I’m looking back to it I see a guy dying to get fucked good and have lots of more fun, it’s like is been few years ago, but it wasn’t, WOW! I just fucking love my life right now so much that I got to be pretty fucking retarded to put myself in such vulnerable position again, sorry guys!, and for the ones who have been hanging with me all along muchas gracias mis amores, I have haven’t had this fucking good in over few months, exactly from the day I became sober in April 19, LOL, now I don’t have to fucking take one at the time to reach happiness, HaPPiNNeSS is aqui!, here!, I have so many plans, and so little time, YES!, I fucking want go on the streets right now in this fucking amazing day and start jumping, I just cannot stop smiling, this learning experience was the hardest I ever had, so the reward must be fucking bigger then I ever thought, I just want to go on the streets right now of this sunny Los Angeles and like Rafael Nadal winning Wimbledon, but I got to take a fucking shower now, eat something and go hang out with some friends and maybe I’ll get to make out with some fucking hot guy out there tonight at Michey’s, in West Hollywood, is just that now days there is a lot of fucking studying to do with my homework from school, Muchas Gracias Jesuscristo por ser tan bueno y dejarme hacerte tu novio de nuevo, y disculpame por haberte puesto en segundo lugar por tanto tiempo.

issue # 154
Friday, September 29, 2006

It's been few weeks since I'm not longer living with my ex-slut boy, lately we were hanging out, having sex and sleeping together, but as today is completely over, and all i wanna say is that he was the most deceiving boyfriend I ever had and I ever will. Last week we went to see our last movie together and is my favorite one since watching "The X men 3" called "The illusionist", who could confuse and make people believe something that was no truth to be truth, at least this character from the movie got to apologize at one point, unlike my ex-bitch boy fuck! it was just pure entertainment in it's best form. Yesterday I went for the first time ever to a therapist counselor and I'm fucking done with it, to the point that I wondered why I fucking wasted my time, to the pooint of seeing myself to be whole new again, going back to the one I used to be, but no!, this is not a theraphist from the fucking Gay and Lesbian Center, they fucking sucked, when you go there they expect you to fill up around literaly 50 pages application form, which is more bull shit then I can take, the most stupid questions you can ever think of are in that fucking retarded application form, so I just fucking took off feeling really bad for all those fags and dykes who were willing to put out with that kind of crap hoping they didn't feel like fucking commiting suicide like I would if I had to do what they were fucking doing. Watching the first episode of this new English telenovela starring B* D***k who is wan an aquantance of mine called "Fashion House" was just terrible on the first episode, but after watching the rest of the episodes it has becomed more fucking addictive then Michael Jackson's trips to Thailand, unfortunately I won't be watching it again, cause I don't wanna be reminded of certain bull shitter, and is it me or that actor that plays Luke is so fucking eatable and rape material? fuck yeah!, fucking indeed!. Not too much of going to the gym this month, but I'm keeping on doing my really fucking exciting live webcam shows on Saturdays where I fuck my rectum, massage my prostate while jerking off with my loyal glass dildo, mmm! I just cannot fucking have any other fucking kind of fucking dildo then glass ones, hopefully I'll have a new colorfull one for Christmas, and hopefully I won't find any of fucking Santa Clauss's feces remains in it. I been such fucking good little boy since this fall this year started by not only not missing any of my twice a week classes at school here in Los Angeles, CA, but also getting some fucking decent scores, yes, school score that is. Life seems like getting a lot better since last time I wrote in my journal, nothing slutty yet from me, but I can feel very soon becoming who I used to be on my next journal, I know that my life goes on and that there is no more chances with that fag full of bull shit, his accomplice also gipsy Cerv***o or is he filipino?, never losing time by getting fucked by lot's of NSA cocks, cause I'm not touching that again anytime soon, Damn!, LOL was I dumb or what?, but I don't give a fuck anymore!, New LIFE 4 ME!!!, i have no clue what the future may bring, and sure I'm still glad and beyond thankful to my Jesus Christ for his compassion and companion that gives me passion for him for he is always been, is and should be my only boyfriend ever.

issue# 153
Thursday, September 14, 2006

Damn it!! takes me few weeks each time I write in this fucking journal of mine, so sorry guys!. Few Weeks ago my latest movie for SX Video came out but I'm featured in the cover box and in just one scene, so I may have to do something about doing a major one some time in the near future where I can try to overdo myself. Last week I started going to College here in Los Angeles, won't say what is it that I'm studying, but I can say that it feels just fucking amazing to learn very useful stuff almost as good as nice and sweet as sex. The last few days have been kind of difficult for me, on September 11th I moved out my bitch boy's house, and I wish the best for him, but leaving Mickey, the fucking sweetest and cute dog I have ever loved and seen before in my life breaks my fucking heart. Now days besides reading and learning so much crap I 'm just planning on a whole new life for myself, unfortunately one of the bad side effects of living in 2006 where in this world being gay is so accepted there is just too many gay and bi males making it harder to have an honest relation between 2 and avoid so many tentative moments so I'm out of that fucked up bull shit world, I would have kept myself in it if it was a cowboy in 1940, life is too fucking short, and adaptation to the ever changing current times it's a must for me, so I guess that being sober really helps your mind works a lot more clear, sorry marihuana!, hopefully my next scoop is gonna be the sluttiest one in over a year, damn!, of course that miracles exist that is why there is exemptions to every rule, but they are not often and they come only from God when he decides. Last night I went out to "Beige" at Falcon restaurant here on Hollywood where I'm currently living and it felt really fucking refreshing to just go fucking loco for a while and try to escape this recent breakup and world of joy and deceiving I been submitted too and change it to just joy. But living now days with my good friend Bob makes my life a lot happier, he is the father I always wished to have. So now I'm just gonna let God guide me to what and/or where I will go from now and on in this very exciting life of mine, so thanking Jesus Christ is never ending must from me for his kingdom and power is the only one that always prevails and i just want to love one another without restrictions from my untrusting heart due to the decieving, lies, jelousy and all kinds of negative feelings of this world, so may he keep helping me for he is my Lord and Lord of Lords.

issue # 152
Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well, this is my second journal in this whole
month of August that is almost over, and I wanted to just report that I been doing just fine and still living with my bitch boy, sucking his fucking nice fat cock almost everyday and drinking his yummy cum. I been taking this month of August very easy, it's been a kind of a real fucking boring month, more boring then listening to the Pope talk, but my live web cam shows on my website have been saving what's left of my sanity, I been doing them almost every Saturday, cause, damn! I have so much fun doing them since I'm a real fucking exhibitionist pig, obviously, knowing that there is some nasty man all over the world watching me live fucking my own butt hole with my glass dildo while stroking my cock bring so much fucking joy, stroking my cock while my prostate is been massaged by my dildo just fucking makes me mucho loco, This month I haven't done any photo shot but I'm planning in doing one very soon, also I'm gonna start working in a new song hopefully very soon. Few weeks ago my bitch boy and I went to Laguna Beach and we stayed at this 5 star"Le Montage" hotel for that weekend for it was the wedding of Mark and Meredith who are good friends of ours, I had to wear a tuxedo and dance with lots of different woman and somehow still I had fun. But that was not the only wedding I went this month, last Saturday actually I went to another one here in LA but it was a much lower scale then the previous one, and a lot more fucking boring too!. The day after, on Sunday I went to the Sunset Junction celebration during the day here in the Silverlake neighborhood, and it's nothing but the Latin gay Festival with a bunch of
musical performers wannabes, I mini fairground, and a bunch of tents with lots of un-useful crap, but the cruising is what is all about, but my photo taken by some fans and getting to walk and interact with fags was worth my time being there. Yesterday my bitch boy and I drove to B* D**k's ranch in Santa Barbara, she was fantastic as usual, her ranch is huge and
fucking amazing, and in few days her new TV show which is a telenovela for My Network Channel on cable will come out. In this month I been watching tons of shows on TV and somehow it paid off cause watching one of those entertainment news I found out that Britney Spears donated her autographs to some fucking horrible bull shit charity for children who are being poisoned with the lethal HIV medications which is nothing but pure poison, so I decided to take her songs out of my I Pod cause I'm not listening to her fucking music again, what a fucking fat cunt!. And to finally end this journal of mine I just want to thank Jesus Christ as usual for him being my higher power and always being so compassionate towards this really low level human being that I am.

issue # 151
Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ay Caramba! It's been so fucking long since writing in here that I just feel so fucking bad about it, but after filming last month, creating and posting a new song and a new nude lay out on my site kind of like I felt like taking a little fucking break, besides 2 weeks ago our home was with out electricity for like 4 days so we stayed at our girlfriend Deanene, all the fucking hot weather melted the cables in the hood and the transformers exploded and all that fucking crap, besides not too many exciting things have happened since then, going to some fucking boring AA meetings, doing my webcam shows on Saturdays where I get to get off live in front of my fans while fucking myself with my glass dildo and making sweet love to my bitch boy almost everyday. Like 2 mondays ago this really cool actor Josh Charles who was in the movies "S.W.A.T", "Dead Poets Society" and "Don't tell mom the baby-sitter's dead" came over to visit my bitch boy and me, he is really laid back, very fucking good looking and straight. Lately I been going around the Internet discovering "YouTube", and I noticed that there is just too many people now days doing blogs which is actually something I started doing back in 1998, and I even remember at the time I was working for Falcon Studios and this guy in charge at the time John Rutherford was really against the idea, well it turns out that now days even him does have one too, LOL, I also found out this really fucking cool website and in their April 2006 issue they did a review of my songs "Chinese" and "Faggot", which gave me a nice smile to my face. I read about the singer George Michael's current cheating situation that makes me wonder.. can he afford to hire hookers instead of cruising for cock?. My bitch boy and I have been watching lots of TV like "Project Runway" and I happen to have meet few months ago once in my neighborhood one of the contestants, "Jeffrey Sebelia" by being introduced by his wife Melanie who is an acquaintance of mine, they were taking their baby for a walk and I happen to know, but not through her, but by some other sources that he will be one of the 3 guys left in the whole entire competition at the very end, so kind of like I know the future.. We also watched this fucking amazing russian movie called "Night watch" , we also fucking loved "Hills have eyes" that was so fucking amazing, and this acquaintance of ours who is the son of Wes Craven is already writing the second part of this fucking cool horror movie. Few days ago on Wednesday we went to see Jennifer Greenhut play at "Whisky" on Sunset Bv on Hollywood, it was some fucking nice rock and roll time. I'm now in the process of finding a new porn company to do some movies with, it's not gonna be easy but I think I will give it a try, it always refreshes me, and still I feel like I have few more years before I get too fucking old. My good friend Ben Patrick and his boyfriend Phil invited me today Saturday to this Pool Party, he was one of the hosts for "Equality California 2006, Splash 4", so I decided not to do my web cam show today, I'll just do it next Saturday, instead I went today to that pool party, and right now I just came back from it, and the food was so fucking yummy, the music almost perfect, This ex-porn star Colton Ford performed one of his songs, I saw lots of friends such as Mark, who I was just chatting up with and looking at all those many hot very good looking man, there was like 3 hundred yummy gay man in there, but after like 3 hours we had enough, so we went back to their home where I had my car parked and I drove back home..Now I must thank my Jesus Christ as usual for the good care he takes of me even that I'm such fucking major sinner.

issue # 150
Monday, July 17, 2006

At around noon on Friday July 7 my bitch boy, I
and our french bulldoggy Mickey drove to San
Diego, and they dropped me off at SX Video
Studios around 2:30 PM, I shaved, had some photos taken, and like half an hour later these couple of really fucking hot porn stars Alan Gregory and Carlos Morales showed up, mmm!, they are such fucking hot muscular guys that i just went fucking crazy and thank God not too long after that we were all ready for some filming action, it started with them playing and talking about getting fisted by me, soon after I arrived into the scene, and they started sucking my hard rock cock, but automatically I just started fucking Alan while he was sucking on Carlos massive verga(cock), and switching back and forward, until I decided that it was time to fuck Carlos's amazing butt hole, and it was just heaven, I just couldn't get enough of fucking him, and sure he was enjoying it if not more as much as I was. Carlos is the hottest Venezuelan guy I ever fucked with, very muscular and tanned with fucking beautiful blue eyes, and him telling us all in there that it was the best sex he ever had in his life made me feel like fucking him harder and harder, but he also enjoyed fucking Alan's warm and juicy ass hole, while I kept on fucking his hole, it was just the happiest little train ride I ever too
for sure, and the fucking of those holes went on and on until it was time to put my fist
inside Alan's butt hole, damn!, such a generous cavity made me just go fucking insane while sharing it with Carlos fat cock and my own cock that was hard as a piece of wood, then it was time to fist Carlos who took it with way too much pleasure, taking my fisting, then my cock, and back to my fist, ohhhhhhhh! fuck!, i just couldn't believe how talented and excited he was, and after over an hour of so much intense sex Carlos just ejaculated a nice big load of sperm on Alan's face and mouth, then I started fucking Alan until I my cock just exploded a major ejaculation of semen into his really fucking abused love hole and sticking it inside that juiced up ass hole of his, and then it was a wrap, ay ay ay!, I don't know if because it was a long time since my last filming or what the fuck but it felt like my most fun sex scene I ever had, even that I was a total top during the whole fucking time, WOW!, then I called my bitch boy and picked he me up very soon after that, and we had some romantic early diner because that day he showed me that he is by far the most special guy in the whole universe, being him so fucking understanding of my career translates to me into him being the best guy I could ever ask for, making me feel completely sure that there is not fucking way that I could ever find anyone better then him. Then we walked around Hillcrest area in San Diego and soon after that around 7 PM we drove back to Los Angeles, but we went to Malibu for we were
borrowing this fucking unbelievable 3 level house right into the ocean on Pacific Highway, the living room, the master bedroom and the terrace exactly viewing right into the ocean, making us feel like the waves would bring down that fucking beautiful house, we were so thankful to our girlfriend Meredith and Mark for letting us borrow their place for that weekend, and sure we took full advantage by totally relaxing there, watching movies, cooking,
fucking, making love and some more relaxing, On
Sunday 9 of July I drove by myself not too far to Will Roger's beach which is the gay beach here in Los Angeles, and it was around 11:30 AM and little by little it started getting busier and busier, and in a matter of a couple of hours it was a day light gay club in there, I talked with some friends and guys I knew, but as much fun as it was hanging out there with them all I was getting too much sun burn so I left around 2:30 PM and once back to that amazing house our girlfriend Deannene was already there with my bitch boy, we hang out on the terrace, chatted, listened to some music, ate, watched a movie and then she left. Next day on Monday we had our good friends Cervando and his boyfriend Tod over around noon, and we did pretty much the same with them all day long as the day before. And on the day after on Tuesday my bitch boy, I and our french bulldoggy Mickey drove back home, we
chilled out the rest of the day, and the day after he went to work while I worked on my website, made some phone calls and nothing extraordinary but on the next day on Thursday 13th of July I went to my friend's home/studio John to record the lyrics of this new song I created called "Dancing", and for my own
surprised he is just full of talent, because this new song is just so fucking amazing!, I just fucking love it so much!, then came back home and celebrate it with my bitch boy and I making sweet love. On Friday I drove him to the Roosevelt Hotel for a photo shot he had to work on, then I went to my AA meeting right near home and then I picked him up, we went to the grocery store and chilled out the rest of the day and night. On Saturday he went to work in the morning and I went at noon to this gay AA meeting also close to home, then came back home took a shower, shaved and at 4PM PST I went live through my web cam on my website to my fans, having a fucking awesome time with myself fucking my butt hole silly with my fucking glass dildo while jerking off for over an hour, I was just too fucking horny then and couldn't get enough of it, my ejaculation was so fucking big, mmm!, it was so much fucking releasing, then I cleaned up, made diner and waited for my bitch boy's return from work, we took it easy and relaxed for the rest of that evening and night watching TV. Yesterday Sunday we went to his uncle, aunt and cousins to celebrate their
birthday, then we came back home and while
watching some TV I got really horny and I started sucking on my bitch boy's nipples moving down to this nice fat cock, swallowing a fucking nice load of his sperm while I jerked off to it fucking good, we had diner and went to bed.
Today we went to do some errands and after done with them I proposed to watch some good old 80's porn while I sucked him off again, and now, just a few hours later we are here at Cheyenne's house hanging out with her and some of her friends, so I finally took time to write in here and give some update of what I been doing lately, ending this one as usual thanking my God Jesus Christ for such an amazing life and for all the mercy he have on me for being so far away from being a righteous person.

issue # 149
Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The night of Friday 23rd right after I finished writing the last journal before this one my bitch boy and I went back home and watched some good old 80's pre condoms gay porn while I fucked his fucking nice, clean, warm and all lubed up generous fucking yummy love hole, and sure I tried to fuck him for the longest time I could, but after around half an hour of me fucking pounding and pounding my fucking hard cock in and out of his already fucking abused butt hole I just fucking filled it up with some big fucking ejaculation from my real fucking happy and much satisfied fucking verg(cock),then I followed that with me sucking his fucking yummy verga(dick) and nice big nipples for a good fucking while until my bitch boy's cock exploded inside my mouth giving me some fucking perfect protein juice quenching my throat just the right fucking way, soon after that we smoked some cigarettes, watched some TV and went to sleep, Next day on Saturday 24th, July 1st we woke up and had our usual breakfast which is some eggs and toast with butter and just 1.000 mgs. of vitamin C, (the time of a fucking bunch of vitamins ended for us), I replied some emails, I took a shower, shaved and cleaned my butt hole really nice because not much later at noon I went live to the world through my website in my web cam, this time I was in bed and used my favorite dildo ever, a glass one, mmm!, damn! massaging my prostate myself from the inside out with my fucking yummy dildo and show it off live to my website fans, ahhhh!, my cock was fucking hard and dripping pre cum like crazy for it was so fucking joyful to fucking play that way, and that time started few minutes before noon and lasted for over 30 minutes until I could not longer took it anymore and just fucking got off, taking off a fucking huge load out of my fucking wood verga(cock), mmm!, it felt just so fucking sweet and so totally released that I was ready
to smoke a cigarette, chill out, and go visit my good old friend Bob who is going through a radiation therapy for his cancer and helped him out with some errands for he does not have a car and I sure don't mind driving him around in my fucking pretty 2002 jaguar for it makes me feel really fucking good. Once I was done with Bob errands I went back home to cook diner and wait for my bitch boy to comeback from work, then we went to "The Grove" here in Los Angeles and watched my favorite movie ever after "The Passion of Christ", yeahhh! it was 'The X-Men 3", yesss! FUCKING entertaining 4 sure!, then we walked to The Grove's Brazilian and we went back home, watched some TV and fell at sleep into each other's arms with our French bulldoggy
Michey as usual. Next day on Sunday we pretty much chilled out whole day, did some grocery and
stuff like that. On Monday we were awaked by our maid Ana, so we decided to go looking for cars to buy once the lease of his 2001 Porshe ends, and Cadillac looks a fucking good candidate so far. That night we watched this real fucking funny movie called Beverly Kills, it was so fucking gay, ridiculous and low budget but we fucking pissed our pants, and before going to sleep we got each other off fucking nice, next day after we woke up I made breakfast and we worked out our chest down on the garage, then I made some protein shake, we took a shower and he went online to look stuff at e bay while I checked some emails, that day we watched some Wimbledon on TV, some movies, I made some diner, and after getting off while swallowing his fucking yummy ejaculation we watched more TV and went to sleep. Next day he went to work and I went work out at the 24 hour gym in West Hollywood, and right after being done at noon, I went next door at the gay church AA meeting, and the speaker and sharings were fucking awesome, then I went back to the gym to shower, went to visit my friend Bob, and then went home, waited for my bitch boy, and after he came back from work we watched some Tivo recorded Wimbledon,
watched some horror movies we rented days
earlier, had diner, and got each other off
before falling at sleep with the usual kiss and I love you goodnight. The next day on Thursday after waking up I made breakfast, my bitch boy went to work and I went to the 24 hours gym in West Hollywood as usual wearing really tiny
pants and a tight T-shirt that said HIV=FRAUD VIRUSMYTH.ORG in both sides, and that day in there one fucking nice white blond guy told me that my shirt was awesome, and another half black and white showed me his discontent and laughed at me, but I kept it cool with him, I really didn't give a fuck for his ignorance, took a shower and went home to cook diner
waiting for my bitch boy to arrive from work, we watched Wimbledon hoping that Maria Sharapova wins this Wimbledon for I fucking love her, and was glad that Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick lost because ever since they did an HIV charity event few years ago i totally lost all respect for them and karma is been very fair by not allowing them to win any Glam Slams anymore, LOL, fucking ignorants!, thank God so far I haven't find out about James Blake supporting those criminal HIV events because then the USA male tennis would really fucking die big fucking time. We also watched on TV the America got Talent show, just because I fucking love Regis Philbin and David Hasselhoff, and I was very thankful that there was no any American Idol anymore because I cannot fucking stand that fucking show, never did, it just fucking bores me to death. That night me and my bitch boy had sex and went to sleep and I dreamed that this male singer Nick Lachey and I were in love and at some point his thick dick came out of his nice and huge butt hole, and that all these bitches were in love with him but he was in love with me, LOL. Few weeks ago I had few dreams with this actress Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie but they were fucking cunts in it, very nasty bitches in my dreams, nothing like Jack Black, Amanda Bynes or Tori Spelling who are actors I really fucking like, specially Tom Cruise who is the number one in the Forbes Magazine Celebrity 100 power list this year, and the reason is because he is
against all drugs, legal or Illegal ones, talking about a really fucking clean karma other then his secret sexual life of course, but no one can be fucking perfect any fucking way, you know?, oh! I forgot to put into my list of devil celebrities Sean "Diddy" Combs, George Clooney(looney), and specially Meryl Streep, no wonder playing the fucking cunt from hell comes so easy for her, making now days this movie called "The devil wears Prada" and is so truth because a while ago I saw a photo of this current new Pope wearing red Prada shoes, LOL, after all I guess the fucking devil is not all that smart when comes about deceiving, and can someone please do something about the fucking annoying certain TV channels who's volume of the commercials is a lot much higher then the TV show itself?. That night my bitch boy and I made love and went to sleep, and that night I dreamed that Kirsten Dunst and I made a non porn movie and we fell in love with each other, LOL, fucked up dream or what?. The next day on Friday I just chilled out all day long with my boyfriend doing not much, On Saturday after making some breakfast for both of us he went to work and I went work out at the most trendy gym now days, the 24 hours fitness in Sunset Bv. in Hollywood, and of course I wore my HIV=FRAUD T shirt again, then I drove back home, took a shower, shaved, clean my love hole and got on my Web Cam 15 minutes afternoon and through my website fucking myself with my glass dildo and jerking off really fucking nice pleasuring myself and showing off to my fans live at the same time, thinking on Jorg, this fan of mine from Germany who sent me an email telling me how much fun was fucking with this priest in one of their local bathhouses,DAMN!, mmm!, it was so much fucking fun to show off myself masturbating while fucking myself with a dildo that I fucking lost track of time and spent almost an hour doing it, until i just fucking exploded a fucking huge big load of my sweet sperm, took off my dildo, cleaned up and
went to an AA meeting, but it was kind of boring that particular one so I left before it ended, then I went to West Hollywood to walk around a little bet, went home and once my bitch boy came back from work we went not far away from home to
the most fucking yummy restaurant called Betty's, we had diner there with our girlfriend Christina her man Michael and her baby Chase who is really fucking lucky to have a real smart mother who did her own research about vaccines finding out about how unnecessary their are, wishing all of us that our parents didn't vaccinate us when we were kids, and I hope
that somehow people around this world don't fall for the fucking fraud that ALL VACCINATIONS were and are. After having a good time with them we part ways and my bitch boy and I went to rent some movies, came back home watched them and right before falling at sleep. The next day on Sunday we took it easy not doing much and on Monday we went to Huntington Dog Beach to celebrate our French bulldoggy Michey's first birthday, then after coming back home, 3 of us took a bath, had diner, watched some movies and went to sleep not with out before getting an amazing blow job from my bitch boy that end up with his mouth and throat filled with some major ejaculation of mine followed by an ejaculation of his inside my throat, MUCHO FUCKING YUMMY!. Yesterday Tuesday was 4 of July so after breakfast and watching Wimbledon on TV we took a shower and got ready to go to a barbecue in Eagle Rock, CA celebrating the recent eloping marriage of some friends, Scott and Jillian, and it was packed with people from the AA meetings, most of them were tattooed making feel a little out of place, but my bitch boy and I had a fucking great time, there it was other friends of ours like Christina and Michael and their baby, Ali, Alison, Gaby, Floyd and Julia and their baby, and I meet Jenny Shimizu who was really fucking nice and sweet, nothing like her ex lesbian lover Angelina Jolie who thinks is mother Teresa but yet helps childrens to be poisoned with the fucking HIV medicines. After a few hours there, Christina and her baby Chase drove my bitch boy and I to our house and a little later Gaby joined us and we all watched this fucking cool movie "Underworld 2-Evolution", but Gaby left before it was over, and once over Christina and Chase left, my bitch boy and I had diner watched some TV and went to bed, and in the middle of the night I had this fucking sexual dream of me and my bitch boy, so I woke him up with my mouth on his tool, and sucked him off while I jerked off, we came back to sleep and this morning after breakfast he went to work I went to the gym, then I came back, took a shower and went to an AA meeting where I never been before, where once over this guy Bill identify himself as one of my fans and told me how much he like my movies, then I drove
back home and got ready for a new live web cam show where I fucking fucked myself at 3PM PST with a dildo while getting off amazingly lasting almost an hour again, making me feel right now not too long after that totally fucking released and relaxed like a fucking piece of lettuce. My bitch boy just came back from work, so I'm wrapping up this one with my usual thanks to my higher power that is Jesus Christ who always have the most compassion for this fucking big time sinner that I am.

issue # 148
Friday, June 23, 2006

On Saturday, June 17 at 12 PM PST i turned my web cam on my computer and connected through my website and went live to the world, I was really fucking horny and all naked jerking off my cock and showing off to my fans, and sure i had a great fucking good time for over 30 minutes, mmm! after 2 weeks of not doing it I got to fucking appreciate it big fucking time until I couldn't take it anymore and i got my hard woody cock the closest I could to lens of my website beating it off with my right hand and ejaculate it on my left hand that was also right in front of the web cam's lens getting off a fucking huge amount of sperm releasing myself by myself like very few times, yeahhhhh!!!!, later on that night once my bitch boy and I went to the Key Club in Sunset BV. for our girlfriend Jennifer Greenhutt was performing some of her fucking amazing rock and roll music, it was in the lower level and she fucking rocked that room really fucking nice, later on once my bitch boy and I came back home we decided to watch some porn and I went to clean and stretch my hole and I started to suck on his nice thick cock and not to long after I just sticked it inside my hole while he was seating in the couch and i took a nice ride in it then I made him fuck me from behind for a good fucking while then he came back seating in the couch while I keep on sucking on his big pacifier while I played with his fucking yummy nipples until he just fucking shot his fucking load of semen deep inside my fucking throat and I beat off my own cock fucking ejaculating a nice load of my own, then we went to bed to watch a suspense movie and fall at sleep. The next day we cleaned up the house and re arrange some furniture and later on we went to visit his uncle and his family for father's day diner, later on we came back home and it was time to give my boyfriend another blow job and swallow his cum, yummmm!!!, and then we had a fucking awesome sleeping night. Next day on Monday we had an argument but it was fine by the evening having a long time of sex, and passed out in bed falling at sleep. On Tuesday we pretty much chilled out and I found out that next month I should be filming one scene for SX Video for one of their upcoming productions in San Diego, which it should be my 2006 movie, fuck yeahhh!!!!, about fucking time!, later that night my bitch boy and I watched my favorite movie ever because he never saw it before, it was Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" and it always makes me fucking cry like a fucking bitch. The next day on Wednesday I went to the gym, 24 hours fitness on Sunset BV., of course, and then after a shower and shaving I was all ready for my photo shot with this new great photographer Jonathan and he just shot lots of fucking amazing photos that are now part of my monthly update for the photo gallery of my website, I was wearing leather this time, it was done not far from where I live here in Los Angeles, CA then I sent them to my webmaster had diner and went to bed where right before going to sleep I made him suck my cock for after having stroked so much earlier on it was in much need of a nice fucking ejaculation, and then I started to fuck his warm and juicy mouth until the point were It just fucking exploded a big fucking load of sperm really nice deeply inside his throat, then I took care of his fucking nice piece of meat pacifier, sucking and sucking while playing with his nipples until his fucking yummy cock ejaculated inside my mouth and I started drinking all of his man juice. Yesterday Thursday i woke up and went again to the gym, then I did some errands and then went to the studio to create a new fucking awesome fantastic new song, and so far it seems like the music part is all done, then after coming back home my bitch boy and I went to have diner with this girlfriend of ours Cheyenne, then once back home I sucked his cock and swallowed more of his fucking delicioso esperma, got off and went to sleep with our doggy Mickey in my arms as usual. Today we stayed at home cleaning up the backyard and this cool girlfriend of ours TC came by for a little while and a little after she left we had a good fucking session of sex while watching some good 90's porn. And now I'm finishing this journal of mine thanking my God Jesus Christ for being so good and having so much compassion on this big fucking sinner that I am.

issue # 147
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

From last time I wrote in this journal of mine I fucking canceled the live webcam show in my website of Saturday, June 3rd
due to the fact that my fucking bitch boy and I went to the bridal shower of these friends of ours Meredith and Mark in this
fucking huge house of their parents and it was my first ever to attend getting along very well with those fucking rich older
crowd, the rest of that week for me was pretty fucking boring, going to those AA meetings, working out, helping out my
good old friend Bob who is going through radiation for he is dealing with cancer, and the same all fucking same, but at the
same time keeping my life in a very healthy way. On June 7th my bitch boy and I tried to have a romantic diner but he was
working a lot those days so instead we watched this really fucking funny movie called "Date movie" we almost pissed our
pants from all the fucking laughing, and two days later we went to Santa Monica for he had to work on the weeding of this
fucking cool actress Lourdes Benedicto, she is so fucking beautiful and she is about to start filming her new TV show called
"The Nine" on ABC which is about 9 thiefs and seems like is gonna be a fucking good entertaining one, so I'm setting my tivo
on my plasma TV for it seems that Kathy Griffin is getting involved with some fucking HIV organizations making me
fucking stop enjoying her TV shows, for one thing is being a fucking money whore and another is being a fucking helper of
the fucking HIV/poison crimes. At some point on that Friday 9th I went to the local Santa Monica gym while my bitch boy
was working in "Casa del Mar" hotel and later I went walking on the promenade by myself smoking and listening to my
IPod and this guy with a major smile in his face stopped me and asked me if I was Jeff Palmer, I said yes of course, he told
me then that I was a fucking huge star and loved my movies making me feel like a real fucking celebrity, then we asked
some one to take our photo together, not much later on, by the next block in that fucking nice promenade area I got
stopped by these group of young girls asking me to take a photo with them, and of course I complied as well, and later on I
got this photographer stopping me to complimenting me on my looks and giving me his business card, then finally I got into
the parking lot, got into my Jaguar and fucking drove where my bitch boy was working, and soon after he was done with
making Lourdes Benedicto get ready for her first weeding, we drove off not too far in Malibu to meet our girlfriend
Meredith, so we end up meeting her on the way while she was driving her fucking brand new Rolls Royce, we hang out at
her view to the ocean home and then we went shopping for our doggies in that area who were with us, then my bitch boy,
our doggy and I went back home, I cooked some green spaghetti with chicken and tomatoes sauce, we all watched some
horror movie, made sweet love and went to sleep. The next day on Saturday I canceled my live webcam show on my
website again for it was the fucking gay pride weekend in Los Angeles so after working out that morning I went straight to
that fucking area in West Hollywood on San Vicente St. that was closed and charged $20 fucking dollars to have access to
those fucking booths with all kind of different organizations, as soon as I got in the first booth I was approached by this guy promoting gay mentors so I accepted his temporary tattoo in my left arm, telling me that I was his first celebrity, and sure I feel like a mentor to all the young gay guys who need information about what a fucking real fraud the HIV is, then I kept on walking and looking at all those booths ignoring only all those empty HIV ones, LOL, I was so fucking happy that no one seemed to care about those ones, and every few booths I would get some one complimenting me for my movies and asking me to take a photo with them, and I must fucking confess that being recognized by so many people so fucking much made me feel so fucking amazing in the inside, feeling good beyond words, I even saw guys from the AA meetings I attend, it felt the same as 10 years ago when I did my first gay pride in the same city of Los Angeles but a little more recognized now days. After a few hours of doing that I drove back home for I had to finished packing my bags, my doggy bag, while waiting for my bitch boy to comeback from work, and soon after that we drove on his Porsche to this extremely huge ranch near Santa Barbara and we stayed at the guest house part of our good friends Nancy and Michael, and by then it was late at night but I was so fucking horny after being stimulated by looking so many fucking hot guys early on that gay festival and I put on the dvd player this porn dvd that I was given earlier from someone in those booths and after cleaning, lubricating and stretching my fucking delicious butt hole really well it was all ready to be fucked by my bitch boy's fat cock, first I seated on his fucking yummy cock riding it that way for a good while, then we changed positions with my legs on his
shoulders so I could see his big fat cock going in and out of my fucking starving hungry love hole, then it was the fucking
doggy style one, pounding me from behind really fucking nice, but I was really fucking thirsty for some sperm, so I started
sucking on his big fucking fat cock and swallowed a fucking huge generous amount of his fucking yummy semen all the
way down my throat, and soon after that he went cleaning his fucking buttgina for I was fucking dying to fuck it as well, so
I fucking lubricated it real nice, made him lay down on his stomach and just fucking went from behind, mmmm!!, sure he
got some real generous love hole as well, real wide open, warm and very cozy trying to spent the most time as possible with
my fucking cock full of cum going in and out like fucking crazy making me feel in total fucking ecstasies, but once he
started fucking my cock with his mangina then it was this fucking huge explosion of my semen all the way fucking deep his
anus that kept on sucking all the fluids of my now beyond satisfied verga(dick), ay caramba! talking about some release
from heaven. Soon after that we went to sleep, but in the following morning of Sunday around 8;30 AM i couldn't fucking
take anymore the fact that I was fucking sleeping the whole fucking night with my cock being so fucking hard as a fucking
piece of steel that I thought it would fucking break in two, and his butt hole was still clean and all juiced up with my sperm,
so while he was sleeping on his side I just fucking stocked it inside him from behind and starting pounding his fucking
yummy love hole until I unloaded another orgasm deep inside him making that way a fucking nice, good morning babe!, then we took a shower, had some breakfast, and we meet with Nancy and Michael to go to this Car Show, i took some photos with the ones I fucking loved, we had some lunch and once back to that fucking huge ranch my bitch boy and I went
swimming in that heated pool and after that we got totally horny again and I sucked on his big cock again for I wanted
some more sperm to drink, then it was a shower and getting ready to diner. We walked not that much from the guest house
where we stayed to the ranch were they live and this other friends of ours the famous legend B* D***k and her boyfriend
John Corbbett were there for diner too, damn! it was so fucking yummy and the company fucking awesome of course
beyond words, I got to find out through Bo Derek herself about this new TV telenovela show she is currently filming in San
Diego which is called "Fashion House" for the FOX channel, coming out on September 5th at 9 PM and seems like is gonna
be some fucking real fascinating and exciting show to watch and I really cannot fucking wait to see it for she told me some
of the things that will be happening, she plays a fucking bitch fashion designer from hell, breaking someone's knees with a
baseball bat, giving drugs to her son and having sex with his son's best friend, getting into a fist fight with a younger girl,
and at lot more, it just sounds like is gonna be 1.000 times more fun the Dynasty and Dallas ever was, fuck! , actually just
the opposite of what she is in real life, I just fucking love her big fucking time, that night Nancy had for us some fucking
yummy desert with blueberries that we all went fucking crazy for, then Bo and John left and me and my bitch boy went
back to the guest house, watched part of this japanese horror film and fell at sleep, the next day yesterday on Monday
we took it easy and went for breakfast with Nancy at this fucking selective restaurant called "Los Olivos", the rest of the
day was a lot of chilling out, playing tennis in Nancy's private tennis court, taking a shower and having another yummy
diner but this time with just Nancy and Michael. Today Tuesday, June 13th we came back home in Los Angeles and I better
start getting ready to create another song for I feel it in me to make some fucking nice one already, so now I better set up a
date for my next webcam show and set up a date to start filming at least one sex scene with SX Video which is the best
company so far that I see that I should make a movie with, and may Jesus Christ keep taking compassion on me for I'm
always so far from being the best that I can be, and always of course eternally thankful to him for all.

issue # 146
Thursday, June 01, 2006

On Friday 26th I went brunette, so now my hair is with my natural dark brown color. On Saturday 27th I did my web cam show through my website at 12 noon and it was really satisfying as usual, then I went to the gym then came back home, packed and waited for my bitch boy to arrived from work then we drove to Pacific Palisades, CA for there was a party from a straight couple friends of ours and I got some fucking nice compliments about my tight legged gray jeans but it was kind of boring that party, so after a while we drove from there straight to Las Vegas listening to Britney Spears as a personal celebration for she fucking got away from the Kabbalah cult and came back to be a Christian FUCK YEAHHH!!!, besides I meet her husband few weeks ago in a photo shot he was doing for a new magazine, and was not all that bad other then him trying to be Jennifer Lopez by having himself being called the same way JLo does, KFed and even his music have the same fucking style too, LOL. My bitch boy and I arrived at my bitch boy sister's house in Las Vegas around 4 AM on Sunday and went straight to sleep, few hours after on Sunday morning my new musical creation called "Te Amo" was posted by my webmaster on my website, that morning we all had breakfast and his sister and her family opening the presents we brought for them, we hang out until around 7:30 PM, then me and my bitch boy checked in into our hotel near by and at 08:00 PM we went to "The 16th Annual Miss Exotic World " which our girlfriend Julie Atlas Muz won it the night before but that night we had the chance to see her fucking amazing performance and other ones that were fucking funny and genius too, but around 11 PM we were fucking hungry and exhausted so ate ad Denny's and went back to our hotel room and after getting each other off really good with warm and juicy blow jobs we fell at sleep. Next day on Monday, (memorial day) we woke up and went back again to his sister's house and then 3 of us went for shopping, then we came back to her house and ate with her and her kids and then we went visit our girlfriend "The world famous BOB" who was sharing the room with this other famous burlesque "Dirty Martini" and we had such fucking good time giving our best girlfriend BOB some old birthday presents until they took a taxi cap together with Julie Atlas Muz and her trophy to catch their flight to NYC, then my bitch boy and i went to have some romantic diner at New York New York Hotel and Casino, then it was back to our hotel room to give him a short massage on his back and in the inside of his prostate with my rock hard cock filled with lots of sperm and he was all fucking going crazy fucking my cock with his beyond fucking hungry juicy and warm butt hole until I just couldn't take it anymore and my woody dick just fucking exploded way deep inside him breeding him real fucking nice, then I sucked on his nice hard cock while playing with his fucking sensitive nipples until my mouth and throat was filled with his fucking yummy semen while swallowing it all and collapsing in bed following with us falling at sleep to wake up like an hour later with his kisses and another orgasm, then we fall at sleep again, woke up later on Tuesday morning we picked up some breakfast and brought it over his sister's house and hang out with her and her family until around 9PM that my bitch boy and I drove back to LA, and reading the tabloids on the way I became more fond of this actress Lindsay Lohan for she is currently into a fucking cat fight with this fucking porn star wanna be/abuser of the N word/untalented/blue contacts and fake blond hair Paris Hilton gross cunt, and sure she makes me wanna have dark brown hair until the day I fucking die. Yesterday on Wednesday he went to work and I went to the gym, then I went to my dermatologist, came back home, made diner and once my bitch boy was back I sucked him off drinking some nice protein juicy out of his hard rock bottle, then we had to take my french bull doggy Mickey to his veterinarian because he's having a cold, came back home and went to sleep. Today he went to work and I went to the gym and helped my good friend Bob with some errands for he doesn't have a car and is dealing with cancer, then came back home took a shower, made diner, watched some tennis and found out that my ultimate female tennis idol Martina Hingis won in May 21st the prestigious Internaziali d'Italia tournament beating Venus Williams in the semifinals, Probably my life is not all that sexual crazy like it used to be but my body, mind and spirit is in a much better place then ever before and maybe soon I'll start planning a 2006 movie for pleasing my fans and giving them joy maybe is part of what Jesus Christ wants me to do in this world, serving him in any way I can for he still is my ultimate protector who is always taking such good care of me, a sinner who don't deserve much for I'm so far away from being all that good

issue # 145
Friday, May 26, 2006

Last week on Tuesday 16th my bitch boy and I went to the Chinese theater here in Los Angeles to see "American Haunting" which was a real fucking descent horror movie, more scary then Kaiser Permanente (the most evil hospitals here in USA), it was based on a truth story and sure I was glad that non of those actors were HIV FRAUD supporters like Adrian Brody is, seeing now days his fucking stupid gay closet face in those fucked up billboards just makes me wanna vomit, never again will see a movie with him in it for sure. On Thursday 19th I drove to one of my AA meetings at 10 AM, and didn't had much time for all the fucking chatting that these people including some celebrities enjoy doing once is over, I was fucking late for my recording studio session in Encino, CA and I was lucky to make it alive cause i was driving faster then Kathy Griffin's tongue,(who is my favorite american comedian), but somehow I made it in one piece and I started singing and recording my voice in this new song called "Te Amo" which is a fucking nice sweet romantic ballad, for a change I figured, damn that day was so fucking hot, i was sweating more then Aretha Franklin singing. Once back home I showed it to my bitch boy and sure he fucking really loved it because he got extra romantic french kissing me really fucking good going down on my fucking rock hard cock sucking me like a fucking baby sucking his pacifier, we got naked and i started sucking on his pacifier too, sucking his big nipples like if I was a really fucking desperate hungry baby monster until I swallowed a nice amount of his big load of sperm while i ejaculated a big load of semen out of my cock full of cum, just fucking exploding all over the bed covers, mmm!!!, so I took it like I had the approval of this being a fucking amazing song, so after a shower we had our girlfriend Lisa and her boyfriend who cooked this diner that fucking left us hungry still so we ate some more after they fucking left, then we watched this cool movie "Creep" with Franka Potente just before going to sleep, The next day it was a day to just chill out and just relax after having a nice fucking heavy work out and then after a shower it was time to go to the movie again, this time we went to Universal City walk with our girlfriend Deanene and the movie, but we had something to eat before at this Thai restaurant right across from the theater, it was so fucking funny and cool except the part in which Martin Sheen was in it cause after being accused with all the good reasons in the world of killing this beautiful famous female porn star through who knows who, so obviously I wouldn't watch another movie with him again, not that he is in that many movies anyway. The next day on Saturday I went live to the world through my website as I usually do on Saturdays, getting off real good, mmm! and right after that I went back to the recording studio again because I was just not too satisfied with this new song and wanted to make it the most perfect as possible, once back I just chilled out with my bitch boy and later on that night his friend Cervando came along with his boyfriend Todd for diner and watch a movie we rented, but it wasn't all that good and soon after we went to sleep . The next day on Sunday 21st we went shopping at the "The Grove" which the current mall to be here in Los Angeles. The next day on Monday it was time to do a photoshot for my website so my bitch boy took some fucking awesome ones and my whole body was all oiled up, but the fucking camera died on us, so while it was re charging I felt like giving my bitch boy a fucking super body rubbing massage and for sure it was by far the fucking hottest massage I have ever gave, (since I don't like getting them), and with so much rubbing of my body all over his body resulted in making him ejaculate that way all over my butt chicks and after smoking a cigarette we continued with the fucking photo shot of my very horny self resulting in some fucking pretty photos that are now posted on my website with a final release of my fucking cock deep inside my bitch boy's throat, mmm! damn! talking about some real fucking release for my fucking raging cock that was hard as a fucking rock, it took hours before such. After that we watched the best exorcism movie ever called "The possession of Gail Bowers" and after that we went online to buy some new songs at ITunes for our IPods and I found out that these group "Alphaville" is now one of my favorites, WOW! fucking awesome music and lyrics too!. Yesterday we woke up downloading even some more music online, running errands and we had an argument, then we had diner and went to sleep. Yesterday after a yummy breakfast I went to the gym, this time I went to the 24 hours fitness in West Hollywood, then I went to my bitch boy's work and gave him a romantic card because of the argument of the night before, then I went home to eat, shower, answered some emails and wait for my bitch boy for I was too fucking horny and need it him to breed me, so after he arrived I already had prepared for him a fucking yummy chicken sandwich watched Kathy Griffin comedy stand up,, then I took his clothes off and made him laid in bed, I oiled him up all over and myself and started giving him one of my special ultra fucking piggy massages, starting on his back, concentrating on his feet's making me feel I'm developing a fucking foot fetish, then I turned him around and started with his chest concentrating on his torpedo nipples while rubbing his fucking hard yummy cock with my ultra oily butt chicks to the point that i made his fat cock slide inside my starving ass hole and started to go fucking crazy riding it up and down while playing with those fucking hot nipples of his, then I would take it out and rub his cock again with my butt chicks and once he got closer to ejaculate quickly to re introduced inside my butt hole feeling such huge ejaculation exploding deep inside my all fucking psycho butt hole while I jerked off my cock unloading a fucking nice big load of sperm all over his stomach and chest letting us in bed fucking cuddling and kissing for few minutes before taking a shower together, getting some diner, watching TV and right before falling at sleep I sucked him off while I jerked off really nice a big load of cum. Today Thursday 25th we woke up ate pizza for breakfast, I took him to work and I went to the same gym then the day before, this time with my T-shirt that says "hiv=fraud" "" in both sides of it, got some people in there telling me how much thankful they were for the movies I have done, went to the pool of that gym to lay down in the sun for a while, visited my good old friend Bob and picked up my bitch boy at work and once back at home I decide it was time for me to start writing a fucking new journal which it may not be a too fucking exciting one but my body, mind and spirit are a lot better then what they used to be over a month ago, and it is nothing but a result of me surrending myself to my higher power which is Jesus Christ.

issue # 144
Thursday, May 11, 2006

If i knew how fucking good is to be so fucking sober
sure I would have fucking do it a long fucking time
ago because it just fucking allows me to learn a lot
of shit that i knew but some how the drugs made me
just fucking forget, and l;m beginning to surprise
myself how much fucking stronger I am now, fuck
So, last week I been working out at the 24 hours
fitness on Sunset Hollywood, CA, of course,
almost every day with Steve my work out partner/AA
meetings buddy.
Last Saturday around 12 PM PST like every Saturday I
turned on my web cam and went live to the whole
fucking world through my website, and I was just so fucking horny and so fucking ready to be all fucking naked showing off my muscular body and pretty face while stocking my fucking rock hard raging cock showing off to all the fucking dirty pigs mother fuckers fucking freaks fans of mine and give some some fucking good fucking time, damn! talking about some fucking good time all by myself and them thinking in pounding some nice fucking lossy gussy hole and having my cock sucked really fucking sweet and deep putting aside all the fucking bull shit this world have, and just fucking surrended all my body to the fucking feeling of jerking of and fucking pleasing myself for a good half an hour, shit! it was just so fucking awesome to fucking do it all sober and just fucking get off to
the fact that there was all this fucking pigs see me
fucking get off from my fucking verga(cock) a fucking
nice and huge load of sperm out of me, just fucking
releasing myself with all the fucking content I have
now days with just fucking being me and how fucking
good it feel do be the good old Jeff Palmer, then I
went to the gym to work out all the nice muscles of my
body to make them even fucking better while making
others wanting to have who I am, then I picked up my
bitch boy at work and once home we started packing for
a fucking sweet drive to Las Vergas, I mean, Las Vegas
and we arrived really fucking late so we spent the
night at my bitch boy's sister and just fucking passed
out until the next day, on Sunday morning/noon I
cooked some fucking sweet brunch and worked on her
fucking yard taking all the fucking nasty weeds out,
fucking cleaning it up all real nice as part of my
fucking AA program that tells you to fucking do
something un-selfish for others, and sure it was a
fucking awesome feeling afterward, even that it was
so fucking hot, then it was a fucking cool shower,
some pizza with Pepsi and my bitch boy and I drove to
the Ritz Carlton and fucking checked into this fucking
amazing room with view to their fucking major
lake/pool/waterfronts and fall-ed at sleep, the next
day, (Monday) we fucking devoured was some fucking
yummy room service breakfast and then it was some
fucking shopping time, once back in the room i changed clothes and took advantage of this hotel's small but yet fucking cool gym and worked out my pecs really good, then it was some lunch, a meeting with the
people that my bitch boy was working for, a shower,
some fucking nice time by myself at the pool, and some
more fucking yummy food at the back stage/dressing
room of this fucking major fashion show for General
Motors, and i started assisting there all this fucking
people involved there, and besides this fucking
skinny/pretty pro-models there also was some
celebrities working as run away models like Roseanna
Arquette (movie star/movie star/DDDJ), Joy Bryant
(movie star/TV star), Reggie Bush (NFL star, fucking hot and big, yummy!), Shannon Elizabeth (movie star/TV
star/animal activist with a personality, face and
body to fucking die for, Damn! she is sooo fucking
cool!), Vivica Fox (movie star/TV star who was the
first one to steal the fucking show with also some
fucking major personality, Kelly Hu (movie star/TV
star who is "X2:X-Men United, movie I fucking love),
Rachel Hunter (movie star/TV star/model, who I was not
a cunt at all like I was predicting to be, she was
actually quite fucking sweet and hot!, Stacy Keibler
(TV star)/model), Jenny Mc Carthy (movie star/TV
star/model and she was so fucking exciting to be
around as usual), Shane Powers (TV star/club
promoter/restaurant manager) and John Salley (NBA
star/TV show host/radio host and HOT HOT HOT! mmmm!).
This fashion show went better then perfect, and once
it was over they all fucking left, but there still was
all the fucking audience having the fucking time of
their fucking life like me dancing like fucking crazy
on that lightful dance floor to some good oldies
songs, and for my amusement no one, I mean no one included me of course danced to the only fucking Madonna's song, and after a while my bitch boy and I went back to our room, we had later room service diner and went to the fucking Jacuzzi, then we came back to our room, he fucking cleaned his love hole, we fucking made out and I just fucking inserted my rock hard verga(dick) inside his well cleaned, juicy, warm and really fucking generous ass hole of his, mmm!!!, but I was so fucking desperate to ejaculate and tired that i did not last that long inside his fucking sweet rectum and just fucking went off inside him and I called it a
night, the next day on Tuesday I got some really
fucking satisfactory reviews from the organizers of
that event for my help behind the scenes, we went back
to my bitch boy' sister's home and took her for
shopping, then we came back and I took a fucking sweet nap and soon after that I ate some pizza and my bitch boy and I drove back to LA, we arrived late and
fucking passed out in bed until the next day yesterday
on Wednesday morning that we woke up and he went to work and I went to my AA meeting, then had lunch and went work out with my buddy Steve, went home returned a bunch of emails, messages from my website, some phone calls, cooked some fucking yummy chicken, shower and chilled out with my bitch boy, we had some fucking stupid argument, but it ended well with me giving him a massage, falling at sleep and today I just came back from my AA meeting where as usual I wore one of my white shirts that I write stuff in it like "HIV=FRAUD" , "AIDS always existed, always will but HIV never did", taking my mission to the next level, then I had some lunch and now I'm home writing
in here what's been going on with me lately always
asking my Jesus Christ to keep guiding me and taking
full control of me because I'm nothing just another
fucking low sinner who is nothing with out him as my
eternal guide.

issue # 143
Thursday, May 04, 2006

Today is my 15th day of being sober,yessssssss!, so, my sober birthday is April 19th and it was 10:00 AM on that day that I entered my first AA meeting here in Los Angeles crying and crying like fucking freak for I was in so much need of a new life, I just had enough, I need it new people who can inspire me, and each day is only getting better and better, now I have lots of new friends that care for me as I care for them who want nothing from me in return other then see me doing good, so they feel inspired as well, it feels like going almost every morning to school and hearing what others have to say
including some major celebrities, but these are anonymous meetings so I can not mention any names, and we all are surrounded by God based on whatever God means to us, so we can learn how to feel happy within ourselves not matter what how fucked up are the things that others do to us, so ever since I been working out at the gym
often, sometimes 2 days in a row, I updated the photo gallery of my website, also last week I have created my very first song while being sober and now I'm creating the lyrics for it, and I still been doing my live solo webcam shows on Saturdays as usual for half an hour instead of just 15 or 20 minutes, I feel less selfish too, for example last Sunday after going to Beverly Hot Springs Spa I helped this girlfriend of mine to move unloading the truck with some other of her friends and helping set up her stuff in her new place until the night, and the
sex?, fuck! the sex is a lot better too, starting with a nice long session of thong kissing with my guy and making out really
good and long before I make him seat on my hard rock cock while sucking on his nipples really good, taking a lot of pleasure out of his really nice beefy ass while he rides my dick and I'm kissing his neck and ears as well, mmm!!!!, sure I get some fucking awesome shingles all over my body by the warm and juicy sensation of penetrating him in all kind of different positions, specially when he is laying in bed on his stomach and me in top of him massaging his back and shoulders with cocoa butter lotion with my hands while my wood verga(dick) massages his prostate from the inside out getting lost in such fucking amazing pleasure, he just got an amazing fucking generous hole between those meaty butt chicks watching my verga(cock) go all the way in and out all I want feeling how much satisfaction his body, mind and soul gets from it until I cannot longer hold it anymore and I just let all the juices of my cock flow and drain all the way deep inside of him and seeing his smile while he feels the throb of my ejaculation and breeding, mmm!!!, then after that I make him laid on his back and I laid on top of him while thonge kissing him and kissing his neck and ears and move my way down to his thick cock and suck it deep and nice while playing with his nipples, jerking his thick cock off until I swallow all of his yummy sperm until the last drop, then we'll smoke a cigarette and watch a movie before going to sleep, yeahhh!!!!,
and sure so far I don't mind about doing this just with him for before when I used to be so promiscuous and on drugs it wasn't as much fun for there is so much crap that comes along with being on drugs, a slut or an escort, like for example this guy Tom with the escort name Timjockla who advertises in several websites assuring complete discretion and yet even
after signing confidentiality agreements he tells lots of people about fucking Tom Cruise while he was filming this terrible movie World of the Worlds, and fucking with more then one married man and lying in the regular basis, and yet he pretends to be a professional hypnotist that can help other people, fucking with out condoms for the right talker and money while advertising safe sex, but he is not the only one for most of them lie about their age, stats and so and so, and now you will ask yourself if I have something against this guy, and the answer is maybe, why? well, he tried to get between
me and my guy, and I just will not let that happen with this guy or any other guy I'm with, because now I have a clear mind and spirit to move on easly if I have to, I have now the power to give and receive a much better love then ever before by being all sober for the first time since I was 16 years old, Now days I'm contemplating the idea of returning to porn and be better then I ever was with this new me and my Jesus Christ who keeps guiding me in this strange road in which sometimes I keep asking myself a lot of questions but I know that everything was for a reason and that my mission is only intensifying as I keep living this wonderful life of mine as a Jesus Christ server.

issue # 142
Monday, April 24, 2006

Today is my 6th day of a new life, I cannot get into details but all I can say is that I'm looking forward my life, I'm staying at my good long friend Bob here in Hollywood, CA and I'm meeting lots of really interesting people in these meetings that make me feel so good about myself, let's say that I'm working in my self esteem and getting back into feeling like when I was a teenager, so I been twice at the gym this week after working out only once in months, but little by little I'm gaining back my mental and spiritual strength and I feel each day stronger and stronger for my surrounding to the HIV FRAUD MACHINE is temporary because I realized that I need to get the strongest as possible in order to fight the biggest fraud ever in the history of man kind. 2 days ago on Saturday I showed off live on my website a good time jerking off for half an hour, mmm! it felt so fucking sweet!, These past few days also I been experiencing some really fucking awesome blow jobs at night draining my cock really softly and juicily, making out and getting him off while drinking his semen, mmmmmm!!!!! maybe tonight I'll be fucking pounding and breeding with my angry verga(dick) deep inside the generous, tender and juicy ass hole of this guy who is someone that I still have feelings for since he is helping me in this new road I'm taking in my life, I wanna be better then I ever was because I have and I'm still learning how to surrender to Jesus Christ who is my God in order to serve him better and like he want, so I'm eternally grateful for that.

issue # 141
Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Today I have surrended to the angry AIDS fraud machine, but it's hard and complicated to explain but basically I'm just gonna stick to making music only for the time being and I hope my fans understand my decision besides there is planty of sexual material of me already, I can say now that that I think I have done it all as far as gay porn goes, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!, I feel like when Martina Hingis retired at just 22 years old, but I will concentrate in my music instead, and also I deleted some of the last few fucking pathetic journals postings. Now I hope that Jesus Christ can give me next morning all the guidance and II'm so greatful for his protection that hopefully I'll dream that I'm with him and he is hugging me with his perfect touch while giving me lots of endless soft little kisses all over my face wile I'm sleeping and dreaming tonight.

issue # 140
Thursday, April 06, 2006

I don't know if it is fucked up of me or not to did what I did, but sure it helped me feel so much better ever since I did it, now I feel like a new whole person, and what I did is taking a step further about not caring if my boyfriend fucks around or not, and that happened the night that we were in bed and I started to jerk off thinking of him getting fucked and sucking the cocks of these guys that I felt jealous of, it was fucking weird, but it was fucking awesome to think about it and it did not took too long before I ejaculated really good, and I became liberated from turning a thought from negative into positive and that is how turned into action what I learned not long ago in theory, and now I can see and feel waaaaaay better, and now I can appreciate myself better and feel a lot happier. I'm getting closer and closer to the day that I'll be making my own movies just like I make my own musical songs, and I have a feeling that I could be really good at it, so, I'll keep planning for that day, I want to be successful but as much as some one like Belinda Gates who I really admire for donating so much money to the right causes not the ones in question. Another good news is that B* D***k is set to start filming really soon a 3 month soap opera a la spanish ones for FOX, so it should be something really cool to watch on TV, I guess because I know her or because sounds like a good idea, why re- make Dallas or Dynasty when you can create something even better maybe? she and the new James Bond who finally have a perfect muscular body, so, cannot fucking wait to see the new Bond movie, but what I really look forward the most is "The transformers" that is cumin out on June 7th, 2007, yes!!!, so while waiting I piss my kilt when I watch "Mad TV" is the most funny show on Saturday night, and is been few years already since it too over the competitor SNL who lost their reason for being just like the royal family in England, and the Baptist churches with their preachers trying to make of their daughters the new Jessica Simpson who seems to be in question for adultery, one of the best things to do when you are a Baptist Christian, now, how fucking fucked up is that?, that Joe guy is currently the biggest white male pimp that ever walked planet earth's referring once about her own daughter's breasts as huge knockers or something really fucking vulgar like that, these people seems to live out of the stupid people who digs them, and there is so much fucking bull shit in this world any fucking ways that it made me give up my vitamins that I haven't take in a month or so, lately also I been drinking sodas, eating pizza and natural ice, I smoke cigarettes, but nothing it excess, Two nights ago on Tuesday my boyfriend and I too our girlfriend Deanene out for her birthday diner at "Beige" at Falcon Restaurant, and not only the food was fucking funktastic but also the crowd and the ultra warm wellcome from no one less the Rusty himself, they had a special roof for it was so rainy and fucking sweet like when I used to live in Germany, and the neighbor country of Netherlands just made me part of an upcoming article in their local gay news publication about bareback, so today I just completed my interview with them, and it seems like yesterday that I was just one more of the guys from "Blue Boy", those days!, But now days I'm so sure that who is been always, is and hopefully will always be the one that really belongs in my heart and yes is Jesus Christ that one.

issue # 139
Thursday, March 30, 2006

I finished my new song called "Chinese" on Wednesday, March 22, the rest of the days were a little not so fucking wonderful with some arguments with my boyfriend and all that crap but I learned yet something else but sure i won't say what it is for fear of backfiring at me, And Saturday, March 26th came along, at 12:00 PM PST I did a live masturbation show through my webcam at home here in Los Angeles, and sure I enjoyed a lot giving my very last orgasm of being 30 years old though my live webcam, a special show for my faithful fans, few hours later my boyfriend came back from work and took me to the airport and after a really extensive search by the airport guys that I could have easily avoided by not wearing this massive leather metal huge boots and kilt, and I really enjoyed all the attention, not for nothing I'm a fucking porn star, then I got my tabloids magazines, a bagel and cream cheese, is been a month since I don't take all those vitamins I used to take and I'm feeling a lot better actually, but I'm still in the experimenting process so I'll have to wait still to change my nutrition page, also I have been at the gym only once this year so far. I sleep that night in the air through many states and woke up in Florida, i arrived at Miami's airport around 5 AM and my good old friend Bobito was waiting for me and we went to the "Hard Rock" cafe and casino, and as soon as I ate something I went straight to bed to get some more sleep and around noon my boyfriend waked me up with a very sweet happy birthday phone call, took a shower and then Bobito came over and we went downstairs in the casino because he is so fucking into it that he'll do it 7 days a week a day, but he works 7 days a week, but we been just good friends back from 1995, and if he is happy that way, I love him anyway and that fucking rimes or what?, and really tried to figure out those silly machines but after not having much success and knowing that patient is not my best feature, then I took off my frustration by walking around dressed on my black punk kilt and huge boots while smoking some cigarettes, talking to my boyfriend in my cell phone, at some point I could not located him in my cell phone so I went fuckin crazy on him after disappearing for almost 2 hours but my good old friends Adam and Alex, Steven and Julio, Steve(Zorrillo), and Albert who confirmed with me about this latest trend of guys cumin out of the closet, lots of married man fucking other man, WOW!, if I was a hooker I would put in my ad not contact me if you are married or have a girlfriend cause the fucking karma that Albert and anyone pays for it is major, and I'm talking from experience because my ex boyfriend was married w/kids and I learn my lesson because I feel I'm still paying for that shit, you know? karma?. Having diner with my friend that night turned out to be a lot of fun even I made them wait in the table for an hour because I was in the phone with my boyfriend, then we came back to my room to chat about old times, then around 10:00 PM I was taken from Hollywood, FL to "Boardwalk" in Fort Lauderdale, FL which is the nightclub where I was promoted in the local rags to be performing live on my birthday show, we parked in the rear entrance and felt great seeing Mike again after so many years, he was in charge of everyone's security, a real fucking piece of man but I'm monogamous and sure he understood, once inside the office/my private dressing room I meet with Victor and his partner Jim who was praising me constantly and sure it felt fucking awesome, and got ready while chatting with him and my boyfriend in my cell phone, 5 or 10 minutes after midnight I hang up my cell phone after getting a happy birthday wish from him and was taken to the stage where a minor incident happened in the DJ booth, but once on stage and my song "Faggot" started playing I uncovered my body and face from my tread mark hooded cape, this one was all white, and once I did that I saw like around one hundred of my fans looking at me with this major smile and then all my worries disappeared in a second and after months finally I entered that zone which is hard to describe and I guess only people in the music business can really understand, but that was the only song I wanted to perform, so that way it will be more special in their memories, then they gave me a cake, they sung the happy birthday and made my heart smile like I was in heaven, I blew them off,(the candles, that is) and went back to my dressing room, took a little break and went back out into this dark area where a table was set up and I signed some of my movies and musical CDs that I gave away that night, and I have to say that for sure it was my cleanest appearance for I did not make out or got into any sexual contact with anyone and still it was fun, it was kind of a whole new situation for me and then I discovered that maybe it was truth what so many people told me before through the years about me being overly nice when doing my live shows appearances, but I don't regret anything of course, for it was part of my growing up. This cool guy and this couple of muscular guys from Canada where just fucking awesome to me, and it was really hard to tell them no to their offer of a free massage of 4 horny hands, so after signing dozens of autographs and getting my picture taken a lot it was time to go sleep, and my friend Bobito took us to the Hard Rock Cafe and fall at sleep so good but not for long because before going to sleep I talked with my boyfriend in my cell phone for a long fucking time, but I managed to sleep for few hours, then without even taking a fucking shower I was taken to the aiport and after that exciting search because again i refused to wear anything but kilts and big leather boots, and once I was back at LAX airport my boyfriend picked me up and we drove home for some fun surprise in the TV room that was transformed into a birthday room with helium blooms, presents, love cards, and a cake with 31 candles, oh fuck! it was so fucking sweet, that it sure made me forget all the fucking troubles and it became my best birthday ever. The next day it was time for romance with my guy. Last night we went to the Viper room to watch Jennifer Green Hut's fucking amazing performance, it makes me wanna be a fucking yogi too, pure good rock. Right now I'm writing from Beverly Hills where not long ago i saw Lindsay Lohan getting attacked by a bunch of paparazzi going out of this establishment, I love her raspy voice but Scarlet Johanson is so fucking hot too, also D. S. was there too with his wife and he is so fucking cool they way he interviews the comedians, so, I had to congratulate him for his show being extended, very laid back kind of guy, now I'm just gonna chill out with my guy and watch some movies we rented, hopefully very soon my new song will be on my site already, and now I must give all my gratitude to the mightiest ever which is of course Jesus Christ.

issue # 138
Monday, March 20, 2006

Last Thursday I confirmed a show celebration for my 31st birthday at "Boardwalk" Fort Lauderdale, FL for the night of Sunday 26th, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!, and that same Thursday night this boyfriend of mine and I drove to Indian Wells, CA and stayed at some fucking nice hotel, next day we went straight to the "Pacific Life Open" tournament and I remembered being there before, this time I saw my favorite player Martina Hingis get her ass kicked by Maria Sharapova who reminded me of Monica Seles, and in the men's final it was a fucking pleasure watch Roger Federer play and wining yet another tittle, he is for sure the best male player ever, we did not hang out there for too long so we drove back home that night and it was rainy here in LA, I sucked him off and went to sleep, next day on Saturday he went to work and I did my live webcam show for my website, then I took a shower and went to West Hollywood and chilled out in there for a while then went home and my boyfriend arrived later and I was really horny so I cleaned up my butt hole and started to kiss him suck on his big nipples then I started riding his fat cock I was doing it really fast up and down and it was driving him nuts, then he put my legs in his shoulders and started fucking me that way and my love hole was really fucking juicy by now for he shot a load in there or it was just lots of pre cum, so then, I started to sucked his fucking nice cock until he shot a nice load deep inside my throat, as I was jacking off, then we went to sleep, and today I finished figuring it the name, how and what I'm gonna sing in this new song of mine, and I cannot fucking wait to record the voices to it, so hopefully I'll be doing this faster then Lindsay Lohan doing a line of coke, and the fights with this boyfriend of mine continues today, so it is really unfortunate that now days I'm thinking that is gonna be a miracle if we stay together forever, he has just no much experience in being a boyfriend, but the one who always did and still have the most experience on relationships is my ultimate protector Jesus Christ who always makes sure that me and all of his faithful servers stay fine and in the best conditions as possible to be the most effective.

issue # 137
Thursday, March 16, 2006


Hey there my people! thanks for the amazing words of courage, now days marks a new beginning for me, and all I went throng I had to go through in order to grow and mature faster, so I decided to cut the crap for once and all, maybe because my good friend Jorg told me to tell this guy my feelings, what happened to me now, find out what is my wish and then inform him then to please make him respect my situation, then my friend Byres told me you know Jesus loved us all so`much he gave his life..and still loves us all...i once told a girl that if she loved her man, she should be "happy for him" if he is "happy" fucking another woman...because seeing him happy should be her goal in their relationship, and now my life is much better, Jesus used my people to talk to me through, so now I'm back living with this guy again but with the difference that I'm gonna concentrate way more in my career then experience any other fucking stupid negative bullshit thoughts or/feelings, that is why I starting to write here more often, and to celebrate our reconciliation I fucked sucked him off and then I fucked him twice dumping some huge couple of loads way deep inside his juice, warm and tender love hole, got him pregnant really fucking good, and to keep up on the celebration also we are driving very soon tonight to Indian Wells, CA so we can see live tomorrow morning the historic semifinal between Martina Hingis and Maria Sharapova, so fucking excited about that!. Staying Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday over my good old friend Bob in Hollywood was really important for my new way of life I have chosed, Yesterday before the reconciliation I went to Peter's Palladino's home to do some new photos for his much anticipated book of porn stars, he showed me some amazing photos of these other famous male and female straight, bi and gay porn stars, and there was one photo of the most beautiful guy I had ever seen with the most beautiful piercing baby blue eyes and my breath went away my body, then I realized that he looked so much like me, then I starting laughing to find out that this photographer is so good that with some special effects he made my eyes that color that look so real that I had not fucking clue it was actually me but I looked as better as I could ever dream of getting, it was WOW, no wonder he is gonna use it as part of an art gallery cumin up and the book of course, now I'm working in what city and nightclub I will be making my annual birthday show, so far is been always in NYC, but this year the city may change, hopefully not the coast, because I feel that my birthday celebration belongs always in the east, and why? dunno, which means I don't know, and I'm gonna start filming my own movies and post them on my website from now and on, hopefully it will work and better then any other way ever before. And I'm endlessly thankful to my number one love ever always Jesus Christ because he the one who fill most of my healed heart.

issue # 136
Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Today I have this big rush for writing in here because I have realized something really, really important!, I learned something that I cannot really explain right now, but someday I hope I will, as for right now I just wanna cry, there is so much stuff in my head, and yet I feel that crying is kind of stupid by now, time can be so cruel and yet such good healer that together makes the perfect combination of ingredients neccesary to acomplish what I been looking for, I just hope to never forget it, oh God don't let me forget what I just re- learned, please! because the pain in the heart sucks big fucking time but still I have the power to take full control, I never could have predict that not because one gets older it means one gets smarter, it can easy be the other way around, life can be waaaay too strange and not all that good when you don't make up you mind, I wish I can be right now in Italy or Miami to take this sorrows away, my time with this boyfriend of mine is over, it was great while it was a dream but once reality hits then is not longer a nice dream anymore, is just so sad, I need my people to comfort me right now and thank God I have my protector that takes always such good care of me, because after all my protector Jesus Christ is the only one that is always with me in my heart and since he is the best heart healer may he do it fast with his light.

issue # 135
Thursday, March 02, 2006

I been very bad this past month of February, I did not wrote that much, and now I feel lost trying to remember what I been doing lately, and there is not much to tell other then there is a little of a monotony going on in my life, but sure I enjoy it anyway because still I enjoy sex with my boyfriend, going to play tennis, hanging out at home, watching TV, lately we saw John Mc Enroe's comeback to the professional tour at 47 years old and winning another doubles title, so good for him and for Martina Hingis too!. One movie I really don't care to see at all is "The Da Vinci code", and not for nothing Tom Hanks is in it, he just keeps showing to me what an evil he is, I remember seeing him cruising in Griffit Park like 10 years ago with a friend in a jeep but I did not like it so nothing happened, and ever since then I learned a lot of horrible things about him and the choices of movies reflect who he really is, pure evil and her female version is Meryl Streep, I know I must be the only one that doesn't wanna ever see a movie with her because I can see beyond the bullshit and that lady is to me nothing but lucifer' deceiving people dressed as a human, same with Richard Gere's latest AIDS bullshit talk is making me regret I ever watched "Shell we dance", he cannot be so stupid to not know that HIV never existed and that AIDS existed since the beginning of times and will always exist, is not our problem that people like him use sex to sell but yet they don't believe in sex in real life or something like that. Last week on Saturday night my boy and I drove from LA to Las Vegas and on the night we went to the Caesar's Palace Hotel to see Celine Dion and we had great seats, the show was so fucking good because of all the special effects together with the best live music I had ever heard, she was a mistake free woman and she even cried after the first long long ovation she received after the 2nd or 3rd song, maybe because there was not even one empty seat in that whole huge stadium? but she cried again at the end also, she is for sure the best singer that ever lived, at least until she gets involved with some hiv/aids organizations. The day after that we went to The Tennis Channel Open and once we saw how far we had to park while there was so much empty free space closer to the Tournament we almost did not make it, but we made the effort and walked all that to enter the tournament and see some great tennis, and it was cool to be there. The next day we were not going to do all that walk again, so tennis was out so instead I cleaned my butt hole really good and started to make out with my boyfriend who was naked laying in bed, pretty soon his really nice thick cock got really hard and I got myself into the doggy style position and then his monster cock started to make his way deep into my hungry ass hole and it felt beyond amazing to have him pound my ass really good for a good for almost an hour until his cock exploded with some real big load of sperm way deep inside of me, then I started to suck on his cock until he got close to ejaculate again and quickly I inserted his fat cock inside my butt hole right when he started shooting his load, and I took that load also deep inside my horny love-hole while I jerked off while riding that cock seating on top of him and shooting myself a huge load of my semen all over his chest, mmm!!! after that we were ready for a nap but instead we went to visit his sister and family for a while and later that night we went out to hang out with this major movie star that I must refer as AB because he is as big of a celebrity as it gets and checking out the stores at the Caesar's Palace with him my boyfriend and this friend of his with his girlfriend was so much fun, he said that I was funny and I could see what a good time he was having with us, then we went to his gated community house and we all chilled out there for a while but half an hour after midnight was already too late so me and my boyfriend took off to our hotel room, and yesterday we drove back home here in LA and last night we had some great time because after i sucked him off and swallowed a huge load of his cum I fucked him really good dumping a huge load of my cum inside his hole, we were watching some porn we rented and sure it gave us some ideas, now I'll keep working in this new song of mine so it can be ready soon for once and all, and here goes my public thanks to Jesus Christ for being my protector and the one I live to serve and any ways he wants me to.

issue # 134
Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I been having some really annoying problems with this boyfriend of mine, he is been getting on my nerves and telling his people his own fukced up side of the problems we have, so I decided to do the same thing, and my people who are my fans and the ones who read this journal of mine, and the fact is that this boyfriend of mine used to be a heroin junky, he is 37 years old and he did the same thing that this other ex of mine I used to call Papito did, and that will be seeing guys behind my back with the difference that this current boyfriend claims not to had sex with him or anyone while with me, and sometimes I feel like letting him go and get it done with, and sometimes I feel like taking full control of him and hold on to him, so fuck yeah! it is so fucking hard to have a boyfriend but so far is more benefits then damage to me and the sex is so good, he fucks me and I fuck him almost daily, we cum into each others horny butt holes, Not long ago I recorded one of my jacking off shows and posted on my website, and also I created a brand new music video a la MTV for the very first song I ever created
called "Conectando", and sure I fucking love to see it over and over, and few days after it came out to the world through my website only, I got some tickets to the Grammy's, yes! I was invited to the biggest music awards on planet earth, it was my very first time at those awards and is ironic that my first industry, the gay porn industry does not invite me their awards which are nothing but the condom awards instead of a porn awards, the porn movies that the fans buy and see the most are not even part of those non sense gayvn awards, I hope the companies who are nominated give them lots of money because other wise is just not worth it, besides does anyone remember the past winners of those so called awards?, it just could not be any more pathetic, is so sad, and I just look from the distance and I really feel so bad for all those people while I went to the Grammy's, for one night I was part of the music industry celebration, (even a saw Ron Jeremy in there too), I felt like I was representing t, I will be representing the online talent with my underground song called "Faggot", and I felt like a wild card player because most people don't even remember the winners, because it seems like most people just remember situations, personalities, songs from the performers and everything that makes the person intriguing in these shows, only the desperate ones die to walk on that red or green carpet and lose appeal by letting their egos get out of control, but there is people who deal with their egos differently, because Eminem was that night in that building and same floor I was and it was hiding in one of the suites or something, and I wonder if he saw me walking around with my kilt and leather boots up and down like crazy non stop because after I had to cover my ears and turn my eyes away from the stage because unfortunately the opening number was made by this old woman who did a song not long ago singing that Jesus Christ did not resurrect while I and many others believe Jesus Christ resurrected and is the reason for us to live, it was a terrible time for me specially when I found out that Mariah Carey who I share my birthday with was the one planed to open up the show, but this older woman acting and looking like the whore of Babylon said that if she did not open the show then she was not gonna do it at all, but eventually her show was over and then this group called cold play did a good song too bad the singer is married to that actress Paltrow or whatever the fuck her name is, then I enjoyed Paul Mc Cartney but not as much as if it was John Lennon for John Lennon was one hundred times better then Mr. Mc Cartney will ever be and he should be ashamed for having such horrible daughter, her attitude makes me wanna vomit, but the old guy make us give him a standing ovation, and same thing with Kelly Clarkson, it was all about Kelly because the HIV advertiser called Christina Aguilera gets what she deserves for being so ignorant, arrogant and beyond annoying, she even makes me appreciate Britney fucked up trashy ways, and right after Mariah performed I left my seat located at the premium second level of the Staples Center in Los Angeles downtown, this is the beginning of people like me in the music industry, and together we can make this industry go up again, because once I lose my youth and looks I will have the music industry to fall into. When I started writing this I was on the way to Palm Springs from Los Angeles and my boyfriend was driving while I was writing, and the day after which is today I'm resuming this journal, on Sunday 26 I should be watching Celine's Dion show at Las Vegas so this little trip to Palm Springs is been great for both of us to enjoy each other, specially today that is Valentine's but I could not forget that my fans still mean a lot to me, and that is why I must post this today because I don't wanna keep connected, specially with friends like Dan Brady, who is someone with some amazing intentions, and is been a while that I don't get to talk with friends like him, but all my people are always in my mind, and think of them once in a while, is just that is so many people, and I apologize if I offended anyone with what I say in my journals but I'm human and expressing what I feel right now does not determinate the final feeling in the long run, now I must start working in my new song, and my Jesus Christ help me and guide me for it as well as the ultimate protection that he provides for me as another faithful server of his and that for I'm not ashamed of him but eternally grateful for this life of mine.

issue # 133
Saturday, January 28, 2006

Well, yes!, it is the same excuse and reason, no time to write about how exciting my life is because it that, too esciting, so no time to stop time and life so I can write what I been experiencing in life, so busy living it, but I think of all of the people I love and then I feel a huge rush to connect with them in my own ways. After the second week of this first month of 2006 I became blond again, and I feel so happy about it that hopefully I will be blond until the day I die, and I keep wearing kilts
instead of pants and most guys die to wear them too specially the young generation, for example, there is a male high school student named Michael Coviello in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ who won few days ago the right to wear kilts and skirts to school with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, and who knows how soon guys will start wearing them, and if no one does then better for my uniqueness, but sure this is a really fascinating situation for me. Over a week ago it was the Golden Globe Awards and my boyfriend had to be part of it so I drove him to meet Joan and Melissa Rivers for he is part of the team that is by now the symbol of the biggest red carpet events in LA and NYC, and sure with out them the red carpets events will lose their magic, then I went to the heart of West Hollywood to walk my doggie, and I spent my day relaxing doing not much until I had to pick up my boyfriend at the Beverly Hills Hotel where he was working in those Golden Globe Awards, then we went home for a good fuck and a good night sleep. We been taking it easy, watching TV, we also watched "BrokeBack Mountain" and sure now it's my favorite movie, about time a movie like this was done, this actor Heath Ledger is so hot!, also we been playing tennis at some public courts near by home, and we are so addicted to it, I kick his ass always at it of course, but he can serve better then me, is just that watching Martina Hingis back in action at the Australian Open on TV this year after 4 years of being retired and she is playing better then before, in fact she is playing the final for the mix doubles title, so no bad for a comeback, but then there is also Amelie Mauresmo who was a gay icon way before she won this year's first Glam Slam, she is to me right now the Roger Federer of tennis, same game style but maybe even more scarier because she forced 3 of her opponents to retire, and there is also the Bryan twins who keep winning Glam Slam tittles as well, WOW!. but enough of tennis! at least for now because my boy and I are thinking in going to Las Vegas to see Celine DIon on Sunday Feb. 26 and watch the first couple of rounds of the "Chennal Open" tournament, so it should be lots of extra fun to how much fun my life already is now days. specially when there is fans out there already telling me that this new movie of mine called "Eating cum with Jeff Palmer" that came out last month is super fantastic and I'm eating so much sperm in it too making me a real fucking pig, mmm! sweet!, so it touched my heart, their sweet words always melt me inside. Yesterday B* D***k came over home for a quick visit to my boyfriend who also works in the entertainment business, and she seemed really happy to see us again, and it seems like her dog line products are doing really good and fucking love using them in our doggy Mickey. We been shopping, doing errands and all that home shit. This morning I was so horny and the lips of my butt hole was itching, I knew it was hungry and it was time to feed it with some nice thick piece of meat that my boyfriend provides me with, so after a good cleaning session from my part I lubricated my ass hole to make it extra juicy inside and today I wanted to get it like a dog from behind, I told him to take his time because his cock was hard as a piece of steel and is really thick but once it was all inside as far as it could go then I made him pump my ass and fuck me hard while my ass was really up in the hair and his big hands grabbing me by my small waist and fucked me so hard ejaculating this way a big load of his sperm inside me and then we changed positions and he fucked me with my feet's in his shoulders while I was seeing his thick monster hard cock go in and out of my juiced up and stretched out and abused love hole, then he laid down on the bed on his back and I started to play with his nipples and cock and when he was getting close to cum again quickly I stick it inside my butt hole and rode that fat cock while shooting big loads of more sperm deep inside my happy and really juicy cavity of mine, yes my ass hole was completely satisfied, so he started to stroke my cock until I shot a big load on his chest, mmmm!!!!!!, and after I dropped him at work I came back home and jerked off my cock live on my website, it was a 30 minutes show, getting off today twice, yummy!!, and my dick gets hard just by writing about this stuff, so I guess I'm really blessed by Jesus Christ because my life is so exciting and happy, so the only bad thing of this relation with this boyfriend of mine is that once in a very while it can get really angry too about certain things and misunderstandings, but by talking it out I feel fine again and even much better afterwards, so thanks to Jesus I'm with a guy who don't mind talking and dealing things out because other wise it would have been over a long time ago. May Jesus Christ keep making sure my life is the best as it can be, for him, for me, and for others.

issue # 132
Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It's 2006!, and I feel more then ever that time keeps running away from me, but I'm so healthy, happy, comforted, blessed,
protected, sexually satisfied and loved that I guess is the only negative thing in my life making it almost perfect, there is so
many people I know that I haven't get back or call, and I hope that all of you, yes, you Mickey Boardman!, I had plans with
him to meet him at work at PAPER magazine headquarters in NYC but I could not made it, and there is Gina Medina,

Michelle, and the list goes on and on. Since November of 2005 I changed the style of pants I wear, since then I only wear

pants that are tight at the bottom, they are called pig leg pants I think, and they are stretchy so they are extremely tight on

my legs and the reason I love them so much is because so far most guys wear the really baggy ones, and this way I can look

and feel special, also I'm wearing almost everyday along with this pants this big black warm ski mountain boots because

the hugs are taken over they woman already. I decided to show off my body this year even before it started for if I have a

body to show I'll show it either is cold or warm, that simple! Maybe watching on cable the "Susana Gimenez" hispanic

international cable show instead of "Laura" is the reason of my change of taste of clothes?, but an important thing on TV

for me was when I saw this one set doubles match of Martina Navratilova and John Mc Enroe against Martina Hingis and

Jim Courier, with the oldest ones winning, but when the Martinas played a set in a single match the younger won and stills

looks really good at 25 years old and can seve better too. Few days before Christmas my boyfriend had to go to one of

Melissa Rivers's home in Malibu, CA, she is a huge TV personality and I enjoyed a lot talking not only with her a lot but also

with her maid because she is brazilian so I practiced my Portuguese and sure I should be under the impression that she

does not know who I am, but she knows way more then she says which is fucking clever, she is really fun to hang out with

and is totally into guys with blond and light eyes for she is not currently married. On the 24th of December 2005 my

boyfriend, our doggy and I (of course) packed our bags, place them into our jaguar together with a bunch of gifts and

drove to Las Vegas on the way I worked in this new song cumin out on the very first month of this year and with a big

surprised included too! After few hours we arrived to Las Vegas and checked in at Mandalay bay Hotel and drove to the

house of my boyfriend's sister for Christmas diner with her family and drop off our presents, then we came back to our

hotel room for a good long fuck in which he proceeded to introduce his thick cock into my hungry stretched out and lubed

up butt hole of mine, and I ride it while he lays down in the bed, and after making him ejaculate inside my ass hole that

way his cocks stays hard and keeps fucking me in a different position like doggy style and dump another load and keep

fucking me and shot yet another load of sperm inside my already juiced up hole, with my legs on my shoulders position and

I feel like a big river of semen deep inside of me going back and forward, and lots of it!, then I make him lay in the bed and

I sucked his cock, nipples, and all over his body, his mouth and tongue until he ejaculates inside my mouth, and right after

that I put it quickly back into my love hole and then I jerk off my big hard cock and cum all over my chest while his thick

cock massages the inside of my butt hole so good, it's so intense to ejaculate with someone you love over and over the same

way with out minding at all being so repetitive, and we do it at least once a day, sometimes twice a day, he sure can

ejaculate many times in a day everyday, mmm!!!. The next day in the morning after having a long fuck session again, we

showered and went to his sister's house again to record on our video camera the moment when his family open the many

presents we got for them, and we got some presents too!, it was a real family Christmas for me and sure I enjoyed it a lot,

nothing sexual about it but yet fun. Few days after Christmas we drove back home to Los Angeles and we got ready for

driving again but this time to Palm Springs, and we stayed at the "Hope Springs" Hotel which is not much gay at all but it

was a romantic stay with my boyfriend so sure i did not care, the Jacuzzis are great for that hot water was supreme on the

skin of my body, and we rested, fucked and really enjoyed ourselves, then we drove back home to LA and here I'm few

days after unpacking and in these few first days of this brand new year I spent with some man I really love and gives me

the happiness I have not really quite experience before, is like a total giving and taking, I feel like the world may want me

to move into a different place, concentrating into being a musician only with out being too commercial, keeping my music

at the same level, the same as before Tori Amos went commercial. But I would not say good-bye to my porn career with out

a final film that should be my really best one, I will keep masturbating live like today for example, I got a show at 3 PM

PST, and will still feature in this website all of my sexual content which will became my past and transform myself into a

"song&music writer", but for now I'm enjoying so much this little gift from my super fantastic boyfriend, yesss! for

Christmas he got me a "I POD" and two $50 "I TUNES" music cards! and I like it so much that I'm almost done with one card

already, it's genius! Last night we had our first romantic diner of the year at "Beige" at Falcon restaurant in Hollywood, CA,

great atmosphere and there was plenty of kisses, cuddles and talk with him, a great margarita pizza, mucho yummy

chicken and spinach and super service, lots of young fantastic people but we kept it to ourselves because it was a romantic

diner, but on our way out we got to say hello to Rusty who was valet parking his brand new pearl Range Rover as we were

getting our jaguar from those rapidos valet parking guys, And today between a live masturbating show and a man to fuck

me and fuck later means a lot of action for my cock, yeahhhhhhhhhhh!! so I must end this journal diary fucking thing now,

because right now my universe is great, I'm living in heaven, it's such a wonderful life! and it is like that because of Jesus

Christ who is my eternal number one for he guides me and provides me like always so I can serve him however he wants

for I am his eternal server and sure I celebrated a lot this past birthday of his.

issue # 131
Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The last time I wrote was from NYC and I was staying at this hotel called "The Mercer" and yes, I was listenning to my latest

track musical track "Faggot" non-stop, just like I'm doing right now, and sure is a very excentric situation I have managed to

involved myself with, and sure I fucking love it, because when I'm listenning to my own music there is no worries, like the

ones I had with my boyfriend because it is such fucking job to keep control of him and the enviroment where he works, I have made him to change his email address, home phone number and cell phone number, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I keep a leash really tight on him other wise it would not be my dog, the tighter I keep the leash the more interest I have in my dog who loves to be trainned, I learned to put all my interest or why even bother?. so our sex life is getting even better, and he enjoys more and more dumping loads of his sperm deep inside me and the other way around too, I keep enjoying sucking his cock and him sucking mine, kissing him all over his body and mouth, and I go fucking crazy losing myself in the feeling of my skin against his, is really intense and very strong the way we fuck, everyday we must get off at least once, and sure the next movie I'll make is gonna be like in the Falcon days, by then, (1 or 2 months from now) I should have acumulated a really huge sexual energy because is been around 4 months already since I'm not longer the slut whore I used to be and exchanged that for the monogamous life and as result it seems like I keep meeting more and more of the current biggest celebrities and movies stars from this planet, and sure it is really fascinating to be in NYC on December 5th with my boyfriend inside of the car that is transporting inside with us the gilrfriend, mother and father of this really cool actor who I must refer as AB in order to keep my discretion with out having to lie, and after 30 minutes of being in this line that ended at the entrance of the red carpet for the world wide premiere of Peter Jackson's "King Kong", we waited even more for the security personal to give us the ok to get out of that black tinted windows track and AB was there looking really sexy but that was the last time I saw him that night because this woman that working there saw me and right away grabed me by the arm and made me go with my boyfriend into the red carpet, and it there was was walking the red carpet in front of endless cameras. photographers, paparazies, and walking right next to other celebrities like for example the current king of comedy Will Farrell who is the comedian from the movie "Bewitchet", it was really fast and crazy, they sure took some good photos of myself and I wonder if anyone had a clue in there that I was the king of gay porn, but sure I told myslef like I still do that i was just another person into this monster huge world premiere, and the call of the king of animation wasn't in vein, because it was worth going there and feeling like almost crying right at the end for how romantic it was, and how well of an actress is Naomi Watts, she is for sure an oscar winer in my book, currently she is my favorite aussie, I saw her really close right next to me and I could tell how really cool she really is, The movie was shown in 2 theathers, and in the one I was in I saw the king of real state in USA Mr. Donald Trump who took a pick at me while I was going up the stairs in the dark after a pissing break, and I was wearing this really tight white pants show sure he could not help but noticing me, after all I had a totally updated Peter Berlin look in me that night. Once the movie was done we all took a bus to where the party was, even big stars like Glen Close had to do it for it was really stricted, and there was a lot of food in there that we did not eat and instead we just hang out for a while before taking a taxi cab back to our hotel and the next day it was our last day to enjoy each other for we got separated later that day on Tuesday 6th I flew back to LA and he flew to Berlin, London and Paris, and at the time I had to decide if I would go back to Europe or not, but I really was not ready, I'm not ready as today to go back to Europe, by now I'm more American then Bob Hope and Dolly Parton and I just don't wanna wake up and be in any other country, specially with all of the current war and France turning over night into the biggest arab country and I don't have anything against arabs but sure some of them blow themselves up making the rest of them look really bad for is the ultimate disrespect to life and making people like me not want to go back there again, for fear of the basic, and for fear of so much water in between too. Once I arrived here in Los Angeles I saw my doggie Mickey Junior and our girlfriend Denine, then she left and I called it a night, next day and the few days afer I was talking over the phone with my boyfriend most of the time I was up, on the last day, on Saturday night we spoke for over 12 hours with breaks with just few breaks of 8 or 15 minutes only, it was so fucking weird, like wanting to even breath for him, never before did such thing, getting older is making me do crazy things but in way different ways then before wich makes my life much more exciting. Now days I'm almost done with the music part of this new song I'm creating, I even have the tittle ready, I want it out before christmas, I'm keeping my lifve very simple so I can be the happiest and really live the moment, live in the moment, and I'm so glad sometimes that I don't get to be some money hungry person like Oprah(richest woman on USA TV) who lies about her girlfriend Gayle so much that maybe karma will take her away from her and find out that there is so much more then money and power that is why is so cool that B* D***k's bouyfriend(the actor of "My big fat weeding" John Corbett is turning himself into a country star, It will be so fucking cool if Nicole Kidman can get pregnant then everybody will remember that the reason she did not get pregnant in those 10 years is because Tom Cruise's sperm was not good to make kids that is why they adopted 2 or 3 kids, now his new girlfriend is pregnant? hopefully Nicole Kidman will protect herself very well from another misscarriage that will favor Mr. Cruise, and why I don't like Mr. Cruise? because his religion reflects what a liar he is, just like John Travolta, if I have to be a liar to be in his religion then I can forget about watching their movies, But sure I have to say they are the best liars and players in Hollywood because other ones like Ben Affleck have tried hard but then I feel so bad for him to see photos in the magazines of his girlfriend or wife really pregnant french kissing another guy for this TV show she works for, I will wanna die if I see my boyfriend kissing another guy, even if is for 10 million dollars, that's is more fucked up then the Hilton sisters, i could not do it, and God knows I have been a big whore in the past, so glad I'm not an actor, Kelly Clarkson is a really cool american singer that grew on me a lot, just like this actor Jake Gyllenhaal who really redimed himself from going from an horrible war movie to an oscar one called "Brokeback Mountain" but I like calling it BB Mountain, mmmmm!!!, now this movie I must watch with my boyfriend soon! is such cool movie that even makes Jakes ex girlfriend Kirsten Dunst go crazy drinking and partying, ay caramba! Now I got to get ready for my "Masturbating on Saturdays with Jeff Palmer" show I do on my website and get off my ass and keep enjoying this fucking wonderful life of mine under the ultimate protection from the mightiest who is Jesus Christ and who I'm glad to serve.

issue # 130
Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Holidays are here!, it's December 4th!, it's so amazing that the whole year is ending soon and is ending so well that it feels to me like I have it all, an amazing love life, an amazing spiritual life, an amazing career, an amazing health, and there is so little left I can wish for, and the thing that may be really funny to some people is that the reason for my extreme happiness is because I just simply take advantage of Jesus's guidance, making sure to always live in the best dimension as possible not matter where it is, and this is my reason that explains why it's feels better for me the older, I'm thinking better.
The only bad thing is that I'm not writing in my journals as often and it really bothers me so here I'm. There is few bad things in having a boyfriend besides not being able to longer be a slut which I really don't mind anyway, but also having to control his cell phone's calls, emails, he got rid of all the porn, dildos, photos, phone numbers, condoms, lubes and everything from his past from his house, the whole house is clean from any 3 lover, no 3 ways with us, sorry guys!, i feel like I'm a dog trainer, but this time I'm determined not to make the same mistakes I did before with Papito, and i really fucking get off on it too, because if there is something I have learned in my life is that it takes being a trainer, if the dog doesn't like being under my control then is not a dog for me, so we fuck everyday, and sure he stretches my butt hole really good with his really fat cock, now days the lips of my ass hole are getting bigger and hungrier, lately he is dumping his loads of semen really deep inside my ever hungry love hole then while he is eating his own sperm out of my butt hole I'm sucking his cock and swallow his sperm really good, and right after that I jerk off my cum all over his chest, sometimes he eats my sperm, and sometimes I fuck him right after getting him off and dump my load of cum deep inside his nice and generous butt hole, sometimes we fuck twice a day, get lost kissing and I like to kiss and lick all of his body and I like rubbing my hands all over his body and tongue kiss him like the slut I cannot longer be and just go fucking crazy when we fuck. We cuddle and hold hands constantly either on the streets, parties, airplanes, and seeing people's response is so fascinating and most of it is really positive.
2 days after 49 years old Bo Derek came over to our house in Silverlake, Los Angeles with her dog to give my boyfriend her amazing brand new line of dog products and candles, and my puppy french bull dog really enjoyed playing with her much bigger dog. This year I have been at the gym not more then 2 dozen times in total for I have discovered the secret to keep the same size of body and muscle with out yoga or lifting weights often, but next month I should start filming a new movie with SX Video, it should be the 4th part of my barebacking series so I may do some right before starting to film. One tennis player that ended the year the best way he could have is David Nalbandian who became "The master of tennis in 2005" won around 1 million in a half dollars, secured his place in the top 10 world rankings, he defeated one of the strongest number 1 players in the history of tennis and his home town goes out on the streets to celebrate, making him a national sport hero, WOW! congratulations David! . Let me mention now all the stupid people that piss me off, Meryl Streep is the most annoying actress I have ever seen in my life and sorry for my honesty but I wanted to confess this a long time ago but I didn't for fear of being judged but honestly I cannot care less for anyone who choses to be so ignorant like her, life is not just acting in movies, and Salma Hayek sure has automatically reached that horrible low level of ignorance by joining forces with the HIV fraud, but she had it coming for not winning that Oscar, Adios to her movies for me. Once upon the time Tammy Faye used to be a great evangelical woman here in USA until she gave up her faith in God in exchange of chemotherapy and all that goes against real faith in God making him look bad, so she may have to go away soon, sorry miss Tammy! we all make mistakes!, and I don't really care that Enrique Iglesias is so proud to have a small penis but one thing for sure is that I'm not watching HBO ever again, they sold themselves out to the HIV people, so now I'm going with their competition and not them, not more HBO for me. Same thing with any movies with Angeline Jolie and/or Brad Pitt, they have pictures of themselves making out in this horrible movie they did and yet they deny making out while him being married, so can you be more of a liar? how much stupid they think people are? they starting to remind me of Caroline and JFK Jr., but thank God for Jennifer Aniston who is the biggest A celebrity in Hollywood right now, and for Ryan Phillippe for his is so yummy to watch, so now if he want to do the cross over to porn while he still young will be more then great, because there is more and more actors doing it, you see, Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Tommy Lee have done and now this one called Tom Sizemore is sure to be the best one of them all, he can keep an erection for ever and he is not bad looking at all for his age, it is amazing how ever since I started doing porn this crossover started happening and getting bigger as the time goes by and sure I like to feel like I'm part of the cause of this, even of course I maybe not.
Last Sunday me and my boyfriend flew from Los Angeles sleeping in the air above many states and waking up in NYC, we checked into the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and we showered, order food and we fucked, then we went out for shopping, we came back to our hotel room and watched some movie and fell at sleep, the next day he woke up early to go to work for the promotion of this new movie called King Kong, then did some errands, went online, went to walk out on the streets, then my man came back from work and we had great sex, I was already clean, naked and with lots of lotion on my body, then we went out to eat and then we stopped by Bob's who is one of his girlfriends, she is "the world's famous burlesque" and we gave her some christmas presents. The next day on Tuesday I came over to visit my boyfriend at work and on the elevator of this building I saw the main actors of this movie "King Kong" the blond actress and one of the 2 main actors and won't say who it is because then I'll be giving away the name of the one that my boyfriend is working for and I respect his wish for total discretion and I refer to him as Mr B, he is so fucking nice and cool and I really like his long time girlfriend Ms M, so sorry if I'm being so vague but is really hard for me right now to give away any more details because I'm still hanging around these huge world movie stars and some of them want more discretion then others and the paparazzi can be tough, so I try to keep my distance from them the more as I can. This week in NYC passed by really fast, between enjoying the spa services of that fantastic Mandarin Oriental Hotel, I would go visit my boyfriend at work, go downstairs where is Whole Foods, (1 of my favorite supermarkets), go out shopping with my boyfriend, and taking it really easy enjoying these holidays. Yesterday me, my boyfriend and all of his client's entourage moved to "The Mercer" hotel, yes!, the infamous one where this same year the australian actor Russell Crowe earlier hurt an employee's face in the front desk with a phone, not even with his fist. And I have to say that this hotel room is fantastic, last night my boyfriend fucked me so good, after all I was in such hungry aggressive horny mood, but now is Sunday here in NYC and started the day snowing, tomorrow Monday I should go with my boyfriend to the world premiere movie "King Kong" for Kong is right now the king of animation, and me the king of gay porn will go see another king, other kings and queens and thousands of people are going too, and now I got to stop writing but not with out before thanking the whole mighty Jesus Christ, king of kings for being the one who makes sure my happiness is always there so I can serve him as long as I live.

issue # 129
Saturday, November 19, 2005

Almost every day, every morning I get to suck on a nice big fat cock, it's my boyfriend's, and is only for me to enjoy it, and sure I take my time doing it while he just seats in the couch and smokes tobacco, mmmm!!!, his sperm goes either inside my mouth or inside my butt hole, sometimes I get off inside his hole making it really juicy and filled with my sperm after
fucking his yummy hole for as long as I can, specially if I'm giving him a full body massage that I enjoy giving him sometimes, but I always end up massaging his prostate from the inside with my rock hard cock, and sure he also reattributes the same way for me because he fucks me so good with that fucking fat cock of his and makes me shot big loads while I'm riding his cock on top of him, we kiss, cuddle and go clean, mmm!!!, then while he showers I'll make breakfast, then I kiss him good bye to work and I stay in the house taking care of it my dog and I'll go online too, make errands and all simple cool stuff that makes me feel normal and total human, is been 2 weeks already we took out the Christmas tree, a silver vintage one from the 50's, and it looks awesome at night. Last week on Wednesday we went to the Staple Center in downtown Los Angeles to watch play tennis live and win Maria Sharapova and later another match with Amelie Mauresmo who is open lesbian and actually won the whole tournament this year, it was really exciting and my very first time in that Staple Center big building. The next day Thursday I went with my boyfriend to this job he had working in the set where Carmen Electra (actress) was filming some commercial ad for a website or some wrestling thing, not quite sure, but hanging out in her dressing room with her and talking about ideas for a great horror-thriller movie for he to star in, and jokes about her having problems with not being able to control at times her butt hole and shitted many time before inside her own panties. 2 days after, on Sat. 12th I enjoyed myself all naked and really horny in one of my couches jerking off my cock live in front of my laptop with my webcam until I just couldn't take it anymore and it exploded really big all over myself, then I cleaned up and started packing because few hours later, early next day me and my boyfriend flew to NYC at JFK and we arrived Sunday after noon, then we took a shower and we went out for diner with Bob who is the most famous burlesque woman in the world, and it was fun because she is so funny, then we came back to the hotel room of these double tree hotel we were staying in, and soon after we put her in a car to get her back to her apartment, then it was just me and my man having a good time fucking him and sucking him off, and the next morning he had to wake up early to work with this beautiful actress Sela Ward because she was gonna be at a TV show called "The View" then he came back to the hotel room and we went enjoyed ourselves in this hotel, then the next day he had to wake up extra early morning to work at this other TV show, then he came back and we had great sex then he went to meet Joan and Melissa River's team because they had to be at the red carpets of the Country Music Awards doing the only thing that people care for in these kind of TV shows which is gossip about each other looks, talents, clothes and other insecurities, then he came back to the hotel room and then we went to their dressing room and was great to see Joan Rivers again and always so cool to me telling me how nice is to see me again and all that, then not too long after that we all went to this TV Guide channel interview show that was so, so funny, and by the time they ended taping it was after midnight, then we came back to the hotel room had great sex and fell at sleep, the next day I wanted to go with him to work with my boyfriend so I did and got to see Sela Ward being interviewed by Isaac who is the host of this new upcoming TV show on a channel called "E Style" or something like that, he was so funny, I couldn't believe it, he was even more funnier then this comedian called Kathie Griffith, then we went back to the hotel room and had a long session of hot sex, the next day he went to work by himself really early and it was for the TV show "Fox&Friends" and then for "The Tony Danza Show", S**a W**d and her team were a busy one on those days, and finally me and my boyfriend had few hours to make some great love, eat, pack our bags, shower and take off to the airport, and it is so much better do a long flight with the human you love the most at the time and sleep into each other's arms with out worries of what people say, so we arrived to LAX on Friday and we were so happy to see how well our girlfriend Dennine took care of our doggy Mickey Jr., so in his behalf she got a cool peace of jewelry, just so it goes to show her that my doggy knows how to treat his bitches. And today Saturday I just finished doing a live show on my webcam through my website, got all horny and stroked my cock for almost half an hour and also i fucked myself with all of the fingers of one hand, I almost fisted myself and felt amazing, mmm!!!!, then I ejaculated a big load of my sperm and now trying to finish this journal of mine, in top of that also I'm planning in doing lots of more new music I'm planning and other stuff that won't mention what it is for fear it will not happen soon, so I have to work harder and try to do the right thing always because there is a lot of people out there who thinks is doing good and the truth is that they steal husbands once and twice, they try to look like lady DI in front of the world with the AIDS charities and they don't even really know what is that they are doing actually, and Angeline Jolie is the best example to me of how not to be, besides there is a lot of kids in this country who needs as much help as in any other country, maybe I should not read any more tabloids but then again I need to inform myself of who should I let entertain me, I don't consider myself an stupid being for I will always use that right of mine to research, confirm or disapprove of any entertainer who could entertain me and they are just few, so far some of my favorite artists left is Hillary Duff and Kirsten Dunst for they still can manage to avoid any connections with the AIDS/HIV organizations, but I'm afraid that is a matter of time before I read and see a photo of them in some AIDS charity, but Kirsten dumped that terrible actor who is did a war movie at the worst time possible and may God help the families of all the soldiers who died, are dying and will die in this war, (they are real heroes), so you never know. And I hope that not too many people let their kids read or watch the new Harry Potter movie, for it praises what is not God's, and may Jesus Christ always guide me, keep me happy, protect me and let me serve him the best as I can always as long as I live.

issue # 128
Tuesday, November 08, 2005

YESSSSSSSSSSSS!, It was beyond spectacular performing live on Saturday, Oct. 29th my brand new song "Faggot" in front of around 700 people who were 18 years old and over at "Firestone" which is the biggest live stage nightclub straight or gay in the whole State of Florida, but it didn't happened until the end, they had to wait, so before I started dancing in one of the boxes in the dance floor with the crowd, and sure I showed my butt hole really well, it looked very huge and inviting from that box with high lights, I enjoyed so much dancing my ass off literally because it was around 1 AM, but then at 2AM it became 1AM again because of the saving light time change of 1 hour, so basically people got an extra hour to get extra drunker, then there was a contest for Halloween customs and while on stage I was humping the one with the custom of a centaur on stage because is the symbol of the sign of my boyfriend, and the centaur won that night the contest and $1.000 cash, then they started playing a 1 minute introduction music while I was being announced into the same stage where others like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake performed their own music before me, and I was covered in this brand new white hooded cape and once my new song "Faggot" started playing I took off the hood of my head and revealed myself and at that time I felt like Freddie Mercury, and at that point I told Jesus Christ to take over me and this super feeling took over me and I just felt so good, it was just like the good old times, but also i remembered how much energy it used to take from me because I would give 100% each second while being on stage and that's a lot of seconds to hundreds of people to give my energy to, but I turned into pleasure to recover energy and create a cycle this way, for cycles are what people always look for and the one I lived was fucking major and powerful, cycles are the point of living for me, and sure I got what I gave because I ended that show being so happy and with others very happy as well too making it a mission very well acomplished. Right after the club closed I was taken to my hotel room were I took a shower and packed, then it was the airport and I slept some in the airplane back to Los Angeles, CA all the way from Orlando, FL. then I went into the parking lot of LAX got my Jaguar and drove home to my boyfriend and my 4 month old french bulldog named "Mickey", that day we took it easy and I sucked his big thick cock for the longest time and before he got to near ejaculation I make him fuck me really good, his cock sure make my prostate feel like in ecstasy, specially when I seated on his cock and ride it that way taking my time and moving in many different ways taking full charge of his dick deep inside of me and admiring his big tattooed body, kissing him, sucking on his nipples, then I sucked his cock again and he ejaculated inside my mouth and I swallowed all of his sperm, then he turned around and let me fuck him really good all I wanted, and his butt hole is just so fucking juicy, soft, tender, seducing, inviting and really generous because I can pound and pound hard as I want and most times I can fuck as long as I want, but it feels so amazing fucking someone you love that it makes me ejaculate kind of too fast sometimes, and he loves me to deposit all of my esperma(sperm) deep inside him as often as I wish, open 24/7 like the seven eleven stores, and I like to visit it almost everyday, making the disposable enema business a really good one now days, is just that when my butt hole is really really clean then I enjoy my boyfriend licking and sucking it really good, he got me into it because he just loves doing that specially right after being stretched by his big fat penis, and it makes my whole body tingle because he goes crazy for it, but also I got to mention all the times that he sucked me off under the blankets draining and swallowing my semen real good. Having a boyfriend is making my life much more happier then I imagined, he got us some white gold rings as commitment, and yesterday it became 3 months since together, we drove to Palm Springs and chilled out and relaxed at this straight resort that accepts pets, we go shopping, he loves getting me clothes and stuff, I painted the kitchen in orange and he love it, I got a new gardner and making the landscaping of our big house better and better, all really domestic stuff, and I'm still Jeff Palmer, making my lives masturbation shows every Saturday, a new movie cumin out, I'm just feeling more and more like I have it all as the days pass by in this new exciting life of mine, but it does not surprise me because faith in Jesus Christ really works when is real faith, After not feeling happy with making my own music available to my members only I came back to my original decision of not commercializing in any way with my music and sorry to the music industry if people like me causes their decline but is their own fault after all, and their mistake is for me to know and for them to figure it out. Now I'm starting to learn my ways to avoid an engineer to work with and make my musical creations even more personal, yesss!!!I feel this huge urge like never before inside of me that is burning me to make more music, and tons of it. I'm not much into watching TV shows but there is one that I may start watching this one called "OC", but depending if Nicole RItchie is in it, she is just some actress I'd like to see on TV at least until I find out that she got involved with some AIDS/HIV charity like Christina Aguilera just did and lose all of my interest on her for someone that much ignorant does not deserve my attention anymore. Is not a secret that I been such a huge slut in the past that I wanted for me and my boyfriend to do a syphilis test because I know the HIV virus is a fraud but since I'm not sure about the rest is why I did that spooky test expecting to take the antibiotics presuming I would have it for sure, but for my huge surprise It was negative, so, or I don't have it because of Jesus's miracle or is a fraud like HIV as well, because God and lots of people knows I have been very, I mean very exposed to it, so who knows? all I know is that I'm really healthy and clean after all the self sex hard-core abuse I did put on myself all my life, and I'm gonna give the credit, honor and glory to Jesus Christ for always protecting me from so many diseases and many other things too.

issue # 127
Wednesday, October 26, 2005

2 Saturdays ago at 3PM I jerked off live in my website through my webcam and ejaculated really good in front of a good

amount of my fans, the day after, on Sunday I flew to Portland, OR with my boyfriend for a romantic get away and also to

sell my Nissan Altima, and we stayed at the nice hotel "Lucia", we rented a car and sold my car to my ex-roomte Paul and it

was great to be back there for a little while, it was a really romantic couple of days, and while there sure I enjoyed fucking

his super warm, tender and really juicy butt hole from behind and massage his body at the same time, but the pounding on

him didn't last more then 20 or 30 minutes because I lose control inside of him, and what a major pleasure is for me to

sucking his cock and feeding myself with all of the sperm I can take from his cock, mmmmm!!!!!!!, eating his semen everyday

is something I really look forward to it, he is the first man ever to make me feel like he is all mine and just mine, and I'm all

his, not 100% like I belong to Jesus Christ but a 99% because he is human and he understand this, that is why he gave me a

white gold ring to wear on my left hand with a matching neckless, also it is very funny and fascinating to me to see people's

reactions when we are out in public on the streets, and they see us holding hands and cuddling in the airplane or in the

streets, most women don't like it too much I noticed, but most man loves looking, and sure this makes my life so much more

adventurous, he is so tall and intimidating that no one can mess with him, he makes me feel so protected, mmmmm!!!!!!!,

once we got back from PDX last week I was really happy to see Micky who is our french bulldog who farts so strong. Last

Saturday I did my weekly webcam shows called "Maturbating live with Jeff Palmer" enjoying a lot getting off that way,

mmmmm!!!!!!! in front of so many horny man jerking off with me at the same time defeating distance. The next day on

Sunday my boyfriend and had a lunch party at our house and some of his best friends came over and we had a really good

time talking, eating, laughing, and sure my life is not to sexual crazy anymore but I had to change, couldn't stay living that

way anymore, I found love and it has inspired me to create a new super song that talks about my feelings in a porn set, it

was complited on 10-24-05, it's called "Faggot" and never before did a song like this and honestly I don't know what it took

me so long to do it any fucking way, but finally it should be in my website tomorrow and it brought me this fuckikng huge

desire to perform live again, so, after such long hiatus from the gay club scene I will perform live this new musical creation

of mine again, and this time in the biggest gay club in Florida located in Orlando, it's the good old "Firestone" nightclub at 1

AM, and I just cannot fucking wait for it. But until that happens I will keep enjoying introducing my boyfriend's cock inside

my huorny butt hole and ride it while I kiss him and then I suck his cock while he licks the stretched open just fucked lips of

my juicy and warm love hole, then swallowing his sperm and then fucking him really nice mostly from behind and dump my

good loads of sperm nice deep inside of him, but cuddling with him feels as good as fucking, and lasts much longer too,

almost everyday we get each other off so it doesn't make me wanna go around fucking with other people, and I can

experience monogamy so my portfolio of experiences in my life is complete besides the chances of keeping myself

monogamus are big because makes happier then I could have ever anticipated. Some other good news to me is that In this

month of October Gisela Dulko won 2 tittles in doubles, one at the Japan and Thailand Open, and it seems to me like this

will help her being the best Argentinean female tennis player ever some day, but I could be wrong about her. I got really

annoyed with Laura Bozzo and her ignorance about the HIV fraud so I do not longer watch her show anymore in adition

with VH1 and MTV, Now talking about bad news I must say that the cover box of my next moview with SX Video is not my

favorite one at all and also the title could have been better too, so it seems it's gonna be called "Cum-eating with Jeff

Palmer", so hopefully the movie itself and the editing from Jesse will make it up for what I don't like so far, I just know

what I like and not, is just a little bummer for me, that's all. Now I'm thanking, honoring and giving all the glory to my

ultimate protector, my number one in life, the all mighty Jesus Christ.

issur # 126
Saturday, October 15, 2005

I just got off live for my fans, today Saturday I started masturbating live through the webcam of my website few minutes before 3PM PST and reached a huge orgasm almost half an hour later, ejaculating so good and big, mmmm!!!, there were lots of fans watching me and I'm planning in doing it every Saturday. Being with this new boyfriend is turning out to be one of Jesus best gifts ever to me, I have never had such tall boyfriend before and he takes the best human care of me and sexually we are completely versatile because almost every morning I enjoy sucking his big fat cock until his sperm explodes out of it inside my mouth and I swallow every yummy drop of that sperm that's all mine, with out any wasting a drop, and right after that I beat off and ejaculate really good while his big fat beefy cock and tasty sperm are all inside my hungry mouth and throat, and at night I love fucking him from behind and with his legs up, and always breeding his ass filling it up with big amounts of sperm our of my "in love" cock, he have some really juicy and generous butt hole that's just mine, mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!, and when he fucks me like yesterday for example it feel fucking crazy because his dick is so big but I like to keep my butt hole stretched here and there once in a while, and his cock is magical for that, also I need to ad the fantastic blow jobs that he gives me drinking also all of my sperm really nice and good, plus all the cuddle, and hugging while sleeping together, so, what else can I ask for?, a puppy dog? yes, that too!, he just got me the other day one 3 month old black french bulldog, we had to drive all the way to Temecula here in California, but it was worth all those hours of driving because this puppy sure makes me smile the whole time and takes my mind aways from thinking too much. Another wonderful news is that lately after dragging and ignoring my instincts musically I have decided to not longer work with this DJ Tony Sinclair, unfortunately my instincts were right about not working with him anymore after years of doing it, because there is times when artists lose their talent and/or they get burned out, and this is the case with him, so I must now find a new one, but also it means that finally now my instincts are gonna take over me musically and I jut cannot wait for that to happen, it will a super amazing creation my next one and will not say more about it until is out because this one is gonna make me. One day I went to visit my boyfriend at his work and got to meet Joan Rivers who is a famous TV lady here in USA and she said to me... Hi Jeff! nice to meet you we heard a lot great things bout you!, and I say ... oh! is my pleasure to meet you, and she said something really nice that made me feel very welcomed, then I understood that she have to act different in front of the cameras because acting like a crazy, angry and cool lady on TV is always been her formula to be funny, maybe we'll see her and her daughter in NYC next month for the Country Music Awards where the'll do the red carpet. Tomorrow I'm flying to Portland, OR and will stay at the Lucia Hotel with my boyfriend, and the reason is to go there to sell my Nissan Altima car and him how fucking pretty is Portland, so hopefully Jesus Christ will protect us flying back and forward for is him the one who always took, take and will take the number one place in all what constitutes me Jeff Palmer.

issue # 125
Monday, October 03, 2005

It's been years since there is more Argentinean tennis players in the world top 10 rankings then any other country, and also

I'm glad that Roger Federer won the US Open because his competitor in the final worked once not long ago for evil Elton

John, so that is enough karma to never ever win a Glam Slam again but Serena WIlliams better win all the Glam Slams next

year. Another sign of change of times is that China is starting to host big tennis tournaments like the ones in GuangZhou

and Beijing, and also I'm really glad that Kim Klijsters won her first Glam Slam at the 2005 US Open, all it took her is to

dump that Australian who is not classy at all like Pat Rafter is, Kim's ex together with Russell Crowe are a pair of

Australians to be ashamed of, (that is if you are an aussie), they are to me like Bono from the horrible British group called

U2, that make me change the radio station overtime one of their songs is being played, he is the most annoying British

figure in my eyes or is Elton John? Hhhhmmmm! One day 2 weeks ago my boyfriend and I drove to the Omni Hotel here in

downtown LA for he had to meet with Melissa RIvers who is a host for some TV shows in cable here in USA, but I did not

care much for her picture because my family have no clue who she is, so I went to the lobby to have breakfast and I could

tell there was a lot of TV actors having breakfast in there too but I don't watch much so after a while I drove my boyfriend

and me to Malibu to the house of the ineffably glamorous actress S**a W**d, (unfortunately she is doing another hospital

TV show which for me have always been more boring then listening to evangelist Pat Robertson contradict himself), but she

is reeeeeeally cool and talented, her husband and daughter are very classy as well, then we left her and I dropped off my

boyfriend in the limousine that took him to the where they do these TV awards called "The Emmys", One day I went to

meet my boyfriend on the set of this show for WE which is the woman channel in TV cable and the famous Bo Derek (who

my family loves) was there filming a TV show and she seemed really happy to see me again, so it was fun hanging out and

chatting with her in her dressing room with my boyfriend and her dog who is also a model/actor for a line of animal

products that she owns. It's really weird to me that still she probably still have no fucking clue who I was other then my

boyfriend's boyfriend, and that is just fine with me because all I wanted is the picture with her and send it to my family so

they can leave me alone because she is an icon in Argentina where I grew up, besides that side of the entertainment

industry is forbidden for the ones in my side, but then again I have always personally found more reward, excitement,

happiness and joy in the entertainment industries I had and continue to work for, so I just pretended to be no one and the

closest to invisible as I could, still I did not stayed for more then 1 hour. On Tuesday, September 27th I was really nervous

and excited because now I have a monogamous relationship with someone and doesn't go around trying to change me like

this one I had long time ago who I named Papito tried before. Now is a total new dimension because is a product of what I

brand new design I have created inside my brain and that is the most fascinating thing with life is about the this ability.

Once I came into SX Video's Studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles that day at 1 PM PST and meet all my costars, around 8

fucking hot guys, and I sucked them off all one by one while they introduced themselves to the cameras, there were a

couple of young twinkies, a couple of older huge hairy macho man, a black guy, one latin, and 3 white blond ones, I just

had a jockstrap and medium leather boots, and my current trade mark haircut with my 100% natural hair dark hair color,

and all completely smooth body and almost no tan at all. After meeting&sucking all of those fucking handsome and horny

man individually they lined up in behind this high pedestal so their dicks were at the level of my mouth making it really

easy for me to suck all of those hard cocks almost at the same time, going from one to another like a mad crazy desperate

cock sucker who just couldn't have enough dick, so many different sizes and shapes, smell and texture, I for sure I went

nuts once all of them except one started to ejaculate inside my mouth almost at the same time, so I was more then glad that

there where 2 cameras to catch it all, but sure I catch all of those ejaculations inside my open mouth that with each load

was getting more and more filled with so much sperm, it was all over my face and eyes, there was just so much sperm in

my mouth like never before in my all life, then I made this last guy get off and then I ejaculated masturbating while sucking

some cock, mmmmmmmmm!!! it was a wrap and my very first 100% oral scene ever, the editing should take some time but

for sure it will be out before Christmas that way my fans can look good with friends by giving one of my movies as a

Christmas present for the Christmas tree this year, what better then an orgasm as a present to a friend? without even

touching! Once I got dressed I drove my new Jaguar 3.0 and drove home in Silverlake here in Los Angeles and took a

shower and had a very romantic diner with my boyfriend. Having sex with my boyfriend and hanging out with him is the

best, we also like playing video games at home, cooking, working out downstairs in the garage, going to the movies or

renting them like "Monster in Law" for example, Jane Fonda and JLo were cool, watching TV and stars like Nicole Ritchie,

Hillary Duff, Melanie Griffith, Vince Vaughn(the hottest tall man), Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Aniston, Kirsten Dunst(of

course), Eva Longoria and others. My boyfriend and I also enjoy playing tennis, going to the spa for facials and massages

with him and shopping for clothes and planning many things together and living in any dimension with him forever feels

perfect to me as long as I keep my fans who are the ones who stay with me always no matter what, even if it has to be

musically only, as long as I live I'll be giving from me to my fans, and I cannot forget no!, being online through my webcam

once a week at least is really important to me, once I remember pissing all over my self with my hard dick and it really

turned me on so much, ejaculating live in front of my fans keeps me going well, connecting with them is one of the most

exciting things to do in my life that is why this new song I'm creating with my favorite DJ should be my favorite one ever

and I'm making sure of that because now I live so close to him. Lately I have made all of my music even more exclusive by

making it available to the members of my website only, and It was really hard and sad to have to go commercial with my

music even that I never had that intention, but is just that I felt the urge to make the members of my website feel more

special by having such privilege. Congratulations to Oprah (richest woman in USA)for finally not wasting any more time

anymore pretending to be straight with that guy anymore, it seems like she is now finally spending all of her free time with

her long time girlfriend Gayle, after all she got raped when she was girl and it's obvious that a dick wasn't gonna go

backinto her vagina, now that she is old is not wasting anymore time, the american is such fascinating culture still, so much

crap!, for example, it seems like this famous gold digger woman named Ana Nicole Smith had a surgery in her stomach to

make it smaller and she gets 10 million dollars to promote some pills making everybody think that she got skinny because

of those pills when she really had surgery, same bull shit like Louis Armstrong the bicyclist. After so many years of having

the same cell phone number finally I'm changing it so everybody can understand that I'm not doing escort work, it feels so

fucking sweet when my boyfriends gets jealous, but not jealous of the one and number one in my life, yes! the perfect one

named Jesus Christ.

issue # 124
Saturday, September 10, 2005

Being back in Los Angeles is turning out to be just what I should, everything falls in place like is meant to be I guess, and this new boyfriend I have sure makes sure I'm happy all the time, he even swallows my leche(sperm) caliente really good like a good baby, and I can fuck him anytime I want but I really get off so much in sucking his cock because is bigger then mine and he just love to have his cock sucked too, and by me only, mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!. Last Week On Thursday night my boyfriend and I took the Jet Blue airline and flew to NYC, then we had a limousine car take us to out hotel called something like "hotel on RIvington", and the room we had had view to all of Manhattan from the East Village, it was early Friday morning when we checked in and we took a few hours nap because we only slept few hours in the airplane, then we woke up much more refreshed and we took a shower and went took a taxi to the US Open and they did not have tickets for that night so we got some for the next day and so, then we came back to Manhattan and we saw one of my boyfriend's good girlfriend do a show in this straight bar close by our hotel room, then we went back to our hotel room and we watched some of my movies while I sucked his big fat cock and he sucked mine so good, it's just so fucking amazing when I drink his sperm, always making sure I'm happy because I just love to suck cock too much, specially if the penis can ejaculate many times, and then I just wanna swallow lots of sperm, and keep on eating man's cum, I have never done a movie about just me sucking cock and eating cum, just that, I think it would be a cool hot different scene for my next movie, specially if the man I'm sucking are really really hot, perhaps next month will be the month to film it, nothing for sure yet, just a super cool idea maybe. The next day we went to the night session of these huge tennis stadium located in Flushing Meadows in Queens, NY, and there were record crowds, really hard to walk with out bumping some straight people on the way, my boyfriend and I were walking around while hugging each other, and we did not care much what people said which was nothing we could hear anyway, I cheered that night for Venus WIlliams and she won that 3rd round match, then I cheered for David Nalbandian who is so hot and sexy and he won the match as well, then we went back to our hotel room and took a shower order food as room service, cuddle and slept on that super comfortable bed, next day I think we went to see Maria Sharapova kicked the ass of these successful Indian girl, and then we saw I don't remember who and then we finally saw the match between Serena and Venus Williams and even I cheered loud for Serena this time it did not work, so Venus won the match and we went back to Manhattan but not without first seeing Martina Navratilova walk by with a small entourage and I said... Hi Martina!(as I was walking) and she looked at me smiled a little bit and said... hey!(while she was walking the other way), it was awesome because at 48 years old her current results in the courts are at the level of a 17 year old girl when comes to doubles and mixed doubles. While we where in NYC we went shopping and we got lots of great clothes, then me and my boyfriend went for diner at this italian restaurant and I'm so embarrassed now just by remembering how jealous I got that night, and I realized that night that I just wouldn't be able to have diner that night with my boyfriend and some gay friend of mine, and I think that maybe because we just meet that I want all of his attention to be mine all the time he is with me or I don't know but sure he fucking loves that idea because I do the same too, and it feels just so so so so great to think that I belong or someone belong to me only, because I know that obviously no ones belongs to anyone, but the wanting feeling is awesome and very refreshing to my long slutty life, specially now that the winter is cumin and the good ones are taken already, sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!, the day after arriving here in LA I did a live webcam show and there was quite few horny many out there that day even that it was 4 PM PST, and in few days I'm doing a new one that way all of my man can see me live from remote distances. Me and my boyfriends enjoy watching TV while we cuddle and drink some hot goat milk chocolate and the healthiest cookies while watching shows like "Laura", and we fucking love that woman in Peru because she is a host that either hits her guest or help them financially for this TV show is recorded in Peru and is a really poor country so she is by now the new Evita and all these other bitches, (specially the Mexicans ones) try to copy this Laura Bozzo because is just so funny, pathetic, sad, and all in one, very unusual. Also I been watching the channel with news from China, getting news from there fascinates me lately. Today I have a diner and movie date with my boyfriend very soon so I need to get the fuck out of this computer already, and yes my life is really fantastic because I count on the mightiest force there ever was or is, and Jesus Christ is that force live to honor and follow.

issue # 123
Wednesday, August 31, 2005

One day after writing my last journal on MOnday 22nd I storage my stuff, packed my bag and moved out of Portland, OR, and my boyfriend was waiting for me in the LAX terminal as soon as I got out of my airplane, we hugged and kissed in front of everybody in there, and it was awesome but kind of weird because I measure 5'8 tall and he is 6'4 tall so maybe it looked strange or maybe and I'm not used that public display of affection, but sure we did not gave a fuck, we went to eat and then home which is in Silverlake, CA, we made love like crazy, and he says I give him the best blow jobs, and sure I enjoy sucking and drinking sperm out of his beautiful thick big cock, and his spooky tattoos in his white body turn me one too quite a lot, also he knows how to drain my cock very well with that experience mouth of his, he is turning 37 so he is 7 years older, my favorite number. On Wednesday my boyfriend bought a car for me to drive around here in Los Angeles, so we got a new black X type Jaguar 3.0 with black tinted windows and even that I refuse to be materialistic I must admit that I love driving my new elegant car, later that night I took a seat on his cock while we watched my latest film on DVD and riding his big thick cock was making my hole feel so good, besides it was great exercise for my legs by doing all those squads and making him ejaculate inside my butt hole a huge load of sperm, mmmmm!!!!!! just like the film we were watching, then we went to sleep hugging and kissing each other like we do every night, On Thursday I drove my new car to my favorite musical producer Mr. DJ Tony Sinclair so I could chose from a long list of electronic material to create a new dance song, I stayed there for 3 hours non stop but I really wanted to make sure I was choosing the right stuff and wrote some real amazing words as well too, but it's gonna take long time I know. On Thursday night we went out to Tiger Heat a nightclub for gay teenagers, and we picked up Jeff C. on the way, Jeff C. shots the best photos of me but his care for others leaves lots of room for improvement. We stayed in that nightclub not for too long then it was pizza time, dropping off Jeff and went home, fucking my boyfriend that night for the first time was so heavenly that I just ejaculated as soon as my verga(cock) entered his warm and juicy cavity more known as a hungry butt hole, right there in the couch of the living room with his legs up, so I guess the long waiting was worth it, still I felt bad because we agreed that the first time would be in NYC, but we just couldn't help it, was so fucking unbelievable, he said I was the second person ever to breed him, and sure it sounded awesome even if is not truth, but it doesn't matter to me any fucking way, still I just cannot wait to be already in NYC, my boyfriend is taking me there because he understands how much of a tennis freak I am and this last glam slam of the year already started and I'm watching now those matches on TV and I'm going even more fucking crazy to be there already, will be there from Friday until Monday or Tuesday, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!, at night I'll try to go out to the nightclubs too. On Friday I remember me and my boyfriend we stayed in enjoying the music we got earlier that day like A-ha, Depeche Mode, Pet shop Boys, while cooking in the kitchen, but at some point we started kissing and hugging as usual and I couldn't take it anymore and fucked him there in the kitchen and unloaded a nice generous amount of sperm of my hard like a rock cock, we cleaned up and kept on cooking, eating and sleeping in the most romantic ways ever before, On Saturday morning I went to the gym where all the trendy people goes at the current time, the new 24 hours fitness next to Archlight on Sunset BV., later I went to the Sunset Junction festival but because of the many rock bands playing there it seemed like there was more police then people and the stands were beyond boring, so after walking for 30 minutes and getting myself wet in front of these fire fighters spraying hoses I decided to drove back home pack my bags and my boyfriend drove us that night to the ranch of Nancy and Michael who are 2 successful friends of my boyfriend, they been married for long time and their ranch is huge near Santa Barbara, many awarded horses, dogs, and awarded huge vineyards too, they were great to us, and on Sunday we played tennis on their private tennis court, and I did some amazing shot that still makes me feel so fucking good just by remembering it, mmmmm!!!!!, yeah big tennis freak here. Later that evening B* D***k showed up at this ranch were I was staying because she is good friend with my boyfriend and this couple, she is way more cool then anyone can anticipate, i give her a 10 as well for her inside, she is not that young anymore but sure she looks so so so good, the local news paper had her in the cover with one of he beautiful horses for she is a horse freak. So, me my boyfriend and his friends B* D***k, Michael and Nancy we all drove in these Range Rover truck for diner at this really sophisticated restaurant and everybody was looking at Bo of course, somehow I got to seat next to her and I couldn't help to feel so fascinated with Bo, she told me she has been in Mendoza, ARG, and loved the wines and meat in there, (she was eating raw steak), at some point we were talking about New Orleans's destruction for the Katrina hurricane and I said...but what is gonna happen to Mardi gra? and Bo Derek punched me softly in the head while saying ... how can you think of that now? and we all started laughing really loud even these other customers eating in that fancy restaurant, after we all 5 shared a desert we went back to the ranch and watched Michael on video win an award for horse riding, then Bo Derek left and we all went to bed, now I'm ready to meet Joan Rivers!, how hard will she punch me?. The on the next day I gave my boyfriend a massage that end up with my dick inside his hole filling it up with a big amount of sperm, following it with me sucking his cock and drinking all of his generous amount of yummy semen, then we took a shower, packed our stuff and drove back to Los Angeles on a mellow Monday, last night we had really romantic diner at "Beige" at Falcon where the food is getting better and better, but before 11 PM we were out of the door, saying hello to Rusty, getting our car from valet parking and driving back home to sleep together hugging and kissing, and since my sleep is been so fantastic lately I don't know if I imagined or I dreamed that Tom Cruise had a secret boyfriend named Tim and they looked alike but Tim was younger, and that they agree in giving Katie Holmes 8 million dollars for each year they stayed married, and Katie went running to buy a condo and she could not stop giggling, and I cannot recall anything else of this dream or what ever the fuck it was that is in my brain, but sure I fucking love having also these that I fly, I enjoy those ones so much. And I agree that there is not such thing as a chemical imbalance, vitamins and natural supplements will do the job. you tell them Tommy. Hats are not good, they kill and weakens the hair follicles, take Princes Diana's older son as an example, or Andy Roddick as well, Today I'm gonna be live on my web live camera, so I got to wrap up these one with the usual way of thanking and giving all the glory the one I live to honor, yes, the one with the most powerful name ever, Jesus Christ.

issue # 122
Sunday, August 21, 2005

I should be ashamed that after me being a pioneer of these electronic journals for not writing more often, but I guess that when life is being really enjoyable is so hard to stop and take time to write it in words, but everything to my fans and people, even seating my ass still in front of this laptop for hours, (with long green breaks in between of course). On Saturday, August 6th I was still in Los Angeles and took it easy and spent time with B** who was my host, he is like a father to me, we never had sex, we know each other for 10 years, he is also gay and few generations older then me so I can learn lots of interesting stuff. Next day on Sunday, 7th my friend Jeff picked me up and took me to smash box studios to get some equipment so he could shot some photos of me at his place, and don't know what they are for yet, but sure they are awesome!, during the photo shot I got so horny that couldn't help myself from getting all nasty with some guys at the gay bathhouse in Melrose Av. right in where the most trendy clothing stores are, and I don't know if it was all those dicks I sucked in the dark room of that bathhouse eating sperm from these dicks though those glory holes, got fucked and breeded with lots of warm sperm deep inside my juicy and way too hungry rectum, I didn't care who was fucking me, it was so dark, I just wanted one man after the other to un-load his semen and breed me deep inside my unsatisfied hungry love hole that was stretched out and so wide open and inviting dick after dick making it so f*cking juicy and warm for all the man in there, and remember that some guys were shy so I had them fuck me at my room, specially this bodybuilder who claimed to have a girlfriend and said enjoying to fuck me better then fucking his girlfriend because he fucked me for hours, also he sucked me so good making me cum inside his mouth, the muscles of his body were huge, his penis was large and so thick and he enjoyed me bitting on it, it was my first time ever biting on a dick that way, but it really got him off and it showed he was bisexual for real, he was white blond, blue eyes and really tall, hopefully I'll keep that memory for a long time, mmmmmmm! because it makes me so fucking horny! fUCK!, On Monday morning I meet this guy that treated me so, so, so, so good, (I call him Papucho sometimes, the now divorced with children is the one who I used to call Papito long time ago), so, no, this one is not married with children, and he treats me in a way that i just cannot help myself from falling, we have plans to go to NYC for the US Open, specially after playing tennis with him in one fun day, and much more, it seems like it could be the beginning of something new and amazing, he seems so special and it must be that we are in the month of August and this is the month when everybody is hunting for that special one to spent this cumin winter, it is happening unconsciously, and half a year from now the'll celebrate Valentines, or maybe Jesus Christ have some plans that I don't know, I really don't know why but it's happening to me, I'm going into a romantic dimension, that cheese one we see in the movies and wanted to not take part of, and I don't know for how long it will last but sure I'm going to enjoy it for I got bored and tired of being a slut for so long, I need to change dimensions so my life keeps being exciting, it seems like Los Angeles want me back. I got together with my DJ producer Tony Sinclair so we can creat another super amazing dance song, and I already know what I want it to be like, it will take some time but it will be a real fantastic one. In the up-cumin October's issue of Mandate Magazine it will feature a nude lay out I did in November 2004, is the only one where I'm completely hairy included chest, and there is another magazine interested so I may go to San Diego for that photo shot. Another good news is that I'm talking with one of these Gay amateur porn companies so I may help them do the cross over to mainstream gay porn, but I'm still open to talk to anyone about my 2006 film, and bareback of course, but so far I'm keeping my chances open so far since my last 2 movies are still so requested, it's crazy!, and yes, they are my favorite ones of all time I must admit, and the past couple of movies are the ones that are so so so good that now days I don't feel any pressure to proof myself, I'm taking my time to enjoy them and I'm ready to start a brand new life from tomorrow when I'll be back to live in LA, still I'll be back to Portland some day, maybe I can be monogamous?, and for how long?. The only way to find out is by trying I guess, and sure it should be a lot of fun trying something that I haven't done before, or in a long time if I really ever did. I just like trying something new, after all it seems like I have done it all, but thanks to the imagination and instincts is that my life never seems to get boring, and I should say that again, but not really because the real thanks goes to Jesus Christ, for him is and will always be my and most important one in my life, by loving anyone and in many ways, and I'm so happy to take his present to me and try to enjoy it the most I can and for as long as he want me to, my agradecido, Dank zu Jesus Christus, Bedankt naar Jezus Christus, Takk til Jesus Kristus, Gr�ce � J�sus Christ.

issue # 121
Friday, August 05, 2005

I have to apologize for not writing my journal more often but I'm too busy living life and getting f*cked, swallowing sperm and all that, that I just cannot find time for it, so I'll do my best trying to remember what I did since last time I wrote in here, I was in Portland, OR enjoying myself on Rooster Rock which is a nude beach near Portland, and love being naked and seeing naked man too, specially when I see some cock I want and take it behind those bushes to suck it dry, drinking the more sperm I can out of them, sometimes they fuck me too, but rarely, due to the sand and mosquitos effects, YUMMY!, is just so hot to get a nice tan all over my body in the sunny PDX, because in there it can get really sunny and can go like that for weeks, not rainy at all, so, man get so horny and sure I take advantage to get them off well. One few weeks ago I went to "Club Portland" which is the local gay bathhouse, it was at a time that was not too crowded, and as soon as I got there I went cleaning then I was ready for some real action, and walking around I saw this big football player alike black guy with a thick cock, and we went to the dark room with glory holes and in there he fucked me with his thick cock, I had my legs up in the bed of that dark room after like 25 poundings he ejaculated inside my butt hole and I felt a real huge amount of sperm filling me up nice inside then he pull it out and left, then I kept walking around and I saw this guy inside his room with this really 8 and a half inches uncut cock that I worshiped for a while but then I saw the big black guy who was breeding me earlier, and this time it was in the underground basement and he was laying on his stomach then I just started to suck his already hard cock, and then I took him to the sling and made him fuck me hard until he dumped another load of semen inside me, then he left and I started sucking this other big hard cock from this hot big and tall blond blue eyes and he fucked me in the ass really good too and injected my hungry and already juiced up with another big amount of sperm, but this time from a white cock, then walking around I saw the same black guy in the TV room and we was seating in that couch all by himself with his big thick dark legs open and I went down the floor and my lips and mouth made their way into his crotch and put his pretty thick cock inside my mouth and grew hard in 1 second, I took the towel out and started to suck him and show off at the same time to those guys in that room, and this other white guy came over and 3 of us went to one of their rooms and while this black guy was fucking me I was sucking the white guy and they took turns on my ass until they came inside me, then I went for a walk and then I went to the porn room and sucked off and swallow some more sperm from a couple of guys and then after hanging out there for a while the white guy came by and I started to suck his big nice hard cock eagerly and the black guy from before came over and wanted to get sucked too, so I did it and even the white guy sucked his cock because this black guy had such nice cock and then they started to take turns on my ass and mouth again, but this time it was in the open of the "Porn Room" with other guys watching, and at some point the black guy grabbed me really hard and made me suck the cock of this white guy while he fucked me so hard getting ready to cum, and sure he was really verbally loud at the time of ejaculating yet again another load of semen deep inside my hole, then the white guy said right away ... it's my turn, it's my turn and he jumped behind my back and using the black guy's sperm that was dripping out of my butt hole as the perfect lubrication he fucked me really hard too and also inserted his sperm deep inside my love hole making it beyond juicy, then they left and I started to suck the cock of this other guy who had a baseball hut covering his pretty face, he was really white tanned and with a hot beard, very hairy men, he looked very bisexual or straight, and I got between his legs and took charge of his dick, making it feel so good to the point of feeding me with a much generous amount of sperm, indeed, then I couldn't hold it anymore and I ejaculated myself really good. I know there was other guys who fucked me and played with me too that night, but when someone fuck with so many man like I do, then there is only so man that I can remember. So, while not having sex I was working hard in writing the words for this new song called "Comforting", and never before it took me so long to write a song like this time, but now I'm completely satisfied and looking forward creating another song, it came out online on my website only on July 26th, and at the time I was in Astoria, OR chilling out at the house of this ex-porn star named Seth Black, his boyfriend is in Iraq so we did not have sex, is just that we are just friends only, and it's fun to have friends like that sometimes, now days he is more buff, and also I found out that he is much older then what he looks like. but his life is kind of lonely and too far from civilization for me, so I was glad to be back in Portland last Sunday and went right out to this local gay bar "Silverado" and it was around 7 PM and meet this really cool, interesting, good looking, and very romantic man, and we hang out together with out having sex, it was so romantic, just making out, hugging, and feeling a whole new different way of connecting with a man, it was just so soft, sensual and sweet, that I'm looking forward seeing him again when I comeback to PDX from LA, because the next day on Monday 1st of August I flew here to LA, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Right now I'm in Los Angeles, and so happy about it too. My friend Mark picked me up at the LAX airport and took me to his nice place in West Hollywood, put my bag in the guest room that became mine while there and then we went to see this movie the "Wedding crashers" and was kind of funny, that actor Vince is so hot and big, I remember we cruised each other really hard one, at the time I remember wearing nothing but a jockstrap, it was few years ago, back at the release party of the new "Music" CD from this beyond famous evil woman who now days ruin the life of other ignorant famous people, such as the latest victims of this dark cult already had a miscarriage, so, so much for the protection from evil eye by wearing that ridiculous red string in their wrists, sorry Ms More, but look pay attention to all the followers really don't do as well as they did before they started these evil cult of Kabbalah or whatever the name of that cult is, wake up, and what I just said is a fact. Yesterday Tuesday I went out to "Beige" at Falcon here in LA, and had an amazing time seeing people I haven't seen in a long time, including Rusty who is always so fucking nice to me, after all I been going to his club religiously since he opened for he always treat me so good and with so much respect that I cannot help myself from being so faithful to that club all these years, and I was introduced to this big shot man in the mainstream Hollywood productions, he was shorter then me and soon we started getting fresh with each other, besides I wanted to be and look sleaze too, so we started kissing while I was rubbing his hard cock, and walking around the crowd and making out in the dance floor and playing with his cock under his pants until some actors stoled him from me thinking that I want to do a crossover to the mainstream or something, but all I really wanted actually from him was to eat his semen, for an actor I don't wanna be, and yes! call me now Yoda, but soon I found this Armenian guy I knew from before who works with all these celebrities and told me that Vin Diesel likes me in the photo shot I did for Empire Magazine long time ago, and sure I dig him back too, YUMMMMMMMMMM!, I'll marry him in Canada, Holland or Spain, mmmmmmmm!!!!!!, going back to what I was talking about, i started to grab the crotch of this Armenian guy with long hair to the point of making his penis really erect under his pants, and he was not drunk like the other guy, so he told me he could cum inside my mouth quickly and sure he did, it was right near by and no one saw us, his sperm tasted so exquisite, and soon after that I wanted to go back at my friend's place and on the way I sucked his cock again, this time inside his car while he was driving on the way and he stopped on Beverly BV. and had a second orgasm in my mouth and I ate it all too, then he dropped me off. Next day he took me to my good friend Bob and I'm staying at his place right now writing this from my laptop. Earlier today I hooked up with this guy who drove from Orange County picked me up here in Hollywood and took me there, we started kissing passionately while I went on top of him and itroduced his pennis inside my hole and he fucked me there in his hotel room ejaculating his sperm deep inside my ass hole twice in less then two hours, he was 6'3 tall, blond blue eyes, nice worked out tanned body, beautiful cock, great kisser, oh yeah! he made me kiss him for ever, is just that he was too good at it, and I was seating on his cock the whole time, the second time he had an orgasm inside my hungry ass hole was while being behind my back and laying on the side, his big hands where all over my body, he made me feel in ecstasy. Also I'm beyond happy to report that this last movie I did is without a doubt my hotter and nastier movie ever because is been almost half a year since is been out and still is in major demand to the point of not having much people asking me when I'm gonna make my next movie like normally happens few months after each movie, so I'm gonna keep enjoying the great success and soon start shopping for a company, maybe I could change company and do my next movie with someone else then SX VIdeo who have been so nice to me. The non porn movies that I have seen lately are "Star Wars," "Batman" and "The fantastic 4" was my favorite one. I should do a classy photo shot for a change soon so I can post it only on my website and show all my people how well and happy I'm doing because this Jesus Christ's server is always protected, having him as my real boyfriend paid off, it pays off, and will pay off, yes, as fucked up as it may sound.

issue # 120
Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Today Friday July 1st I drove my Nissan

Altima to Rooster Rock, and there is this

long walk to the water, lots of green,

beyond pretty, and I saw this naked man

and he took me inside the jungle and I

fucked him and came inside his ass, then

went for a walk found a place and worked

in my new song, kept walking, and fucked

the first guy next to the water but did not

cum and fucked this other guy and came

inside his ass, then kept on walking and

this big guy with thick legs and nice thick

hard like a rock cock was seating there

and I went down and sucked his cock and

ate his cum, then I laid down in my towel

right in this little beach next to these old

folks, we were all naked and one of them

was not too old, it was a hot bear guy and

we went to other side and he sucked me

and then I got real hard and fucked him

really hard until I came inside his ass and

then came back to where my towel was

and relaxed for a a while then I went for

another little walk and sucked 2 more

cocks, drinking the sperm of both of them,

one of them was real thick and filled with

semen, I pretended the mosquitos did not

existed, and keep on playing and fucking

all the way back to my car. The next day

was time in the Gym, and they day after

was going back to that Rooster Rock for

more cock and sperm, getting off like 3 or

4 times again, making that my favorite

place to get off. On Thursday, July 7th I

flew from PDX to La Guardia in NY and

before the day ended I was in this cool

suite of Saint Regis Hotel right in Central

Park with Mark who flew me there, we

cuddled in bed, kissed and talked, but

there was another room in this hotel with

guys like Michael and porn stars like Bo

Knight and Jeff Allen who where waiting

for us to go to the dungeon that belongs to

Matthew Green who is another porn star

with his own company named Dark Alley

Media, and sure that dungeon wasn't huge,

but good enough for us plus these other

muscular horny and real hot guys, we all

went crazy, sucking getting fucked, and at

some point Matthew Green started to get

fisted by this guy named Chris and I though

it was so fucking hot that I fucked his hole

for a while and fucking loved it, I fucked

Mark, and this other muscular guy, Jeff

Allen fucked Mark, he fucked me, I fucked

Jeff and Bo Knight, this latin kid with a big

dick hard as a piece of steel fucked me

and he could fuck me and cum, fuck me

and cum again, and fuck me more and cum

inside me some more, he was some fucking

machine, with a mean cock, it was a

fucking crazy night, but after a while it

was just time to move one, so we all except

Matthew Green took a taxi cab and realized

that around the corner was a building with

endless police cops around, it was like the

typical bomb scare right around the corner

or something like it, right where this

dungeon of this porn star was located, it

was spooky some how to me, then we took

a taxi cab all the way back to Central Park

to our hotel room and we played in there

some more nasty sex, Bo Knight needed to

stretch that butt hole of his for it is just

too fucking tight, and at some point this

guy black guy Tony showed up and he had

the biggest dick I have ever seen by far, I

touched and sucked, he fucked Mark really

good, but at some point Mark couldn't take

it anymore so I tried taking it for him, and

half of it is all I could, the mother fucker

was over 10 inches easily and thick as a

soda can or more, it was fucking unreal,

we took some break and took time to eat

too, here and there, we went to this

bathhouse at some point and it was

awesome to drink some cum and get some

sperm inside my rectum, but at one point I

was fucking this slim and smooth guy and

he said that I looked like Jeff Palmer, and I

ignored him and kept on plowing his hole

already filled with other man's sperm, then

he asked me if I was him and I said maybe,

and kept on fucking him, and it was really

good fucking him so then i told him it was

me, but another good guy I fucked that day

was this black guy who was laying on his

stomach and his butt hole was really

stretched and juiced up, filled with who

knows how much sperm, it was the

prettiest black hole I have ever fucked, it

felt amazing fucking it, I wanted to last

forever that way, his moves were so soft

and smooth, my dick was having the best

time of life, but eventually i unloaded this

big amount of sperm out of me inside him,

and it felt just so good for the sperm is the

best lubrication you can ask for when you

fuck a butt hole, and the ass hole feels so

good too, yummm!!, then I came back to the

hotel room and hang out with Dereck,

Michael, Bo Knight and Jeff Allen, then

some of us went to rest, and I fucked

Michael and came inside his ass before

going to bed, and the next day on Sunday I

called my friend BJ and went over to his

apartment so I could rest and hang out

with him while recovering from such big

sexual marathon before going to the

airport, is just that I don't like hotels in

NYC, and I had the best time with BJ who is

such special one to know, we walked down

Chelsea streets and it felt amazing, that 93

degree weather mixed with all that noise

and people, lots of guys recognized me,

they knew it was me, and I made sure to

enjoy that, BJ gave me a tip so big that i

consider it the biggest gift a friend has

ever gave me, and oh wow! sure did not

expect it, but also I wanted to hang out

with my friend Bart who together with Kurt

became this powerful duo designer who

creates the ones like Britney Spears before

she was white trash, yes, ever since she

became a Kabala whore she is been out of

my book, the same with Brad Pitt who's

karma must be terrible bad for helping the

HIV monsters in Africa, God have mercy of

him and his ignorance and egotistical

feelings of being a hero or above the rest

of us. and may you Jesus Christ keep

protecting me like you always do.

Issue # 119
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Two Sundays ago I went to the gay parade here in Portland OR, I arrived with a friend and ass soon as we to there I started passing fliers with all the information about the HIV hoax, and of course I made sure to be almost naked, just these big black leather boots, black leather arm wrists, a red jockstrap and lots of "Palmer's" cocoa butter on my tanned and very much worked out body, I was surprised to see thousands of people there, we were standing cross the street from these gay bar called "Embers" and the drag queens where doing shows on these closed streets and there was some evil guys making God look bad with all the going to hell crap, but sure we took care of them and we did it psychologically which is worst then punching their faces, one of them is coming out the closet soon for sure, I saw in his eyes how much he wanted me, he was very cute too, but at 11:30 the parade of floats started to come out and these two freaks were removed by the police and it was a lot of fun, then me and my friend Tim went to his car to take a break while he was laughing out loud because he could see the police man looking at me being almost naked and laughing too, and sure I enjoyed making to make them horny, it was the perfect day to get away with it and they knew it and enjoy it, mmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, I saw so many hot man out there, then we went to the festival located at the water front and it was quite big, it reminded me of the gay festival in Long Beach, CA, there was a lot of tends with all different things to sell and/or advertise, food, drinks, a stage with shows, but my favorite was this tend made to look like from the Sahara, it was the "love room", and they couldn't tell me what it was about, so I went inside and I saw all these guys in laying in the ground hugging each other, some of them naked, kissing, and sucking, and sure I could use an anonymous blow job in that fucking tend, mmmmmmm!!!, so these 6'4 tall huge bear went down on his knees and sucked my cock dry, man! he was like a hungry fish, and I left that tend way more released then when I went in, then I kept waking and this guy who got a blow job from me in a bathhouse a while ago was chasing me all over, he kept telling me how much he enjoyed my blow jobs, he is very good looking, great muscular body, ex-bisexual, and after a long while in that festival and having my picture taken so much I felt it was time to take off, get that guy off in the up stairs of his house, he just feed me with some major amount of sperm out of his big white rock hard penis, it was yummy and fulfilling, I shot a big load while drinking his semen, I relaxed for a few minutes, cleaned up and then drove home, took a shower, ate, and rested. Two Mondays ago on June 20th I created a new musical part of a new song to be out and ready with the words by the beginning of next month celebrating freedom on the 4th of July that way, i feel so bad for the Australians for this actor Russel Crowe make them look so bad, the opposite of Kyle MInogue who is so fucking hot!, at the end of that Monday I was so horny that I asked this buddy of mine P. to give me some great head, I had a great ejaculation inside his awesome mouth, and the next day on Tuesday I meet here in Portland, OR with one of my fans/lovers who watches my live webcam shows online and it was a this motel, soon after we took our clothes off and he was no too tall but really big, and me being a chubby chaser sometimes, I really enjoyed going on top of him and with lots of oils in between making me rub most of his back side of his body with most of the front side of my body, while my dick was inside his vibrating hungry juicy hole, it was an experience like few, totally exciting, and between this kind of massage and this other I got off twice, and him too, the first one with out even touching himself, something hot to remember, at least for a while until the next memory arrives in. And on last Wednesday I did a live webcam show a little before 7:00 PM through my website of course, and it was fun and got off live real good, then I went to Daniel's house here in PDX and he is a hot black guy, with nice thick legs and arms and cock that's real large and get hard and shots one load after another, plus he shares his butthole as well with lots of passion and lots of Vaseline that sure I did not mind using, it was a constant flip flop, me fucking me and dumping a load inside my hole and me fucking him and sucking each other's cock, at some point this hot guy in the early 20's came into the room and blowed me so good that made me wanna fuck him real nice like I did, but then me and Daniel went to this bookstore and went inside of one of the booths and this guy came in pull out his hard cock and I stick it inside my already fucked butt hole and he pumped my butthole nice and hard until he shot a huge load of cum inside then he left and then we went to another bookstore and in this one i fucked Daniel's butthole through this glory hole and finally I came inside his ass hole, I ejaculated a big amount in there, it was a big semen deposit, he loved it, then I sucked some guys dick through those glory holes and after few loads I went home for a shower, food, and rest. I'm watching Wimbledon and I have to say that David Nalbandian, Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova are looking and playing so good, it makes me wanna go to the USOpen in NY few months from now. The summer continues and I keep getting showered with constant compliments for my latest movie which I gave %200 of me, and sure it paying off. Lately I have rented some non porn movies like "Seed of Chucky" with Jennifer Tilly and "Cursed" with Christina RIci, and enjoyed them a lot, funny and silly. The really good thing of not having an agent-manager like I used to have is because he will put me at the same level of his many other clients instead of giving me the special treatment I wanted, now days I'm on my own and just my movies, my website, my music, my live webcam shows, and people like Damon Kruezer are doing the best job I could ever ask for and be on top like I need to for I'm not ashamed to admit it because Jesus Christ needs the strong not the weak in order to serve better. I meet with this other porn star Sean Storm before I ever started doing bareback films, he was one of the few porn stars who was kind of cool to me, and after I started making bareback films became even more successful then Sean Storm contacted me and asked me what did I though of about him starting to do bareback films too, then I told him what I would tell any porn star from the almost gone condom films, I told him to go for it, I told him that when you are a porn star people always try to put you down no matter what and do what he wanted to do always, and sure it worked because he is even using the same tittles I use for my movies, and I love that!, just like this pornstar named after me, Dexter Palmer, so fascinating, I just love seeing how much the curse of gay porn has taken, and sure I'm glad to be blamed for that change, ah ah!, now I must keep working out and do a new photo shot next week, create new words for these new song, and keep doing my live webcam shows once a week because my fans love me so much that I don't need just one boyfriend like some gay guys want, that was long time ago, I just don't play those stupid games anymore, I'm ahead of my age, I'm out there because of my fans are my boyfriend, not because of fame, I'm out there because by loving them I'm loving my boyfriend who is Jesuscristo.

Issue # 118
Friday, June 17, 2005

Last week it was a funky one, and this past

weekend was real fun, me, Seth and his

friends went out clubbing to some local

gay nightclubs last Saturday here in

Portland OR, at my favorite club (so far)"

Silverado" and we really had a good time

just joking, talking, grabbing, cruising,

flirting into other things we did including

all those man in that club, and I was the

only one who wasn't drinking alcohol, and

after a long while they wanted to go to

some other gay bar even that it was

packed, so we went to "Boxes" which is

next street down, and it was fine there, I

started to make out with someone and

waited for my friends to get their drinks,

then walking from this room to the other I

see this dancefloor turned into a clinic, the

curtains semi open showed the bright light

inside that room and a guy standing there

with a syringe in his hand,

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!, it was a clinic

targeting obviously the gay man, I bet you

don't see these clinics in the straight bars,

but then again maybe I smoked too much

of something earlier, or the drunkenness of

my friends was getting at me, but no!, it

was real, so I knew that I had to get the

fuck out of there and never return again,

eeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh, and i was loud about

this clinic so people knew how aggressive an

un appropriate they were, I mean, there is a

place for everything, this is just making

obvious they desperation to push these

poison-drugs into fags throats, well, I'm not

that stupid, I don't buy everything out

there, and certainly it gives me energy to

work hard as a dissident 2 days from now

in the gay parade. But thank God for this

night club "Silverado" which still is not

infected with these fucking annoying

traveling clinics, because in there we had

the best time dancing without Madonna's

music or without problems and sickness,

so I been working out like a fucking

mother fucker, which means a lot and

consistently cause soon may come the time

to film my 2nd and last movie of 2005, and I need to look and feel like a kid in college, not so much hard-core sex, and more into thing like playing the game "clue" with Paul. But then again there is a muscle in my body that need great attention sometimes like after some

special requesting online by this hot white

guy, I drove for like half an hour and meet

with him and did some vacuum pumping

which consist in having you dick being

sucked by air through this plastic tube

where with the help of lots of vaseline you stick your cock and/or balls and

it gets bigger fast by the suction system, I really enjoyed I must admit,

and after many years of him doing it now

he got this massive huge big 5 pounds of

heavy huge balls and thick cock that I

sucked with lots of pleasure and work, I

felt like a baby, and after 1 and a half

hour of pumping our big dicks and

watching online pictures of dicks with

silicones and stuff like that he ejaculated a

nice load of cum inside my mouth cumin

from these massive balls and cock, it was

just too hot for my brain and immediately I

just exploded, and my enlarged penis and balls finally

exploded with some nice big load of sperm,

I was very relieving, then I proceeded to give

a massage and I noticed that every time I do

a massage my wrists and arms get bigger,

thicker and stronger, and also pleases the

person I'm with, is just that for me is such

new way to contact with people and still

have the control, besides the compliments

are really good, like the ones I got from

Tim the other week we played tennis, or

like the compliments of this guy who is one

of my fans/lovers from all over the world

who watched me live two days ago on my

website, always showing myself live to the

world once a week at least, is basically an

intimate date with just me nude with my all

smooth tanned body, basically jerking off

and showing off my full hard cock and

how excited I feel for them to see me in the

present moment and time, so they better

then anyone know how I'm looking and

doing in the most current time, Last

Sunday I meet with this doctor from NY

who i meet first online, was visiting

Portland and staying at this nice hotel

room and once we got naked he noticed me

and I noticed him and his big thick dick

that was so hard and horny that i had to

lubricate my ass hole and once I started to

stick it inside my juicy behind but he got too close to

ejaculation, so I took it out, but it was too

late because this generous amount of

sperm started to come out from his big

dick, so quickly I started swallowing and

eating all that sperm, i just gave him an

orgasm too soon, and once i found myself

sucking this thick cock with all these sperm

with it and inside my through is that the

though was too hot for my brain and I got

myself these big orgasm and these big

chunk of cum just exploded out of my

cock, and it felt so much better at that

time, totally relaxed, so then I told him to

lay down and took control of his body with

my hands and gave him some massage that

he enjoyed very much based on his

compliments, then we went out to eat at

this cool restaurant and we talked about

lots of interesting stuff, then I had to take

off. Two days ago way before my live

webshow I went to the nude beach with my

friend Paul, is in Sauvie Island, and it felt

so liberating to be there all naked under

the sun and free, at some point I started to

walk behind the bushes and took all those

mosquitos bites in order to suck some cock

in the bushes and sure i sucked one who

gave me a nice generous amount of sperm,

it got hard and big fast and soon after that

male ejaculated inside my mouth and I

swallowed it all, he was the typical

outdoors guy, then I came back where my

friend and I were staying, and then this big

white guy with a big hard dick walks by

and we invited him and then he lay down in

a way that his dick was so close to my

mouth that automatically I started to suck

his big penis and my friend Paul was

watching around cause it was not in the

bushes is was close to the water, so he got

off really nice inside my mouth, and It

turned me on so much that I had to get off,

and these big ejaculation came out of me,

making me feel just so

gooooooooooooooooood, then this guy and

his big cock left, and soon after that me

and Paul got annoyed by the moskitos and we just took off. Last night I dreamed that I was flying a la Peter Pan, but last night I had a cape on for the first time in my dreams, but someone I know didn't wanted me to wear it, weird dream, but a cool one. There is a chance that I

move to Europe or Canada, or Australia or

Brazil if the life of all of us the people

working in porn in USA becomes a hell

with some new laws or something out

there now days, and sure I'm glad to live

here in Portland far away from LA, even

that I must go there sometimes, because

Portland gives me peace and that is

priceless now days but you can get it if you

get guided by the force which is always

Jesus Christ, and not ashamed to mention

him in my last song, I had to do it at some

point I guess you knew.

issue # 117
Friday, June 03, 2005

Today Sunday may 3rd my latest musical creation called "Yours" is been posted on my website with lyrics and all, I LOVE IT MUCHO MUCHO!, it was created 2 days ago here in PDX, Portland, OR, and is done in a way that is really original and unique of course, is not a dance song, is electronic trance and is basically a poem or a letter to my fans that is animated with music that comes from inside of me, I consider this way the best way to express my personal feelings with my fans and gives them confidence to hang in with me, they are my boyfriends and it takes a lot of work to keep a boyfriend happy so they don't go around looking somewhere else. So last Sunday I turned my webcam on at 6:53 PM Pacific Standard Time cause I really couldn't wait to start my show that was scheduled for 7PM, I just wanted to show my fans my smooth body and my dick hard as a rock, i just masturbated in front of it and the quality was the best as ever, there was over a dozen of guys out there at the same time and space beating distance and I was watched live from distance places like Amsterdam, Holland, and other far places through the power of the Internet and my website, I really enjoyed showing off myself to all of my lovers out there making sure to live that present time and make it really exciting to the point of ejaculating a nice big load of sperm, giving my fans this way my latest orgasm, mmmmmmm!!! it felt awesome, now in a couple of days I should do another one, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!. Another good time was also when I went to meet with this guy here in Portland and he did me such great favor once I told him i will give him in return a super special massage, and the other day I went to his apartment and he had the lights off with just some candles on and really soft music with a bed set up for a massage, we took our clothes off and he laid down the bed on his stomach, so I started to rub his back with this grape seed oil and went all the way up and down his back and arms, then I made my way down to his butt chicks and his muscular legs, his uncut cock was really hard and that muscle I massaged it with my mouth and tongue, at some point I lubricated his butt hole and with my hard cock I started to massage his prostate with my cock, he was so relaxed that it wasn't a problem for me to put my cock in and out of that love hole really easy, but he really wanted to feed me with his load of sperm, and not even 2 minutes after he start to suck my hard cock i ejaculated inside his mouth and sure he ate my sperm really good, then he did the same and came inside my mouth, mmmmmmmmmmmm!!, it was some real different way to get off, after a while the bathhouse can get a little tiring,
so for a change I'm trying lately this kind of hook ups, after that we went to eat pizza with apple juice, then I drove in my Nissan Altima home to sleep, There is these 2 pathetic groups on the small part of the gay condoms porn Industry that called themselves awards shows one is called Gayvn and the other is called Grabby, and they nominate and award themselves in order to feel better and make what is by now the majority of gay porn which is the bareback ones feel bad or that we are being punished when the truth is that there is no way I could ever feel punished by being totally ignored by them since by now they are the minority of Gay Porn, yes, they are the minority and they know it that is why they ignore the ones like me and Treasure Island, and their request by people keeps going down, as my movies and my name not
only remains but are stronger then ever before, so I'm really glad I don't belong those forgettable groups of people and movies, My movies are classics that will live long after I'm dead, so the ones who said that will never do bareback are now struggling to enter into bareback cause that is what people has come to love to see, but they will be seen as hypocrite if they now go into bareback, right now is so funny how they are trying with what they called "dry Humping" and yet calling it safe, it makes me laugh so much!, they really are struggling, and I'm glad I'm not cause actually. Lately also I have been feeling really inspired by Martina Navratilova and the Argentineans such as Paola Suarez and Mariano Puerta for collecting Glam Slam finals right now in Roland Garros at the top of the tennis world. If you live in Portland, OR like me and you don't wanna go to a bar and have a good time and deal with this group of horrible people tasting for HIV, yes, believe it or not, you want to go out to a bar to have a good time and forget about work and any problems and yet the HIV people come to this bar to do these test using these bars as part time clinics, so bizarre!, and notice that I never use the word bizarre, but this situation is too much, and the bars who are part
clinic are "CC Slaughters", "Eagle" and "Scandals", so don't be surprise if you never ever see me there and if I could wear a
T-shirt that says "don't do the HIV test" I would, maybe for the gay parade cumin up soon, Portland is the best place for me in all USA to work as a dissident and together with this other dissident I know named Paul we will try to get the truth out there, and my Jesus Christ keep me guided by the Holy Spirit.

issue # 116
Thursday, May 26, 2005

In matter of few days I'm gonna get off live

through my webcam in my website that

way my members can see my live orgasm,

and will show my body all smooth and the

quality of the image is been perfected too,

it will be done from here Portland that is

now days Sunny from 5 AM to 9 PM but

doesn't get too hot. Next week is when this

new song called "Yours" will be posted

exclusively on my website and yeah! is

totally unique. From now and on you will

never see me at this local bathhouse called

"Steam" cause the owner hates

barebackers and I cannot support someone

like him, sorry, so, for now you may see

me at this other bathhouse called

"Portland" cause so far the owner is not

against barebackers, the movies are better

and is way bigger anyway and sure I

enjoyed a lot being there last week, and

playing around with lots of guys, one was

a big muscular black guy with the thickest

dick I have ever seen, and it had a lot of

sperm for me to swallow, it wasn't also the

only sperm I swallowed, also I had few

guys taking me to their rooms to breed my

butt hole really good, there was some nice

thick going around that night, and

sure I drain them all, also there was this

bottom guy with great legs and ass, I

fucked him for a good while until I just

dumped an orgasm inside his already

sperm lubricated love hole. At some point i

this tall white slim sexy guy in chaps asked

me what was my real name instead of

asking me what was name like most people

used to say, but I'm used to it, so we played for the longest,

he fucked me with his 10 inches cock and I

fucked him with my 9 inches cock, he could

also take inside his hungry rectum some

big toys, it was just too much fun that

night, and this other guy came by and we

played and played, but after a good while

I went home and took a bath, ate, and

rested, The other night I went out some

local gay bar here in Portland and I found

out that the gay bars of one side are

angry at the gay bars of the other side

cause is there where the gay parade will

take place this year, so now I'm gonna have

to decide which side to take I guess, it goes

to show how divided the town can be when

it gets bigger and bigger like the

connection I have with my ultimate and all

mighty protector and God, yeah! you

guessed right, Jesus Christ is my God

issue # 115
Tuesday, May 17, 2005

On Sunday, May 8th I flew to LAX from PDX and my friend Mark W. a great friend from the late 90's picked me up at the airport and took us to his place in West Hollywood, we went later to the movies, out to eat, watched TV and hang out, then on Monday night I went to Tom's house, he is a fuck buddy of mine who was requesting me with lots of time i advance, so it was time to go to his place and go crazy in his manhole, he really have the best mangina in LA and sure I took advantage of it cause I fucked this hole good but couldn't hold this ejaculation I was holding for days, so it went all deep inside his big nice and juicy hole, soon after I started playing with some dildos inside such an inviting rectum and soon after that I was already fucking him again, it was so fucking amazing to fuck a big hole who did not put any resistance, and do it for a good long while, then he called this latin guy and he fucked him too dumping 2 loads inside his hole, I fucked this latin kid too, yummy, great satisfaction out of it for me!,, then this other kid came by and I fucked him as well, i fisted my buddy tom, and fucked him some more until I dumped another load inside him, and I took a shower and decided to go rest at my good friend Bob who I know from 1996, he sure is someone I always been happy to be friends with, he knows a lot and he is so easy going, fucking love it!, he loves to watched TV so I did it too, but on Thursday night Vasilia picked me up and took us to "Gozar" which is the most popular gay restaurant in LA located right in the middle of all, and the food was exquisite, the service very seducing, and the night was hot, fuck! that weather was perfect, so we walked to this other bar next to it called "Abbey" breaking my promise of never comeback there but they took out the HIV ads in the restrooms, and also I got to meet Andy, who is the singer from this duo from the 80's called "Erasure" and it was strange cause when I was a teenager back in Mendoza I would look at his music videos and loved them, and dreamed of making my own music as well, and as soon as I saw him I went up to him and introduced myself as Jeff Palmer the porn star and automatically made the affirmative gestures with his head and face of knowing who I was, he was always smiling and looking at me very sexually with those big eyes of his, I told him also that I loved him and his music and it was part of my inspiration to make mine, then I kissed him on his face and grabbed his ass and went back to where my girlfriend Vasilia was and told her, then we walked pass him so she could see him too, then we located ourselves all the way into the other side of this bar, and soon after Andy and his guys located near us, so I went back there again, this time with Vasilia, then Andy introduced me to his boyfriend of 20 years and they where doing matchmaking to their also British guy, but I was only interested in Andy, and he knew it too, just by looking at each other we fucked like crazy, but after 15 or 20 minutes I took Vasilia and me out of there for I couldn't fuck with him for he have a boyfriend already and I got what I wanted which was to meet him, kiss him, hug him and I even grabbed his ass, it was so cool to see how close to his heart he was holding that rose I gave him, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!, other then a few more pounds, he looks just the same, not aging with him so far, but I just could not believe that I was the only one to come out to him and show some love, cause I'm sure all those fagots knew very well who he was but yet they where acting cool and pretending like they did not know him as they always act when they see someone famous, but it worked at my advantage, so, ah ah!, it will stay in my memory until I die. On Saturday Joe M. picked me up at Bob's place in Hollywood and took me to his in West Hollywood but his dog died not too long ago and also he is very much into himself and I know him for few years only, so, on Sunday night I was already back at Bob's place, staying with him was way better and more comfortable even that it was way smaller, money can make you so fucking miserable, yak!. Yesterday Monday I flew from LAX to PDX and my good friend here Tom picked me up at the airport and took me to my place, rested well, and now writing all I could remember making sure I keep my people updated, also I Imagine about how cool it will be if all the gay people in the closet comes out, like Oprah with her girlfriend Gayle, Tom Cruise and quite few others, but maybe is just my imagination. From now and on I will be taking out the hair of my body regularly again, I got tired of being hairy already, and who knows for how long it will last this time, it would be a new look for the gay festival parade here in PDX on June 18 &19, so far now I have to work harder on this new music single, so, in the name of Jesus Christ I'm making myself to not be lazy anymore and finish creating this new song soon, for is the mightiest name ever

issue # 114
Friday, May 06, 2005

After hearing so many great comments about my latest film that came out last month which is the 3rd part of my own barebacking series is that I asked to have some copies sent because I cannot wait to see it for I have a feeling that this may be my best film ever but I got to see it first, the hotter the better based on my standards. Not long ago someone in Miami invited me to Miami to have a little vacation, and the invitation was too juicy and yummy to say no, he picked me up at Fort Lauderdale's airport on Tuesday 26th and drove us to his apt. in Miami Beach. with a 14th floor view located right next to the water like a small Venice, and he was hot and sexy himself too, he made me feel very special the whole time, he treated me so good and the sex was awesome too, (I'm not using the word fucking as much anymore cause I got tired of using it so much already) he have this amusing thick uncut dick that make you wanna suck it and make of it a pacifier, mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!, besides, penetrating his hungry and tasty rectum felt amazing while grabbing onto those nice beefy butt chicks, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! sure he had a lot of passion, we also walked on Lincoln Road, we ate at restaurants like "Leo's" and "Next", we got to see my friend Dan, another night I meet with the last human I ever gave most of my heart which was a year a half ago, it was the one I used to call Papito and it was great to see him and confirm that everything it is like is really meant to be. One night on Thursday they were showing the 7th Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and the highlight movie was "The Man-Peter Berlin", and I went to see it with this friend of mine called "R", and couldn't know if was longer the wait or the line, but some how almost as we get got close to get in I was pulled to the side for pictures by this sexy/cute guy from Miami's local gay press and after taking some pics of us with the typical sponsors wall paper in the background we went inside to see this documentary which was fascinating cause they build this guy Peter Berlin to be a porn star but he was actually a gay erotic image creator for he said to never have penetrated anyone since coming to USA from Berlin, he was not about the sex but about erotic images and teasing gay men, and for what a know a porn star is about nothing but sex, still I though the movie gave me some good info and of course they took out the part in this documentary where he talks about doing this drug called speed every 2 weeks, and enjoying life without the pressure of work, the guy is 62, and the other part they cut in the movie is where he said that he is been away from the needles meaning that he doesn't do HIV tests, that is why he not only survived but also he looks younger then is age, and I could see it with my own eyes when the movie was over and he was right there in the entrance waiting for the announcer to present him to the crowd, but quickly before that I introduced myself to Peter Berlin shacking hands and he tough I modeled my latest image to him, and it was his night so I did not say other wise, but honestly I personally found out about him this year cause people tell him how much I look my hair look like his hairstyle, but my inspiration was the singer Morrison as for haircut goes, After shaking hands and talking a little with Peter Berlin he was asked to the stage and he went there while we all gave him a great ovation, and he seemed evasive when they asked him if he enjoyed the documentary or not, and what he do for living, another answer of his was that he did not work out at the gym for 15 years and his body looked very well kept, he was dressed the same way he used to dress in the 70's and he was tall as I'm which is 5'8, then "R" and I went to his apt. played, got off and went to sleep, the next day we had breakfast and it was Friday so we decided to have a long sex marathon and at some point we even went to the local gay bathhouse and played with few men in there, in my case with many, many men, basically I enjoyed making them ejaculate either inside my juicy butt hole already filled with lots of sperm or inside my mouth so I can eat every drop, there was this hot Cuban guy with goatee, bold, hairy buddy and a thick uncut dick that he introduced inside my anus and pumped an orgasm of sperm deep inside me, and he repeated again like an hour later, also I fucked this Puerto Rican guy who had a very soft and tender butt hole already fucked by many like mine and it turned me on so much that I just I couldn't refuse to fuck it and it felt so good that I wanted to share it so I opened the door of this small room and soon there was this guy that started to fuck him but with a condom, so it turned me off so I left the room and tried to forget what I saw, then I recovered my horniness and played with some other men, at some point there was this huge black guy that looked like a retired football player and I sucked on that thick dick for a while, but in the dark room was the most fun taking one dick after another in my ass at some point, then we came back to the apartment, we played some more and went to sleep the next day we took it easy as the following days until Tuesday that I flew back here to PDX, (Portland, Or), and the next day on Wednesday I went to this local bathhouse but they had this HIV testing people there so it made the attendance low, the guys would come in and see those people get scared or turned off and leave, still I had fun and got over a dozen of guys to ejaculate their sperm inside my hungry rectum with some of them repeating, i ate lots of sperm too, but still it was a shame that the HIV machine won't leave gay people alone, so now I only have one option which is a sex- club called Glory and if the HIV machine tries to ruin that one too then I won't go to bathhouses again here in PDX. Today I'm Listening to this new song I just created because now days I'm working in writing the words and finding out what and how I will sing and is such fascinating thrill to have this opportunity because is nothing but what i want to hear when I need to feed my own spirit that way I keep it strong and healthy to serve Jesus Christ the better, and may him help me and protect me in my upcumin travel to Los Angeles two days from today, even is just for a week trip only

issue # 113
Sunday, April 17, 2005

I just saw at the free preview of the 3rd Volume of the "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer" series and in this one I Get gang fu**ed, and I have to say that it really turned me on, so, so, so hot, yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!, cannot wait to see the whole thing, is my favorite for sure, each time I see a new movie of mine I feel like is better then the last one, so sure I'm so glad about it cause so many people have been waiting for this one since January to come out, SX VIdeo do such good job at editing, Jesse is awesome with close ups, and Gary always with fantastic ideas too. Another good news is that my favorite Webmaster and I came back together and now I'll be able to put more stuff on my website and update it very often, hopefully it will last a long long time, also I'm getting great help from my favorite gay porn journalist Damon Kruezer who is someone I can relate to cause he is hated or loved, but I see the way he can master the English language together with common sense in order to make the truth out, besides all the rest of the gay journalist pretend that I don't exist and try hard to put me down, but the high sales of may movies after almost 10 years back fires at them and they try hard to push to people all these horrible condom movies that consumer run from, so I'm so glad that smart people like Michael Musto and Damon Kruezer exist and they can try to make justice against publications such as Seattle Gay News who do not respect their own readers by not giving them what they promise to give. I love where I live here in PDX so much that I really don't like traveling that much anymore even that I should be in LA on the beginning of May. The music in the radio stations here in PDX are so cool and hiphop free, jazz, classical, rock, and even a Christian one, also the bathhouses here are so much fun, like last Thursday I went to one of them, the not so big one, and got naked right away cleaned up and went hunting for man and cock, and sure there was plenty so I took one after another and fucked this one and that one, I remember being introduced officially as Jeff Palmer at some point to this young guy who was really weird, he was in his room claiming that he did not have sex with anyone that night and got so weird that was really not fun at sex, so I left his room and then I went up stairs at the TV room and this blond young guy early 20's with a hot mustache offering there his big hard cock to me, wanting me to suck it and I did it until his really young boyfriend showed up and got jealous so I made my way into another kid and this one was a Latin one smiling a lot and with such hard big uncut cock that I took him to my room right away and he fucked my love hole so good filling me up with one load and he kept fucking me with his super hard cock and shot another load of sperm deep inside me and then I let him go for a break, while I went up stairs in the TV room and this blond kid with a hot mustache got a hold of me and just lifted my legs and fucked me right there and plowed me really hard and i liked it so much and when he ejaculate it deep inside my hole I felt like he had a fucking river of sperm injecting inside me, than he kept fucking me cause his dick was still hard and after a while he came inside my hole again, he took his cock out of my butt hole and left. There was also an army guy in this room and I came inside locked the door and started to suck his dick, he told me he'll fuck me with condoms only, but I told him that I'm allergic to condoms, and after a while I won and his cock was fucking me with out a condom and fucking me hard with a nice hard cock that ejected a huge amount of cum inside me, than I sucked it and left that room, he was a real marine, kind of straight. There also was this other young couple one was tall and kind of bear, they both fucked me good, with one of them breeding me, also at some point I was upstairs fucking this guy who was laying on his stomach and than I saw this skinny tall black guy walked by and showing his long and huge black dick, so I stopped fucking this guy and followed this black guy and took him to the sling room where he fucked me so good and hard, he dumped one load after the other inside my hole, but after the second load of sperm we took a brake. Also I spent some time fucking this really fucking hot blond guy with the perfect ass and his buddy, and I end up dumping a load in each ass hole of theirs thought the course of the night, they fucked each other so well too, fuck!, the this Latin kid showed up again with his super hard uncut cock wanting to dump a 3rd load in my hole and sure I let him, and he fucked me the hardest and came real good inside me again for a 3rd time, then he left that place, and i kept cruising around until I founded this really big furry and hairy bear guy, big bear with a hot beard, and he was laying on his stomach with a very inviting hole that I fucked so good until I dumped a load in there really good, and than I felt that I was satisfied enough to go home to shower, eat and rest, mmmmm!!!!!!!, and sorry but no dating or husbands or boyfriends with me, cause not for nothing JESUS CHRIST have the position that a boyfriend would have in my life, I'll have to be really stupid to give to one human more then the rest, my intention is to love the most humans as I can

issue # 112
Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I went to Seattle WA last Saturday, and

Steven who was this hot black guy, picked

me up and took me to my hotel room, than

he fucked me and dumped a nice load

inside me, he was hot big and muscular,

and a couple of hours later me him and

Michael Montgomery went to the Cabaret,

This cabaret place was small like most

cabarets are, the live musical shows and

first diner course started at 8:00 PM, the

diner was $100 and around 10:30 PM

they started playing my music and I went

down the stairs from my dressing room

totally naked with a total 100% rock hard

cock and walked onto the stage and

danced to my own music while my dick was

hard and the guys in the audience where

all smiling and really happy and excited,

excited such point that when i went onto

the audience and started grabbing some

crotches I noticed these man had their penis

erect inside, so I unzipped few of those

pants and started sucking on those nice

hard cocks right in front of everybody and

even seat on some of those horny dicks,

my butt hole was already very lubricated

and stretched, so it took those cocks

easily, and some point one guy started to

pound me from behind real nice, then I

would go back to the stage and show off

myself all naked with some real hard dick

between my legs, than come onto other

guys in the audience and really close to

almost everybody in there, then i sucked

some more dicks and then went back to the

stage and started to jerk off and

ejaculated a nice big amount of sperm

exploding out of my cock, while an ovation

was going one, it was a big ovation actually

I ate my own cum and then I went back to

my dressing room while the ovation was

still going on, then later I found out that

one of the people of Seattle Gay News was

there, so, I'm very curious in getting the

next issue, cause right now the current

issue 12 from Volume 33, the Friday,

March 25th, page 33 and is called "An

interview with porn Superstar Jeff Palmer"

Part 1.
Interviewed by Michael Montgomery, and

the interview starts with...Undoubtedly one of

the icons of today's porn industry, Jeff

Palmer has made more than a name for

himself- but he has been expanding the

image of the business. I got a chance to go

one-on-one with his hard body about his

music, family, and how he manages to

make every day count... but if you wanna

read the interview got to go to their

website at
After doing that show we where in the

dressing room giving some massages to

some diner guests, some of them got a

blow job from me while getting all these

hands all over their bodies, I swallow some

yummy cum, later after going to the hotel

room I got plowed by this other guy and

than I went walked 2 blocks from the hotel

and went to this local gay bathhouse

called "Z" and I fucked and fucked a lot, it
was such fucking big fuck fiesta going on

there, so many cocks and hungry

butt holes, and they showed some bareback

movies too, so much pleasure with so

many horny man, but after certain hours I

was tired already so went back to the hotel

and showered and then me and Michael

went to have breakfast and then we went

to see the Seattle Gay Chorus sing some

cool songs in the beginning but then it got

all political and negative to one point that I

had to stop clapping my hands when I

hear them singing "everybody is a racist",

well, sure it explained to me why I didn't

see any black people in the audience, all of

the sudden I felt like I was part of the KKK,

and them singing the gay marriage crap

didn't bother me as much, so as soon as it

was over we where out, then I miss my

departure to PDX, so I stayed an extra day

in Seattle with Ben who is this cute

Indonesian guy, and he got us a nice hotel

room and food and watched TV and he

fucked me 3 times that night dumping 3

respective loads of his sperm inside me of

course, than he left for work and I slept

more then him, and left to PDX and my

great roommate Doug was there in my

arrival and took us home, even his doggy

Leo came along, so fucking cute, now I

need to recuperate, like Peter

Berlin (porn star in his 60's) would say. And

here in PDx is my favorite place to do it,

the food in here is way more organic then

anywhere else in the world, now I'm gona

start working hard on posting some new

video clips and start working again in this

new song, and wanna be part of the next

"gay PDX parade" cumin soon in June, so

thank you Jesus Christ for keeping me

protected always, making sure I'm always


Issue # 111
Wednesday, March 30, 2005

There is some really few pleasures in life

when you sometimes are so glad to have,

and one of them is going to one of the

local gay bathhouses here in PDX with

horny man, many bisexuals and many with

boyfriends, I went there like 2 weeks

ago, and then I went to 2 different

bookstores with glory holes, Oregon is the

State with the most bookstores per capital

in USA.
So, this guy inside my booth tried to fuck

me but when I saw this big white cock

through the glory hole of my booth

immediately I stick it inside my ass and no

fucking clue who was behind, all I knew it

was such fucking pretty and big and tick

cock that with the help of my already

stretched and super sperm-lubricated butt

hole was so easy to just stick it inside my

love hole and whoever was behind started

to pump and pound hard on that wall of

wood, he fucked me so hard through that

glory hole and I got such the best grip ever

while he pounded so fucking hard until of

course he unloaded the last drop of his

super protein sperm deep inside me, then

this guy inside my booth seated on this

chair and wanted me to seat on his dick

cause it was his way of cumin, and sure it

was, because man! it was another fucking

huge load down inside my hole, soon after

my time in this booth was done and didn't

wanna put more money so I left, those

places get rich, no wonder they advertise

the glory holes outside the doors of these

booths, mmmmmmm!!!!!!! clever!!!, hey!, a

man who gets off is a man with less stress

and anger on the streets, so no wonder

people in PDX are so fucking community

On Thursday March 24th I flew from PDX to NYC and

stayed at this good friend of mine named

Tim, it was so cool to see him that I fucked

him really good that night before going to

sleep, mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!, he got such

an amazing ass and legs, the next day I got

ready for the Show that I gave at the most

historical gay club ever named "Stonewall"

right at the current world's capital, and it

was too fucking sexual, that night of

Friday March 25th I was in my dressing

room, but right after March 26th around

12:30 AM I started sucking dick and getting

sucked with some volunteer and soon after

around 1 AM I went to the stage showing

off myself on my own music while I rocked

out with my cock out, and it was hard, then

I got one of the guys from the audience

and pulled out his hard big dick and then I

started to suck on it right there on the

stage, but for few seconds then I stood up

up and danced a little always with my hard

cock out and then kept sucking on this

guy's cock, mmmmmm!!!! it was really thick

and juicy, but few seconds after again I

stood up and danced a little, again and

again, and at the end of the song I left the

stage. The presenter was confused and

though that I was there to collect dollars

like a fucking stripper, and I wanted him

to stop talking in that microphone about it,

but I forgave him for his ignorance by

giving him a nice and deep throat blow job

on his 12 inches nice black cock, the guy

was like 6'2, I wanted him to fuck me but

people where knocking on the door, there

was lots of honey man out there, there was

like a couple hundred people including

women too that night, then the presenter

took me downstairs to sign autographs on

the CD's I brought them to give away, and

there was a line of people wanting for my

CD real very much, and signed like 25 of

them, I gave them also a big strong hug

and a fucking sweet kiss, some took their

pics with me and all the action going on

that night, some grabbed my dick, I made

out with this guy while his girlfriend

grabbed my dick, he sucked my dick right in

front of her, she told me earlier how much

my movies get her off, and I know some

women can have a real problem getting

off, so she really fucking made my night,

we kissed too, she was so hot! I

couldn't believe it,, fucking WOW!, but then

the cake with candles came and they

started singing me the happy birthday and

got a little embarrassed but very happy and

excited, I blew the candles and thanked

them in the microphone for cumin, that I

was so happy to be back in NYC, then I was

taken upstairs where i wanted to come to

the stage again to get off, but by then it

was really packed so the risk of getting a

ticket was so high that I had play with

some guys upstairs but not in the stage

with the stage light, I just wanted to get off

live in front of a bunch of man and have

them touch me all over my naked body

with many man's hands and see me

ejaculate my sperm and make it all the

most 3 dimensional as possible, and I did

it, just that way, and it felt so fucking

fulfilling, and very much relieving for the

people of Stonewall cause then they

stopped worrying about getting a ticket,

thank God NYC is under great control now

days, the days of being controlled by jerks


Hillary for president, besides the country is

really controlled by woman anyway, it was

my 5th birthday show in NYC and 3rd in

"Stonewall" as a gay revolutionist, yes

there is a gay sexual revolution going on, is

not a secret for gay people who don't live

under a rock and I feel like the Gay Che

Guevara, LOL, but hey!, ever since I stopped

going to the doctor I been healthy, no even

a flu anymore cause I don't take the flu

shot anymore, and is not a coincidence,

cause it happens to any one, repeat, anyone I know, Flu shots equals flu.

�y�P�̭]�O���n��. But going back to the

night at Stonewall, I stayed there until

around 3 AM, then I left with this guy from

the audience to his apartment cause my

butthole had to eat that cock and sure he

fucked me really good, after he got off I

went back to Tim's place which is where I

stayed in NYC while there, that Saturday I

took it easy and rested, but on Sunday 27

was the celebration day for the

resurrection of Jesus Christ and my

birthday, I turned finally 30 years old, that

day I celebrate it by hooking up with this

lawyer and had him fuck me with his huge

cock and then I ate his cum, then I went out

to "Hero" in NYC and I saw so many young

and hot looking guys, I started dancing and

walking around as their eyes looked at me

first with great surprise and few seconds

later pretending they never saw me which

is typical NYC, always people acting cool,

like LA and all big cities, still I had a good

time Tim was there and then he took me to

another club called "Park" and there was

also packed with young hot looking guys,

and at some point I saw this one through

that dancing crowd and soon after I

walked up to him and we just started

kissing and I took him to this couch and we

started to make out for the longest, I was

also at the same time cruising with this

hot go go boy who was getting ready to

leave, but he was like 20 and the guy I was

making out was in his 30's like me and it

felt so good to be my age and happy to not

be in my 20's anymore, it seems like the

older I get the better is all, any fucking

way, I went to this guy's apartment and we

played got off and went to sleep, next on

Monday we ate and watched tennis on TV,

then I went back to Tim's place to shower

and get ready to go to the airport and get

my ass back to PDX, one of my friends

here Paul picked me up and took me

to me to my place and after eating

showering and resting I'm here writing

down all I can remember since last time I

wrote in here.
I'm doing another Show in Seattle, WA at

"Hengst Studio" some kind of adult private

restaurant&entertainment where the last

show after diner is a sexual one, and the

crowd may participate as well which

sounds really interesting cause I should be

doing that show actually, this Saturday on

April 2nd, and there is now out part 1 of

an interview I did with Seattle Gay News

(very controversial of course), very much

looking forward to it.
Now days reading tabloids in the airplane

are about woman being pregnant or having

babies and it makes me fall at sleep fast.
Soon I should start recording new song to

be out by May, and yes, it will be done here

in "PDX" , my favorite city now currently,

great public parking, amazing bridges with

amazing views, not so cloudy and rainy

like people presume, very futuristic

parking streets meters, making it even

cleaner and modern, and very easy to pay

parking tickets like i did one last week just

over the phone, and the flower trees are

just everywhere in the rich or poor areas,

downtown, uptown, freeways, just

everywhere, and they are the best kind

also they are the traditional Japanese ones,

it's the advantage of living so closer to

Japan, and I already look forward to be in

on of the floats that the gay parade takes

place here in June and then do a musical

show in some local club
Also lately I been burning to do something

new and different like giving some

professional massages in my free time,

mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!, the shows I been

doing last week on my wecam to show me

love on my website are of great quality, I

feel better in sometimes showing my

people at my website at least for 15

minutes, once or twice a week, so they can

see how I currently look alike, and to end I

have to say that the ones who really know

me already know that I I'm beyond honored

to have my birthday on the same day that

so many people celebrate Jesus Christ's

Resurrection, and that resurrection is

what give us his servers the power we need

to do what we should.

Issue # 110
Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Right after i wrote my last journal I meet

with this local fuckbuddy of mine who

loves to get fisted and be filmed, I fucked

him really good, I gave him 2 loads in few

hours, was fucking awesome to lose

myself in that juiced up and warm hole,

and days after that I been working out

following by the getting off part in the

showers, fuck!, so many horny man in that

heat room, there is not much sex going on

there but just looking at each others hard

cocks in such public place make us get

close to cum, Now days I'm in the gym often for I need to

get ready physically for my 5th celebration

of my birthday in NYC, again in

"Stonewall" the place for gay revolution,

and sure I feel so fucking blessed, what a fucking

wonderful life! and is only getting better,

representing more and more people who

knows what I know, making sure that there

is freedom to live honestly. Lately I been going to the nude

beach here in Sauvie Island, OR right

outside Portland, a buddy of mine drove us

there and we went to the bushes and his

dick was so hard under his pant that i

unzipped the pants of this baby blue eye

Texan guy, his dick was thick and 9

inches, perfect for sucking, besides early

on he dumped a load inside my butt in his

hotel room, but here in the bushes he gave

another load of sperm but in my mouth, I

ate every drop of cum that came out of his

big Texan dick, then we kept on walking

and we saw some guy laying there and I went

up to him and he sucked my dick until it

got hard and then I spit some saliva in his

big juicy hole and went inside and fucked

him doggy style in front of other guys and

it felt like in a dream of mine I had lately,

right outside in the sun and nature, and

After unloading my sperm in his hole, then we left. Also lately I have

posted a new song called "ENJOY" which is

gonna be part of a new 3rd musical

compilation I'm working on, I'm also

posting some new video clips of my private life with some fuckbuddies of mine, not their faces, just their holes, dicks and mouth, it was so much fucking getting fucked by them, one of them is this big 6'7 foot German guy with a real 11 by 6 uncut cock, sure he plow me hard and it shows in the clips, he unload it 4 loads inside me as usual, I hope my fans really like it cause I do so much that I came few times already by watching it, so fucking nasty, my love hole looked so open and relaxed, fuck! Too fucking hot! long close ups of dick fucking butt hole. My good friend DK from the window "Porn Gossip & News" is sharing some interesting information that shows how phony, dissemblers, pretenders, and

Hypocrite condoms models can be now

days, thank God I'm always trying to be the most honest as possible to my

fans, they are priority for me into humans,

for all I do is for them and not being

honest will always get in between, honesty

is so fucking priceless, but really priceless.
FINALLY! This year some real porn awards were born called "Video On Demand Awards" for the gay&straight porn industry, also the nominees are chosen by the people, YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!, and I was one of the nominated ones as nothing else then "Performer of the year," WOW!

Now it won't be until the end of this year for the next awards for gay only called

"" but they are chosen by the people as well.

Nothing like real sex which is what porn

should always be, why? cause most people who are not in fear or afraid do it in real life too, if they

make straight porn with out condoms then

gay should be the same, there is not high risk groups, I just hope that at least my fans don't take this fake test of

HIV, just like most straight people don't do

it, I pray for the day that i can

be sued that way I can probe on court that

the virus never existed, there is all kind of proof out there about it, but of course the

HIV fraud machine can not afford this, that is why we never hear of HIV law sues in the 25 years history cause it will open a

debate that the HIV fraud cannot afford

they will really for the first time have to

probe the existence that is why they cannot

make a vaccine. And after seeing the aggressive campaign to make young people to take this fake test is that I decided to stop watching any TV show that is a channel that advertise so heavy on taking this fake test, included "The surreal life", they killed that show for me, The commercials that MTV and VH1 do about HIV test make me sick too my stomach and don't watch those channels anymore, so I rather watch tennis and see how strong the Argentinean man(Nalbandian is so hot), and the Russian woman are lately. On April I'm doing another show in Seattle, WA, it seems like the live shows keep on cumin year after year, with or without agents, why? cause Jesus Christ put in me the strongest energy and power to take full advantage of this wonderful life he gave me.

issue # 109
Sunday, February 27, 2005

The good news for some one like me who is turning 30 years old in one month is that I understand now why so many people of my age turned me down when I was a teenager, I been looking forward so much to be in my 30's, and finally is almost here!. Is been a long time since I'm not longer reading the tabloids, meaning that I haven't been traveling that much, I'm just taking my time here in Portland, OR. where is so sunny everyday, no clouds of rain for over a week I think, mucho fabuloso!, and poor California that I left behind 2 months ago is been fighting fucking huge rains. Having to change webmasters again caused me to delay some updates on my website, but hopefully the updates will start soon, in matter of just few days with hot new PICS and my first musical creation in one of Portland's music recording studios and is called "Enjoy" cause I'm really enjoying this dimension now days, specially with this high quality of life and peace here and I really enjoy listening to it a lot like write now as I write this words, is totally cool, smooth and electronically sexy, very unusual of course and cannot wait to put it online already, cause the more I hear it the more I like it, and working in another one already too, some wise man out there in the online world named Damon is already making guys to wake up with the question of why not a fair debate in the matter of HIV's veracity, and I say about fucking time. Another good news is that finally I played tennis last weekend with my ex-roommate Tim since I moved now to another place and I have now a new roommate who seems really easy to love, so cool so far! thank God!, and of course the local gay bathhouse was the way to celebrate it, it was fucking crazy as usual and when i saw this black kind of football player there seating naked all I had to do is seat next to him ignore some guy behind me never take my eyes away from his cock and slowly and like I don't wanna do it but inside i really wanted to put it in my mouth and show him how much I want it with a super blow job then I just took a seat on it and made him pound hard on my butt hole already fill with some others guy's semen, and sure I felt his huge load and huge&thick cock together with huge thick massive muscles on legs and arms made all the guys in there really horny and wanting to be me being fucked by such massive hot back horse, but the dark room was the place to be fucked and fuck, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! so many men unloading not only in my hole and in others ones like this one that I end up fucking at one point until I contribute it to the cause of his hole with a big amount of my own sperm, fuck it felt so fucking good!, fucking hot sloppy and beyond juicy hole used and abused for who knows how many since he was there for hours, but not too long after I was already playing with more and more men, getting them off was so fucking hot, the dick here in this town can be really big and thick, this guy in his late 40's had this very long and thick cock, he was like 6'4, but still it was like 12 thick fucking inches that fucked me not once but 4 times with breaks in breaks in between shooting his sperm inside me each time, but after having collected so many loads of sperm inside me and getting off twice already then I left and went home to rest and eat, but few hours after I went to meet with this guy who just moved from NY and had a special ability, a major multiple cumer, he came inside my ass since the minute his nice and thick cock entered my love hole, I could fill the throbbing of this dick each time ejaculate it and sometimes it would be a big load and sometimes a small one, and in few hours he gave me 13 loads, he fucked me in every position we knew, I had a jockstrap the whole time and sometimes he would fuck me so really hard and then so slow with his rock hard cock, he kissed me and hugged me so hard and tight while fucking me mainly from behind, we covered the bed in sweat at some point, and at the end I unload it in his mouth and I went home to eat and rest, and today Sunday I wanna go to some local gay club which can be the church for gay man but with more abuse of alcohol, the only problem is that you cannot have sex there and I could feel out of place in there specially when they stare at me so much and they really know me while I really don't know them like they know me, and even that sometimes is more overwhelming then others still I find my way to do there what I go for which is dance for a little while if the music is good and support the local gay clubs which is important and I like seeing other's simple reactions and actions, I need to enjoy lots of different things out of this existence for time seems to goes faster as it goes by and right now is playing the track # 5 of my second musical compilation and is becoming this right moment in this place the best and happiest in my life, I can hear this one forever never stop, everything I ever wanted in a song and more, so much to thank to my source of all, the one who can make everything possible, Jesucristo!,!!! Jesus Christus, �ϵ�, �W��, �W�ҧڪ�����

issue # 108
Saturday, February 19, 2005

The other day I was burning to write in this fucking journal and didn't finished so today, 2 days after I'm finishing it. One of the major reasons to write in here is because I must make clear that is been already almost 1 year and 2 months since I stopped wanting or planning to some day give my heart to another human being, or to make it simple let's say I'm really single and 4 ever it seems, and the differences? well, take it from someone who have gained an endless amount of confidence and CONSTANT happiness doing and using the tools provided by my God in order to live my life in honesty which is not the way most people live by in this current dimension, and fucking fool I would have to be to not do or project in this dimension into the next one after this dimension ends, or at least some dimension with out all the negatives from this current one. But still I feel how fucking cute is to watch a romantic movie cause that is love also but not for me, not anymore, the way of my life now is complete, is been almost 1 year and a half since I don't have just one human in my mind, and flying in my dreams is very often and it feels just so fucking real too, fuck!, no one is in my mind more then Jesus and this way I'm doing what I'm singing in this song I created years ago called "Easy", and now I have endless people in my mind and the heart suffers depending in the thoughts and action and decisions the brain takes that is why getting older is great, I'm almost 30 years old and in my brain I feel and want to live for another 77 years which is nothing with one of the sons of Adam and Eve who lived up to be 777 years old which is a bet too much fucking time in this dimension for me, but the reason i wanna be in this dimension for so long I don't know is just instinct I guess, and let's fucking face the fact of how good is to connect with one another specially sexually if no one else get affected by it, fucking with more then just one person is so fucking good that evil goes crazy and tries to stop this by disguising himself and dressing as light to appear radiant as the sun to confuse and make u think that being a slut is bad, like this songs and singers I used to like and that is why the evil is so smart by working through music, so if the message is negative no matter how much or how great the music is then I won't hear it, not anymore, only the love songs which are in my mind dedicated to Jesus, and if you wonder why I'm talking about all this personal crap is because I had more then just 1 fucking request to talk about it and why no more Papitos or boyfriends. So now that this is clear, we can move and let me tell you how much fun was being again at the local gay bathhouses here in Portland, OR and I got so much satisfaction there, talking about getting my hole loaded with sperm inside, and sucking and drinking lots of cocks and semen, I'm going through a bottom part of my life obviously or maybe there is more man confortable in fucking then getting fucked because they are afraid of the virus that never existed, great! so now my butt hole is going to fucking turn into a fucking mangina, but a warm, juicy, cozy and very inviting one though!, and OINK! is fucking right!, the hot thing is that the cock here in Portland may not big too large sometimes but sure fucking thick, and that is really fucking hot! besides there is lots of bisexuals too, I remember this particular time that I was upstairs watching some horrible condom movies and thank God someone came into that smoking room and once he started to play with his own penis under the towel then I went straight for his cock and suck it to the point he got hard rock instantly and soon after got ready to shot but then really quickly I stocked it inside my already really juiced up butt hole, and soon after I answered his question of how many guys already dumped their loads in men with ... just a dozen! then he said Oh man! I'm cuming! and I said YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! fill me up, oh fuck!!!!,ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! oh feels so good!!!!!! aha!, aha! mmmmm!!!! Oh yeah I feel it!, oh man! yeah!!!!!!!!! then i took it out of my ass and immediately went on my knees and put it in my mouth and kept on sucking on all that cum, and it cause it was so fucking pretty and juiced up with that yummy smell of sperm, no fucking huge but very thick, solid and full with sperm to feed or breed an army, cause let me fucking tell you that soon after he was ready to cum again and I knew it with out him telling me cause once i seat on it again he started to fuck me this time with some good poundings, and soon after he unload it again in my by now so loaded with sperm hole then i started to suck on his cock but not for too long cause he had to take off. I remember also earlier that night meeting this huge bear guy so hot, with hair in his back and all! real bear and he was only 24 years old and I could see his baby face in such men body and it was so fucking hot I sucked him and he fucked me with the head of his dick until he unload it in my mouth, YUMMMMMMMM! I really liked him a lot, huge hairy legs thick hairy dick and balls, great kisser, love guys with beards too, yum!!!, also I remember this Asian guy in this other TV porn room and he had this really hard cock, thick and big head, really weird cause normally Asians are small there but not this one, he was fucking someone else when I meet him, so kind of like I stole it from this other one, he fucked me and dumped one big load of sperm with my legs up in his shoulder cause if their dick curve up then I rather take it that way, then this other guy joined us and he had a longer dick then the Asian guy and I seat on his dick and raped his dick with my ass hole seating on him, and he ejaculated it a huge amount of semen deep inside the hungry cavities of my horny, juicy and warm love hole, then this Asian guy fucked me the same way then before and then he dumped another load inside me, we kissed and I licked all the sperm clean from his cock, yummy! then he left and I could go on and on all the long explaining all of my sexual encounters of that night, so I hope this few ones can give you the idea, oh yeah! this other huge big guy fucked me so good from behind too, dumping 1 load in my butt hole and 2 more in my mouth, loved sucking his big cock, he had a fucking cute face too, huge legs, YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!, fuck! enough!, now I'm gonna fucking talk about how excited I feel to finally start to play tennis again, hopefully today after I finish writing this for is been so fucking sunny here in Portland lately and I can see lots of trees with flowers already, early spring, yessssssssss! is 2005 baby!!!!!!!!!!! and in matter of a week or so my first song of 2005 will come out here on my website only, is gonna be called "Enjoy" and is not a dance song, is a weird alternative electro trance and I fucking love it of course, and the words are positive ones of course dedicate them to my fans, and my one Idol Jesus Christ the only one who I'm mot ashamed of idolizing, come on! People! get a fucking clue!, I got all I want with him! ... and maybe more.

issure # 107
Friday, February 04, 2005

And the show I did in Cedar

Rapids in IOWA last Saturday

night was a total success and lots of

fun, after performing 2 of my

songs with my hairless again chest and stomach I went out there to

autograph some of my own CD's

and few dozens where not enough

cause even that it was a small

place it was packed, over 200

people, most men but lots of women

too, overall they seemed to really loved

me, maybe because I got so horny at one point

in the autographs session that

after that while performing 2 more

songs I started showing off my cock almost rock hard cause I had to covered the head of my

dick at all times with my hand,

which was not that simple but I

had to follow those rules and

with my foreskin helped me too,

then the manager Russell, this big guy took me back to my room, and before leaving he got me off

really good cause not only he was

sucking my dick like a perfect

juicy vacuum but also his ass, fuck! I try to fuck

him for a long time but it was so fucking hot inside that as soon

as I introduced my verga(dick)

in his really beefy and so

fucking juiced up hole there was

little I could do or think to

prevent me from cumin, so I just let it go and

breeded him really fucking good,

then he got off beating off his

nice thick cock and then we

chilled out in the bed of my

hotel room, then he left. The next day which was last

Sunday I flew back home here in

Portland and i rested for a good

while until getting back some

energy and stamina to go fucking

crazy again, but with some local pigs here

before yesterday here in

Portland, crazy stuff, at some

point me and this other 3 guys

fucked each other and I really

mean each other, slings, lots of

mirrors, videos, and really

horny hot men. mmmmmmmmm!!!!, then I went to this bathhouse and had had this tall black guy breeding me, then he left my room and this other guy took me to his room an breeded me too, then I was walking around and find this door open, it was really dark but i felt this really hard dick and stick it in side my hole while laying on my side, it was really curvy and shot a big one inside my hole too, then i left and found this other Italian looking guy to dump his load of cum inside my, then I went to the dark room and this tall guy with a huge cock, balls and hole was just laying there for ever, and went inside and fucked him and started to suck his huge dick and until he said! oh I'm closer and quickly I stick it inside my butt hole so it went all inside and then I left and realized that I pretty much milked everyone in there so I milked this other last guy making me seed my ass with such major load of semen that when i took it out of my hole it was really juicy and i sucked it so good that I shot my load and then I was ready to go home for a shower, food and some rest, mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!! great celebration time for being so good in Iowa. Now that I feel very much

satisfied I can have the patient

to try to remember what I been

doing lately, it will be too

much to write If I remembered

everything, besides there it

something called priority and

that is what Jesus Christ has

been, is, and will be. Stonewall

in NYC was and still is the

place that represents freedom through the history of

gay people, and for my 30th

birthday I would be great to

celebrate it in there again in NYC for

the 5th time, and please don't

ask me why or about politics for as far

as I see republicans and

democrats as the same fucking thing,

with just different names, they

even married each other like the

governator did, but this is

great to show unity which

creates power. And as I creating

a new song in a music studio

here in Portland lately it seems

like there is a lot of people

including celebrities doing a

lot of money and taking

advantage of good people through

fundraisers, can you imagine that instead of helping you are damaging?, and as far as I see

HIV is the biggest one ever

cause not only the head of this

foundations who wants the most money as possible in their pockets, they could care less about their own souls which is actually what lasts forever, besides,

the virus never really even

existed after all, they are

gonna have to come up with another

fake virus if they haven't by

now yet to scare fagots all over again,

but lots of us know better by now and I'm

taking full power from Jesus by

leaving a legacy that will help

faggets to not be so fucking naive and

greedy, besides is not a secret

that it always takes few decades

at least for certain truth to

come out, and trust me that it

always comes out, some of them

come out fast as one decade like

monoxidal 9 for example. So after being offered the

possibility of being part of

Naked Boys Singing in New York I

felt awful in having to decline

but unfortunately no only them

but all Broadway is involved

with the HIV fraud in a big way

and I'm not that stupid to

destroy or jeopardize my karma and soul

by helping such criminals like

the ones involved with this HIV

fraud fundraising's represents to

me and to this small group of

dissidents that knows what I know as

well, but lately this fraud is

finally really crossing over to

the straight world in a

desperate way of the HIV

machine to make money,

maybe they are not making as

much money with fags already, the point is

that finally now the truth will

start to come out and I won't ever

watch any Broadway show ever

again, blood is on their hands and I will not even see

"The Phantom of the Opera" in

honor of all the fags who died

from this terrible fraud, is not

a secret anymore that the medicine

field is out to make money no

matter what, even that they try to tell us the opposite with stupid TV shows like ER, in real life it has become so

obvious how desperate the

medicine, specially the HIV

field has become lately that is

really repulsive to me and my

dissidents, a sick world is a

weak one, a sick world with money still is an unhappy one, a no

brainer. But the sad fact

remains for there is people out

there still wanting to make

money even if that means

damaging and/or depraving the

consumer's life in the process,

and the latest example is the

fact that my friends and fans

are totally shocked at the

moment in Europe for CODEX and

to see that the media here in

the good all USA is not saying

yet, but wait until the good old

American people finds out about

this, cause they will stop it

and make it right for the whole

world as usual, and if people in

here really knew what the fuck

even CODEX is, unlike the media

from Europe, then they would go so

fucking angry (unlike me), and

the media in Europe is making a

big deal out of it cause this

definitely is worse then the HIV

fraud for it targets every

human being not just gay, now we

will have not choice to live has

healthy and long as we wanted,

at least if you wanna live in a

country that is not part of the

Word Trade Organization, they

say to be people oriented but

they have become totally product

oriented, thank God they will

never control my soul, so

fucking spooky! and in June

2005 is when is set to be effective and

it could be the biggest

infringement on privacy and

personal choice in the human

history, but I have faith in

Jesus Christ that he will

protect his people no matter what, for

in him I only fully trust so I

will not fear, and for more info

about CODEX please visit,,

I won't watch certain movies

because the actor has been or is

involved with some HIV event that is why I

don't watch Will and Grace TV show, but I

saw Wimbledon and I fucking love

it, instant classic for my

brains, it was about favorite

sport and with my still YET

favorite actress in the whole

world Kirstie Dunst who was fucking

awesome in the "Eternal Sunshine

of the Spotless Mind"as well and

the "Spider Man" ones pay her bills I guess.

Just the other day finally I saw

me in the 2nd volume of

"Barebacking with Jeff Palmer" series

and talking about something way

better then just my own fun

memories, cause by now they are very

public memories bringing fun

orgasms all over this world as I'm writing this,

WOW! Fuck! the scene with Flex was totally out of this world, how I'm I ever gonna top that scene? and the answer is in this upcuming 3rd volume, yesssssssssssssssss!, and actually working in

the final part of this new song

that I been creating since last

month already, it should be called "Enjoy", and while I

listen to my previous musical

compilations I',m writing this, it

inspires me to go even farther

and perfectionate myself

musically and i makes me control more

aspects of the process in better

ways with the eternal intention

of being innovating and better

each time, like Serena Williams

who just won the 100th

Australian Open and that means

for me to go back to the public

tennis courts of Portland, OR,

and start watching matches on

TV again, got to keep my promises (read

the previous scoop please), I

knew that if she really wanted

to win, she wins, now I may have to see here at the Miami Open, and in top of

that the fucking sexiest Male

tennis player (after David

Nalbandian) Marat Safin won it

too, is like anything I want

this year will happen, OH fuck WOW!,

and after this first Glam Slam

Serena became really close to

regain her throne, and she is

part of the 4 Americans and 4
Russians women in the top 10 Rankings, and in the man's ran-kings there is 3 from Argentina and 2 from USA. Now I must resume saying what it's been and is on my mind now days, thank you guys for letting me know that you "Enjoy" making you part of my life that admit to be a really fucking strange and weird one, but I'm dedicating it to serve my Idol Jesus Christ in really mysterious ways.

issue # 106
Friday, January 21, 2005

I cannot fucking believe what I have missed, is just that Mathematics was never my favorite subject at school, but all humans have only one year of our lives that is our best year that year for me is this one, why? because is 2005, so 2+0+0+5 = 7, and adding the number of my birthday together gives you a 7, 03+27+1975 = 2005, and to confirm it it will also be my best birthday ever for I'm turning 30 years old.
I started this year in the total opposite way I started last year cause I'm starting this year with full of confidence having filmed on Jan. 15th already actually really, yeah get this, my 7TH bareback film with SX Video, for I consider natural sex to be the best regardless of anything turning my films automatically into classics that will live for generations to come like the current pre-condoms are for us now, is actually the 3rd volume of "Barebacking with JEFF PALMER" series this one is gang fucked 3rd Volume, to be out on March, we started filming that Saturday around 1:30 PM with 4 white other really fucking hot and young too, one of them had the thickest cock I have ever seen on film, I got double fucked, and he seeded my ass really fucking good with the biggest load of sperm ever while the other 3 feeded me with their sperm, yummm! one of those big cocks had such cool tattoo, and after a break the black guys came over and one of them was Flex, mmmm!!! they fucked me the hardest for sure, they went for my ass really fucking good and it was really juicy and hungry still, then I took another break and 3 latin hung guys and 1 Asian with a very unusual big cock and they played with my hole until they breed me really really fucking sweetly and after making sure I did all the races it was easy to just get off and become completely satisfied, the film was done, then the SX Video people took me to the "San Vicente Inn" in LA where they gave a suite to stay in and rewinding a little I'll explain how I got to LA from Portland looking and feeling good, cause after working out a lot, eating a lot, sleeping a lot is what it took for me to be and feel healthy and strong enough for such kind of movie, but now forwarding to around 8:30 PM that i was back at this gay Hotel where everybody is naked and fucking everywhere specially in the rooms, the gay paradise of West Hollywood, and I was still horny for more playing and getting off but eventually i rested and ate, watched TV, talked in the phone and all that, then my fuck buddy Joe picked me up and took me to his apt. which is just around the corner of "Rage" the nightclub I went out days earlier the night of Friday in which I arrived in LA, it was a 18 and over night and they did not make me pay so now is my favorite club to go out on Thursday in LA, so I stayed therefor a while and not even for the water I had to pay, fucking love it, but coming back to the day that Joe pick me up and too me to his apt., we had great diner and a fucking awesome good night sleep and slept with him which felt so fucking good since it was a long time since I slept with someone, of course he seeded me right before going to sleep, the next day I woke up by myself in his bed, for he was at work I was in his place by myself and got to finally watch "The Tennis Channel", and enjoy it so much, I couldn't believe how fucking cool it was actually, almost no commercials, and got to see and hear all of the inspirational people, but the best and only thing that should keep me hooked on it is to no see any AIDS benefit covered by them, if I ever see them being involved with the AIDS=HIV MACHINE in any way then I will stop watching it and my love for tennis will be ruined, and after watching a lot of it I could tell that the or one of the Williams sisters will be bigger then Oprah(most popular female in USA) for they will really go international, but not quite yet for they have lots to learn about MC Donald's.
In the music world once upon the time Michael Jackson used to be the king of Pop making songs with electric guitars and catchy pop songs but not Hip Pop I think, so the king of "pop" in the world for me is Enrique Iglesias for he really makes Pop music and his own father was the king of pop in Europe at one point, and sorry but I'm just not into hip pop, and the kings of Pop before Enrique was the backstreet boys and ABBA at one point and the list goes on and on, but personally I could never be the king of Pop, even that I'm in the process of making some more new music and getting ready to perform live some of it in IOWA next week, and not only as gay but as porn star, it is so fucking exciting and overwhelming such fucking wonderful reward rush for the hard work.
I arrived here in Portland, OR on Wednesday a day after having diner at "Beige" at Falcon in Hollywood, CA, where I was with some friends celebrating the birthday of one of them, it was so much fun and some of them kept on leaving and coming back to the table to take their pictures with some popular TV personalities, so many good looking people, mmmmmm!! and I meet this tall 24 years old Californian hot hot guy who not only spoke only Spanish to me but with the Argentinean accent as well, it was extra hot, Nice cock, nice ass and great kisser the kissing started on the dance floor of "Beige" and kept on going all the way into his bedroom, so we left "Beige" around 12:30 and sleeping with this guy was fucking sweet at the time of going to sleep and in the morning too, mmmmmmmm!! his lips were unreal, so fucking yummy, nice giving ass and giving cock. The next day I went to my good girlfriend Michelle and spent the rest of my time in LA with her, her fiance and dog, it was cool and fascinating, then (2 days ago) my good friend Dwight took me to the airport and I flew here in Portland were today is Friday and I did not want to let more time pass by before giving a little update of what is going on these past days of mine, so excuse me for not mentioning everything but just some parts of this life of mine which intentions have to serve Jesus Christ in very unusual ways, as stupid it may sound to you, but I'm not fucking ashamed! you all.

issue # 105
Friday, January 07, 2005

Few days after celebrating Jesus' Birthday I went back to this bathhouse here in Portland and went fucking crazy with so many horny cocks and juicy buttholes, such fucking hot place with so many horny man wanting to take some sperm out of their cocks, and this time I felt like taking everyone's semen deep inside my fucking beyond hungry so I this time I went there with a buddy and one of the members of my website, he is 26 and 6'5, and yeah! he did fuck me with his fucking huge cock and I fucked him too for his butthole has nothing to envy at such big dick, and he came while I was fucking him, that day I played with almost every man in there and took so much cum inside me, at some point I was in the video room and saw all this guys masturbating seating next to another and no one doing nothing about all those fucking cocks, so I went up there and made my way into this guy who had a beer can dick like pyramid alike, so I just wet on top of him and seated in that fucking yummy cock and introduced inside my hole and riding that cock in top of that hairy man with beard while kissing him in front of all these other man going fucking crazy about it, one of them had some navy or army tattoos and was crazy watching this in particular but the dick i was riding had too much cum to unload and I felt this big huge amount of cum explode deep inside my fucking love hole then this big chunk of cum came out of my butthole as i got up taking that huge cock out of my ass hole and this other army guy got a hold of me right away abruptly and just grabbed me from behind and fuck me like a fucking freak from behind, and after 10 or 12 hard pounding strokes his sperm started to shot deep inside my hole seeding me very hard and pounding me really hard making sure all his seed would go planted really deep inside me, while this was happening i was gave a quick hand job to one of these spectators in that video room, then keep on playing and if they didn't wanna fuck with out condom then I would drink their sperm, but I didn't drank that many loads of sperm that day, most them went right up my butt, and I sure it felt fucking awesome to fuck some other really hungry buttholes too, and ejaculating inside the mouth of one of the guys that fucked me earlier was fucktastic!, but after this long marathon of sex it take me days to recover, I rested and did other things then sex , besides with the Tsunami situation I really didn't want to celebrate any 2005 NYE at all, just home alone here in Portland, OR., and planning to help too. The Australian Open is now celebrating its 100 birthday and Argentina is doing so well in tennis that is already in the final of the Hopman Cup, WOW, so I decided that after that fucking crocked umpire gave shamelessly the match to the opponent of Serena Williams in the last US Open is that I refused to ever watch tennis again, but if she starts the year winning, specially the Australian Open, then fuck it! I'll comeback to watch tennis on TV again, after all there is a channel called The Tennis Channel, plus the TV being so much fucking controlled now days there is nothing to see anymore, so fuck it!, and if another obvious injustice shit happen to her again then she should just walk the fuck out of that fucking match and create the ultimate fucking point, courage is so fucking stimulating, fuck yeahhhh, but not the stupid courage like the one who already have tons of money and steals and even gets away with it, I'm talking about this rich woman named Paris Hilton stealing her own porn DVD from a store with out any kind of shame in a worst way then Winnona Ryder and gets away cause is ultra rich, besides I remember what a fucking pain in the ass was wearing those blue contacts all the fucking time, contacts are so 90s any fucking way, and my sources where I get to learn a good lesson once in a while is from tabloids like "The National Enquirer", is similar to the street learning I have done all of my life, learning through others experiences is such clever technique indeed. Very soon I should film my first movie of 2005 and my life is very very happy now days, working out, tanning, taking care of my website, starting to record new music and more. Adding the numbers of your birthday with each other will give you just one number, my number is 7 so I wrote my first scoop of 2005 today the first 7th day of this year in this side of the world.
Portland Or is very cool, right now in my eyes is better then Hollywood, CA, here we all take care of our city by recycling trash, plastic, paper like NY do, anything you buy anywhere in any store you don't pay taxes, you can park on the street in easy ways, not much traffic, great police, nice gay bathhouses, plenty gay nightclubs, lots of trees, a gay parade, bisexuality, gay nude beaches, super sky resorts, meetings with my "HIV=FRAUD dissident group", lots of Bob Marley people, lots of music recording studios, clean fresh air always, best water in USA, lots of organic choices, nice people in General, I'm a fucking Oregonian Damn it! And thanks Jesus for that and all, and even that he may have reasons for what happened right after this last birthday, may he keep helping the ones alive on that Asian side of this magnificent planet earth of us.

issue # 104
Monday, December 27, 2004

Right after I wrote my last scoop I went back to this local bathhouse here in Portland filled with so many fucking horny men, and one of those night I took one fucking dick after the other, I fucked, got sucked, but for the most part I just got really fucked by all kind of dick sizes, and I sucked many too, it was a Jeff Palmer get u off situation, some of them congratulated me for my movies, it was very intense and really fucking hot!.

For a moment i felt for one of the evil's trick, but now I can see that Jesus is and will always be my boyfriend, still I think it would be so cool to have at least some civil unions here in USA and other freedoms someday, not for nothing Canada is giving a run for USA's money, they are enjoying now days the ultimate democracy system on all planet earth, the freedom there is the closest as it should be in a country, is in my eyes the example of country, maybe some day I'll move there but no now that my old good USA needs help in this war situation, and if entertainment is what I can offer to the table to make this fucking insane life a little more fun then here I'll stay. My goal for next year is to make lots of new songs. Last week I went to the outside of Chicago to celebrate Jesus' birthday by performing live my song "Dreaming" on the stages of this club called "Hunters" and it felt so so so so so fucking awesome to do it in front of over 200 gentleman and ladies, the crowd was really shy, the law in the Midwest can be really intimidating for so many people, but i signed few CD's which I gave away meeting few fans, then enjoyed the rest of the night at my hotel room this guy who had one of the thickest cocks that I have ever seen, fucking unreal, and he wanted to fuck me really bad, so he came over with his old buddy from highschool, they were in late 30's I think, and he couldn't believe that I was taking such fucking thick one, but after pounding on my fucking super love hole for a while he pull it out and ejaculated his sperm all over my face and inside my mouth and it was a lot, so much fucking sperm, also I ate some of his friend as well, he also came a lot, so much cum for me to eat, YUMMMMMMMMMMMM!, after smoking a cigarrette and chilling out we came back for more action, this time I fucked this guy with the monster dick, he looked just like Boris Becker the tennis player and we played he was him, and it was so much fun, his as and legs were so hot and muscular, great juicy butthole as well since it made me cum so fucking fast, it was one of those holes that are hotter then you predicted and make u cum in one fucking second, then I kicked them out of my room in the coolest and nicest way, and well cum them into my memories. Another good thing out of going there was that Chicago's weather made my Portland's weather feel like Palm Springs. When I came back to Portland on Thursday 24th at night I spend the night with these 2 dogs and 1 cat, but on the next morning my roommate came home and we open up lots of presents under this plant that i put lights on and it became a Christmas plant or tree, something like it, it was so fucking cool to get so many presents this year, even the dogs and cat gave me gifts, then we watched movies we rented at the "Hollywood" store, it was "The Manchurian Candidate" and "Saved." Tennis in 2004 belonged to the Argentineans in the men side with 3 Argentineans in the top 10 in the final rankings, 2 Americans, 1 Swiss, 1 Australian, 1 British and 1 Russian. And in the woman's side 2004 belonged to the Russians with 4 in the top 10, 4 Americans, 1 Belgium and 1 French. A good resolution for new year is to finally see Celine at Ceasar palace in Vegas. Read less tabloids! If Serena wins the Australian Open then I'll start playing tennis more often. Mr. Brad Pitt should be less selfish and egomaniac and fucking adopt already, personally I been sponsoring a kid in Africa for years and it feels fucking amazing. Howard Hughes was bisexual but in the new movie of him he is plays straight so I won't see that fucking untruthful movie, sorry Leo! what I would see is "Alexander" mmmm! Jared Kissing Colin, fucking hot! and yeah! I miss what Rodney Dangerfield and Marlon Brando had to say. In 2004 the Corruption in Food and Drug Administration was uncovered, so may this be the beginning of people waking up and stop poisoning themselves, 100 years from now people will laugh so hard at us living now days. 2004 was the year that Jesus Christ became the perfect boyfriend of mine and now I'm living happy ever after.

issue # 103
Saturday, December 11, 2004

In one dream I had lately i was with this guy and we were in love, and i don't even fucking remember who the fuck was it, maybe was someone I already know, he could be alive anywhere in this world. Last night i was not a dream at all, it was real the fact that I got fucked by so many guys, almost all the guys in this bathhouse and 2 of the guys that work there fucked me and seed me real turning my butthole into a unsatisified/hungry and very juicy love hole, I took all kind of sizes, some of them were fucking huge, one of them had the PA, and I just had this big chunk of cum running through my legs from my
butthole, I fucked a lot of guys too, specially the ones with nice juicy holes, but it seemed like I was the only one taking every one's load of sperm and in this kind of situations is when I'm glad to be Jeff Palmer, and sure I don't wear masks or hats anymore, and it feel way better, I'm soooooooooo used to certain guys staring at my like fucking crazy all the fucking time. I'm following all the signs, and I'm getting closer,
so far I'm in the process, I think that I was meant to grow my 20s in USA, where youth is
so important, then my 30's in Europe and/or the rest of the world, and Jeff Palmer is not over, it could mean the beginning of me actually, what limits would I put on my fucking way when fear have no part of me, so far I have to perform my own music live in this gay club called "Hunters" in Illinois, I cannot fucking wait to celebrate Jesus Christ birthday, so the day of the show
is the 23rd of December, very fucking soon! so fucking sweet!, so I came here in LA in the
beginning of this ending week to put all my stuff in boxes and put it on a storage place and now I'm staying here in Beverly Hills with the same guy I came with in LA 8 years ago from Miami, this place looks way better now and his heart still is big and fucking awesome as ever but in few days I'm going to Portland, OR and I'll start to get ready for this musical show which could be the most especial one ever, soon next month I should start filming a gang bang, hopefully my best gang bang ever since there should be the hottest guys there is out there for it, and I think I'll keep my chest hairy for this one, my hair is much darker and just a fucking tiny little bet shorter, and I'm enjoying this Saturday after noon here outside the balcony of this place with the sun and the temperature of 81
degrees, ay ay ay! yeahHH!!!!!!!!!!!!, and I just don't know what else to say other that
my life feels like an adventure again, the American dream in Los Angeles is been more then
fulfilled already I think, I don wanna be an actor as I never wanted anyway, and I became a big pornstar already, so my new dreams are cumin up very soon materialize in actions as they always been for me, Oh God! i cannot fucking wait to perform my own music for my fans live again, I'm so fucking excited about it weirdly cause is gonna be so fucking cold by then in Illinois, shit!, but the joy is way fucking worth, and what a fucking sweet joy was to find out that at the "2004 Bareback Awards" I was the runner up for "Best Versatile Performer" which it means a lot to me for we are living in an era where gay awards come and go, thanks to people and to my ultimate total eternal idol Jesus Christ and happy Birthday to him and no words will ever express how much grateful I feel for such happy, amazing, remarkable, unusual, huge, fantastic, major, phenomemal, great, incredible, super and unique life he is giving to me.

issue # 102
Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I cannot believe I let myself stay and haven't write in here in a long long time, but is just that I been having way too much fun lately, doing what? being gang banged in this hotel room near LAX airport, it started at 8 PM 13 days ago exactly, and I remember the host sticking this huge dildo deep inside of my super ultra cleaned love hole, I was surprised that I took it almost all the way in, then he couldn't take it anymore and put me in doggy style took that dildo out and then he inserted his thick cock and just after just few poundings very deep inside he exploded a major ejaculation of sperm, lubricating this way the walls of my rectum all the way and soon after this other tall blond guy inserted too his very thick as well cock deep inside and he pound me good but soon after he also unloaded another creamy load of semen making my man hole beyond juicy and way too warming, then this black guy inserted his big and thick verga(dick) and fucked me really hard showing the other guys the real way to fuck an ass in public, my other hole which was my mouth was always filled with some another cock at the same time of being fucked, and eventually I had this other black guy with 11 long inches fill me up with few of his loads of cum, my butt hole turned into a mangina at that fucking point, it was way too fucking crazy stretched and juiced up beyond reality, at some point these guys wanted to see me pull out some big chunks of their own sperm out of my fuck hole, sure they appreciated me showing that for them, they seemed to fucking love it, some of them repeated 3 times using both of my holes, there was quite few horny man in there, probably between 12 and 20, some guys where cumin and leaving, using me like a hole where to shot their loads on the way home from work, so all I can say that sure it was really fucking fulfilling, one of them had a PA and he shot so fast inside my hole cause this black guy was fucking him at the same time with this 11 inches cock from behind him, after 2 or 3 hours I sucked dried another big load of cum out of the host of this super juicy party, then I received a wonderful present from him due to the success of such task, oink!, he had to go to sleep and I had to go keep getting some more action at this fucking cool bathhouse in Melrose AV. right in the middle of the funky fashion stores, and there is so many fucking nasty pigs in there to fuck and play with that I always like to take my time in there and get others off a lot and get myself off as fucking well too, I fucked all the glory holes with a juicy and stretched inviting butt holes as I felt and saw, but this guy who was tall and as only taking it up the ass had the most stretched and pussy alike butt hole I have ever fucked making me fuck him that way for the fucking longest fucking time, I was just fucking munching on that fucking hole like it was the last one I would fuck, and he acted like he was born to just fucking take it like a fucking nasty submissive pig that he was. Eventually I made it home showered, ate and rested well while hearing already some people talking online about this new gang bang making me have a real good laugh. Lately I been investigating my possibilities of moving, and I wish I could talk about it but is one of those things that if I talk too much about it then it won't happen, all I know is that all of the sudden I feel my instincts calling me to travel to some place in this world, and every day I feel it more and more at night when I fall at sleep, I feel like time is running out, I already fulfilled most of my dreams in here, now I gonna have to create new ones, and maybe I'm already creating some new ones that is why I feel this way, fuck I feel like I'm fucking talking to a shrimp(therapist), I'm even considering really hard the possibility of getting married to a guy and try monogamy, these years cumin up are making me feel more and more like I must do it, I'm gonna have to be stronger then ever before in order to just follow my instincts, and sorry that I cannot talk about anything else is just that I keep thinking that I'm missing out, so I'm asking publicly to my god Jesus the all mighty to guide me on what to do and give me the power to do it, thanks for such wonderful life which I intent to keep making it as happy as possible, AHAP!.

Issue # 101
Monday, November 08, 2004

Back in Portland again, Seattle was fine, is just that I feel like a fucking oregonian already, missed Portland too fucking much, specially with Multnomah County, besides I just found out that Terry Bean had nothing to do with the terrorizing notes that this guy Jeffrey Smith created, he was just trying to incriminate Terry in it due to envy, besides I realized that Portland is the real next big city, still I enjoyed Seattle a lot, skipped any Halloween celebration for I don't celebrate the dead any fucking longer, and left Seattle's area on the very first day of November on Monday night, this guy picked me up in his truck and took me and my things to Olympia, WA and we had a fucking hot long night of me fucking one of his friends named Rick for a good while, and I remember his butthole being the best one I have fucked in a long long time, fuck!, it was just too fucking inviting and juicy and very stretched, just the perfect mangina for my fucking cock to munch on for ass long ass I wanted, but eventually Rick had to go home sleep to go to work next day, but then this other guy Dave kept rimming my fucking butthole and making me feel so fucking good, then this army 21 year old guy showed up and and he was fucking huge, monster huge fucking hairy legs, and he kept dumping a fucking load of semen after another, he was so fucking hot for my butthole, but after the 3rd one I kind of had to tell him that I need it a break cause my friend already got off while I was sucking on his not not huge nipples like a fucking little baby, sex can be so much fucking fun when is done always in totally different ways, and talking about Miami I have to say that the pictures that have on their planinum members are really really fucking hot, I remember getting sunburn those days from so much tanning, I was looking fine but not good as now, I think, some of them are really classic ones that will live after me, like the book and/or movie someone will make out of what I been writing all this time and certainly I wouldn't wanna take credits for anyone's report of my life, one really fucking unusual for some, but sure is full of happiness cause there is people who still have good intentions out there, and I know I'll be fine here or in another country like many Americans are doing now, one thing for sure is that I have to follow my instincts not matter where they'll take me, sure that whatever I'll do it will be planed first, not surprises intended here. Soon there should be a photoshot in this website of me with hairy chest, from now and on I'll have a hairy body and I have come to be totally decided about it, I love feeling the hair on my chest all the time, fuck yeah!!!!!!!!! a man with hairy body and chest and a mustache or a beard is way more macho then if not, but I'm not ready for a mustache or beard quite yet, I'm looking now days a little different from my latest videos I have done, and this one I did this year called "Nasty Men" nominated me for "Best Versatile Performer" for the"2004 Bareback Awards" at "", also this movie got nominations for "Best 3way scene", "Best gang bang scene", "Best insemination scene", and "Best cum play sequence", but ironically the raunchiest fucking movie I have ever done called "Leather Bareback Fuckfest" wasn't nominated for anything. But what it matter the most is that the second volume of "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer" is out on video tapes so far, very very soon it's gonna be out on DVD as well, and I cannot fucking wait to fucking see it cause I put so much into it. I think I'm gonna celebrate my protector's birthday in Chicago, and it makes sense that his birthday is the biggest party every year for the past 2004 years, he is my God, the one with the all might name of Jesus Christ, the king of kings I own my life and what I am. PS. I'm soooooooooo glaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad that Marat Safin just won a fukcing huge tennis tournament yesterday!!!.

issue # 100
Thursday, October 21, 2004

I'M SO BACK! I started this year with a defeated energy, but now here comes Jesus birthday around the corner already and I fucking full recharged and I already filmed 2 movies in this year 2004, created a new song, broadcasted myself live for the first time through my Website, and one of my musical creations called "Deep" is even being played at the gay nightclubs in Amsterdam (Europe). I fell more then ready to keep giving even more to my fans, is what keeps me going and I'm gonna use my looks as long as I can, why grow old with just one person when I can grow fucking old with the whole fucking world. One night my secret agent took me to this bar called "Cuffs" in Seattle and we meet with the person in charge who we already contacted before over the phone and we talked about a possible live musical performance one week before my birthday which is actually the birthday of this club, but I was also thinking in doing a show around Christmas too, I really liked that club to do a live musical show some day. Another day I had this guy that meet me online wanted to meet me in person so in one of his business trip he flew to Seattle and I meet him as a part of this new logo of mine "your fantasies are my desire", and sure it was cause we just fucking made out like teenagers until our cocks exploded with sperm fucking everywhere by just rubbing our bodies and cocks against each other, full naked kissing and just rubbing ourselves all the way to the fucking point of ejaculation that end up all over our stomachs cocks and balls, fucking messy fun really unusual, simple, romantic and fucking sweet, two days after he came back for more, and the morning after that second time I went from his hotel room to "Crypt" which is the leather store in Seattle, WA, and I got a cool jack strap, a glass dildo, some lube, and a 25% employee discount for just being Jeff Palmer, so I took full advantage of being Jeff Palmer right then and I ran to the movie section of that store and selected my movies and I autographed all of them as my way of repaying their fucking sweet kindness, and sure my movies are more then fucking special for I saw the price of one of them and it was $95.00 with out the tax, FUCK!, I got a box of chocolates from them as well, and a well praising for my ultimate watersports scene in "Nasty Men" where I get a golden shower that I seem to enjoy more then expected, yes! Big fucking OINK!, but sorry! I had not fuckin clue it is so fucking yummy!, that day I got the stuff I need it to go to my laptop and connect my webcam and i started broadcasting myself live, it was Thursday, Oct. 15th at 7 PM, and only my members could see me, I had this new black jockstrap on and with my dick out that I keep on stroking and showing it off for this live webcam of mine, and when I started fucking my butthole with this new glass dildo i read someone in the chatroom saying that his dick was harder then the dildo I was fucking myself with, I was playing my own music in the background cause I could also broadcast sounds and voice as well, and got really fucking excited in front of that cam and went on for an hour or so, and before it turned 8 PM I shot my sperm all over myself, took some of my semen and put it inside my butthole showing all this as a close up for the webcam, the guys thanked me, and after tasting some of my own cum I signed off online, took a shower and went to celebrate it at "Eagle" in Seattle, and meet this guy that drove me fucking crazy, northwest have the fucking hottest guys fucking ever, he drove me to his place and we went for it, once we got off then he took me back to were I could go back home cause the day after I had to fly to LA, CA and once here in LA I made some phone calls, ate and went to sleep ,the next day I took a shower and this fuck buddy of mine Tom picked me up at my place in Hollywood and drove us to Palm Springs for a crazy fucking weekend, and we stayed a the "Camp Palm Springs" and we took full advantage of the big list of bareback videos to watch, and that little darkroom in the bottom floor, fuck! talking about lots of gay bikers, so fucking hot!, we arrived sometime in the after noon and I had guy after guy shooting his load inside my hole thick or thin, with prince Albert dicks or not, also i would go fucking hard Tom's hole that was also being fucked by some of the guys that fucked me, the time kept passing by but we kept on bringing guys into our room, walking around and going to the dark room downstairs where this guys was offering his hole to anyone there and of course it was filled with who knows how many stranger's sperm, so I just couldn't resist sticking my cock in there as well as who knows how many other man, he hole sure felt beyond lubricated just like mine, but i held my cum and I had this young and so so young guys unload inside my hole, they all knew who I was and sure I couldn't care less that in the TV monitor of that darkroom they where showing on of my Falcon movies, I just went for almost every guy in there, at some point I had this guy that was the hottest guy I have ever seen in my whole fucking love fucking me from behind in the bed of my room, until he unload it really big filling me up so fucking good, it was so fucking unreal and fucking dreamy, so many fucking dicks to suck, so many man that day and night!, and I remember fucking some really amazing holes through all that adventure, guys who were beyond pigs had this buttholes fucked by my unsatisfying cock, just did not fill them up cause my sperm was already reserved for my fuckbuddy Tom who at some point after taking a break and eating light with me is when I tied him up to the bed and massaged his prostate from the inside with my fist deep inside his over fucked hole, while I stroked his dick, then I untied him and fucked him until I came for the second time, after that his hole was gone, my dick very tired and we took a shower we ate and sleep, we relaxed the rest of Sunday and Monday, we watched this movie that one of the characters (not Mr. Gere) is the typical closet gay guy trying hard to look straight
making it very beliebable cause it shows it just how this current times are, and everybody
end up fucking happy at the end, no fucking sad ends 4 me, fuck no!, the movie is "Shall
we dance" with Jlo. On Tuesday we drove back to LA, and it was too fucking rainy to go to
"Beige" that night. Today Thursday I may go out to dance with the tweenkies at "Tiger Heat" here in Hollywood, CA. Since this year I will not celebrate Halloween anymore for is
the day of the dead, and I'm way into the alive ones, so fuckin Halloween that is just like what Casinos are, they prey on people's money, really I cannot fucking stand Casinos in any other places other then Las Vegas. One thing I can stand for sure is going back to Portland for 1 or 2 days, just to go watch in the "Gay and lesbian Film Festival" a movie that I already seen in my first dissident meeting ever back 2 weeks ago with other dissidents such as Dan, Paul, Bill, Bob, and Sage, fuck yeah! a girl!, Sage used to work in some AIDS clinic as a nurse until the day that she couldn't take it anymore, she told us that at the end of her time in there she wanted to tell all the guys that came for that fucking stupid HIV test to run out and not to do it, she wanted to tell them the truth that she was not allowed, that is how she became an angel, I mean a dissident, that first meeting was very revitalizing so I cannot wait to be in Portland on Saturday 30th which is the day they show this spectacular documentary with my total hero "NOBEL prize winner Kary B. Mullis" he gets to talk a lot in it and he looks like an angel to me in there, such fucking fascinating male human. Tomorrow Friday I should fly to Seattle and stay there for a good while cause in 2 or 3 days I'm broadcasting myself live through my website again sharing some nasty personal moments live with all of my man out there making life a little more exciting and keeping myself always protected under my idol Jesus Christ's endless power.

issue # 99
Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I had enough of Portland and these fucking insane people living there such as Terry Bean, Jeffrey A. Smith and Sean Paris, way too fucking spooky for me, so now I live in a town near by Seattle, Washington, is just that I fucking fell in love with the Northwest and their people who happens to be a little more unusual then the rest, but It seems like that there is more good then bad to it, which makes it ultimately fucking exciting!. Last time I wrote in this journal of mine was when I asked Jesus to tell me who the fuck was fucking terrorizing me with some fucking paper notes all over that fucking freaky house where I was living in Portland, and right after asking him he show me all the signs and it turned out to be the guy that I was living with Jeffrey A. Smith himself turnout to be the freak himself and with the help of Sean Paris they pretended to be the crazy fan behind those nasty notes concerning my bareback lifestyle, and is obvious to me that one of the reasons for them to do what they did is because they poison themselves with HIV medication and their chick bones of their faces are starting to go away, they have bellies and practically they are some of the many walking posters ads for poisoning medicine, so then, here I come with out realizing how bitter I made them, and they kept insinuating Mr. Terry Bean as the one who contracted them, at the same time they got a check for around $10.000 to do this job, the job of terrorizing me, little he knew that these 2 guys were not that good at all and they let out lots of information pointing to this man Mr. Terry Bean who happens to be an ultra republican and makes me wanna move to Italy if Bush buys the presidency again like it seems, they should have never under estimated the protection I carry with me cause I happen to have the ultimate protection ever which is Jesus Christ. and Mr. Bean. The day after finding out I flew to Los Angeles and denounced on the front page of my website, that Tuesday night I went to "Beige" with the guy who brought me from Miami in 1996, he is an ex lover of mine, but that place was so popular that even that we skipped the line as I usually do still was really fucking hard to get a fucking table to fucking eat and we were fucking starving, so I realized that this place was more popular and requested then I imagined, so we left and ate at some fast food place, then he took me back to my place and I feel at sleep like a fucking baby, the next day I went to the gym, took care of bills and all that responsibility crap thing, hang out with my friends Gina her roommate Richard, with Mark and Jeff and their fucking Chihuahua dogs. On Thursday I went clubbing to "Tiger Heat" and I stayed longer then other times due to the fact the were not playing Esther's music that night I think, at least I did not notice, I fucking love kissing one the Go Go boys on the main stage while he dances, and I know the feeling is mutual cause is like a fucking ritual overtime I go there, I also made out with few other kids, and one of them looked like another young kid but I found out later that he was older then me and was really fucking drunk too, he took me in a taxi cab to his place and went to his bed, his butt was so bubble, really rounded and beefy, once my dick entered such a buttery, warm and juicy rectum I felt unable to control my fucking ejaculation, also he was so fucking drunk that he was moaning like a fucking crazy fuck and I just couldn't fucking hold it any fucking longer and filled him up so fucking good, and again like 20 minutes after, then we fell at sleep and in the morning after he took me for breakfast at "Basix" in West Hollywood, then he took me back home, I took a shower and went into the Internet world through my new laptop and with my webcam I chatted live through yahoo messenger, this time i did it with this hot hot guy all the way live from Pakistan, WOW! he was dressing a long traditional Arabic dress, the typical one, and when he lifted all that dress and saw that big fucking uncut dick with beefy natural muscular hairy legs I almost had a fucking heart attack, it was so, so, so, so, so fuckin hot!, right there in front of my eyes from the other side of the world, so I showed him my dick and butthole and face, also I saw other guy sucking his own dick and many other live cocks and butt holes getting fucked by dildos, YUMM!!!, lots of married man!, LOTS!, but who the fuck am I to judge?, so much fucking horniness in this fucking world at that particular time that I was beyond horny so I just couldn't take all of that any fucking longer so I finally ejaculated, lots of sperm exploded out the hole of my dick, landing all over my chest and pubicare, then I ate it while holding the webcam close to it, it was just toooooooo fucking extraordinary, pretty soon I should be able to go live through my own website and do some webcam shows, YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!! That Friday night I went to "Juicy" which is a brand new nightclub created by another ex-lover of mine Rohan Bisset and it was a lot of fun, I meet few people I knew from while ago, the music was so fucking awesome, great balconies, and i meet this fucking hot and big guy from Texas and we made out for a long while, but once started to get close to 2 am Rohan and I went to eat chicken Caesar salad at one of the fast food places open, then he took me home. I cannot fucking remember what I did on Saturday, but on Sunday night I meet with this fuck buddy of mine at his place as usual and I started to go for his beyond soft, warm, juicy and very willing butt hole, it seemed like my dick, my hands, my foot and dildos were not enough, just fucking love going for his hole with everything as possible, we played for a long long time as usual, I unloaded my sperm twice inside that super fisting hole, a fucking marathon that left me on Monday resting and taking it easy, phone calls emails and all home things. On Tuesday I meet with Gina and her boyfriend Trevor and went to "Beige" but this time not for dinner, it was just to hang out, dance and talk to people like Kevin Williams who is another porn star I did a movie with 5 or 6 years ago, he seemed fine and having a good time, my good buddy Jeff Clarke was there too, I just love fucking going there whenever I'm in Hollywood, CA. The next day on Wednesday I was taken to LAX airport by my good buddy DW and flew to Portland, OR and my good buddy Billy picked me up and took me the spooky house of Jeffrey A. Smith and picked up all my belongings, he was there and of course did not denied anything he did, he just had this evilish smile on his face and neither I or him say anything to each other, it was all too fucking obvious and unnecessary so there was nothing to say to it, I hope Jesus help him with his unstable mental situation. Once Billy and I left that place with my belongings I felt so much relief and safe, the rest of the day and night I spend it with Billy at his place he filled my hole with not one but 2 loads of his semen deep inside my hole the next day on Thursday took a train to Seattle, WA and meet with this new friend of mine Jo and one of his best friends Vito and went to Vito's house but once i saw this fucking huge tarantula spider inside this plastic box and this other hundreds of black widows spiders and the boa snake I fucking freaked out and I did not want to sleep in there that night, the guy even have black widows tattoos on his waist, and that night he was doing drag queen for this gay club in Tacoma, WA the club was not that big and there was not way I could hide who I was in there, so after all these female impersonators did their show on stage and I cheered them on it was time for them to do a surprise thing that involved bring me to that stage, but people that know me knows better that over my dead body I'll fucking do drag, so instead they got me naked wearing just my jockstrap and they wrap my whole body included my head in toilet paper making me look like a fucking mummy and I strip out all of it right there on stage and I must admit that it was a lot of fun, but once we left that place a huge fucking drama started cause this guy Vito who was driving Jo's rent car and he did not want to take us to Seattle like Jo and I wanted so he went fucking crazy while driving, I was seating next to him Jo was in the back seat, and soon after they started fucking scream at each other Vito stops the car in the middle of the 5 freeway few times going from 80 MPH to reverse, but sure there was an army of angels taking care of us, still after the 3rd or 4th time of Vito doing that he parked on the side road and started punching and kicking my friend Jo and he started to strangle him with his hands, but luckily for me Jo reacted and started to defend himself and he did it so strongly that this guy Vito got out of the car and started walking on the middle of the freeway, then I started driving with Jo seating next to me and we tried to have this guy comeback inside the car cause of the fucking danger of the fucking freeway but he didn't want to do that so we kept on driving but few miles after the car fucking died cause it had the gas thank empty and it really got fucked up after being driven by that fucking freak guy Vito, so we had to fucking walk to a gas station near by get few gallons of gas and came back to the car and put it on which help a little cause the fucking car kept stopping every few miles, restarted again and again and again until finally we made to a gas station and fill it up, after that we were able to drive to the rent a car park and sleep for few hours inside that car, around 9 AM Jo's boyfriend picked us up and after that everything got much fucking better. On Monday Jo drove us to Portland, OR he drop me off at Billy's house and he went to apartment of this friend of his, next day I went to the gym and prepared all of my belongings, took my car to a safe place, put all of my things in Jo's truck and it was good-bye to Portland, and Hello to Seattle area in Washington, once in Seattle I started a new chapter, more mellow and totally decided to start a new life between this fucking beautiful town and Hollywood, CA, I have few days left to come back to LA for a week and did not want to let more time pass by without writing in here, hopefully it won't be too long again before I write my next journal. Because of the current economy and because is fair to give my members their money's worth is that my site doesn't have anymore free stuff except my music which is never been or will be for commercial reasons, even that I got an email from one of my great fans telling me that my song "Deep" from my second musical compilation is being played in some gay bars in Amsterdam, Holland, and if is truth that everything musically explodes first in Europe and then in America then I'll take it like the ultimate blessing from my protector, the all mighty Jesus Christ.

issue # 98
Monday, September 20, 2004

I fucking love watching this TV show called "The surreal life" cause it represents all the different real, I mean very fucking real cultures here in USA, I'm just so fucking addicted cause I'm fascinated by human behavior in general. My life is really exciting at the moment, and really fucking intense. This City of Portland is going to fucking get used to the fukcing idea that this is not longer a fukcing little town anymore, and I'm here to stay, since December, after another kind of intense research I came to the fukcing simple conclusion that this is THE place to live, I'm talking about great quality of life and is an awesome place for people with all different kind of ideas, cultures and beliefs, is on the way of becoming huge big as LA or NY, witting 6 years and then I would decide to stay still in Portland or if I'll move to Italy, I must let my spirit control my brain now days and like never before too. Now days also I love listening to my own music and Tatu, my fukcing favorite Russian musical group import, and sure the woman in Russia are fucking taking full control of the tennis world starting this year, and may God be with the people who lost ones in the recent attacks. Long term effects of HIV medicine, radiation and chemotherapy is what you get for not having real faith in Jesus Christ who can do it all and I also believe that he does not only miracles in a matter of second moment's time cause others take longer time. "Real Time with Bill Maher" on HBO is my favorite show to watch as well, love hearing him say my favorite word ever in the fucking English dictionary, yes, you fukcing guessed fukcing right, the word "fukcing", this guy is so fukcing cool, too bad he is not fucking gay at all. Now days I been rehearsing for my website cumin soon! showing my butthole and Dick LIVE, i mean LIVE, I mean LIVE, I mean LIVE! with this live cam that I just installed in my brand new laptop, and I have to say that is more fun then I anticipated, fuck me! being watched live while watching several other guys live at the same time is so fucking hot, God bless Yahoo messenger!, the first time I got so fucking horny by watching all those cocks, but when some guys stick dildos up their holes, or just close up shots of buttholes is what drives me fukning nuts, i saw also this guy sucking this other guy's dick while drinking beer, lots of straight guys too, no one ones to meet, is just a voyeur thing, this one called "hairy but" is the one that got me off the first time online due to the fuck that his hot hairy butt was being fucked by a dildo made of steal, I had an electronic orgasm, people from all over the world, India, Asia, Europe, Australia could see me live and I feel like I have opened a Pandora box. Sex penetrated my brain is a very powerful way, almost like never before, and I just fukning surrender and went to Steam that night and after getting royal treatment from these 2 hot guys which I'm not going to mention names cause they are young and hot and I'm sure their boyfriends would get mad if they find out that one of them took me to my room and gave me a complimentary treatment called "leche en mi culito" from a nice burrito, fuck! the translation is that he basically unloaded his nice creamy load of sperm deep inside my hole making it this way ready to keep satisfying my butthole with like a handful of guys fucking me and filling up my ass hole to the point of making it very buttery alike and then I meet this guy that had some fucking awesome beefy legs holding a fucking perfect bubble butt that was able to get fukced for hours and hours, then he invited me to go over to his place for more butt fukcing and some fisting, he is a guy like me who is meant to be single too FUKC YEAH! BIG FUKCING TIME!, I forgot to mention that before leaving that Bathhouse I signed some autographs that they download it from my website, they where very creative and artistic when it came to mix a towel with a picture of mine, I love that place but it doesn't mean that I'll go there all the fucking time. As you may noticed this time I didn't really fukcing feel like fucking remembering dates and say everything in order since the last time I fukcking wrote in here, but I just felt unusually like writing in here and the world as my shrimp(psychiatrist), and even that the condom nazi people hates this fact I'm sorry but no one from the condom industry can say or do anything about it cause that industry is slowly fading away, besides, is always what the consumer wants and hopefully I'm doing enough to attack consumers to enjoy watching sex like is meant to be with out fear, cause making fags afraid of sex sounds like a dream come truth for the ones who are against gay people, but my life is not in vein, my goal is to set people "free" which gave me the reason to create my latest song, "Free", free through Jesus Christ, the one with the perfect love, that's why I'm never lonely and under the all mighty power that the name of Jesus Christ commands I order any negative force, demons or evil to stop using who is being used to try to affect my spirit, under the most powerful name ever and the sacrifice that Jesus Chris did for us is I take the power he gave us humans over evil to take evil far away from me, God is my lord and I'm not going to fear, but unleashing a very important request publicly on earth is how it will reach Jesus' kingdom, and it all comes down to the Jesus Christ's plans, honor and glory. Now days I'm letting my hair grow really long like this popular novel's writer Fabio so I can say "I cannot believe it's not butter"(his famous words) while fukcing a nice and extra juicy loosy goose butt hole, por favor !. And as usual here is when I make public all my appreciation and thanks to Jesus Christ for every thing he gives me and for keeping his angels around me at all time, i have with me the ultimate protection always J e s u s C h r i s t and I'm not fukcing ashamed at all, we are connected forever either the enemy like it or not, and ovbiously I cannot care less for what people say about it, I'm a pornstar after all, so there you!.

issue # 97
Wednesday, September 08, 2004

When there is people like me here and around the world
who  not longer believes in the existence of the so
called HIV virus due to the endless contradictions by
facts, is that I get really mad when I see people like Andy
Rod and Andre Ages together with Billy Jean King
working for El John who happens to be for me
nothing but pure materialistic evil, his AIDS
foundation wants more money each year and is taking
along everything I love or by now I should say used to
love, cause now because of this and because of some
beyond unfair bad calls against Serene Williams at the
Us in a quarter-final match against the shameless,
conscience-less and soul-less Jennifer Capriati is that
I won't be spending any of my time watching tennis
again, I may read the papers to check he results and
that's it, hopefully my favorite Hollywood actress
called Kirsten Dunst alias KIKI won't get involved
with any AIDS charity cause the day I found out about
it she will not longer be my favorite anymore.
Very soon I look forward to start joining the meetings
with guys who know what I know about this horrible
fraud of HIV, they meet here in Portland and also in
LA, so I wanna do both, HEAL is the name of this
wonderful organization, so may God help me to make it
to these meetings.
When I go out to the most popular club in Portland
called "Silverado" and I see the owner he keeps
telling me to do a live show in there, but it feels
weird to me cause is the place I use always to hang
out, I keep telling that I'm thinking about his
proposal cause I really still do.
One night I meet Billy who is the hottest asian guy I
have ever  fucked with, he fucked me so fucking good
and I fucked him really good too, fucking love to
cuddle with him, but a couple of days after I had to
fly to Los Angeles, and on the 24th of August I was in
an airplane going from PDX to Burbank airport, once I
arrived I had this hot British guy Michael picked me up
and take us to the San Vicente Inn in  West Hollywood,
once in there I took a shower in Michaels's room and
then we went to lay down in the sun while some guys
were walking around naked but the sun was already
going away so Michael and I took this big black guy to
our room and both of them fucked me but only Michael
got off while I ate his sperm and the sperm of other guys staying at
that gay hotel, then we went out to eat
at The Grove and then I he gave me a ride to "Beige"
and after doing a first walking around recognition is
that I got some water and went dance, the music was
very techno that night, so I just
kept dancing by myself as usual for a few more minutes
before leaving for another walk recognition, until I
found these HOT HOT guys in their early 20's friends of
mine, Claudio (who host the best show in the Italian
gay chanel) just arrived from Italy with his gang of
cute young italians, and Guillerme who is brazilian
was there too with his boy, but I had to go cause the
next day I had to go to the gym and to the sun, I
spent some good time with Michelle(girlfriend of mine)
she is so fucking hot that she works in a tits bar and
makes mucho dinero, and I hope she doesn't get mad at
me for writing specifics about her, she is the coolest
girl I know and actually the only one I hang out with.
On the weekend before Labor Day weekend these hot
young gang of italians with one brazilian and one
another american took me to Laguna Beach and hang out
in the sun, they were drinking alcohol and making out
with eachother like crazy, but I had to save myself
cause I had a movie to start filming on the following
Monday, but sure I got a cool tan, besides I meet this
guy with one of those big green bird that talk, and we
went out of the beach to a place to eat then we
stopped at his car and his dick was even hotter then
his body, and taking in consideration the fact that he
had the best fucking buddy in he whole fucking beach I
should be fucking able to say, FUCK! it sucks! cause I
couldn't do anything cause I had to fucking save
myself for my new porn, so we cameback to the beach
and everybody though we fucked,  then few hours after
we droved back to Los Angeles and in Guillerme's apt.
we hang out and got intimate, then one of them drop me
off at Michelle's boyfriend's house and slept there,
next day was Monday 30th, August 2004, the day the
USOpen started and the day that I started filming the
first scenne of the volume 2 of "Barebacking with Jeff
Palmer" series. I started that day working out at the
current  trendy place to work out in Los Angeles now
days next to Arclight theathers, but after shower and
shave I went to SXVideo studios near where I live in
Hollywood at 6pm, my first movie in Hollywood
actually, Marcus was the hot bottom boy who's butt  I
started  fucking right away, finally my dick was going
inside a really fucking juicy and very soft butthole
after days and days of abstinence, he was younger then
me and much much wither then me, people don't tan
where he lives, his dick was fucking nice uncut, but
not as much as Jack Surf's cock who helped a great
deal on the joy of fucking those 2 super lovy dovy
juicy holes, exchanging this way holes with Jack as if
Marcus was nothing but a fucking blow doll, but times better, but after running out of
positions and making Marcus butthole end up pretty
loosy goosy and pretty much beat up is that Bob the
director told us  that we were free to cum wherever we
wanted, and Marcus gave me his sperm out of his uncut
dick for me to eat, then I ate Jack's who was really
fucking holdin it cause i ate quite a bet of his yummy
fucking sperm, then i shot my load all the way into my
mouth, ending this way my first scene, I dreamed of
Jack's eyes that night I think, mmmmm!!!!!. The next
day I went in the sun at Michelle's boyfriend's pool's
roof but I had to come back to SXVideo studios for my
second scene of my volume 2 movie, this time it was
with an African American guy for the first time on
celluloid ever, the hottest one named Flex Deon Blake,
he was taller and much bigger then me, his nipples are the
fucking hottest and his pecks and biceps and legs and
cock that fucked me in almost every position, i
started fucking my hole with my own dildo that Falcon
made many years ago, I only could take half, they sure
make it way bigger then the fucking real think, or
maybe i just felt how it hurts when getting fucked by
my own dick, but once Flex's dick took over then I
felt much better since I'm not comfortable with latex
at all, he made me see stars,  and the moon and all
the fucking galaxy, the feeling of getting pounded by
him was totally extraterrestrial, unreal, YUMMMMMMY!!,
once he filled my hole with his big jiz of cum I shot
my load in his dick and then I stick it back inside my
ass making this way my hole drip cum out of it , so
much leche(sperm), FUCK! he really went for my hole
like no one has ever done it before, he deserves his
own series and sure I wanna be in one scene fucking
him really good as it should be my turn next time,
FUCKER!!!!!!, that night I had to celebrate at
"Beige"in Hollywood as well,  after doing a first
walking around recognition as usual, I got some water
and went dance, Victor was playing some super cool
music that night, at one point someone extended his
arm all the way to my Right chest while dancing and
he grab me really tight and we started to dance a la
Tango or Lambad Style, but once i realized that his
sister not only is been and is really involved with
the HIV fraud but also did a song about Jesus Christ
not being resurrected, so I was doing my duty of being
good guy by dancing with him for a good while, but I
just really didin't wanna  go any further with  him,
so I just kept dancing by myself as usual for a few
more minutes before leaving for another walk
recognition walk around this really really always
crowded place, so the hottest male and females are
there every Tuesday,
went back to the Gym, yeah! the trendy one that I'm
new member with, but in there was yet another person
talking to me about the same thing that I keep hearing
over and over from so many people, he said that Bin
Laden is hidding in Bush's ranch and right before this
coming election he will come out under captured
status, some other people say that another 911 alike
could happen to waranty his election, who knows what
the fuck will happen, I know nothing about politics,
all I wanted is to work out to look good for my new
fucking porno. The next day on Thursday I went on the
sun again, then went to the set to film my 3rd scene,
this time with Brad Slater and Jagger and Dick Janes
and I won't get into detalis with this scene cause
honestly I'm already fucking tired of writting, cause
if there is something that I don't like to do much is
writting, but work pays off sometimes, the 3 scene was
really fuckng hot as well, specially when I ate the
cum of 3 of these fucking beautiful guys at the same
time at the end, never done it before on film, eating
3 loads at the same fucking time,
YUMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, that little orgy was
about getting fucking, fucking and drinking for me,
fucking sweet!.
That night I celebrated at "Tiger Heat" at Arena in
Hollywood as well, 80's was in West Hollywood but now
in the Ones is about Hollywood, and that night was
really fun, I danced on the dance floor that night
changing places from one corner to the other from song
to song, let's say that I was fucking working the
fucking dance floor really good, I meet and danced with
lots of cute little boys, one of them was his birthday
but he looked like he was 12, it was so much fun
making out with them, but around 1 am me and
Michael(friend from England went to eat at Mel's drive
and I slept at his hotel room, no sex with him that
night for I had to save myself for my last and 4th
scene of my new porn, and last Friday, Sept 3rd around
6:30 PM I started fucking Alan Gregory who is this big
blond blue eyes boy with huge bubble butt to die for,
huge massive legs, it was like fucking a muscle cube
smooth polar bear, he fucked me too and really good as
well, i ate his cum really good and I ate mine as
well,  finishing this way my new porn that should come
out around November just in time to use it as a
perfect Christmas gift to a really good friend, it
makes a perfect unique present for any occasion
actually for men or real straight woman,
OINK!!!!!!!!!, Once it was done I felt automatically
so much better, and went to Las Vegas with Michael
really wanted to spent some time with me, and sure I
enjoy it as well, and by the way he drove I could
tell how different the systems of driving are from
here to there, he have a nice white uncut dick that
filled me up with cum in my ass and in my mouth.
But yesterday Tuesday I had to fly back to fly back to
Portland, OR, my good buddy Jeff was there to picked
me up at PDX, LOVE PORTLAND! and sure I feel ready to
relax and start to work much harder in my website, I
want to work much harder on it, so hopefully soon my
webmaster is gonna help me set up this live camera
into my website, and may Jesus Christ help me to
connect with them most people as possible, defeating
distance this fucking way, and thank you Holly Spirit
cause you are inside of me.

Issue #96
Monday, August 09, 2004

I cannot fucking believe how fucking long it's been since i wrote in this electronic journal of mine, FUCK ME!!! DAMN! .You all have to excuse me but my life is so much fun now days that time goes by faster like never before ever, cutting out any pain, fear, and any negative feeling puts me in such fucking wonderful current situation, no doubt in my mind that my life is only getting better, cause in my world things are fine, no fatal diseases, if only people used their brain more then they do they could reach certain high levels of happiness like they never had before.
On July 18th I went to "Silverado" here in Portland, Ore. just to chill out with all the local crowd that by now treat me so fucking nice that it becomes another plus in living here, but I had to meet with this really fucking hot guy who requested me really bad at the time, and he had the best tan I have ever seen in a white guy, he was in his 30s and fucking hot body and hot face, he was really horny too and waisted no time in sticking his fucking nice big cock inside my smooth and juicy butt-hole, and he started pounding on me doggy style until 10 or 15 minutes passed by when it just couldn't fucking hold his sperm anymore and just unloaded a fucking huge massive amount of cum deep inside my man hole, I shoot my load right after that, cleaned up myself and drove back home. On the 21st of July I flew from Portland, Ore. to LA, CA and Vette who is Jeff's boyfriend picked me up at LAX airport, and after a small coalition with another car we went to their work place and Jeff let me borrow his car so I could take care of some errands, then came back and Jeff drove me to my place and I meet with my good friend Mark and went to see a movie on the theater's of the new Grove open Mall next to farmers market here in LA, next day I went tanning at Mishelle's pool and at night I went to "Tiger-heat" by myself of course and I danced my fucking ass away man!, up in the second floor holding myself from the metal protection bars looking down at all the people dancing, besides playing way too much hip pop, rap and Madonna as usual still I enjoyed some good ones in between, I made out with this really fucking young Mexican kid with big fat juicy and soft lips he told me how much he enjoyed my movies that's why I felt like I had to show my appreciation with a fucking wet long one, but I wanted to go back to dancing and sure I fucking did, but around 12:40 I realized I had to go sleep but not before making out with another kid and even I went upstairs and made out with a white one that was so fucking young that his face was like a girl trying to grow bear, still it turned me on big fucking time, and I would have go more far then that if wasn't that I had to reserve my cum and go sleep in order to look good next day in a porn scene I did for "SX Video", it was my first scene of 2004, the name of the movie is "Nasty Men" and Brad Slater is the hard wood surfer from heaven, he kept fucking my hole so fucking good then him and Eric Evans pissed on me while I was in the shower, it felt like nothing before,fuck! something totally new on film to show, then this surfer kid Brad Slater fucked me some more and then he came inside my hole and then Eric Evans came then he stick it inside my hole, then this surfer kid came again and inside my mouth, and then I shot this really big load that jumped all the way to my mouth so I tasted some of my own cum while having this fucking huge orgasm that was due for a while, and sorry my hard-core fans but this one will be the only scene with me on it, but don't you fucking worry cause hopefully by the end of this month is when starts the filming of a brand new fresh "Jeff Palmer" movie, fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally another fucking hot one with plenty of scenes with me that will get you going on until next year at least, this new movie I'm filming next should be THE 2004 Jeff Palmer movie so maybe it should be called "Jeff Palmer Barebacking in 2004" or "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer volume 2" or "No condoms with Jeff Palmer", we'll take suggestions.
Then I meet with my good friend Scott and went to celebrate to this secret bath-house in downtown where the big black people goes, fucking nasty celebration time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and i got fucked by so many black dicks that fucking night that at some point I had a big fucking river or many men's sperm deep inside my fucking used and abused hole, so I would take a break here and there and fuck these 2 fucking hot bottoms who where the whole time laying on their stomach in their bed offering their hole as a human deposit cum and one of them in particular got 2 loads of mine inside his hole, is just it was way to juicy, soft, and really stretched, just thinking that I was just one of many men breeding his hole really got me fucking off, besides, I think he had almost as much sperm as i had inside me and the reason I got more sperm in my hole was because I was more of a nasty pig and went to the dark rooms more often milking all those fucking horny shy man, then went home to eat food and rest. The rest of the weekend I took a break, but on Monday I was ready for more action so I had a date with this really fucking pig fuck buddy of mine named Tom, and after fucking and fisting and footfisting his out of this world and amazing hole I filled is hole with one of my loads deep inside, then I showered, we ordered some food, we ate and played some more until I came inside his hole again and then left home. Few days after I went to "Hurricane Harbor" with Mishelle and her boyfriend Devon and sure we didn't mind doing those fucking long lines cause those water rides where beyond a fucking blast, specially the dark tunnel chute's, it was being a fucking kid all over again, then I chilled out with her and Jeff and by the 31st of July I had to fly to Portland, Ore. and prepared for David and Richard to pick me up at my house and take me to Eugene, Ore on August 2nd and after an hour and a half or so we arrived at the Confort Inn hotel, and sure they fucking honor their name, cause sure it was really fucking confy, then I went to eat, showered and slept around midnight, and woke up around 11 am the next day on Tuesday, fuck yeah! had breakfast/lunch, then I showered, went tanning on those hotel chairs, and David and Richard took me to "Neighbors" that is the only semi-gay bar in Eugene even that is the second biggest town here in Oregon, but hey! with a motive such a gay colonization I found enough reason to create a mini stage with in that club and checked the musical system, Cindy and her son Bryan made a fucking great job with that bar, they were just awesome to me, then I was taken back at my hotel room where I chilled out and by 8:30 Richard picked me up and took me to the dressing room of this nightclub, but I came out around 9:45 PM and I was surprised to see over 100 people in there cause it was a Tuesday night in the only gay thing of this really small town, I came out to the stage as usual since 1999 in a hooded cape that did not let them see anything until with the help of a blowing fan right in front and under the stage made my cape open and gave me the effect of flying while performing live for the first time ever my new song called "Free" and it felt so fucking awesome!, then I performed "Dreaming" and then I took a break until Daphany introduced me again like 40 minutes after and performed "Desire" and "Deep" while the boys and girls in there where really great to me giving me huge and fucking laud ovations, and wanted to hear so many of my songs, so of course i was feeling like being in heaven, being appreciated in such way made me go fucking bananas, and even that I was being very energetic by dancing making out, and flirting in and around the stage I was melting inside, like I couldn't fucking believe it kind of thing, it was too fucking much!, then I took another break and came out signing these 2nd musical compilation CDs that I brought with me and gave them away for free of course, I made out with almost all of those guys and some took their pic with me, and before it turned 1 am, Chandler gave me back my video camera and I thanked him for doing me such fucking huge great favor, Fucking sweet Frankie paid me and took me back to my hotel room. Few minutes after, Eric and Daniel showed up at my room and I fucked Daniel really fucking silly, that ass was meant to be fucked constantly, until I shot my load all over his back, it was so fucking yummy, besides Eric sucks dick like a fucking pro, at some point I had both of them sucking my dick at the same time, and YUMMY!!., then I went to "Sharis" and meet with John and James(2fans)who I meet that night and we ate really fucking good, then they took me back to my room and fell at sleep, the next day my new roommate, John, James and I went to this nude beach 20 minutes away in Eugene and I got this guy off, we chilled out and once it got colder my new roommate drove back to Portland and John and James took me to Halsey where they live, but James is straight, so me and John went to the bathroom's bedroom and he fucked me so fucking good, he reminds me of Mel Gibson, but a little younger, YUMMMMMMMM! he filled me up really good, we cleaned ourselves and hang out with his teenager kid and his friends without knowing if they knew that I was just fucked in the ass, on the way to Portland we saw his teenager daughter, it was so fucking hot to do it with a fucking hot real daddy, but hey! he divorced his wife already, and his mother lives next door too!, wow!, Once back in Portland I moved all my belonging to this new house here in North Portland, and being the house-boy of such cute home with such amazing garden sure is a great present from God, cause so far I'm enjoying my time in this new place and with this new friend in my life. Sorry Kyle, Shannia and Britney but listening to my own music is what please me the most lately, listening to both of my compilations makes me feel better then any other song out there, I could never make another song again and still I could listen to the ones I already made over and over, and never get tired of it, no favorite ones cause I fucking love to hear them all, but still I feel like making more new ones, it's a very unique situation in which I feel totally beyond excited to still love my music more then anyone else's music. And yeah I attribute these fucking wonderful blessings to the one I chose to believe, to the one who puts this Holy Spirit inside of me, and if I'm wrong, what do I have to lose after I'm dead? and what do I have to gain if I'm right?, I would have to be really stupid to take such stupid chance specially since still there is not proof of what happens after we die, so i just take advantage by introducing such free available spirit inside, the Holy Spirit, cause that is what is for, it's for to us humans to fucking use it, and stupid me if I miss such an opportunity, so here I go again with my eternal gratitude to Jesus Christ for everything he has ever done and do for me, I'm nothing without him.

Inssue # 95
Saturday, July 17, 2004

Getting older is really great for me, specially when it comes to understanding certain things better then before, for example: all the people who hate fags have the peace of mind that we fags are sick taking medicine and dying of HIV, and that is why it protects people like me who represents like 5% of all the fags who knows the bull shit and knows that HIV does not exist, and we avoid taking medicine-poison and yet enjoy life and we are happy as we can be which is what the people who hate fags don't want, but still in some ways they get away with it cause there is still a lot of people who don't know yet, but the ones like me enjoy a healthy life and yet don't use condoms, but ofcourse we are not the majority yet, but unfortunately once they haters find out about it then they eventually will come out with a new virus or sophisticated way to attack fags again like in the Reagan years, and people who choses to ignore certain things became ignorants and there is not better victim for a hunter then a prey who ignores danger. And talking about danger is that people, specially christians should know better then sending kids to watch the fucking Harry Potter movies for it could work like the Uiji table does, it sounds really fucking stupid but trust me that exorcists cases are every where all the time, besides why take kids mind away from God that way? fucking shame on the responsible ones, faith in God is what makes miracles like passing my vision test in the DMV with out glasses or contact lenses, but yet I used to use reading glasses when I was 12, or when I put concentration in finding addresses while while drving and so and so. The human brain can even heal the vision by being very persistent in pushing those never untouched bottoms inside our brains, and avoiding alcohol, stress, mal nutrition and dihydration is that my brain process and dictates better, otherwise i wouldn't be half of what I am. And talking about contact lenses is that almost every time I see the picture of this socialslut/pornstar Paris Hilton is that I feel like wearing my blue contacts too, cause it seems that she wears the same blue contacts that I used to wear in my Falcon years, but sorry guys those days are way gone, now I'm older and more secure with myself to have my natural eyes, that is why I must honor God by working out and making sure that I have the most healthy temple as possible for him to live in, and in times where most guys wear really big fucking baggy clothes I chose to wear tight clothes, it makes me more unique and cause this is my way to tell God, hey I'm treating good the only temple you gave me.. Paris Hilton is sexy but Hillary Duff and specially Vin Diesel are way sexier, Shania Twain and Kyle Minogue are way above the rest by having so much musical talent.
And talking about musical creations finally my newest single is alrready in my website for free download, it's called "Free" and there is 7 versions of a song that I really fucking love.
Calling my family few times a week and not messing up with my face break ups are great feelings, no scars at all.
Ever since last time I wrote in here I kept going to the gym quite often, ideed, yeah, now I'm going to the gym flavor of the month, "24 hours fitness", the gym to go here in LA now days and in there people are cool when they aproach me, just like in the 24 hours of Portland also, the guys go ...are u who I think u are? but in the clubs guys go... what's your name? and I can totally tell they know me, but alcohol gets on the way oviously. Later that night I had to meet with this guy there in LA, CA. who arranged everything for it to happen, once I arrived at his apartment i realised that I was dealing with some total hot pig, he had some smooth and beffy legs, and it took me like 3 seconds to be undressed and seat on the edge of the bed to make him fucking suck my verga(cock) with his mouth really wide open, and really fucking deep too, oh man! was he a fucking pro of what the fuck? and as soon as I touched his fucking butthole I fucking jumped behind him and mounted really fucking good, having my verga(cock) to enjoy the best dessert I had in a very fucking long time, that fucking butthole was what I call the perfect fucking mangina, there is guys like me who take more pleasure then usual when we got a hold of a sluppy very wide open hole, and his was beyond smooth and opened to the point that once I introduced my hand not only with out any trouble but also with way too much fucking pleasure, and my dick? fuck! just wanted to pop a load so fucking bad that in one of those in and out of my hands is that I keept sticking my verga(cock) inside such an out of this world hole, going inside him with my dick was almost as good as having an orgasm, but I just couldn't take it anymore and I just had to fucking shot all of my leche(sperm) bien caliente deep inside the biggest and deepest and more joyfull cavitiy I have ever been into, then I intruduced these dildos inside him, but these where some of the biggest dildos I have ever seen in my whole fucking life, and at some point he told me to go deeper with my fist, so I did, and my wrist just went right in and went deeper and deeper and it even passed by elbow all the fucking way up to half my bicep, I was in total fucking disbelief, It became the second time I stick my whole fucking arm up to my bicep on someone's fucking rectum, YUMM! but it was cutting the circulation of the blood of my arm, so I changed for just my 2 fists at the same time or a fist and a huge dildo and 20 minutes passed by and I was ready to cum again, this time I fucked him more then before and eventually he was ready to cum, so I came before him filling him up with 2 of my loads that i used inside his hole to massage his prostate while he was cumin. On July 4th my friend Jeff and his boyfriend Vette picked me up at my apt. and took us for breakfast at the Farmer's market and then to "Beautiful Sundays" at the Standard Hotel in downtown, it was Mike's birthday and sure it was fun, sharing space and time with all the young hot and trendy people of current times. Next day I went to Michelle's(old girlfriend of mine) terrace and spending time with her and her ex-roomate Jeff was so much fun to the point that i got really burned in the sun, then my good new friend David picked me up and took me to a barbeque party that these really cool coupple Kurt and George were doing, I had a hard, yes, very hard and swelling time trying to find out what was more yummy if the the chicken or that hot group of guys. On July 6th my friend David and his boyfriend George picked me up and took me to LAX airport and took my flight to Portland, Ore., 2 days after my brand new webmaster "JJ" came over with his cool boyfriend Michael to my house and stayed over while working in making my website better and improving it, I'm so grateful to Jesus Crhist and to people like Glenn and Jamie for getting me JJ on my way, but on Friday they left back to Seattle where they live, next day I missed my flight so I had to take the following one in order to make it to Miami from Portland, and 1 connection to Denver after, I finally fucking made it to Miami, my friend Dan picked me up and took me to my room with view to the ocean in this hotel that is the one to be, "Raleigh", but the people from "" were the ones who took care of the bills, after I finished taking a shower Dan came back and took us to downtown, now days all the cool gay parties seem to be at downtown, and the place was called "Envy" name which I didn't like, c'mon! any other positive name would be a good idea, and in there I found out that It was truth what what Dan told me that now days I look much better then before specially with my long darker hair, I had so much fun and me him and his friends George and Paul danced our fucking asses off, but around 2 am I had to check out that fucking great gay nightclub(too bad it was soo fucking foggy). The next day, on Sunday I wanted to meet with this ex-lover of mine I used to call Papito for a quick lunch or something, but he said it was too soon still even that is been 7 months since we call it off, he even have a boyfriend and all, but I told him that's fine, no problem, maybe some day in the long future i guess, 30 minutes later Dan showed up and we went to the pool of this trendy hotel i was in and in there I got caught in a really interesting conversation with no one less then Edison Farrow who happens to be the one who since 2001 is resposible for bringing the nightlife back to Miami, he started with Martinis Tuesdays and now he have 3 or 4 successful parties a week under his belft, he is THE promoter in Miami now days, he is so fucking charming and yet so fucking sexy, soon after that I went to the penthouse of this same hotel "Raleigh" that costs $5.000.00 a night stay, but we only use it from 3pm until 7pm and the blow jobs that this photographer gave me where so magnificent that I think that it turn out to be the best photoshot I have ever did, at the end I blowed a huge load that end up all the way up inside my own mouth, cuming and drinking at the same time, I got paid and signed some papers, hopefully within a month I sould be able to post it on my website so maybe someone can tell me I'm wrong cause this is the only way I see it, he is beyond talented, it became a really triumphant return to Miami, and I celebrated eating a great salad with chicken at "Next" in Lincoln Road, then later I meet with Carlos and his boyfriend Tod, and around midnight I was already getting special treatment from my good friend Michael at the "Mansion" nightclub, his hair is always fucking crazy. That night it was so much fun, the club was totally upgraded, we was danced and danced but around 2 am we left to eat and then Dan took me to back o my hotel room, I slept and in the morning while I was packing I called Rod, who is a 6'2 tall 230 pounds of muscle, and once he got into my room I made him seat on this chair put his huge mascular legs on my shoulders and fucked him in front of this big mirrow, and it didn't took too long for him to cum while i was getting him pregnant with my babies way deep inside such man hole, he left with my babies deep inside him, I showered, checked out my room and took this limo to the airport, once i was back here in Portland I went on Tuesday to the river near Albany here in Oregon with my roomate at this grilfriend of ours named Marilin, it was so fucking nice and really peaceful, and today I took some time to get in here and write all I can remember that I been doing lately, so now is when i publicly confess my extreme gratitude to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for living in my and making my life the most happy and productive that it can be, and hopefully such cults as scientific and kabbalah will always show people to not be as effective as my lord JesusChrist has been, is and will always be, the son of them man, the only mesiah ever.

issue # 94
Thursday, July 01, 2004

It's been so fucking long since i last wrote that today I had this big rush to write the most I can remember since my last time. I arrived in LA on June 18 from Portland, OR, and it was around noon, my friend Jeff picked me up at LAX airport and took me straigt to an art gallery where he took some fucking sweet pics!, later that night I meet with this guy who contacted me weeks earlier for a special meeting and sure it was fucking awesome, it's always a plus when I get to fist some nice jucicy hole, and I did it the next day again as well, YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!! cause you can fucking bet that before fisting it I fucked it deliciously too with my fucking cock breeding it. On Sunday 20th I went to the Eroctic section of the Gay Parade Festival 2004, and I was exactly in the "SX Video" Booth, and all I covered that day was dick leaving nothing to the imagination and having people looking at me from far distances while I was talking, kising, hugging people, signing autographs, having my picture taken with them, and even this hot looking mom with his daughters seemed excited to meet me, but it was too wired for me cause I'm not much used to having keds looking at me that way since I'm always entertaining the adults only, but I guess that maybe some kids can hear my music too, there is not dirty language in it so I can see some kid enjoying my music. I meet so many people that day that I got really horny, so around 5 pm I went to meet with this special buddy of mine who provided me with endless joy through his incredible and beyond generous butt hole, fisting him with my hands and feet was almost as good as fucking him with my dick for the first few hours non stop as usual, cause once my dick told me no more then my hands and feets did some action on their own in that horny section of his, and after a really long marathon I went home, ate some organic food and rested all I could cause few days after, on Thursday I went to meet with my super DJ Tony Sinclair to do the changes to this new musica single that I want to post on my website soon and it's called "Free" and that is the name cause that is how I feel now after being in control of the fucking heartbroken pain by the end of last year and the begining of this one. The day after, on Friday I traveled from LA to NYC, and once I arrived at the JFK Drew picked me up and took us to "The Winter Palace", once there the first thing I did was to get naked and put on some leather goods, then straight to the dungeons in 2 floors, the 3rd floor and last one is the kitchen, terrace and jacuzzy area, on that weekend there was quite few really horny boys in that place, and sure I was really happy that Boy RIchard wanted me back for more pig action, that place was so fucking sexual and inviting that together with all the constant porn everywhere it made me feel like playing with every visitor and never stop, getting one after another load deep inside y love hole, and sure I did it!, from that Friday until Tuesday I did not leave those premises, it was sex, sleep and eat and pretty much just that. it was so fucking surreal, specially when this guy from Amsterdan or Belgium fucked me in that sling with his super and extremely uncut huge cock, FUCK! it was so fucking crazy! almost as crazy as Boy Richard driving a bunch of leather guys inclued me to this bar called "Eagle", and it was kind of freaky cold to be so fucking naked outside but we managed, and after an hour we were out of there and back into The Winter Palace were I played until late forcing me to miss the parade on Sunday but sure I was fine with missing it, cause it was a lot of fun that I was having in this fucking piggy Palace, OINK! and so much OINK!, but with the help of the Holy Spirit I made it trough such long sexual marathon, it was more intense then the time before, few days ago on Tuesday I flew from NYC after 4pm and few hours later I went to "Beige" @ Falcon and it felt great to just dance and hang out, talk and meet people, that night I saw the comedian Andy Dick who was working extra hours with some comercial producers like this one who was talking with me playing her role while I was playing mine and so I saw so many good looking men and woman, it was like...look at me mo"fuka!!! and hopefully I'll make it tonight at "Tiger Heat" nightclub where all the cool new generation of gay people go clubing tonight, hopefully soon I'll make some time to see this "Farenheit 911" movie cause I havent been this interested in a movie since "The Passion" came out, the rest of them are cool only if they have lots of special effects. And now is the part that I show al my gratitude to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for making sure that I do the best I can with what I was given.

issue # 93
Thursday, June 03, 2004

Once you feel so, but so healthy and happy then it's just plain hard to seat down for hours and try to remember and tell everything that you have been doing in the past few weeks since last time I wrote. I had to stop eating pizza and just food without any powerful alive enzymes and the results are better and faster then I thought, if I eat Chicken(grilled or roasted only) then I'll eat it with organic fruits or organic vegetables, or w/yogurt, or w/raw nuts. Almost every morning i drink 2 ounces of wheat grass, i chew it sometimes, and still I keep discovering more and more great kind of hidden stuff such as ginger, so by now I have very little fat in my body and my energy has increased, and together with some time under the sun and the gym is making me look really HOT!. Going to San Francisco to try to beat my record was a mistake, cause Tracy the organizer was out of town from the week before my party, so he couldn't get all the guys he told me he would, and as a result my party was a disaster, I was lucky to just get just 18 miserable loads, which is nothing compared with 56 loads I took the time before, which is still the record I set last year, I was so F*cking disappointed but still I got to enjoy each one of the load of sperm I received, some of the guys repeated, without me even knowing, some guys were very evident, like this black one with the perfect body and his 12 inches curving all the way down, was a killer, that monster one feed me with 2 major ones, also I remember this tall hairy guy with shaved head who breed-ed me with his real fat 10 inches, there was Asians, Latins, all guys from all races mixing their babies inside my hole who turned out to be more juicy and yummy then pineapple, all those men injected their sperm deep inside my hole, one by one, and having some of them repeat was a plus, they just fucking used me as the fucking cum hole, and it was just fine with me!, OINK!. The day before I stopped over my favorite gay bookstore in San Francisco called "Hard Rock"in Castro, they always have all of my latest movies. But eventually I flew to LA and arrived there on Sunday 24th of June and went straight to this fuck buddy of mine and fucked him for a good few hours until i came inside and filled him up with some nice protein, making sure my first ejaculation ended up deep inside the horny walls of his yummy butt hole so i could proceed to use it as the perfect lube to start playing with his hole by putting in and out a series of dildos and my dick and I fisted him with my hands and my foot and pretty much abused his hole for a long long time, until I got off again and then I was ready to go home take a shower eat something and rest like a baby disconnected from everything and everybody. On Tuesday I was gonna go to Beige since still is my favorite club to go out that night, but I was way too tired, next day on Wednesday I went to the bar Abbey but when i went to piss I saw this ad on your face about doing safe sex only was enough to make me sick an I left that place to never ever want to come back there again. On Thursday night I went to Tiger heat at Arena to check out the new generation of gay guys and fuck! I went fucking nuts cause all those boys were so hot, so much cruising!, but after noticing that Madonna's trick w/Britney worked by listening 3 of her songs compared to 1 only from Britney then I decided that I had to go home sleep, I could be really wrong but in my personal opinion Madonna is the whore of Babylon that the bible talks about, and I'll be a fucking fool if I ignore the bible and my own interpretation of it. On Friday i went to the airport to pick up this guy who waited 7 years to meet me once we drove to the San Vicente Inn in West Hollywood my rock hard hairy verga(cock) enjoyed some great massages from this guy TJ, at some points he sucked me but it wasn't until we checked into that nasty full of horny men hotel, and checked into a suite were he sucked me and fucked me leaving a nice load of cum of many days inside me, then we went to the store to get some organic melon,, org.bananas, org.pinapple, raw nuts, goat yogurt and lots of SPRING water, (if is doesn't say spring then forget about it), and ready for a nice long fuck marathon in which we video tape it in his personal video camera and sure it looked really good on tape cause it showed great close ups of my rock hard dick going in and out of his really hungry hole, I just pounded him for a good couple of hours, then I shared with this hot guy who came over to enjoy me in Tom's hole, his name is Logan and we double fucked him at some point, his hole just wanted more and more, dildos, butt plugs, and finally i fisted him really good, while Logan was filming it, and soon after Logan left I just dumped a second load inside him and then we went to the jacuzzy, and in there was this old guy with the biggest and thickest dick me and Tom have ever seen, so we took him and this other guy into our room and you can imagine how fucking hot was to get fucked both of us by this major fucking huge really fat cock, but after having a break to eat and relax we went at it again, and we started to fuck each other while he shot 2 more loads inside my hole and I shot 2 in his, then after that i had to go home and chill out cause I was really really tired, so then i just watched TV, ate, and slept. On Sunday this girlfriend of mine Vasilia took me too Malibu Beach and on the way we listened to Kyle Minogue CD called "Fever", and she went crazy like I been ever since I heard it and the reason for it is cause my good friend Mickey Boardman told me once that my first musical compilation and this Kylie Minogue CD were his favorite ones in the whole world, and sure he is damn right! cause right now these two are my favorite ones too. That day we got a awesome tan and later that night I went out to West Hollywood and the day after I went to this pool party in Beverly Hills and got some more tan and hang out with this group of hot guys friends of my friend Noel, then My friend Joe picked me up and took me to his house and ate some chicken barbecue with his roommate and his boyfriend, and we watched this John Water movie and then fall at sleep then next morning Joe took me back to my place in Hollywood and then I packed my bag took a shower and my friend Jeff picked me up and took us for some great organic breakfast then he took me to the airport, then my favorite airlines, Alaska Airlines flew me to Portland, OR., my roommate Tim picked me up and took us home and ever since I hang out with him and our 2 black dogs Labradors, eating, and watching some movies, today i worked out and tanned and wrote this, many sunny days here in Portland so far this year. I hope my DJ Tony Sinclair is fixing this new song that we are trying to create, I did not like the final product so I took it back to him so he can do it on my own cheese same way, it's just that by now I have to have it always with my style of certain instruments and beats, with stuff like that I'm very specific, and I'm not happy other wise, in other words my songs have to always have my typical touch, that's all, and may Jesus Christ touch him while he is doing it and may him forgive me of any wrong doing, like I forgive and apologise to everyone here on earth.

issue # 92
Wednesday, May 12, 2004

On April 12th, 2004 Kim Marie Brannon became the plaintiff in a law sued against Calypte Biomedical Corporation and Roche Diagnostics in the Sedweck County District Court by Dennis Webb of Wichita Kansas, in the first attempt or one of the few attempts to put the HIV theory itself on trial, this is not an average law sued cause is not for money, is about fighting for the real truth and she represents me and many others out there so may Jesus Christ help her in each step.
April wasn't rainy at all here in Portland, Oregon, so, one Sunday i drove in my own car to the Sauvie Island in the Columbia County cause in there i found the Collins Beach which is of course a nude beach and fuck!, YUMMM!, cause I could just lay down in the sun and relax from everything and get a nice color all over my skin for the first second time this year, and of course I explored into the bushes even that i got f*cking eat-ed alive by the f*ckings mosquitos and bugs, eventually I found this kind of Greek guy with beard and hairy body and a fucking Uncut cock that was unsuckable due to the f*cking chemicals he had all over his body included his f*cking dick, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, he came all over my butt chicks and i put some of it inside my butt hole while this other guy was watching us, then this kind of Greek guy left and this other voyeur came and started to suck my dick until i fucking exploded and f*ucking ejaculated my seeds all over that ground, then I came back to the sand right next to the Columbia river and lay down in the sun and soon after this gay couple that I know from LA but lives in Portland came over and we chatted and made jokes, one of them is the smart gringo who speaks very well Spanish and have business in Mendoza, Argentina.
If someone you love has cancer, then you could save their lives by providing them with some information that saved many lives already, calling at 1800 7314952 and getting the book called "Cancer doesn't scare me anymore".
Listening to Martina Hingis's broken english as a commentator for tennis on TV would be the only thing that could get me to be interested in becoming again a tennis news fan, cause honestly other then playing with my roommate here in Portland in the public courts (and kicking his ass of course), then forget about it, and of course that all i wear most times is a speedo, why? cause I can, I'm a porn star so I can dress with tight jeans when i go out, I can wear really almost nothing at the gym, yes, and I can, I'm a fag who don't have to f*cking dress and pretend to look or talk like black, that's Eminem's job, so good for your Aaron Carter, him and prince Harry make me so horny and make me feel like a fucking dirty old men, come'on I'm 29 already!, but I don't fucking get me wrong cause I don't have Mr.Jackson's taste who probable by now is being pushed to do it with his own kids since he is being watched now days constantly, he already gave he daughter her first nose job, maybe the kid is darker then the others that's why probably her nose was not good for his exquisite nose standards, but good for you Usher, your nose is the only sexy think you have so far, By the way! Fidel is asking Saddam to get his beard back and never take it and use it never again, how dare mo'fucka!. I'm very happy to inform that in the latest years Argentina is adding different new races to the culture, like the african and oriental ones, and is becoming more cosmopolitan like Brazil and Venezuela have been for long time, good 4 you fags over there for I can personally testify how much fun is to fuck around with other races then just yours, and living in a place with out them would fucking kill me, indeed, f*ck yeah!. And I cannot fucking wait to see these movies called "Wimbledon" and "Sahara", is just that Kirsten, Penelope and Mathew are all really cool pals, and really good looking too.
Congratulations to all the people who don't want blood in their hands by not wanting to work in the medicine field like people used to, and if you wonder why Justin Timberlake and Usher dance and sing and dress the same is because they cannot stop trying to copy Michael Jackson, but Justin always reminds me more of George Michael anyway, he talks and sing high like him so much, eventually he will learn from Ricky Martin's mistakes and setup the much needed good gay example that Elton John could never be, at least for me, Elton John is for me a spooky money hungry man just like Dick Clark who get paid to advertise the diabetes companies, is been a while since no one can enjoy Enrique Iglesias's elite and consistency and who knows if anyone will have do it. Usher could be sued by Michael Jackson since he now needs the honey for his lawyers, besides Usher should learn from Eminem in how to be original, gutsy and real black. Having Edwards as Vice president should make all America look so f*cking good, YUMMMMM! talking about a f*cking hot daddy.
Diana from "Globe" magazine cracks me up, she is fucking too much, I"m so fucking addicted to her, oh shit! I hope she never change or someone make her quit her job ever. I'm watching the news and I cannot fucking believe that there is people with fake diplomas trying to get a job in the secret agencies and other places, ay caramba, yes, very f*ucking indeed.
On April 20th I flew from Portland to LA and I meet that night with this fuck buddy of mine and fucked him and ff him, also this other guy came along to play with us, it was really fucking intense, few days later I meet with my DJ Tony Sinclair and recorded something and worked together in a new music single that I wanna post in my website only. And few days after that I went to get some tan at Michelle's pool and later after that i went to a special party that SX Video (company that sell my latest videos) made on that Saturday, and it was an invitation event only celebrating the opening of their new office, they are expanding and we all got to eat and drink while watching a live orgy scene, F*CK! talking about fucking dying to be in that fucking orgy too, but after surviving that my Friend Jeff took me back home and I soon after that i meet with this other f*ckbuddy of mine, and lost myself in a f*cking crazy world of sex that lasted a while, few days after that I flew back to Portland and became a member of a gym again and started to work out and lose all this little extra fat that i was uncomfortable with and beside i had to got ready to perform my own music live in Pennsylvania on this past Saturday 8th, and it worked cause I had so many compliments when i got there on Friday 7th that automatically i felt like i owned them lot of fucks, and my room was conveniently located next door to the hospitality room of this resort called "Rainbow Mountain" in the Poconos Mountain, and it was like being in a Rambo movie scenario, so many vegetation all over and fucking chilly at night once I cleaned up I went straight to the next room called "hospitality room" and its the number 69, the door is always open and there is porn videos playing, and this big bear guy suck my dick while I was sucking this other guy's dick and he told me that he was about to come and I told him to go ahead and that became the first load of sperm to drink in there, but I saved my load cause I had someone cumin over to specially to meet me and be with me, he drove all the way from Philadelphia, and sure that it was worth saving my load for him cause after wearing some leather gear we went f*cking crazy into a sweaty action, at some point I just shot all that big amount of cum that i had accumulated all over his face and once he started cumin in my mouth it took me by a fucking big surprise cause his cum was so much and tasted so sweet, and my mouth got so full of cum that I couldn't fucking believe it, and he even came again while he started to lick my love hole, man! talking about someone kissing my ass big f*cking time, then I took a shower and we went to the restaurant of that resort to have food and watched this gay comedy show, but once this comedian started making fun of Jesus Christ we left right away, i just did not want to listen to to him anymore, then my special friend took me back to my room, then I had some desert at the hospitality room and get off again, then I went into my room and felt at sleep after being up since 5:40 in the morning early that day, the next day on Saturday was show time day, and i had breakfast around noon, then I went to play tennis in that court they had there and I beat this college kid 6-2 6-0 and it was really entertaining then i took a bath and went into the sun and I invited this hot guy over my room who approach me while being there in the sun, then I went again into the hospitality room and this 2 guys came over and one of them had a fucking 12 inches dick, and they really fucking screwed my hole, filling me up with cum going right inside my juicy love hole while sucking the respectable but not as big dick of his hairy hot friend, scoring his cum inside my hole which felt like a fucking river inside me, to the point that right after that i had to take a chunk of that cum out of my hole and still i left a lot of that protein inside the walls of what was then a f*cking super juicy hole then went into my room and fell at sleep for a while then this guy I invited early came over and he filled up my butt hole with even more cum, and i got off while I was feeling his sperm shot inside my ass hole, then I took a shower and went to have diner with some interesting guys and talk about lots of stuff, it was fun, then i went to my room to get ready for my show later, and by 11:15pm I was picked up and taken to the nightclub of that huge resort, put on my outfit covered myself with a hooded cape as usual, the silver one), I have never done a show with out it cause it have mystery in the entrance, and I covered my really tanned trimmed body with olive oil and performing my song "Dreaming" right in from of over 100 people in this remote yet f*cking awesome place like that one, and f*cking Indeed I made sure they appreciate it, cause I got so so so many compliments about my show and how I currently look that I felt like being in heaven, it paid off avoiding lots of carbs and working out so much the week before, and I rather myself with longer dark hair cause when is totally wet it moves a lot when I perform, so that night was almost perfect to me being able to still perform my own music to the crowds and get so many compliments about it all on my own is f*cking beyond amazing, is like I'm dreaming again, like the time i was absent from porn was the cruel reality, but now that I'm back i can dream again, and I'm free to love and f*ck with out any f*cking limitations, no f*cking human to hold me from loving others in many f*cking unlimited ways. Any f*cking way, I signed and gave away lots of my own calendars and musical Cd's as my way to thank them for cumin over to see me, and i french kissed almost everyone who came over for their autographs, I did not kiss these 2 hot girls but I signed in their boobs and butt chicks as their own petition, or one of her boyfriend's petition, he was f*cking hot! and was checking my ass that was bare and out of course i had on the smallest leather jockstrap ever created, and I'm gonna use it for my next photo shot, and no I did not french kiss him either, but I french kissed most of them that night in front of the next one and everybody, probing this way that men loves second f*cking sloppy kissers like me, it was so f*cking satisfying, and then I celebrated at the hospitality room getting fucked by one after another cock, and getting pregnant with their loads inside me, then at one point I went down on my knees cause arching my back for so long was hurting, then proceeded to swallow the ejaculation of man, it was one man after another who where beating off all around me, and i swallowed all of them like a f*cking good boy then i stood up and beat off my jeez while some of them tasted i as I was cumin, then after having both of my biggest holes of my body filled with so much sperm I went to sleep, next day I played again with some guys and got off twice before i was taken to the Newark airport and flew back to here in Portland, OR, and even that the airline wasn't Alaska still Continental was really f*cking good. My roommate picked me up at the airport on Sunday and finally today I'm giving some updates of myself for anyone who is interested to know how can a porn star can connect with Jesus Christ and be such fan freak of his, I'm sure that people like Mr. Donald Trump thinks I'm one freak of nature, but people like him represents to me the opposite of what my idol Jesus represented in his time, but again, people like him seems to not be too interested in being accepted into the Heaven's kingdom for they don't believe in it and it shows through their actions, so even if I'm wrong about Jesus I feel that I have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, and if I doubt about Jesus existence then he have all the right to make me lose my right to enter such kingdom and I would have to be way too much of a F*cking retarded idiot to even consider such risk, who am I or anyone to ever even suspect of God the one that prevails trough the times and ages, muchas gracias Jesuscristo for all.

issue # 91
Wednesday, April 21, 2004

In December of last year i thought my mission was complete, but lately I have realized that it's just not yet, hundreds of emails from all 5 continents, and all across the oceans have expressed their loss if I'm not active anymore, I under estimated how many people I was helping in my own way, and as the time goes by I see more and more closeted gay who do bareback but they feel like they have to be in the closet for fear to not be judged by their friends, by now is not a secret that most people rather see bareback porn then condoms porn, more and more gay people are not taking the medicine=poison, and together with lying to the doctors and telling them that yet they do take it is why now days we can see less and less skinny guys with big bellies and fat necks, still there is a small percentage of people who feels better with the medicine and they represent the typical case of what "psychosomatic" means, such hard word to write, and yet very ignored based on how powerful and active is now days, but gay people is not the only one suffering the consequences of lack of information and that is why Susan Summers is my hero, she did not beat cancer with Chemotherapy or any conventional stuff cause she did her own research which is something everybody must do if they love themselves enough. Now I can proceed to tell everybody what I have been up to lately. I live now days since December of last year between Portland, Oregon and Hollywood, California every month I like to spend just one week or 10 days like the most in CA and the rest in OR, is just that Portland is fascinating, if people knew better this town will be over populated and kind of ruin these secret paradise image filled with all kinds of tulips and flowers just everywhere just like sex and this special place called "The Jefferson Theater", holly spirit! talking about the straight and confused meet the gay, opened and willing to get them off, YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!, one room shows straight porn and gay in the other and both rooms are connected, and there is glory holes in the gay one while there is 2 stages and one private but open the public eye of man f*cking woman, one time i was next to this fat woman getting fucked by a bunch of guys but I did not feel like getting in like those folks, so i just started to suck the dicks of these beyond horny guys, but at some point one of them had a mustache and he wanted to fuck right away so he left the line he was doing to fuck this woman and came into the gay room with me and just fucking slammed his 9 inches thick cock deep inside and he had these big breath release like he finally achieved the feeling he was looking to have so desperately, and f*cked me really fucking hard until he unload it these huge amounts of sperm right deep inside me, and the walls of my butt hole got all lubed up and then he just took it out of my already really juiced up hole and put it in inside his pants and left, soon this black guy did me too, then I unloaded my sperm inside this guy's mouth, and sure i felt great to provide help to the needy and thirsty, of shit!, F*ck yeah!, but hey! when more and more people tell me stuff that re assured me what I have been saying since 2001 then there must be some truth to that, time is doing a great job on the cause that me and many others have, check These few past months have served well for me to come to the simple conclusion that Jesus Christ was, is, and should always be that perfect boyfriend that we always dream of, I paid a really high price for ignoring it for a while, and as cheesy and stupid as it may sound is what a believe to be the simple truth, just like i believe that there is a Heaven in this after life where at some point should be filled with many souls who won't love the way they love now, the perfect love is the equal one, where favoritism and other negative feelings should not exist, but nothing happens with out real faith, and this goes to Tammy Faye, for it seems like she trusted the medicine more then God and the consequences are sad. I performed live my song "Dreaming" on Thursday, February 19th to a packed at the "Union Station"in Cleveland, OH, 18 and over, yummm!!!!! so many fucking hot students, it felt so good to perform live my own music again, oh yeah! the next day they took me to Columbus, OH, and i rested in my room cause the night before I didn't have much sleep due to the fact that I was fucking and getting fucked with these 2 hot guys, one really white blond, and the other was a hot latin guy, YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, talking about fucking getting fucked, double fucking and the whole fucking enchilada.
I went to the Black Party in New York and that weekend I spend it in this place called "The Winter House", and this very high technology playroom consisted in the last 3 floors of this building in the east side with 2 floors turned into sex playrooms where all kind of machines and tools even related to the fetish leather were there, I mean, any thing!, so impressive, the played porn videos non stop in every room or playroom or restroom, online video cameras everywhere, and it became out of control and I tied this guy into this cross kind of thing,, and I squeezed his balls while i was whipping him all over his body, also i covered the red spots from the whip with wax candles, he was blindfolded, and at some point i started to rub his balls up and down so hard that his hard dick exploded and this big ejaculation came out of him, fuck!, it was so fucking intense, the whole weekend was really intense and I flew from NY to LA on Tuesday 23rd of March and I prepared a party for the following Saturday with some friends of mine celebrating on the 27th of march my birthday in which i became 29 years old, and it became the first birthday that wasn't celebrated in a big gay nightclub in NYC like is been since last millennium in 1999, and I must confess that it was more exciting spending it with my fans then with my friends, and I don't know why, still I was decided to have a really fucktastic birthday as usual, so I just went meet with this fan of mine and I fucked him and fisted him and it went all night long, anyway, is too much to write and I'm tired already, hopefully it won't be more then 2 weeks before i write in this scoop again.
And I hope that Jesus Christ keeps guiding me like is my main and only wish from him, always and always.

issue # 90
Monday, February 16, 2004

WOW!, Still is very f*cking hard for me to f*cking believe how much
f*cking hurted i was. Just imagine finding yourself in a situation in
which you are in the same city with the one you loved for 3 years but he
rather spends that same whole week with his new lover in is house while
i was in my own home few miles away packing everything and putting it
in boxes and being in so much shock that all i could fucking do was just
to fucking cry and cry. During that week, day after day i went to sleep
alone while he was few miles away sleeping and having sex with this
other guy obviously with out any concern or shame, he doesn't even
probably know still how fucking cruel he was at the time, and now days as I
write this they are now together in another country celebrating their
honeymoon or something, and is all good with me!, cause ever since the
last time i saw him i keep wishing for him and this other guy the best and
nothing but happiness for them, you see, when you really love someone
you want him always happy, as long as he doesn't want to comeback with
me cause that is beyond any question, every time i walked from someone i
never came back, when the magic is over is over, but is over with that
person only, cause the great thing about this new world is that there
is other magical cities like Portland Oregon, and there is always
someone out there with brand new magic that make you fall in love with, and
all the sorrow and pain just goes away, this small city and new guy i
have been in since few days after quitting the industry has helped me to
heal inside, cause I don't think that Jesus Christ ever takes his eye
off me. So, even that there is people like this new guy who may not be
the one for me forever, still he will always be the one who gave me the
consolation and comfort when i need it the most, and i fucking love
this fucking city and the fucking rain.
I keep receiving so, so, so many uncountable fucking wonderful email's
the past few months from all over the world expressing their feelings
towards my exiting of the Porn Industry, and some how it makes me
realize how much i was giving, and I know that the act of giving will
retrieve to me in great ways as f*cking usual, so now that i went through such
f*cking major storm is that i can say that I'm definitely so much
stronger and I'm relying only on myself, I'm becoming independent again like
i used to be in my early 20's, not as much slut but kind of, you see,
here in Portland sex is good, YUMMMMMM, and the guys are for real in
here, and is OK if people think I'm a freak for my choices, but hey! if we
talk about freaks then let's talk about all the high rank demons that
may be living inside Pat Robertson which should make him the biggest
freak dressed in light, how I know it? well, just listen to him talk about
homosexuals and check his past and present bank accounts. But I rather
talk about about how really fucking hot good looking is this democrat
governor running for president named John Edwards, oh man! he is too hot
to be politician his fucking yummy eyes and his accent are so f*cking
hot too, mmmmmmm!!!!! he is even hotter then Clinton, so I wonder if he
is bisexual at least, oh fuck! he must be married so maybe i shouldn't
even have those f*cking dirty thoughts.
I have a feeling also that i will be making more music in the future
and that I may be directing bb porn movies too, I still feel like I have
more great things to do before my time is done, there is not any one
taking over my place anyway so who knows what the future may bring so I
will still take my time out and comeback when I'm completely strong, i
must feel that rush again, and i feel it coming back to me now, I'm
starting to accept the fact that maybe is just not my time yet and that I
have few tricks under my hut to give, specially since my instincts tell
me that there is a really brighter future ahead of a lot of people
included me.
In few days, this cumin Thursday I should be making just an appearance
at "Axis" in Columbus, Ohio and the next night this Friday 20th at
"Bounce" in Cleveland, Ohio, is just that I need my fans to show me some
love and hopefully I'll have some, and since I'm still technically a
single guy is that I won't be judgmental about going to their super
bathhouses in there if the opportunity presents, the hair of my legs, arms and
stomach is back, so is my natural dark brown hair growing longer and
longer, so I'm starting to look like the natural one with less and less
judgments, only if i have to address the evil so it makes people caution
about him.
And thank God for all the fucking awesome new friends on my life such
as Tim, my friends in LA, Carlos and his boyfriend from Miami, but for most and all the one and
only Jesus Christ take all the credit for making sure that one of his
servers such as me stays so healthy and renewed, thanks to the son of
the man that I'm back on my feet ready to see what more can I give to all
those ones who thanked me so fondly for all what i have done, like on
of my songs called "Life" says... It's a brand new life and...

Issue # 89
Tuesday, December 16, 2003

The Final Scoop for a while.
9 days after breaking up with my Papito(lover), to be exact on November 16th,, that day i started quickly to change, by the minute, soon after i felt so lonely and i planed a trip to NY with my good friend Jeff Clark and we meet with Jack Pierson who had an Art Gallery show and it was a fun weekend, but i had my lover in my mind the whole time, once it was Monday 24th i flew to Fort Lauderdale's airport and my love Papito picked me up and we drove to his place, on the way I told him that i was tired of being Jeff Palmer and that i was ready to change and that i understood how much pain i gave him with my out of control sexual lifestyle the these past few months, but he was too wounded and the wall that his self defense mechanism created was there standing big, so i left that same night to my place few miles away and started packing everything and from that Mond! ay night i cried and cried until yesterday while putting everything in boxes and shipping them with ups and totally unable to have sex while he spent the whole week away from me and that was the way Jesus Christ used to show me and make me feel in my own flesh 10 times more for one week all he suffered this year. So i just broke down to pieces by a major overwhelming guiltiness, cause after being with someone for 3 years and not being able to be with him hurt like fucking hell, but i need it cause after of crying and feeling so much pain inside for one week is that now I can understand why monogamy and not being selfish is so, so important in order to keep from hurting one another, also I have learned to do all i can to make sure that any actions I'll take will not hurt the one I love, in few months i will be 29 years old, and by now i already feel like I have accomplished everything and even more then what i wanted from the Gay Porn Industry, I already made my point of view very cl! ear, I do not have any HIV virus in me, in few days, on December 7th it will be 2 years of REAL HEALTHY LIFE, and because Is the perfect time, I'm giving right now a happy ending to the story of Jeff Palmer which i know lots of people had enjoyed, and i hope that people don't criticizes him for wanting to became just a House boy and give all of my love to just one guy forever, give him massages, play the kama sutra so he won't get bored with the same position over the years, make sure to feed him with the best food, call him often during the day just to remind him how much i love him, go on trips together, hold hands in the movie theater or walking in the sand looking at the ocean and his eyes only, hold him at night all night long and go into each other's dreams, and simple just be there for whatever he needs me. Jeff Palmer was gone on Monday 24th of November and the one taking over him is writing this, this new guy in me won't have sex at least for another more week. From now and ! on I'm going by my second given name only, and i hope the gay press please keep the privacy of my name, I'm sorry Tracy of cuteboybbparty for canceling this new one you had for me on April, and i know you hate me now, but if you care for me then you'll understand, and a brand new future is waiting for me so I can apply all the wonderful new things I have learned just this past week, and I'm confident that i will only keep learning even more and more in order to improve my life and try to make it always happy by making sure my man is happy as well, now I feel fresh, new and revitalized to live happy forever for ever after with the man I love, and because Jesus Christ always watch out for me, I'm sure he will help me with that, specially since his birthday is coming up soon, I'm really sorry guys if now my dream is just to be a house boy but that is all I want for my life. My official website should be disconnected within around 48 hours. May God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit be! with you all, I will miss you all and thank you all! but like my song called "Desire" says,... I fly away, to another place, I think of you and I cannot forget, no!

issue # 88
Saturday, November 08, 2003

Is been several days since my lover Papito and I broke up and I have to thank all the people who called me concerned about me being fine, and yes, cause actually as the nights go by in my sleep I plan what to do next, I cannot change for anyone yet, my mission is more powerful then any human at this point, but it doesn't mean that my mission can go on forever, I can only do what the Holy Spirit commands me to do, and like my song "Easy" says...and every time i gave too much more to one then all the rest i felt sad and lonely" that i know better now, I believe that when we die we just rest from even our dreams, I believe that some people will never die, for Jesus will take them and take all the ones who have ever die to heaven and judge them, I also believe that in heaven no ones get married. These past 3 years I have been spoiled, so, no more fucking bathhouses or sex clubs for me, for now I'll keep that as part of my past, I'm willing to be more exclusive of some one eventually, but until then I'm becoming an escort, just like I used to be in my teen years and I'm excited to do something that makes me feel so fucking good besides meeting lots of very interesting people, like this guy who yesterday let the door of his house open and I came in and he was in his bed, he was slim, late 30's and he had some really fucking hungry ass hole that i took complete pleasure in fucking until 1 hour passed by and instead of breeding him he asked me if he could swallow my days worth of leche caliente(sperm), and sure he satisfied his appetite with my pacifier just like a baby do, and before i left he confessed to me that he did not expected to be as good as it was, so i took his gift and left, and sure i had the biggest grim in my face, it felt so good, just like when i performed live my own musical song called "Dreaming" in Long Beach on this past Halloween night, and even that it was rainy and rainy and rainy that night still there was like 150 people in this club called "Fire Island", and sure i felt like at home performing once live once again, it was like flying, cause i even got to record it on digital tape so i can post it in my website for free, "Dreaming" is my favorite song cause now days i rely a lot on my dreams in order to do the right things when I'm awaked, like this new calendar for 2004 which is way better then the past one, OH FUCK! i just fucking love it, and soon it should be in my website too, trying my best in making my website the best one out there, and very soon i should ad a new and exclusive and fucking hot! new video clip of me fucking this 22 yo latin boy in the desert which is currently under the editing process, I ejaculated inside his love hole and then with my dick I pulled out my cum from his dripping and abused young and really tight butt hole. Lots of people lately have asked me how do I do to not get STD's while them and their friends do get STD all the time, well, I would have to know first how they treat their own temple. Unfortunately there is rules to follow if you want sex with strangers and not get STD, I know very well that few if not many of the guys that I had/have sex with had/have STDs, and many of the sperm that is been inserted into my rectum must had/have all kinds of STDs, so now you ask yourself how can the STDs don't affect my body?, but the answer is long, it takes dedication and information. One of the important rules i follow in order to not be affected by the STDs is to exercise my brain which have unlimited powers such as healing internal organs, but obviously it works for the ones who take full control of this unused weapon, also it works with having a good around 8 hours of sleep everyday, eating only enzymes located in the uncooked foods such as, all kinds of raw organic nuts, organic yogurt, organic skim milk, fruits, fresh squeezed juices, cheese, vegetables, wheat grass and others that combined with food like chicken, turkey, fresh egg whites, fresh fish, all kinds of beans and others. Live enzymes is JUST what our bodies need to heal, protect and attack intruders for the immune system becomes strong as it gets, in other words is the best gasoline for our bodies, and it prevent us from braking, drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, exercise 2 times a week at least, stay far away from poppers, crystal meth, special K, mushrooms, ghb, ecstasies, cocaine, crack, alcohol, counter medicine, caffeine, anything with Nitro or with a similar word, stress, fear, anger, jealousy, and any other negative feelings, olive oil as lubricant and/or to eat it, all of these and more is possible for the human to achieve, and I'm one of the living proofs, how to active it? with the Holy Spirit's help for his function is to help the ones who ask, so may all the glory goes to him, who give consolation like nothing or no one else ever for is his primal function as part of being God, and if you don't believe me then as my publicist Mr.Kruezer the wonders that the Holy Spirit is doing for him with obvious and public open facts, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

issue # 87
Wednesday, October 29, 2003

I haven't had such sad day morning in a long long time, and the reason was to find out that the world has won my battle to be with lover Papito, it lasted around 3 years, and he has now become a very if not the most special things to remember, even that my brain is already overworking hard on the process of eliminating his thought out of my only brain, and even that is not an easy task is easy for me because ever since i reached for the Holy Spirit to help me is when i stopped crying, and no more tears since then, i made sure the Holy Spirit would take full control of me like never before, and turn the tears into joy, i have not choice, life is short and very demanding to me, very soon i have to face my fans in Long Beach and hopefully I'll make sure to use them to give me comfort in my heart, and create new memories in which I'm single like now I'm, Now i have to work hard on these new projects of mine, for there is not human who can compare to what Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are for me, now i live only in Hollywood, CA, I'm not longer bicoastal, and I take anything that comes on my way, for sometimes there is reasons that now i don't know, eventually the future will tell me why this has happened, every thing that is for a reason that we either know it now or some time later in the future, just like my publicist who's website "" keeps reaching more and more people and passing quickly in numbers his competitors who's websites might be really dis-honest and boring as hell to be losing followers like they do, and oh my Jesus Christ is in you who i always trust for you never ever leave me, you are my rock and in you I make me stronger.

issue # 86
Saturday, October 18, 2003

The end of October is near and still the weather here in LA is so fucking hot!, today is just like summer, actually yesterday i entered the adventure of getting others off and getting off myself, how? it started around 6 PM when this tall muscular bisexual black guy (who i meet on came over my place and wasted not time in introducing his almost 10 inches and way too fat dick to me and into me too, and it didn't passed more then 15 or 20 minutes before i started to feel this fucking huge river of sperm inside my horny love-hole that became at that point really juicy and perfectly lubricated while i was getting off as well and this fucking huge load of sperm exploded from my verga(cock), then this guy left and I made sure to not droop any sperm out of my much happier butt hole and i went straight to the Hollywood Spa, but after getting just one load of cum in my ass becoming the second one of the day i went into the 2nd floor and i fucked this blond guy who was watching porn in this open porn room, but i did not give a fuck, i had a hat on, and i need it to fuck his hole cause i felt with my fingers his hole being already filled with who knows how many other loads, and it didn't took me more then 5 minutes to fill him up with my 2nd load of that day, and then i left that place and went to eat some chicken quesadillas, YUMMY!!, then finally i took these huge amounts of cum out of my hole, and felt like my hole had more space and it was ready for more action, so then i went to my favorite place, YEAHHH!!! "The Slammer" and i had to renew my membership, but once inside i put my stuff in a safe locker and then i just went for the dark rooms and sure i got few guys getting off in my still unsatisfied asshole or in my throat, but once this guy with shaved head and tattoos who look like he just got off from jail or something, started to give me the most memorable blow job ever, to the point that i couldn't take it anymore, i just had to explode again, and it was my 3rd orgasm of the day, and then i turned around and i let his stranger's dick dump his fucking huge load inside my hole that was already filled with already many loads that i lost the count by then, sorry guys!, but is just that it was so busy that club that i don't even know how i found parking, and one cock was bigger then the other, and my butt hole was certainly not the only was getting filled with one load of sperm after another, almost non stop, lots of man had to unload yesterday, but those glory holes is what makes that place so fucking special, after resting for a while i started playing with this 6'7 tall guy with shave head and lots of tattoos and he had this fucking huge and thick ring in the head of his dick, so it was cool to be challenged at the time of sucking dick, cause once his dick got hard it really got fucking hard, as hard as the metal ring he had in his cock, but it was an 11 inches fat cock and the ring was too fucking big, so, i had to turn that dick down and find another not so scary, and sure i find it quick!, on the next glory hole, and he came over my glory hole room and he started fucking me with his average size dick and he fucked me, but as he was fucking me i saw this other cock from the glory hole that looked like a can of Coca cola cause that sex club is kind of dark, and i just started to suck it while getting fucked, and once the guy fucking me got off then i took his dick off my hole dripping some considerable amount of cum before introducing this fucking huge and thick cock that came out of the glory hole, and i took it inside my love hole, and he started fucking me through that glory hole, but then i felt bad for this guy who was still inside my room so i took this monster dick out of my hole and i shared with this guy, and looking at him sucking such fucking monster cock with so much passion made me cum and he swallow my 4rd cum and used it as lubricant for his throat and suck better that giant cock, but i was done by then, so I went home and ate and went to bed, but I was still so horny that i masturbated and got off for the 5th time, WOW i got off 5 times yesterday!, and i don't know what is happening to me, only few years ago never crossed my mind that i would be healthier then when i was 18 years old!!!!!!!!, but actually i should not be surprised cause Jesus my idol is capable of all. But not everything in my life is just sex, something better? yeah, i made love to my Papito who came over from Miami last weekend, and we spent the best time at the most elegant hotel that i have ever been to, i had to wear a suit and shoes in order to not feel out of place, it was in OC (Orange County), we had the best view of the ocean from our room, and I needed really bad to be with him, cause is been a long time since I have been in Miami an i missed my Papito very much and we enjoyed each other the best we could, and that way i became totally recharged and stronger and keep up my faith and patient, cause having faith in Jesus Christ helps me always, like over a week ago when someone tried to put me down with his bitterness and jealousy, but now his words may have turned him into the biggest condom nazi the Industry has ever seen, but how can I feel bitter like him if my brand new fresh recently movies join the top of the bestseller's list of this year, and these email i got yesterday from this Japanese Guy asking me to meet him in December in San Francisco confirms what SX VIDEO which is the company that sell my videos told me about experiencing an out of control demand from Japan for my movie called "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer", so i may have to expand and get yet another fan club some day. Now i just have to concentrate in doing the best show live i have ever done on next Halloween night in Long Beach, CA, so, thanks to a super recommendation from Robert who won a Britney look alike contest that became a movie which he starred called "Hit me Britney one more time", the recommendation was no one less then Fred Tallaksen, and after my first lesson with Fred i knew he was a super pro, and this studio where we practice called "Millennium" is amazing too!. also I'm working in getting a really fucking hot new outfit for the show. Even that I don't have much time for friends like I used to still I manage to go almost every Tuesday nights to the eternal "Beige" and on Thursday nights to "Tiger Heat" here in Los Angeles of course and the brand new video/song they keep showing in there from Britney Spears does not make me feel at all like when I heard for the first time...OH BABY! BABY!, maybe she is now cursed due to the thing in her wrist given my her idol who seems to be cursed as well. i just hope that the other songs of Britney's new album are kick ass like "Stronger" which is my favorite song from hers, songs like that works great to take my mind off nasty stuff like the poor people here in Southern California who not longer have bus transportation, or the employees from many supermarkets protesting, all fucked up right after Arnold won the title of Governor of this same poor state, hey Alabama! here comes California to join you!!!. One thing that made me feel really fucking good is listening Johnny Deep called the guy that he was fighting with in a scene of the movie called "Pirates of the Caribbean", Johnny's character was a pirate from hundreds of years ago and in this particular fight he called his enemy "eunuch" with in those times it used to mean fagot, and using the word "eunuch" is the word people used to use long time ago to called some a fagot and insult someone who may not even be gay. And that will explain what Jesus was talking about gay people in the bible in Matthew 19:10-12, and no matter what people like the evangelist Pat Robertson says still he cannot change what's is in the bible itself, how can God Be love and not love gays? and contradiction is not only the name of a perfume, and i don't think contradiction is part of my Jesus Christ, he always made and makes sense to me. And when i dream of flying I know is because I remembered asking him for it that night, and the more i dream about flying the easier it became to fly in my dreams, what i do is run until i do a jump that takes me away from the gravity of earth and extending my arms in front of my face as it feels so real the fact of flying higher and higher and there is people in there watching me fly but they don't fly, so I try to not fly so much, so it doesn't became like I'm showing off what they don't do, and the landings are becoming more and more easier, i fly in all kinds of places, always in a route and streets, oh fuck! it just feels so real that even the satisfaction of it becomes real, and sure feels so real that even remembering about it gives me satisfaction while my blood is running through the veins of my body as i write this. Another good news is that my new X-rated calendar for 2004 should be in my hands within less then few weeks, also my latest movie in which I'm only in one scene called "Bareback Boot Camp" is out and is inspired on the man of the army who give their lives for ours, like Jesus did too. These days I'm fucking quite often, with lots of hot guys, so imagine that even that yesterday I got off 5 times still i had days of getting off twice or 3 times, the bathhouse of down town is filled with lots of horny man always and serve very well my porpoise cause my sexuality is getting higher then ever before, and i cannot believe what is happening to my body as I'm getting older and healthier. Not having my lover Papito as much as i would like to at the moment is not so bad cause i always have Jesus Christ inside me and now that the Spiritu Sancte is also taking control of me everything is easier, not much of anger or any other negative feeling anymore!!!, and yeah! it sounds so fucking cheesy and corny, but hey! it fucking works perfect for me, cool?.

issue # 85
Tuesday, September 30, 2003

It's been around 2 weeks since last time I wrote in here and I need to report that I keep feeling healthier then ever , away from alcohol, crystal meth and any other chemical drugs, and yes, poppers kills too. I been going lately to thid 18 and over nightclub called "Tigerbeat" and is always so much fun to go there and make out with some fucking hot, they get all over me and I get to chose one to go fuck with, hmmmm!! but even that i make out with youngs babes on the dance floor, is with the oldest ones that i go fuck with, and the oldest ones there are around my age which is pushing 30 or a little over 30, is just that I feel like young guys will not be all that good at sex due to inexperience, and the music is fucking great when there is not hi-pop. Tuesdays at "Beige" nightclub still have interesting people in it like Bobby Trendy, and it was fucking great to hang out with him and Candy Ass and Michael from "Odyssey" magazine, they are all a bunch of fucking freaks that i love fucking dearly since maybe I get to be too a fucking freak myself to others, then there is people like Michael Di Carlo who currently doesn't go out with out his fucking trucker hat, 2 years ago it was the fucking cowboy hat, so now he is also even wearing the fucking bandana in her wrist and he tries to fit in so fucking bad that sometimes is gets a little toooooooooooo fucking obvious, and the funny thing is that like him is all there is here in LA, or maybe I just miss Miami. I'm still sending hundreds of my new CD's compilation to all over the States and other countries adding this time Italy to the list, BELLA ITALIA!. And I was wondering where all the faggets here in California go chat after was no more, cause man! oh fuck! may God bless, and I'm talking about a major OINK! fucking site, YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!, that site gave me this man that was like 6'4 and almost 200 pounds his dick was around 10 or 11 inches, he was white, blond, blue, and having Crisco now as my ultimate favorite lubrication I was able to not only take it all the way in, but also he fucked like if he was a fucking machine or something, FUCK MEN! it felt better then ever before cause the Crisco never dries up inside my fucking love-hole like other lubes do, I just don't fucking know why it felt so much better with the fucking Crisco, but he fucked me for a solid 20 minutes non stop, he was behind me, and i was on my stomach and the pounding was fucking unstoppable, and my prostate was accumulating way to much sperm inside my balls, and with almost with out touching my dick and just rubbing against the bed i just shot my load and it was like a fucking gallon man!, but i felt an even bigger load inside my fucking abused hole, and after taking a little break i was already seating in his dick, but this time we where in the couch, but after collecting his second orgasm way deep inside my ass due to the largeness and thickness of his manhood, and i got off again having my cum jump high out of my fucking dick. Two Saturdays ago it was the "Gay Erotic Expo" in Downtown here in Los Angeles, and it didn't seemed like an erotic expo when I was asked to put back my shirt by some security guy few minutes after being inside that place, but very little time passed by before I was told by one of the organizers to take it off if i wanted and he even encourage me to it, so, i looked at the security guy who asked me to put my shirt on who was far away from me all the way down there and i took off my shirt and I started smiling, and then i took off my pants as well, then i changed my snickers for cowboy boots and together with my underwear was all I wanted and need it to wear in there, then I started walking around checking out those booths stores and in one of them i saw this porn star called Jeff Stryker who used to be the king of porn in the 80's and his business partner was the only person in his booth and people were not interacting much with him, so i went to him and gave him a hug, he was smiling too, and i congratulate him on his booth and told him how fucking nice it was, but also wanted to advise him to get some tan, shave his head and have some goatee or some kind of bear, then i kept walking while having fun and lots of people taking pictures of me and with them, autographs! questions!, so i was more then glad to have brought over my CDs, cause at one point my first new song called "Dreaming" started playing on the speakers!, so everybody was listening to my music but yet i was not performing, so it was a first time for me to experience that, and sure i took advantage and told the people i was meeting and taking pictures with ... hey! can you hear my music right now?, and people were like... i want a CD, but, i ran out of them quickly of course, WOW! being in a room with all the gay porn industry together listening to my music and talking and having a good time was a dream i never had, and not for nothing the name of the first of 4 songs of mine they played in there is called "Dreaming", AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!, but one place where i don't know if I'll be dreaming is at the next "GayVN Awards" for is been confirmed that it will never be as big and great and have the fans in it again, not ever again, so it will keep being a small reunion of few people of gay porn, so there it goes any chances for me to get an award with them, even that they published a really wonderful interview with me this past May, still Jesus find ways to make sure his server's life projects his existence with facts such as being the only porn star nominated for the 3rd year in a row as "Best Porn Star website" in the "Cybersocket Awards" which are the first and only Online Awards out there with 4 years of life and only getting stronger, I got awarded once. I guess it shows that even that sometimes I feel like living in Alabama and having no responsibilities, still I must do what I got to do, and be what I have to be. Also that evening i meet with the guys of where my movie called "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer" ranks number 4 in sales, so they could not fucking believe how surprised i looked when they told me how much my movies sales, after all, they are the oldest and biggest distribution company covering all countries of this planet and both markets, gay and straight, but after being in that Convention Center for 2 hours I left home with a bunch of numbers and a free "cockring underwear" from N2N Bodywear. The week passed quite as i focused working in my new calendar for next year, and last Saturday i flew to San Francisco, soon after i arrived i went to see my friend RJ, then i went to my suite at the Savoy Hotel, and soon after i meet with Gary and Frank and we go to my favorite bookstore in there called "Rock Hard" right in the middle of Castro, and as soon as i got there i got almost naked, only in a leather jockstrap and tennis shoes, i signed and give away around 50 of my new musical CDs, also i signed some black and whites 8x10 PICS and some of my own movies that some guys got a hold of that night, it was quite fun hanging around with the owner and his people, they made me feel so much at home, but after a couple of hours Gary took me for diner and then i went to my suite and slept early that night ignoring all the fucking sex going on at the time, but the next morning on Sunday i woke up and knew that it will be a day full of fucking cum!!!! after taking a shower i went for breakfast, then i chilled out in my room until i was picked up and taken into the Folsom Street Fair, and there was lots of fucking freaks mixed with some hot guys, females, all representatives of all kinds of fetishes, and once we found our SX VIDEO booth then I took of my clothes and wore only a jockstrap, even that sometimes the fucking cold winds would come and go, but with the warm of so many people's hugs and kisses, and taking my new CDs autographed and the ones who bought my movies, the ones who took pictures with me, the ones who congratulate me, and specially this tall skinny guy naked with a big hard cock, and when i saw him i called him and he came over to me and i sucked his big dick right there in from of everybody while i heard people going ... ahhh!, then my fucking verga got hard and i made him suck me too and i lifted my head and saw countless wide open eyes from all genders look at us suck each other's cock, but his blowjob was so fucking good that at one point i was so fucking close to cum that i couldn't hold it anymore and i pull it off his mouth, but it was on second moment's time too late and my fucking load just erupted out ouf my fucking cock just like a fucking Vulcan, putting out a lot of lava, i mean leche, i mean sperm, while i heard the people watching going WOW!, but i said...again! ... for it became my second year in a row of doing a public blow job and getting off in front of everybody on Folsom Street Fair, and i wish i can do something like that in Long Bean in Halloween night when I'm supposed to perform live and give away my cd's and autographs, but not in there. It was 2 hours the time i spent in that booth, so after getting off i went to eat and then chilled out at my suite, and then around 4 PM the guys from SX Video took me to this loft where the guys we meet at the Fair came over and like half an hour after i started getting fucked and being filmed, but choosing a major weekend event was not a good idea for not many guys wanted to be filmed that day, so only a handful of guys fucked me that evening, and after getting few loads inside my ass and having the SX VIDEO people filming it was fucking awesome, so when i was ready to cum i did not expect to have much sperm cumin out of my cock since i already shot a big one earlier on the street fair, but maybe because i hold it for so many days or i don't know why is that i had a bunch of big jumping load exploding out of me and going into this fucking hot guy's beard, oh fuck!, so, certainly i did not beat my current record i have with, but hopefully I'll have another try with them as well in April, ah ah ah !!, so, after the scene was filmed, Eddie, Gene, Jesse and I came back to the hotel, and i went into my suite and called Michael Youens to visit me and he came with HOT HOT porn star Chase Hunters, yummy!, but then they left and these other fucking cute kids who gave us the loft to film left too, then the guy who makes the cuteboybbparties came over with Rand and it was his birthday so I let him fuck me with his long and always fucking hard dick, but it felt so fucking good that i was telling him to not stop fucking me and cause of that he could not hold it anymore and fucking filled me up with a good fucking load, and i got off for the 3rd fucking time that day, then Rand and I went to eat, then we meet with some kids at this club called "The Mix" and then we came back to my suite, and Ran fucked me again and filled me with another fucking load, and i got off again, making it my 4th time that day, soon after Ruben came over and he had this nasty and thick puerto rican dick that was hard as a fucking rock and fucking loaded with lots of sperm, and seated in his dick while he was getting fucked my Rand's long dick at the same time, and once i started feeling Ruben's puertorican dick shot inside my hole i jerk off and got of yet again, making it my 5th time that day, and soon after that Ran got off while Ruben was fucking him, so after getting off 5 fucking times i knew that i had to go to sleep, for i had to fly the next day which was actually yesterday, and after my arrival in here Los Angeles i found that i have so many fucking things to do, FUCK!, but is OK, cause hard work always pays off, and hopefully I'll be filming some more hot sex with SX VIDEO soon, cause doing movies that are seeing by people over and over was always more interesting to me then the mainstream movies that most people see them once only, maybe because i don't have to pretend to be anyone else, and be only what i should be protected always by my lord the all powerful Jesus Christ.

issue # 85
Tuesday, September 30, 2003

It's been around 2 weeks since last time I wrote in here and I need to report that I keep feeling healthier then ever , away from alcohol, crystal meth and any other chemical drugs, and yes, poppers kills too. I been going lately to thid 18 and over nightclub called "Tigerbeat" and is always so much fun to go there and make out with some fucking hot, they get all over me and I get to chose one to go fuck with, hmmmm!! but even that i make out with youngs babes on the dance floor, is with the oldest ones that i go fuck with, and the oldest ones there are around my age which is pushing 30 or a little over 30, is just that I feel like young guys will not be all that good at sex due to inexperience, and the music is fucking great when there is not hi-pop. Tuesdays at "Beige" nightclub still have interesting people in it like Bobby Trendy, and it was fucking great to hang out with him and Candy Ass and Michael from "Odyssey" magazine, they are all a bunch of fucking freaks that i love fucking dearly since maybe I get to be too a fucking freak myself to others, then there is people like Michael Di Carlo who currently doesn't go out with out his fucking trucker hat, 2 years ago it was the fucking cowboy hat, so now he is also even wearing the fucking bandana in her wrist and he tries to fit in so fucking bad that sometimes is gets a little toooooooooooo fucking obvious, and the funny thing is that like him is all there is here in LA, or maybe I just miss Miami. I'm still sending hundreds of my new CD's compilation to all over the States and other countries adding this time Italy to the list, BELLA ITALIA!. And I was wondering where all the faggets here in California go chat after was no more, cause man! oh fuck! may God bless, and I'm talking about a major OINK! fucking site, YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!, that site gave me this man that was like 6'4 and almost 200 pounds his dick was around 10 or 11 inches, he was white, blond, blue, and having Crisco now as my ultimate favorite lubrication I was able to not only take it all the way in, but also he fucked like if he was a fucking machine or something, FUCK MEN! it felt better then ever before cause the Crisco never dries up inside my fucking love-hole like other lubes do, I just don't fucking know why it felt so much better with the fucking Crisco, but he fucked me for a solid 20 minutes non stop, he was behind me, and i was on my stomach and the pounding was fucking unstoppable, and my prostate was accumulating way to much sperm inside my balls, and with almost with out touching my dick and just rubbing against the bed i just shot my load and it was like a fucking gallon man!, but i felt an even bigger load inside my fucking abused hole, and after taking a little break i was already seating in his dick, but this time we where in the couch, but after collecting his second orgasm way deep inside my ass due to the largeness and thickness of his manhood, and i got off again having my cum jump high out of my fucking dick. Two Saturdays ago it was the "Gay Erotic Expo" in Downtown here in Los Angeles, and it didn't seemed like an erotic expo when I was asked to put back my shirt by some security guy few minutes after being inside that place, but very little time passed by before I was told by one of the organizers to take it off if i wanted and he even encourage me to it, so, i looked at the security guy who asked me to put my shirt on who was far away from me all the way down there and i took off my shirt and I started smiling, and then i took off my pants as well, then i changed my snickers for cowboy boots and together with my underwear was all I wanted and need it to wear in there, then I started walking around checking out those booths stores and in one of them i saw this porn star called Jeff Stryker who used to be the king of porn in the 80's and his business partner was the only person in his booth and people were not interacting much with him, so i went to him and gave him a hug, he was smiling too, and i congratulate him on his booth and told him how fucking nice it was, but also wanted to advise him to get some tan, shave his head and have some goatee or some kind of bear, then i kept walking while having fun and lots of people taking pictures of me and with them, autographs! questions!, so i was more then glad to have brought over my CDs, cause at one point my first new song called "Dreaming" started playing on the speakers!, so everybody was listening to my music but yet i was not performing, so it was a first time for me to experience that, and sure i took advantage and told the people i was meeting and taking pictures with ... hey! can you hear my music right now?, and people were like... i want a CD, but, i ran out of them quickly of course, WOW! being in a room with all the gay porn industry together listening to my music and talking and having a good time was a dream i never had, and not for nothing the name of the first of 4 songs of mine they played in there is called "Dreaming", AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!, but one place where i don't know if I'll be dreaming is at the next "GayVN Awards" for is been confirmed that it will never be as big and great and have the fans in it again, not ever again, so it will keep being a small reunion of few people of gay porn, so there it goes any chances for me to get an award with them, even that they published a really wonderful interview with me this past May, still Jesus find ways to make sure his server's life projects his existence with facts such as being the only porn star nominated for the 3rd year in a row as "Best Porn Star website" in the "Cybersocket Awards" which are the first and only Online Awards out there with 4 years of life and only getting stronger, I got awarded once. I guess it shows that even that sometimes I feel like living in Alabama and having no responsibilities, still I must do what I got to do, and be what I have to be. Also that evening i meet with the guys of where my movie called "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer" ranks number 4 in sales, so they could not fucking believe how surprised i looked when they told me how much my movies sales, after all, they are the oldest and biggest distribution company covering all countries of this planet and both markets, gay and straight, but after being in that Convention Center for 2 hours I left home with a bunch of numbers and a free "cockring underwear" from N2N Bodywear. The week passed quite as i focused working in my new calendar for next year, and last Saturday i flew to San Francisco, soon after i arrived i went to see my friend RJ, then i went to my suite at the Savoy Hotel, and soon after i meet with Gary and Frank and we go to my favorite bookstore in there called "Rock Hard" right in the middle of Castro, and as soon as i got there i got almost naked, only in a leather jockstrap and tennis shoes, i signed and give away around 50 of my new musical CDs, also i signed some black and whites 8x10 PICS and some of my own movies that some guys got a hold of that night, it was quite fun hanging around with the owner and his people, they made me feel so much at home, but after a couple of hours Gary took me for diner and then i went to my suite and slept early that night ignoring all the fucking sex going on at the time, but the next morning on Sunday i woke up and knew that it will be a day full of fucking cum!!!! after taking a shower i went for breakfast, then i chilled out in my room until i was picked up and taken into the Folsom Street Fair, and there was lots of fucking freaks mixed with some hot guys, females, all representatives of all kinds of fetishes, and once we found our SX VIDEO booth then I took of my clothes and wore only a jockstrap, even that sometimes the fucking cold winds would come and go, but with the warm of so many people's hugs and kisses, and taking my new CDs autographed and the ones who bought my movies, the ones who took pictures with me, the ones who congratulate me, and specially this tall skinny guy naked with a big hard cock, and when i saw him i called him and he came over to me and i sucked his big dick right there in from of everybody while i heard people going ... ahhh!, then my fucking verga got hard and i made him suck me too and i lifted my head and saw countless wide open eyes from all genders look at us suck each other's cock, but his blowjob was so fucking good that at one point i was so fucking close to cum that i couldn't hold it anymore and i pull it off his mouth, but it was on second moment's time too late and my fucking load just erupted out ouf my fucking cock just like a fucking Vulcan, putting out a lot of lava, i mean leche, i mean sperm, while i heard the people watching going WOW!, but i said...again! ... for it became my second year in a row of doing a public blow job and getting off in front of everybody on Folsom Street Fair, and i wish i can do something like that in Long Bean in Halloween night when I'm supposed to perform live and give away my cd's and autographs, but not in there. It was 2 hours the time i spent in that booth, so after getting off i went to eat and then chilled out at my suite, and then around 4 PM the guys from SX Video took me to this loft where the guys we meet at the Fair came over and like half an hour after i started getting fucked and being filmed, but choosing a major weekend event was not a good idea for not many guys wanted to be filmed that day, so only a handful of guys fucked me that evening, and after getting few loads inside my ass and having the SX VIDEO people filming it was fucking awesome, so when i was ready to cum i did not expect to have much sperm cumin out of my cock since i already shot a big one earlier on the street fair, but maybe because i hold it for so many days or i don't know why is that i had a bunch of big jumping load exploding out of me and going into this fucking hot guy's beard, oh fuck!, so, certainly i did not beat my current record i have with, but hopefully I'll have another try with them as well in April, ah ah ah !!, so, after the scene was filmed, Eddie, Gene, Jesse and I came back to the hotel, and i went into my suite and called Michael Youens to visit me and he came with HOT HOT porn star Chase Hunters, yummy!, but then they left and these other fucking cute kids who gave us the loft to film left too, then the guy who makes the cuteboybbparties came over with Rand and it was his birthday so I let him fuck me with his long and always fucking hard dick, but it felt so fucking good that i was telling him to not stop fucking me and cause of that he could not hold it anymore and fucking filled me up with a good fucking load, and i got off for the 3rd fucking time that day, then Rand and I went to eat, then we meet with some kids at this club called "The Mix" and then we came back to my suite, and Ran fucked me again and filled me with another fucking load, and i got off again, making it my 4th time that day, soon after Ruben came over and he had this nasty and thick puerto rican dick that was hard as a fucking rock and fucking loaded with lots of sperm, and seated in his dick while he was getting fucked my Rand's long dick at the same time, and once i started feeling Ruben's puertorican dick shot inside my hole i jerk off and got of yet again, making it my 5th time that day, and soon after that Ran got off while Ruben was fucking him, so after getting off 5 fucking times i knew that i had to go to sleep, for i had to fly the next day which was actually yesterday, and after my arrival in here Los Angeles i found that i have so many fucking things to do, FUCK!, but is OK, cause hard work always pays off, and hopefully I'll be filming some more hot sex with SX VIDEO soon, cause doing movies that are seeing by people over and over was always more interesting to me then the mainstream movies that most people see them once only, maybe because i don't have to pretend to be anyone else, and be only what i should be protected always by my lord the all powerful Jesus Christ.

issue # 84
Tuesday, September 16, 2003

I just came back here in my apt. from the 4th Silverlake Festival here in LA, they had a 15 or 20 minutes commercial fucking pushing gay people to go ski to some gay week in some fucking city with fucking snow, and i did not mind watching it until they said to be proud to be involved with giving toxic HIV medicines to childrens, then finally the fucking documentary where i was featured in started, and it was called "Bareback Sex" after more then 20 minutes of all these fucking condom nazi queens talking about the same old thing, i realized that it was way one sided, and I really couldn't kept watching and listenning those fucking condoms nazis anymore, and when one of them called Michael Brandon (who currently looks very un-healthy due to the toll the toxic HIV medicines is taking in his very shrinking skinny body) started saying that when a pornstar starts doing bareback then their career goes down or something like that, then i yelled really loud! YEAH RIGHT! and i stand up and walk away that 70 people seats screening room filled with fags while saying really loud, this is fucking bull shit! and the director tried to stop me from leaving but they already knew that I already knew the fucking setup, and i may be wrong cause i left before the documentary was over, but I'm really sure of being a fucking dirty setup which now can backfire at this director for once the fags who watched that fucking documentary find out about my real views in my website it will make his credibility go down the toilet, still i could be wrong but is been quite a long time since i left that movie complex and still he had not call me, so i forgive him and may Jesus forgive him too, at least it was nice to see myself in the golden screen once again for a little while wearing my fucking elegant suit and also i found out that there is more people fucking with out condoms then i thought, i never knew that i would be part of such dramatic change in such major thing as the porn industry which seems to follow me, and is the one industry in which the customers watch the product over and over while in the mainstream world most people watch a mainstream movie once in their life only, that is why i never ever had a shadow of a doubt to be in porn, and again I'm fucking giving way more information that i fucking should, so, what the fuck!, i have been here in LA longer then usual this month, but there is so much fucking humidity over there and here in LA the weather feels so fucking sweet, and sometimes i wonder why i can just live with someone and just enjoy life only as a great boyfriend in some nice place and enjoy the rest of life without getting anger at the condom nazis and the result of their actions, it would be so easy but because I cannot stop thinking of all the people who still suffers like once I did just because I did not know any better and I was too trustful and it even was against the faith that I proclaiming to have in my protector Jesus Christ who gave me again something what I wanted, what? "My second musical Compilation CD" in my hands and in the hands of few especial people and in the many packages i sent today with lots and lots of them, just like fucking Santa Claus, and products like this ones lift my spirit like few things in life, not for nothing is my own fucking musical creation, so obviously is all i want to hear the most always, and i already have quite lots of people complimenting me for it saying that this one was way way better then any other previous CD, SO IT PAID OFF TO not do the graphic designs and duplications with the same guy i always used before named Brett Henrichsen, he was really nasty to me and i got a wonderful reward for it, and him? well his DJ gig last Saturday here in LA was not good like expected, so, I think that Jeffrey Sanker lost money that night, ay ay ay! karma always works!, but a great club to go dance to great music is "Tigerheat", even that i cannot hardly dance due to the fact that there is always there someone making out with me and it will be so fucking rude of me and i will ruin my own karma if i make him stop just so we can dance, priorities first!, cause fucking loving one another comes first, OINK! for example not yesterday but the past Sunday i went to the gay bathhouse of downtown called Midtown and i decided to go there with out a fucking hat and lay down on the sun , cause, what the fuck! I'm a pornstar and I CAN, and little world and fucking sweet surprise was to find Gino Colbert behind me in the line to get into such busy club with many horny man, but once inside i lost track of him since there was so many cocks and butt holes demanding attention that i did not waste any fucking time and just went for it and between drinking one ejaculation from some cock to another and filling my asshole with every possible load out there, also i fucked some few juicy butt holes as well, once a black guy's dick went inside my hole i knew he would fill it really good, those black guys fuck me always the right fucking way, even that some of them have such fucking huge dicks that i got to fucking extra-relax my fucking rectum, and this guy had also a fucking army hair cut like me, but he was hairy in his late 30s laying on his stomach offering that big and abused hole and ass soon as i fucking saw it my fucking verga(cock) went hard like a fucking rock automatically and went inside that hole like a fucking pussy, and he was a fucking big hairy muscular guy that made me feel like fucking him all night long, but I was feeling so good that i could not fucking longer control my limits and i just fucking surrender and just let my cum go inside such fucking man pussy, oh fuck! he was a fucking great fucking dog, then i took a brake and then the last time i shot my load i did it by jerking off while this cock was fucking me from behind this glory hole, the feeling of getting fucked through a glory hole fucking excels everything out there, oh fuck! talking about taking full advantage of those fucking glory holes, and i was feeling like such big fucking pig slut that the next night on Monday was leather night at the "Slammer" which is my favorite sex club in LA and sorry for all the ladies out there watching the current special 3 monthly issue of "PLaygirl" magazine where they see me as one of the "Hot Young Hunks"(3rd rerun of 3 years old PICS), yeah! sorry ladies cause in that club is only for man, is where man is free to fuck with man, a fucking magical world, paradise if you fucking ask me, sorry for being such a fucking fagot but I wanna spend the most time as possible with man and not woman, sorry females!, so life in that sex club feels like 10 times stronger, there is not silly stupid conversations, all the guys want in there is to fucking get each other off, and sure that getting off 5 or 6 guys in my ass hole or mouth is enough for me to call it a night and go home at sleep. Now i have to start working out more often cause very soon I'll be hopefully doing another movie for SX VIDEO in San Francisco, and this should be the most demanding movie that i have ever make cause is a gang bang movie, and even that lots of people from gay porn tries to black list me still Jesus Christ is way more powerful then any intent against one of his faithful servers and may only backfire at my so called enemies, showing at large and making obvious Jesus Christ's existence and his ultimate and unlimited power.

issue # 83
Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Every time i drive my SUV here in Miami or in Los Angeles i listen only to my brand new musical compilation CD and the pleasure I get out of it is unexplainable, it gives me all the patient in the whole fucking world to deal with the fucking nasty fucking traffic, and in a matter of days i should have these brand new CDs in my hands, cause now I'm in the long process of posting it in my website so anyone around the world can listen to it, download it and burn it into a CD so anyone can listen to it while driving, just like i do all the fucking freaky fucking time. not last Wednesday, but on the 21st of August i went to the premiere of these chesse bad movie called "Wassabi Tuna", but the reason i went is because i had the opportunity in it to walk the red carpet since the bigger of the 3 drag queens actors from this fucking movie used to be my roommate like 5 years ago, and the popular photographers Dan&Keith, Carmen, other friends and I went in one limousine and Carmen who is a very fucking freaky hot transsexual friend of mine was wearing almost nothing, but I was wearing a fucking brand new suit that i got recently from Papito as one of his many presents, once Carmen and I came out of the limo she held onto my arm and it was lots of camera flashes from one side and from the other, but no more then 20 paparazzi photographers since it was just a bad movie, once we were seating in the front row of that theater with the form of a globe, still i enjoyed watching how hot Guillermo Diaz acted as a fucking gangster and meeting him later once the movie was showed and everybody was drinking and talking in the after party, there was a time that i got my people and left on my limo, then went back over Carmen's place, i went to my SUV and drove to my own apartment and i went online and i don't know why or how but i started chatting with someone who was partying and he convinced me some how to go over his place, it was already Thursday 2 am and i smoked crystal and started to have do more and more and all i wanted to do is hang out with these guys who felt like me and just jerk off watching porn and regretting doing it since by then i realized that i was not only UN-hungry after few hours but also that my sexual performance was off, I was not Jeff Palmer, i was just one fucking loser, i was just confined to only fucking masturbate watching porn, oh FUCK! but i had not choice but I stopped smoking that fucking shit by 9:30 PM that same Thursday, and crashed by midnight sleeping for few hours before waking up in the early morning of Friday and i felt fine in order to drive my car home, once there i slept some more, I ate, I felt like shit the whole fucking day, but the next day on Saturday i felt those fucking chemicals leaving my body already, and i went to the Sunset Junction Festival at the beginning of Sunset BV. in LA, and sure that it felt great to walk around there and getting recognized, meeting lots of guys and getting lots of phone numbers, and it gave me strength to not even think about doing Crystal ever again, after so long how could i have been so fucking stupid? and i know that i did not have to talk about this so publicly but even that i will never be perfect i can still try to be the most honest as possible, and deal with all the fucking consequences like getting my people worry thinking that I'll be doing it again when the truth is that i wish to never ever do it again, so, I'm asking publicly for Jesus forgiveness for doing what i did to my only temple. Any fucking way, i recovered just in time to be picked up at my place in LA by the people of SX VIDEO on Thursday night, and last Friday i filmed a scene with Kristen Brooks who is on the way of becoming the first costar to be in 2 of my movies, cause he was in one scene with me 5 years ago in this movie called "Fever", but now he looks better and this time i abused the shit out of him, i decided to be really fucking rough on him and honor the uniform i had on, he sucked my toe and my feet, but this was just one scene to use in the long future so it will take long long time before it comes out into a movie cause, and once i was returned to LA i went out with Carmen to some clubs in west Hollywood and then i hooked up with this guy who is a hooker, but hey! don't get me fucking wrong, cause i did not pay him, you see? he was just of them many really fucking horny escorts who had a good night at work and want to keep on cumin, his car was near this bar called "numbers" and we went to his place and once naked in bed we sucked each other off and I came while drinking his sperm, and not long after i drink another load of his, and a fucking third time in the morning finishing with his sperm inside my hole, we spoke in Spanish and Portuguese even that he was really a white boy with blue eyes from Illinois, very fucking strange, but every person that i fuck with knows very well that is "fast love" like the fucking damn ass of George Michael sings, I'm telling you that Justin Timberlake is the new George Michael and the worst nightmare to the racist since there is nothing more humiliating for a racist then see a white boy like Justin Timberlake try so fucking hard to be black, LOL, good for him!, and if the racist people even knew that he might also be a fucking homo like me too?, i don't know anymore cause one of his band mates called Lance Bass was having diner few Tuesdays ago at my all time fucking favorite place ever in LA called "360" at Falcon restaurant and I wonder if he was checking me out cause i have myopia meaning that i cannot see so well from far away and he was seating below my table like 20 feet's from me which is fucking enough distance for me to not see well at all, maybe next time I'll see him I'll give him my number and promise to not tell anyone, but he is not Mario Lopez so i better fucking forget about it, oh yeah! that fucking TV shot host is so fucking HOT, you see? in a perfect world me and him would be the perfect&happiest boyfriends ever, AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!, but is OK, the fucking straight people can fucking have him and they can fucking have too Bill Maher who's show on HBO called "Real time with Bill Maher" gives me THE real news that i want to hear and be informed with, so, may God keep blessing him cause his set is also the most fucking futuristic ever, WOW! not even those fucking 5 fab fags from that TV show in which they try to change people instead of accepting them for how they are and for how they want to dress and live their life's, what a fucking nasty queens! they should see me what i wear when i go work out so the'll have a fucking heart attack! nasty fucking bitches!, but the best fucking time on TV comes when my private lover papito and I watch my latest movie called "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer" and sure that people might find really fucked up to do something like that, but it makes our fuck better then what already is, we just take full advantage of the situation in which both of us are, like last Saturday when i was in LA by myself and by around 7 PM I decided to clean my butt hole and go to the "Slammer"(sex club), and i put all of my stuff in the locker and went straight to the dark room where it was this guy with hairy legs and ass, but his hole was dripping so much cum, kind of like he was the first person to arrive inside that dark room being there all day and just fucking collecting hundreds al loads of sperm, lots of sperm inside his big fucking time abused fucking hole, and once my fucking rock hard verga(dick) of mine went inside there it was all over within only few seconds, all of my senses left me and I just couldn't find any ways to fight the feeling of cumin, sticking my hole in such hole with such situation was more then i ever expected, and i was due for a big unload anyway, all of the sudden i was experiencing the opposite of when i was under the influence of Crystal meth, i had such fucking great laugh on my face once i got off and filled this already filled ass with many uncountable loads, i was just wondering how many orgasms he caused to others cause mine took him few seconds to get it out of me, FUCK! but it was Saturday and the hat i had on wasn't working all that good, so i took a break inside of one of the many small cabins rooms, i just relaxed for few minutes and then i started walking around those dark rooms and getting inside the ones with glory holes in order to have privacy and enjoy one open hole in one side and another one in the opposite one and this fucking major huge dick came out of one of them making me go on my fucking knees and work really fucking hard cause it was a fucking major fucking fat dick and sure my fucking jaw was tested to the limit, it worked hard as ever making the guy to come over my room and he was like 7 feet's, he was the tallest guys i have ever fucked with, so once inside my room i let him fuck me all the hard he fucking wanted, and i believe that he deposited his sperm once, but then he looked like he needed a little break, so i left and founded this other guy who was really really fucking hairy and he was in the sling and he was blind folded with Crisco at hand and ready, so, once i saw him in such public place offering his fucking man pussy i couldn't fucking help myself and my dick went hard automatically and just went inside that hole of course and because it wasn't that long ago since i had an orgasm is that i was able to fuck this fucking beyond HOT juicy and hungry hole, and i started to pound his hole really fucking hard and it was one of those times that one gets so fucking loud that while i was filling his very public-love-hole i saw and felt lots of people around, and i realized about the fucking show that i was fucking giving away, so i left with a big fucking smile in my face making the strangers who saw me leaving think, why is he smiling so much? well, i forgot to mention that before the tall guy fucked me i already had someone shot his load deep inside me and i swallowed some few loads as well, you see? not everybody wants to fuck me with condoms and i won't let them fuck me with a condom, so i just swallow their sperm, and that night i had drank enough sperm, besides the next morning i had to fly over here in Miami to meet my papito and spend all the time i can with him this week cause this cumin weekend I'm already back in LA, hopefully, and the time in which I'll be sending lots of CD's over the mail will come soon, so is my gang bang movie for SX VIDEO on the 28 of September in San Francisco in which everybody is invited to deposit their sperm inside my hole with out having to show their face, WOW! that should be something, so let's hope that Jesus Christ forgives me for what i have done and I hope that he keeps protecting me and protecting my people as well too.

issue # 82
Monday, August 18, 2003

Does one of Jesus Christ's best servers deserves totally success in life as a raw proof of how enlightening it is when he lives constantly inside of one of these euphoric servers?, and if most people think yes, well then they are totally right for one of those servers is me, and where is the success? in the power that the name of this server commands with his name, truth fact?: any porn movie with the name Jeff PALMER in it, the high sales and major demand make them "bestsellers" and "instant classics" becoming this way the ultimate proof of Jesus Christ existence and he is also beginning to take his enemies down for nothing can darken such fucking strong light. last weekend,(few days ago) in Philippines the "Jeff Palmer Fan Club" celebrated the premiere of "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer", they watch the movie, they ate, they listened to his music, they got horny and who knows who went with who back home, Julius is the president of such fucking amazing fan club, isn't fucking cool talking about myself in a third person? is just so it doesn't look like is all about me, yeah right! enough about Jeff Palmer so let's talk about me! LOL, FUCKED UP!, no for real! you see? I can talk for example about this girl called Charla from this TV show called "Paradise Hotel" cause she is the only female right now that I would like to fuck, her bangs and her eyes, FUCKING hot bitch! someone else? Fuck yeah! Martina Navratilova, that fucking champion keeps fucking winning cause yet she got another trophy for doubles, and if wasn't that Serena Williams is out of competition due to some maybe stupid surgery, i won't go to the USOpen this year in NYC, besides even that the black outs sounds fucking hot to have lots of sex, still i rather have the black outs in the "Slammer" that is the name of the best sex club that LA has ever fucking had, fuck! last night for example i was there and the first thing i did once inside that magnificent sex club was tossed away the stupid fucking condom they give you when you pay, but sure there is plenty others condoms in the chair it tossed mine away too, i guess i was not the only one in throwing that fucking nasty condoms right away, YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!, once inside i put $1 and 50 cents into one of these electronic lockers so i did not have to fucking worry about my fucking wallet, just my lube "Probe" in hand and ready i went straight to the fucking dark room and pretending that i was in some city with a black out i went for it, and inside i could see a little and it was a lot of fucking action going one already and i could not help myself in feeling like was missing, and fast and furious i was to get into the middle of all that fucking action getting fucked while some one of those power-perfect cock suckers got a hold of my fucking rock hard verga(dick), and sure he ate lots of pre-cum, cause i was loaded with so much fucking leche(sperm) caliente, but before shooting my load i wanted to collect more sperm inside my so fucking hungry and juicy butt-hole, and that was not a problem at all that night due to the fact that it was packed with tons and tons of desperate hard dicks, and feeling one load after the other made me go into these area that is designed to be where you go get milked and i don't know if the hat that i was wearing and the covering did much about it, cause there was lots of guys around me, but i that fucking point i could not care about it cause i was about to fucking shot my fucking load and these guy sucking me felt it, so he stated moaning which made me build into my balls more cum then usual and, man! it felt like a fucking Vulcan exploding my fucking huge leche caliente into this fucking thirsty mother fucking pig&awesome fucking cock sucker, YUMMMM!!!!!!!!!, then i took a break into of one of those many rooms, but few minutes after i was hunting for more and this time i went on my knees sucking and getting my ass filled with any one with a hard and ready to shot dick, and sure some of them felt my need to be breeded cause i got tons of babies up my ass from who knows how many strangers who i never even saw their fucking faces, mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! but once i got a hold of this bubble but with a wide open butt hole is that i couldn't help myself and i had to be inside but little i knew that this hole was filled with tons of who knows how many guys cum, and when that happens i just feel like fucking doing the same those many did and i just got him pregnant with my babies and sure he fucking loved it cause the way he was shacking his ass wile i was cumin, oh man! talking about heaven! but i left right away cause it was too fucking late and i got to do lots of stuff that i got to do, like writing this update of me right now, and is really funny that joke going around online about the characters of this upcoming movie called "Jason vs. Freddie" and it says "Bush vs. saddam". I got here in LA last Thursday night from Miami in first class because i was flying with Papito, the fucker is so fucking picky, but sure i enjoy every minute of being with him, cause we stayed at this super trendy hotel in Westwood and the name is one letter only, being a fucking slut maybe great, being romantic with Papito is just fucking awesome, he went back to Miami very early on Sunday morning, so now I'm working in doing a new X-rated calendar for next year, as well starting negotiations with new movies for my very near future, i cannot fucking wait to start filming again!, and now i have hair in my legs, butt, arms, arm pits, and i have a thin mustache in my pelvis too, saving me time is clipping and shaving, soon i will assist to a fucking big event, hopefully it'll happen so I'll talk about it afterwards cause it is supposed to be more exciting then JLo getting married and getting divorced really quick or just getting rid of the straight guy who doesn't know how to satisfy a lady orally, and get a really straight one, cause that fucking JLobitch is getting way too boring already, and poor Angeline Jolie is not allowed to be open gay, poor bitch!, cause the one who should not be allowed at all should be that Ellen lesbian who is so, so , so ,so, so fucking boring, she fucking kills me, as much or even more then that fucking nasty evil woman of Whoopi Goldberg who seems possessed by many demons, or the horrible monster with out conscience of Elton John, or Saddam Hussein!, ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Jesus Christ please keep me and my ones safe as usual under you powerful force that you are, always have been and will always be.

issua # 81
Tuesday, July 29, 2003

My second musical compilation is all i listen when I'm driving my SUV here in Los Angeles, YEAH!!!!!!! all of these new 10 songs are all into one CD already, and so far it seems to be better then my past first compilation, so, I'm so fucking excited!, specially since I'm using all new people to do it, because every one of my CDs until this one was done with DJ Brett Henrichsen who's irresponsibility to even call me back after all these years took me by surprised and turned me off of course, I could not believe it! But I see it as a clear sign to move on and prevent any bad possible situation, and I hope that he return calls to his other clients cause other wise his future might not be all that bright after all. Any fucking way, talking about an incredible fact is that the graphic design that I'm doing in this new CD is going to be 1,000 better than any previous one, so it already paid off to move on and do it with new and better people cause the result is better than most mainstream stuff, so i feel like just fucking doing everything right, like a robot kind of, doing all i must do, calling here and there, going, and doing this and that, WOW! But once my fans can download and get it from my website from any part of this planet, than I'll be able to relax and enjoy all the compliments, mmmmm!!!!, and come out with a new calendar. Lately "Slammer" is been THE sex club to go 4 me 2 get off really fucking good, either by some stranger's mouth through one of those dark glory holes, or by filling someone's ass with a respectable amount of sperm that has been accumulated from many hours, or days, than, i go into one of those many rooms by myself and i relax for few minutes before i go out and hunt for more action, but than is about sucking dick, drinking cum, getting breeded by one after the other, and who the fuck cares about names? or where you cum from? and all of those fucking stupid questions that drives me fucking nuts, so God bless these fucking places where i can be inside this very small made of wood room with 2 glory holes in them, and be able to get a hold of some hard dick cumin out of those holes and stick it right inside my hole, and l bending over my knees a little bet and get pounded from behind until i feel the fucking major release of lots of sperm exploding into my muy caliente behind-hole, and sure that there is some of them who miss all the fun by not fucking bareback, so, sucking them off and swallowing their cum is all they got from me, OH man! talking about some fucking tasty and warm juice, probably I'll got get some later today, no! today i have to go to "Beige" nightclub and it will be my 3r time in a row since i have been here in LA for a long while this month, meeting friends and people i know in there is great, kind of like a fucking glamour family get together thing with lots of hots guys, MMMM!!!! but there is also some guys who are just like the character that actor Seth Green plays in "Party Monster" who deserves an award, also the brother of the "home alone" kid is a good actor too but is not in that movie. Another great news is that I see more and more guys with fucking really small shorts in the Gym, and sometimes I fucking lose concentration looking at those ones who show off like I have always been showing off when I go work out, you see? I'm a fucking faggot, and I'm the king of Porn! so I CAN! !!!! FUCK YEAH! And even that i don't agree with gay people getting married, i feel good about their new freedom in both corners of this American Continent, Canada and Argentina, but Canada is by far not only the new Amsterdam of Europe, but also is getting more and more population cumin from USA and every where else because of the logical sense their laws make compared to others obvious ones, and WOW!.is like the people not understanding that the word eunuchs maybe was the way to call gay people thousands of years ago and not only the ones who get their balls cut off. The whole fucking world ask the same fucking question, How can Jesus Christ being God himself and perfect, clarified about almost everything but not about homosexuality?, i believe that in Matthew 19;11 is where Jesus Christ explain why some people are not meant to get married with the opposite sex, i believe that he used the word eunuchs as now is known as gay, and anyone with a bible can fucking see what the fuck I'm talking about. But unfortunately not all gay people are cool, that is why God destroyed Sodoma and Gomorra, just imagine a big city with nothing but lots of evil faggets such as Elton John? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Ellen! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! or Goopie Goldberg! AHHHHHHHHHHH! or Michael Jackson AHHHHHHHHHHH! Talking about just 3 popular evil gay people, ouch! How could evil do really fucking bad? how? Simple, he dress as light to confuse people, but because he use the name of God to make money is that any smart human knows better, so if you ever ate some poisoned food and need to throw up right away than make sure to turn your TV on and watch those so called Christian channels. I'm thinking in doing a new movie by the end of August for SX VIDEO where I'll have hairy legs and arms, and then I'll take the hair off for this other gang bang movie I'm planning to do by the end of the following month, mmmmm!!! sweet! Last Sunday I was in Palm Desert at this very remote and fucking awesome house in the fucking middle of no where, it was the house of the famous photographer Jack Pierson, he is good friend with my Jeff Clark, so we did some fucking hot great PICS, so i can use them for my next calendar, and he can publish them in one or few of his many fantastic books, unfortunately i came over with this fucking sweet 22 year old boy, but he was so fucking shy and sweet that I felt weird about getting nasty with them, specially since Jack, since he does not look bad at all, and he got that fucking sexy thing going on,mmmmmmmmmmm!!!, maybe next time. Jeff already showed me today some PICS and I'm beyond satisfied with the little trip even that i was tortured by Jeff while driving he was playing Madonna's songs and turning my ride into a fucking nightmare, but the pain paid off, and now i think i can really throw up if i ever hear that fucking bitch's songs again, it was fucking horrible to have to listen to some one that you don't wanna listen to at all, and having not choice for like half an hour, so I'll have to fucking forget about it for complete in order for me to do Jeff again someday, cause he almost fucking kill me, and now I just got to take a shower and go out with some friends. Life is just so fucking interesting!, and when i have people telling me how much they enjoy watching my fucking butt hole getting fucking breeded with sperm, and they fucking get off as well, once and another time, watching that specific part, and knowing that is more then one guy out there doing these it makes me feel more complete then i ever dreamed, that all those dreams of flying are just a fucking mirror of my actual life, and fuck yeah that is possible for the ones who deposit all trust in the king of kings Jesus Christ.

issue # 80
Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Every time I need to know the answer for something, somehow the bible tells me just the right thing to do, without all of the personal explanations that I used to listen from some fucking pastor in church on Sundays. OH fuck yeah!, and is hard to realize sometimes that things will never be the same, which is also the name of the song that I'm playing from this group called "Roxette", and also from "A-ha" is that song called "Hunting High and low" and I listen to them over and over and over and fucking more over again, yeah! i fucking confess of being guilty of listening to those 2 fucking songs many times in one day at times, and is been quite few years since they are 80's songs, LOL, oh man!, is just that I'm trying not to hear my own music until this new CD comes out, then i will only listen to both of them non stop probably, but i cannot explain why i don't wanna hear them if i don't have to, yet!, and I'm thinking in using different people to put together this new CD, the ones i used to use are not getting back at me yet, so it must be a sign, that's why already i have found other sources, I'm concentrating more then ever in these new musical CD, but since i came here in LA last Friday night from Miami I have done more then just that. I just have to rewind to few weeks ago when i went with my lover papito to Province Town, which is the equal of "Gay Paradise", cause man! there is so many hot looking man and woman, and they are all fucking gay!!!!!!, BUT i was in a romantic plan, so i was only inserting my hard rock verga caliente only into Papito' s nice and juicy hole, giving my leche(sperm) caliente to him every day with out porn videos or anything, which was weird cause few days before we flew out of Miami we were fucking while watching my brand new porn called "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer" and it was so fucking weird, but i think that we are getting used to it more and more by now, and sure I'm glad to see that my videos make him cum quicker then any other videos we see which are only the bareback ones only of course, fucking imagine, is been few years already since looking at porn with condoms is not even a fucking option. Yeah i fucking know that my writing and English are really fucked up, but do i fucking care? yeah!, but not that much, you know?. I discovered that being in Province town with my so called boyfriend was not bad at all considering that mostly of the gays there were as couples, and sure that those rides in bicycle felt just fucking great, only one guy was kind of agressive in his intent to take me to his place even that i was pointing to my papito telling him that i was already busy, still thought it was really fucking cool from his part to have such balls, mmmmm!!!!!!!!!!. And the reason that I'm starting to work out more often is because of the inspiration i get from 2 Wonder woman, Serena Williams and Martina Navratilova, FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! that old woman of 46 years of age has won her second glam slam title of the year, and conquered other records as well by winning that day, but still i don't fucking understand how can she be better then ever at this age, cause Agassi being the best at 33 is understandable some how, but at fucking 46 years of age? a grand ma champion!, yeah! she is the fucking super grand ma of tennis, she is the queen mother of the queen Serena Williams winning both mixed and singles titles at "The Chanpionship"WImbledon, and having Kristen Dunst filming a movie about tennis made me have her as my favorite actress of the moment, i saw her in person last year in NY and she is so fucking cute and relaxed about being a celebrity, so I'll be waiting un patiently for this movie that should be called "Wimbledon", and Venus being in the final was an extra blessing from God. And talking about another grand ma is that actress Resse Witherspoon who dress and acts like a fucking young grandma, or just the way a grand ma would like their daughters to behave, so I don't think I want to watch that fucking girlie movie. Any fucking way, papito and I stayed at this super fucking fancy gay hotel that was very great with us, also we saw the show a drag queen called "Trinity" and she was so fucking funny, crazy and fucked up, made us laugh good, also we saw these other drag queens some another night, and they were doing impersonating all the famous female singers, but my favorite one was Celine Dion, and it made me wanna go to Las Vegas one of these days to go see that fucking wore, i bet it is fantastic, her music is good always, but when who knows?, she might have to pay to hubby's debts from gambling, poor bitch if that is the case like i heard. Once back in Miami i had Papito take some pictures so i can used them for the cover box of this new CD, and some how i fucking love them, and maybe they are good because of this new hair cut, cause i few days before i was asked for an autograph in the nude beach, and i was told how proud i made him, to keep doing movies, and bla, bla, bla, so fuck yeah! It got to be the hair! besides this is my way to say thanks to all of those fucking hot marines and soldiers, mmmmmm!!!!! all that fucking sperm, mmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!. Last Saturday here in LA i got together with Joey Di Bartolo who is the creator of the "GAY ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS" and the "ESCORT AWARDS", and gave him my latest movie, also I wanted to know if he really was interested in doing the next awards which he said he was, cause if he does not do them, than the chance for all of these complicated people of gay porn to get together under one roof in this year will be gone. Summer in LA is THE BEST, the bathhouses and sex clubs are filled with horny man, the bars filled, and my hole filled too, yeah with sperm after sperm in that Hollywood Spa, and is just harder and harder to hide my face with a hat (no the trucker's hat), but still i accomplished my desire to have stranger's sperm deep inside my hungry hole and in my mouth for me to swallow, mmmmmm!! I'm so fucking addicted to cum, sperm fucking rules!!!!!!! specially from strangers who don't talk, at least is sexual, oh shit! that is the best, that is why there is nothing like a fucking gay bathhouse, so hurry up you Texan fuckers and start opening those baths and sex clubs, my dick and butthole haven't explored those guys YET!, fucking YET! yet! yet!. There is nothing like introducing the most sensitive part of your body into some stranger cavity, with un explainable reasons our bodies need that ultra super connection, making the juice of life fucking explode from us, and did i said before how much i like drinking those fucking juices?mmmmmmmmmmm! but feeding some one through a glory hole of this sex club called "The Zone" was just as good as being feed thought some other fucking glory hole too, oh man!, at one point i was getting fucked by one of the glory holes inside this room which i locked, and the cock that was fucking me was really hard cause my hole was already filled with quite few loads, but when this fucking long black snake was hanging from the glory hole of my right side, then i felt like in the Cirque of Solei, cause i had to be very contortionist in order to get fucked from one glory hole while sucking this huge black dick from the other on my right side, but once this guy deposited his sperm deep inside my hole then i took that dick out of my hole and automatically i inserted this fucking monster dick inside my so filled of cum rectum, and than it was boom boom boom, pounding my anal cavity through that glory hole so fucking hard that i fucking thought that he would destroy all of those little wood walls of rooms interacted with each other, it was so fucking brutal that i had to really concentrate in order to fucking take it, but after a while his fucking big sperm was injected deep into my hole, and he took it out while he was cumin, so, quickly i went on my knees and i swallowed some of the rest of his cum while seen that he was like a football player, like 6'7 feet's or like so, so i shot my load , and after escaping from 1 or 2 rooms where the guys started opening condoms, yes, that fucking noise of opening a condom is the ultimate sign for me to just get the fuck out of that room the as soon as fucking possible, fucking nasty condoms!, and the second time i shot my load that night was because i put through my verga caliente into this glory hole that had a mouth that felt like fucking heaven, so juicy and warm, and only God knows that i tried to hold it, but it was just way too fucking good, the fucking bastard was a fucking pro, and i just feed him like he wanted, leaving my way to some other horny man ready to empty out their load into the same mouth where my cum just went in mixing it really fucking good. but not everything is sex, so also i spent time with some British friends, who are not only fun, but fascinating as well, after all they are Europeans, so they can connect better. Like the connection that i have with my protector Jesus Christ, cause as fucking usual I'll be thanking him for such wonderful life over and over and over until the day i go away.

issue # 79
Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I should write in this journal of mine more often, yeah I fucking know that, but it's hard, so fucking hard when your life has been transformed from sickness to healthiness, I'm just enjoying life like I never could before, and sure that is only getting better.
I flew to LA by the beginning of the French Open in which the french tennis fans showed to the whole world how dirty and rude they are in world wide television in the Serena Williams match, and now I just wonder if any of them feels any shame at least. Once in LA i redecorated my small apartment in Hollywood, CA and paid bills, went to the gym where I got quite few compliments about my new hair cut that looks now just like in my very first movie ever called "Code of Conduct." Also I went to see the movie Matrix Reloaded and i enjoyed, but i keep feeling so sad for Mr. K.Reeves's sister, for who i feel is being killed by the same people who wants money, 2+2=4, yeah! the medicine and pharmaceutical machine, his sister could live forever is she eats food with calcium, stay away from any legal or illegal drugs, specially any fucking chemotherapy and X rays, take vitamins and stay stress free, but nasty pills and injections will unfortunately do the job to keep the dragon machine going.
Also i went to the studio of one of my musical producers, the talented "DJ Rock the beat", and poured lyrics like fucking crazy over his microphone, and he recorded all that i was singing through certain incredible new melodies and soon to be done cause he is now working on the mastering of this last song, before i proceed to make the reproductions CDs, YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! i just cannot fucking wait to put it out, is even more then i ever fucking imagined!. So, during that week i went to visit some ex-roomates of mine, and while i was in their duplex apt. his neighbor was watching one of my movies called "Palmer's Lust" and i had fucked him before long time ago and i new how good it was going to be if i only did just few steps towards his place, and sure i fucking did it, cause i just fucked him from behind in a fucking doggy style, but I had some much needed orgasms knocking hard on my balls, so I just got him pregnant with millions of my fucking babies, and the fucking funny part is that one of my friends was so fucking surprised cause he said he was so fucking straight looking. The day after i went to my gym and one of this fuck buddy of mine that I haven't fucked with in a long fucking time took me to this secret place near by after i finished working out and he sucked me so fucking good, and i sucked him too, but he was saving his load from long long time, cause he was working as the double of Starsky in that movie taking all of his free time away, and sure it was truth cause his exquisite sperm kept feeding and feeding my very thrusty throat, mmmmm!!!!!!! BTW the actor who's he is doubling for have the exact same haircut i had in "Jeff Palmer Raw", LOL. That night it was Tuesday I think, and I had diner with this transsexual friend of mine in Falcon cause it was my friend Rusty's night back with the eternal 360 nightclub. Unfortunately I missed the Gay Parade in LA, cause i flew here in Miami 2 days before that, but i did not fucking mind it at all, cause i spent time with my long time lover Papito and had excellent orgasms with him, I just chilled out, worked out, tanned, phone calls, emails, and other errands stuff like putting video clips of my latest movie in the members area of my website. So, while here in Miami on last Tuesday I went to this traveling Tuesday martinis and it was really fun since and I was fucking flirting and getting fucking sleazy with this fucking cute Brazilian guy, but after of being there for like an hour I just disappeared and went home to sleep. The day after i got myself a publicist, yeah! for the first time, and he is better then i could ever expected, his website is reaching more and more people then any other gay-porn-gossip website out there, he is just one of the best choices i could have done, like sent from Jesus or something, every day there is some really spicy news, and it wasn't easy cause i had my ex-agent and other people trying to prevent this from happening, but it only backfired at them, they still don't fucking understand that you just cannot try to mess with one of Jesus's servers, LOL, besides, now I'm finally being called "the king of porn" and not while i was with them, YEAHHHHH! OH YEAH! it makes everthing i do to be worth it to the fullest extension of that super word, worth. And i was beyond surprised to find out that the supreme court took of the retarded ban out of Texas, and it happened just few weeks after i wrote in one of my journals explaining WHY i would not want to perform in TEXAS because of that really nonsense law, so, now I'm going to have to find a place in Texas, hopefully in Austin so i can use it as The Place for the release of my new CD, and give them away in there, performing live, and all the fun shit!, yeah!, they must fucking celebrate to the full, but don't fucking push for marriage between guys, that is for man and woman only i think, we all men are fucking dogs, but when they are with woman they are trained cause they are the trainers any fucking way, so let's pray that the prince Harry from England will not be trained by a woman too, and him moving soon to Hollywood or Miami and became a secret fuck buddy of mine of course, mmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, he is gonna be such fucking wine, you know? older with age. And may God help to put a ban in all of the Europeans countries and not only in Italy, so cats and dogs don't have to die for the fur and shame on Belgium who is the fucking biggest one of them all. Last Saturday i flew to NYC, and stayed at the South Gate Tower Suits in Manhattan, which was great cause it was not gay, i didn't forget that most gay hotels in NYC are fucking nasty, soon i made some phone calls, and went out to the bathhouse, and FUCK YEAH! talking about a real fucking all horny man bathhouse, cause i collected sperm after sperm from so many different man that at one point one of those fucking dicks made me cum by just the way it was rubbing the horny walls of my fucking filled of cum rectum, he just did some magical moves a guess, cause my own sperm just fucking exploded out of my fucking hard rock verga caliente, and oh man! and my hole was feeling so fucking good that he kept fucking me after i came until he breed me all the way deep inside my hole, pushing my abused hole to drip some nice and white load down both my legs after living his room, those new yorkers sure are filled with sperm cause man! I'm telling that i had a fucking river of many man's sperm inside me and sure i swallowed the ones that where afraid of the HIV bull shit too, and also i fucked some great amazing holes filled with cum as well from some horny strangers too and that place was packed, but after shooting my second load i left the place and had a late diner before falling at sleep in my fucking nice suite. Next day i woke up and i could not fucking believe how fucking good it felt NY in summer, then i called this photographer friend of mine Derek and i went with him and his friend Steve to 56th St.and like 5th Ave. where it was the beginning of the march of the floats, and my friends disappeared just in time for me to find a float for me to be in, and i choose the one for "Barry Z Show" in the gay channel of NYC's cable, but the same guy who asked Barry to have me in that float was the same guy who got stock on me like glue, like gum, he just wanted to be in all of the PICS with me, LOL, and i was trying to escape him but he was too much, so i just danced and shaked my only body for over 3 hours non stop, and all of these thousands and thousands of faces that i saw in those hours, they where all smiling fucking beautiful faces, and I had so much fun in my first experience like this, even that once the float arrived to the final destination i felt like dying from so tired that i was, but after a protein shake i hydrated myself and felt much better, so much fucking better that i took Tom to my hotel room, fuck yeah! who incredibly was there at the end of the floats. and he is an online buddy of mine, so it was so fucking weird the coincidence that sure i took advantage by filling his hole with a big load of mine, and he is the kind of guy that can sot load after load after load like a fucking animal, then he left cause he was part of the actors of a play in Brooklyn, then i took a shower and then my good friend Bart came by to picked me up, and he was telling me all about Britney Spears and Pink, cause he dress them and travels with them. Then we went to this party in the apartment of his friends Dino, Bradley and Dean and i found in there Billy who is a good folk of mine from LA is a good folk of them too, so it was great to hang out there, and before leaving Lady Bunny came by as a man and was very nice and cool, but i wanted to get to the pier before sunset, so i went with Billy who had a ticket to get in, and i did not have one, but when we got the entrance someone gave me a ticket right away just like a miracle from Jesus, and my friend Billy could not believe it, and once inside i walked around checking out all those hot guys, but after a while i took off cause i was really horny again, and i wanted to get to the spa before it got packed and sure I did, cause the line was not that big around 9 PM last Sunday, and once inside it was fucking and getting fucked with many guys, cause I never saw that place so fucking packed, so I took full advantage until my dick and butt hole told me no more, then I left to my hotel room where I ate some pizza and fallen at sleep. Yesterday Monday I flew back here in Miami, and now I'm getting ready to go tomorrow with Papito to some place I never been before, and may Jesus Christ keep on being the reason I live for and the reason for my complete constant happiness.

issue # 78
Monday, June 16, 2003

On Thursday 5th of June i drove all night to get to Orlando, from my home of Miami Beach, FL. Once i arrived at "The Parliament House" which is a huge monster gay hotel with hundreds of rooms, pool, private volleyball beach, restaurant, bars, boutique, sex shop, video games room, and much more. (it was around 10:30 at night) i checked into this really cold room, cold due some fucking problem with the air ventilation system, so they changed me to another one where i was fine, and that night i checked the rooms to see how much action was going on in that gay hotel filled with so many fucking horny man, but i guess that it was too early for action, so instead I went to the local gay bathhouse called "Club House" and i did not waste any time in getting naked under that freaky fucking towel, and i started hunting for sperm, for big butt holes where to stick my hard rock verga caliente, i was hunting for hard juicy dicks to breed my fucking hole, also for nice and deep 69's, and sure i got all of that and more cause not only i end up with my ass hole dripping tons of sperm out of it, but also i had swallowed so much cum that it was equal as a great meal filled with the best protein ever, mmmmmmmmmmm!!!! yummy!, and this fucking huge leche caliente of mine exploded really good from my hard rock verga making me the 3rd or 4th guy to shot inside this guy's amazing hole, is just that every time i stick my verga into a hole that is already filled with so much fucking sperm from who knows how many people, it feels beyond my control, so i just let my sperm to explode all the way deep inside their demanding holes, mmmm!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man!, and my fucking hole is one of those too, YUMMY!!, so after shooting a couple of loads i left that place with a smile from ear to ear, and once into my hotel rooml room I just falled at sleep. The next day on Friday the 6th hey changed me to another room, in which i started to have some action right after breakfast, and this time was from my inside hotel room, it was enough to let the door of my room semiopen to let those horny visitors to cum by and empty their balls, some of these horny visitors were rejected when they were drunk, and they didn't see me cause i had a hat on, but the visitors i had couldn't see my face, so they would fuck me or i would fuck them, i was also sucking or getting sucked, and most of these guys seemed like guys who live a straight life, cause there was so many certain behaviors in them, like for example this really fucking hot Italian guy who's hair of his dick looks and felt like he never shaved, and he shot his protein shake inside my mouth exploding inside with such ferocity, and it was so fucking warm and tested so good, cause sometimes gay guy's cum taste like fucking medicines, but who knows if they were straight or not, all i know is that i did one after another, and after another, lots of Latin ones, they really fucked me good actually, and once i got off a couple of times i took a shower and ordered some food to my room to be delivered and called my good friend Byres to cum by and chill out with me while i was getting ready for my Friday night show, and once it was around 11:00 PM the security guys took me to the back of the big and high stage of that huge gay hotel, and i had this really funky and flashy outfit and i waited cause the guys from that place wanted me to be the last one to come out as the major attraction to look forward for, so Chi Chi la Rue who is a director who knows me very well decided to ignore me and try to put me down to the point of having the guys of "Parliament House"apologizing to me for this rude porn director, but i know him very well too, and he should know better then him and his porn boys ignoring me did not affected me at all, it only made me even more excited cause I saw with my own eyes how i was being the cause for this director to suffer from 100% pure envy, after all he used to have a rock band and he used to performed live, but i guess that fans have always the last word cause he was not there to perform with his band, but only to announce his porn boys to the stage, i just wish him and his boys really really well. Ever since i started performing live my own music i have used a cape with a hood to cover up myself for complete and take it off once I'm on stage with the faces of my fans looking at me with their eyes and mouths wide open while taking joy in processing all of those 2s wonderful brand new dance songs that i was performing live, is just that this new music of mine is enough to make you go into a trance, cause is beyond amazing, i love making music with my DJ Rock the Beat who's been sent to me from heaven, cause the feeling of singing live to so many interested faces was just like in my dreams, i waited so fucking anxiously for those incredible moments, and when they come, OOHHHHHHHHHH! MAN!!!!!!!!!!! is just like, FUCK! i can fucking die now! and the black drag queen who was the host got a little jealous cause she did not wanted me to perform my second song, but wit the help of the huge audience i did performed that fucking second song giving all i had in me, dancing like a fucking crazy mother fucker, and it was out side next to the pool and it was a little rainy, but still there was packed and my friend Byres was there taking some PICS, and he told me that once i left the stage that people started to go away cause this disco woman was going to do another show some time after, but i was so exhausted cause i used this stuff from my outfit around my chest that kept me from breathing right, so i just took a shower, i got some food, and went on to sleep right away. But the next day on Saturday the 7th i woke up and went for breakfast with Steve who is a fan of mine that i know from long time and then i meet with Byres again and we went to the Magic Kingdom in Disney but i did not have a red shirt on so i felt like from another fucking planet, also the person with the tickets did not fucking show up, and it was rainy too, so we followed the signs and took that fucking cute train all the way to the fucking parking lot and then to my hotel room, where i decided to just chill out by myself for the rest of the day eating in my room, watching movies in the TV, sleeping and talking in the phone. Around midnight i started to get ready, cause that night was the night when no ones sleep, you know, Saturday night!, but Cindy fucking Lauper did not started her fucking show until 1:40 am instead of 1:00 am, so the fans suffered cause they heard the same old 5 songs of hers only, then i could not go on stage right after that cause the guys from the Parliament House kept telling me that i was the biggest attraction in there so i had to come out at the very end, so in this way they could hold the people until the very end, so, again Chi Chi la rue and his porn boys went to the stage to perform but not before making sure to waste time by talking stupid stuff that people did not care and then some of his boys started to perform oral sex onstage under Chi Chi la rue's orders in order to get some attention, but this made the police go fucking crazy cause there was 2 police cars at the entrance the whole time, and Chi Chi was saying loud in the microphone..."Let's go to jail tonight", and i felt so bad for the folks of that place cause now they are going to be shut down on the very next time it happens again, even that full erection was not in those blow jobs on stage, and so by the time i got into the stage it was hardly any time left cause am was the time limits for shows on stage and Chi Chi already ruined it with the cops going fucking angry, so i got to perform one song and all of the sudden it fade out a little after the middle of the song, making the still a huge crowd go, AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!, and i looked confused at that end cause i did not understood why they stooped like that, there was so many people wanting more, even more people then the night before, but the manager of that place told me that the cops order it due to the trouble that Chi Chi la rue caused earlier, so, I understood, and it was fine with me, after i already had what i wanted, and that was to make people go wild while seeing and listening my own music live, and see hundreds and hundreds in the audience like i did those nights, WOW! it was just perfect cause i don't wish for thousands in my audience, hundreds are the numbers i feel perfect with, and i don't even fucking know why, maybe because i don't wanna have a bigger ego then i already have, who the fuck knows!. That night i cruised around the rooms of that gay hotel and went inside the ones who offered to me a great feeling to my cock or/and my ass hole until some few exchanges of fluids were being made then I was ready to go sleep with wonderful protein sperm inside my hole, and I'm sure that taking protein by your butt goes into your blood strain 8 times faster then when you drink it, so there you go body builders!!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmmmm!!!!!!!. Next day at noon i woke up and right after breakfast i went to the local gay bathhouse again, but this time i did not stayed for long, i just got this guy shooting his sperm inside my hole inside the steam room, then someone starts sucking my hard verga(dick) while someone takes advantage of how natural lubed my love hole was cause all of this big load this other fucking gentleman who deposited it deep into my unsatisfied anal rectum, mmm!!!!!!!!yeah! OINK!, i was like being in heaven or something like it, trying fucking hard not to shot my load into this gentleman's great mouth while getting fucking plowed from behind like a fucking piece of public meat, i was like yeah! fucking take me! and do whatever the fuck you guys want with me, here is my hole and here is my fucking dick, now you guys better fucking use it right! and words weren't needed to tell them all that, so, their actions gave me the best orgasm i could have ask for before getting our of that fucking bathhouse with my hole filled with few stranger's sperm deep inside. Once i was energized i went back into the "Parliament House" and wear nothing but my booths and some jockstrap for a "Badpuppy magazine" contest, around 6pm and they had so many good looking guys, that for me and these other porn stars who served as judges could not make up our minds, so the crowd help us to chose the right guy, and it was so hard cause i wanted to fuck with them all, but probably they are condom guys at the time of sex, YUCK!, any fucking way, once the contest was over i went to this table with boxes of around 200 CD's from different singles that i have done a long the way, and i signed almost all of them, cause there was thousands of people in there, and i signed CD after CD, took pictures with some of them, so many hugs and kisses for like 2 fucking hours non stop, i just kept signing until i finished all the CD's and my bladder was killing me to take a piss, so i had to literally run from there into my room, and once there i had people knocking at my door constantly, but i needed to shower and eat, still i let just a couple of guys enter my room so i could get off, and i slept thought the knockings of my door. The next day i packed my stuff into my Jeep and before driving away i got paid by the Parliament House, and again they apologized to me for Chi Chi la rue's behavior, and they promised me not to book him together with me again, they treated me really good, and i even got a thanks email from them 2 days after my departure. Once back in Miami i spent lots of time with my wonderful papito, i get to be romantic with him and feels so fucking good too, but now days starts gay week here in Los Angeles, and the big parade and open streets party will be next Saturday, and I really look forward for this weekend too, so i have to work hard to fulfill all of my responsibilities now, so I'll be damn free next weekend to just go fucking crazy in this special gay week here in LA. Soon the last song of my up-cumin CD will be done, meaning that is going to cum out sooner then i expected, FUCK YEAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and i made sure to out do myself in this new CD compared to the last one. My new porn is called "Barebacking with Jeff Palmer" and is for SX VIDEO, and I already saw the first review from and it made me feel better then i anticipated, oh man! the way this guy uses the English language is just amazing, so i cannot wait to see other reviews of this movie, is just a matter of time i guess, cause now is out only in VHS, but soon on the 18th it will be available through DVD as well, mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! ever since i heard from the editors of these video that they had so much to chose from and it was really hard for them to decide which and what not to use, cause they liked most of it, but in the editing room you got to cut down to no more then 90 minutes, so i feel like the mission was accomplished, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! and after taking more then 3 and a half hours to write this I'm gonna thank Jesus Christ publicly as i always do, cause i may be the king of Gay Porn for certain people, but Jesus is always the king of kings, and I'm fucking beyond honored to be the chosen one as a loyal and powerful server of his and his kingdom.

issue # 77
Sunday, May 25, 2003

After making sure and trying fucking hard to fucking do everything right I can now say that I have accomplished a fucking great task after a week of a fucking special time of filming my new porn, It all started over a week ago, after finishing with 2 new songs in Miami Beach making a total of 5 new unreleased ones so far. On Friday the 16th I flew to LA from Miami and 2 days after, last Sunday the 18th i flew to San Diego, and Gary who is this fucking amazing guy who owns SX VIDEO was there in the airport waiting for me, soon he took me to my hotel room and then we went for diner, and he is really hot looking man for someone in his late 30's, so hot that i had to swallow his cum in my hotel room, MMMM!! , over diner we talked about what we want for this new porn of mine but we were so exited that we decided to go chill and rest for the next day, and it worked out perfect, cause last Monday they picked me up from my cool old hotel that used to be for celebrities like a fucking century ago, and we went to the head quarters of "SX Video" which used to be called "Gaslamp", and in there was a room that was built into a fucking hot dungeon and i was full dressed in leather with my natural dark hair pulled back and feeling so horny for not shooting my fucking load for over 3 days already, and feeling like fucking abusing some ass really bad, like not that often, you know? and as soon as these fucking HOT 2 guys showed up is when i started fucking one of them making this way the very beginning of the movie, and then i called the other one to join me and he was even better then this other one that i was already fucking abusing the hell out of his pink and really juicy hole, and I just fuck them both back and forward like fucking crazy for over an hour in so many different positions, oh fuck! it was more dreamy then i had anticipated, and one of them was very much fine, and at one point I pissed on him and he started rubbing himself like crazy with all of these urine that kept cumin out of my hard verga(cock), he showed so much satisfaction, AY AY AY! MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i shot my very first load in his magnificent hole that was already filled with some other guys cum, that pig was what i call professional to the fullest extent of the fucking word pig, and that was a wrap with all the guys from SX VIDEO saying it was great!, the day after on last Tuesday i took it easy and chilled out, also I spent some time with Cary who is one of my favorites fans, he is so fucking cool to be around with, he is like a little kid boy, and he understood that i had to save all of my sexual energy for the scene on the day after which was on last Wednesday and that day we shot an amazing fucking nasty orgy where it was so fucking hot that at some point i was getting 2 dicks inside my only ass hole at the same fucking time, of man! sure i took it like a fucking pro! cause let me fucking tell you that even that i fucking enjoyed greatly it was also not an easy task, and also a fucking dreamy part was when i had my dick inside this super warm and comfy hole while my own butt hole was being fucked by the hottest guy of the orgy, mmm!!!! was i dreaming? was it real? what the fuck! I'll wait to see the fucking dvd and find out, before the orgy started i took some PICS with this super nice photographer called Donatel who struggled with the fucking flash lights, and that very good fucking yummy guy called Ty from the cable TV show called "trading spaces" was my inspiration for that particular day of the shoot, and later that night i took it easy too and went to my hotel room and rested. The next day on last Thursday i woke up and took a shower and got ready cause i was picked up to film my 3rd scene in one of those incredible houses in La Jolla, San Diego, and it was with a fucking beautiful kind of twinky boy, and I'm not going to give too many details in here because the stuff i did that day is not only stuff that i have never ever did before in my whole entire life but also was one of the hottest things i have ever done, so i guess that people will have to wait to see what the fuck I just talked about, at the end we came into each mouths, and it was so fucking sweet cause it was done this outside in the sun by the pool. Later on, they took me back to my hotel room cause i wanted to refresh myself for later to go diner with the crew of SX VIDEO , Frank, Joel, Daniel, Eddie, Jesse, and also my co-star of that day and his boyfriend. Around 9:30 we went to the biggest gay bar in San Diego called "Bourbon Street" and the reason was that in the "GLT" which is the biggest gay local magazine had an full page ad of my pic announcing me there announcing the autographs signings and meet my fans, and sure that it wasn't only all of that but more then that too, cause I stayed in there 1 hour over the time that i was supposed to. It was a fine night and at one point i had this drag queen called Boy Mike taking me and Gary and this hot boy to some place in or out of that club and in there in total privacy Boy MIke told me that i should suck this guy dick and see if it was truth that this 22 year old guy had a 9 inches cock, so, i sucked his dick and really, really soon after he got so fucking hard and it was truth, fuck yeah! it was a fucking major one, then Boy Mike starts sucking my dick while i was sucking this big dick and he came inside my mouth giving me this way a wonderful nutritious protein full of life, OINK!, Gary was there and he was wishing to have a camera to film all that, later on my way to my dressing room i played a little bet with the owner of that bar cause he was such fucking hot ex-marine, mmm!!!!!!!!!!!, then finally i made it to my dressing room where i took off my leather gear and put on something more normal and head back to my hotel room to rest after meeting dozens and dozens of fans with few cool girls as well there it was like 200 people there that Thursday night, it was very unforgettable, and sure that it became my super ultimate energizer for the next day which was yesterday Friday when i was filmed in these so fucking hot leather bar called "Wolfs", so fucking hot, and all most of all the action took part in the pool table where i got double fucked, yeah! again!, but, oh man! that time felt the best actually, they did not have huge dicks, so that is how i was able to take 2 dicks at the same time, besides our human brain is very powerful when we use it all we can, any fucking way, i took them like a man!, also i fuck one of them into other things in there, and still i don't know what is going to be the name of it yet, but I'm sure the folks of SX VIDEO will think of the right one, after all i even did an interview later on that day with someone from "RADVIDEO.COM" which is the most important if not one of the most important places for Porn for all Genders, and the reason of having this interview with them through Tony who is suck fucking cute fuck, was because they are very surprised to see how can my last movie out, that i did last year is still so requested even after almost a year already, they said that the numbers are major ones, and well, so of course it was a cool interview and it made me see all that i have to over come, having people who used to be so close to me saying to me and to everybody, to many others that if i started doing porn with out condoms that my career will die and i would not make any more movies, anymore, they said that my movies would not sell cause i was doing such bad thing in not using the fucking stupid condoms, and now the results speak for me, i don't even have to tell them one word, Jesus Christ do things in ways that are very visible to the human eye so he can believe, but he must pay attention first. Now days finally there is already porn stars who used to be really vocal about the whole HIV bullshit and now, yeah! now all of the sudden they are doing movies with our condom which contradicts all that they have been preaching, but i say GOOD for them, for now they live truthfully and be themselves, also there is more and more distribution companies requesting more and more bareback movies, showing that the gay porn industry is changing quick and those like Jeremy Spencer who used to ignored me so much even that he tried with some estrange interview before he was asked to be out, FUCK YEAH! the industry is changing, and people like Damon Kruezer, Joey and Carlo, and those like me are becoming more and more the big players of the Gay Porn Industry, do i have the right to be called "The kind of porn" like some one said to me i am?, i guess that as long is just of porn and NOT king of the universe, so, Hey! having the tittle of King of porn sounds fucking good to me!, cause I'm planning in doing 2 more movies for SX VIDEO before this year ends, making a total of 3 movies in 2003!!!!!!!!!!, YEAH! just like the good old days, but with more experience and way more fun too!!!!!!!!!!!!, and this way I'll have new material to keep up with the growing fan club in Philippines who had last weekend their first "Jeff Palmer Beach Party", and i get emails from them telling me how much fun they had and all, and it just makes me more happy then my heart can fucking take, so i try hard not to fucking think to much about this particular subject cause Is just too overwhelming to me. Another great news is that Martina Navratilova still keep winning titles, she just won another double title last week in the professional tour partnered with an 18 year old girl, But how can Martina play better now that she is 46 years old? is just too fucking unusual, she now have posses new innovating shots making her shots way more clever then ever at the net, sorry for sounding like a fucking freak but I'm just so amazed by her, you see? life can be so fucking strange sometimes, times goes by and i realize how always Jesus Christ protects me from so much, making sure that al the glory goes to him and not me, for him is what i fucking live for.

Saturday, May 03, 2003

FUCK YEAH! i just came back from the nude beach here in Miami, whiles there this guy asked me if i could rub some lotion on his back, so we started talking, he told me that he lives in Washington DC, and that he has 47 years old and had 2 daughters and that he started to have had sex with guys when was 36 years old, he repressed himself all of those fucking years because he suffered what lots of men have, the fucking syndrome of religion-brainwashing, and sure there is not doubt that people like this have to get pass the regrets feelings in order to make up for the fucking major loss, and still there is consequences after too, but it was fucking great to meet someone new today who make you feel like your life is nothing short then a dream come truth, God bless America, specially Texas, cause i hear that having sex in there is really against the law, who the fuck knows, but all i know is that thank God i don't have to go there any fucking time soon, yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!, is just too fucking spooky, like over 2 years ago when i said that Falcon Studios, (the company that i did most of my films in the first half part of my career), would go down due to lots of really bad decisions made my John Rutherford, ever since he started to take full control of that company i knew it would go down, and it did, so let's see what happens now that Mr. John Rutherford is not longer wanted by Falcon Studios, now he is completely out and may God bless him. But something major good, really fucking major good has finally happened, people now are talking about the HIV FRAUD ON TV!!!!!! yeah!!!! last night ABC took the lead and became the first channel television in history to talk about this horrible long fraud, and the hero of Barbara Walters did it together with Christine Maggiore with her legendary 20/20 TV Show, WOW!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! finally! finally! Aleluha!!!!!!!! there is a fucking GOD out there, and sure he is so fucking mighty, oh man! Yeah! like another example. Once upon the time was a gay porn award that was compared with the gay Oscars, and people would pay lots of money to be there, and wear tuxedos, seat and have diner, drink, shows, and it was just fantastic, but ... last year they did not have all of the popular porn stars on stage, yes, i was not invited in there, but still i went, and i made sure to enjoyed every minute of it because i knew that i was being so fucking disrespected in a big way for not having any fucking nominations and not even being fucking invited to the fucking stage at all, so few weeks later, which now is last year, i wrote about this in here in my scoop-journal and anyone can go there and check that i really said that it was going to be my last fucking show in there, and said and done, cause this year those fucking awards lost all of the glamour and is now fucking reduced to a nonpublic event to be done is some fucking normal gay cub in LA, of course they did not nominate me again, and they didn't even fucking invited me, so may God fucking bless them, and as far as these other fucking awards from Chicago, well LOL, that is nothing short the a fucking bad joke, and may God fucking bless them too, you see? any kind of awards that doesn't come from the fans is fucking plain fake, so, this might my the first year that i won't get a fucking award since 1996 which is when i started doing porn, this fucking gay-porn business is more fucking predictable then doing a mainstream movie with the word "WEEDING" and it will fucking sale like cake, you don't fucking believe me? then check all them up, number ones in the box office like "The Wedding Planer", "4 funerals and a weeding"(or something like it), and any other movie with the fucking name "wedding." Lisa Marie Prestley's new CD is better then Sheryl Crow, still i don't fucking like Rock, sorry Marie!, but Madonna's new one, oh man! that CD might be number one in sales, but i heard it and i really don't like it, it looks like it will never be like or better then "Ray of Light", if only she wouldn't keep putting her fucking face in those fucking nasty evil AIDS WALK, but what the fuck she fucking care, is publicity, besides her fucking kids are not being intoxicated with the fucking HIV poisoning medicines like many kids out there are as I write these fucking words right now.
But something fucking cool to talk about is prince Harry from England, oh man! now that he is getting older is looking pretty fucking hot, mmm! he must be a horny mother fucker, mmm! someday he should come into one of my shows, mmm! but if he is a bad cocksucker then my fucking dream will end, so better practice with his fucking little horny friends. Another great news is that the fucking monster bitch of Connie Chung is out of TV, YEAH!!!!!!!!! now if Dr. Laura goes out of the radio then more souls will be free from all of those demons, and may Jesus take all of those demons out of them please. One of these days i have to make time to go see "X-man 2", that movie should be "it", like this singer called "Pink" who is the ultimate favorite artis of my niece down in South-America, and i can see why she likes her, Pink is not the kind who likes to copy, unlike Christina Aguilera and Snoopy Dog, yeah! they both came out with a song called "Beautiful" several months after i put out mine in the Internet and in limited quantity of CD's, but I'll take it as a compliment of a causality anyway, so I feel fine and is fucking over, yeah right! Fuck that photographer with my name who happens to be everywhere in the fucking Internet, I'm kidding, may God bless him too.
I Got here in Miami Beach a week ago, before i was in LA creating new music for this new CD compilation that's cumin up, but after fulfilling all of my responsibilities during the day, then at night i would go out to the super sex club called "Slammer" and i didn't used a hat, and i had a fucking great time, cause as soon as i got into this super sex club, oh man! i walked around in my chaps and sure i got few dick fucking me through these glory holes and sure i would fuck back with this fucking hard rock verga of mine, that couldn't plow a hole for more then few minutes before feeling like cumin, so i kept holding my first cum by drinking some other's guy sperm, filling up my hole with some ultimate protein juicy of life, and drinking some more too, but this fucking out of this world butt hole came across my almost ready to explode verga and once inside his warm hole it felt more filled with sperm then mine, i mean, lots of fucking priceless big quantity of sperm from who knows how many fucking dozens of guys who dumped their fucking loads in that incredible and out of his world magical ass hole that kept dripping out more and more leche(sperm) as my own leche fucking exploded deep inside him, making me feel like in heaven, oh man! just fucking thinking about it i go fucking nuts, cause after that first orgasms it took me around 15 minutes to get horny again, cause i guess that the thought of a stranger made me crazy for more dick and ass, so i made sure to go there 2 or 3 times that week, always with fucking great results, glory holes fucking rule!!! I'm sorry Texas and all these other fucking states who are not fucking free like the fucking great ones such as "California" and "New York", you see? they fucking can! they are what AMERICA is about, FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!. Also something fucking extremely important is that soon I'll be sharing the same stage at the same night for the first time with a fucking major top of the top in music business, someone who I fully really respect, even before I find out about this, yeah! I'm talking about the super "Cindy Lauper", she is performing on Saturday, June 7th in the "Parliament House" in Orlando, FL. and this booking i got it by myself, a while ago back in July of 1999 i accepted this guy as my agent and soon after he opened a website and then all the major names from gay porn came about into what it became The Forest Family, i accepted him as my agent even that it was really politically incorrect at the time back in '99 for me to do it, due to what he just got out of jail soon before i meet him, but once i decided to do bareback movies then he realized that he did not fucking need me anymore cause he wanted to keep a politically correct clean image, and is been a year already since he hasn't represent me anymore, and still i have managed to make some fucking major big live shows and i already have few new movies to film on my fucking way cause i don't have the fucking pressure of getting paid lots of money so he can get his fucking share, now I'm very accessible when comes about being paid, giving feels better for me then getting, but of course there is limits, like for example, since around 2000 until around October of 2002 i used to go clubbing at this nightclub called "Crowbar" here in Miami Beach, every fucking Sunday night if i was in town, and i never saw or heard of any porn star perform live in that fucking club, so you'll ask, why i don't go there anymore? because some fucking Indian style kind of guy at the fucking door who knew me very fucking well, but is a very fucking nasty guy didn't wanna give me a fucking reduction pass, not that i wanted to go in for free like it happened many times before when this other guy called Vito would let me in for free, so i told Vito that i would never return to that club and sure that i haven't done it, cause for anyone who lives here in Miami Beach can see in the "Hot Spots" gay local magazine, the ads for this fucking porn star to perform live in that club "Crowbar tomorrow Sunday. I may not see certain things that are unfair, but sure my protector Jesus Christ can see them, and the thing is that he is a God of justice, that is why I'm fucking nothing without him, so all the glory to him always.

issue # 75
Wednesday, April 16, 2003

On Monday the 7th I flew from LA to Miami and after a super releasing fuck with Papito is that we fall a sleep together under the covers with the Air Cond. around 65, mmmm!!!, and spending some of my nights at his place feels fucking awesome, like on Friday 11th that is when i flew to Jacksonville, FL and after being picked up at the airport and being placed into an hotel room of Days Inn hotel that wasn't that bad, then i went out to eat, I made some phone calls, I watched TV, and later on that night I was picked up from my hotel room all the way to the nightclub called "Metro" where i was about to perform. Once inside my dressing room i changed clothes for my custom ones, and i waited and waited those minutes that feel like weeks sometimes, then i was taken to that big stage with great lights, and I performed my new song called "Desire" which is part of my new upcoming 2nd CD compilation, and i danced myself off with it, feeling it the most that i could have, then i spoke few words through the microphone and performed this other song of mine called "Beautiful" and I ended the show with "high", OH MAN! i gave 100% of my energy from my only body that night, and i was surprised to learn that around 200 people where there with me included some bisexual girls who i French kissed from stage as well as other hot guys from the beginning until the end of my show, besos, besos, muchos besos!, once off the stage i took like 5 minutes break I wiped off my sweet and mixed the rest of it with "CK obsession perfume", and hugged and kissed around 40 guys while signing autographs on my own calendars and musical CDs, some of them where so hot looking that i couldn't helped myself from just fucking kissing them like crazy since that was the nastiest physical contact that i was allowed to have, and at the end this blond guy and his lover plus this other bisexual guy took me to their place, we sucked each other's dick for a while in front of this warming fire place, then we went upstairs to the bed and after more sucky sucky is when they and I wanted to fuck, but they wanted to do it with condoms only so i told them to forget about fucking, besides the lover of this blond kid couldn't get all the way hard cause he was so fucking drunk, then this bisexual dude told me he takes long time to cum, so this blond kid delivered his big, i mean fucking huge load of sperm right into my throat, and while i was drinking al of his leche out of this fucking hard and huge 9 inches in a half is that i came all over my stomach, my leche was just fucking jumping high from my rock hard verga, and automatically I finally felt that it was worth making that little trip form the club, soon after we got dressed and they took me back to my hotel where i sleep really fucking good, and i think that i dreamed with jennifer Tilly, i just that i really fucking like this actress, maybe because she is in my favorite movie ever called "Relax, is just sex", or maybe because i cannot fucking wait to see the 3rd part of the "Chucky" movies. The next day i flew back over here in Miami Beach, where sometimes i go out to the gym to work out, I take care of my website, I make important phone calls, I write new stuff for new music, I return emails, I fuck papito almost every night, YUMM!, and enjoy this fucking great weather that is going on in these side of the world these days that are being possible thanks to the one and only all mighty Jesus Christ.

issue # 74
Thursday, April 03, 2003

And this temple of mine as been alive for over 28 years so far, lots of highs and few lows, lows like being beat up by father with a belt which only made me stronger, I self-intoxicated its body of mine for quite few years, so, now days is looking and feeling better then ever. I have started this year with short black hair, and after seeing Serena Williams with dark hair too, i was wondering if she fucking reads this journal, i just cannot stop thinking of all the people that read this that I'm not aware off, any fucking way, i went to Key Biscayne a couple of weeks ago, YEAH! it was the Miami Tennis Open, and i got to see this fucking hot Russian Marat Safin really close training and at one point very discreetly he acknowledge me with a kind of blink of his eye looking at my eyes for one second of a moment time, he did it perfectly cause no one else noticed, and that was all i need it, few days after i cheered for Venus Williams but she looked like she fucking wanted to go party or have a fucking good fuck, or anything but hit the fucking freaky ball, and also i had to fly to NYC the next day, and i got there, it was cold and I checked into a straight hotel for the first time, after having such bad experiences at 2 or 3 gay ones that i had try in the past, one really fucking nasty one called "Chelsea Pines", fucking scary shit!, and yeah! i learned my lesson of staying only in a straight hotel while being in NYC, the Savoy i Chelsea was just fine this time, and ass soon as i got into my room i cleaned my butt hole really good making shiny inside and really fucking clean because i had to meet with this fucking hot!! Italian online fan that wanted to breed me, and I don't think an Italian men can look any better then this guy, his dick wasn't that big but he used it like nothing else in long fucking time, and when he shot his leche caliente inside me it felt like a fucking river, oh man! but I had to put my clothes on and me and all of his sperm inside me had to remove from there to a mini orgy made by my online buddy called Tim, he had already invited me over his place located conveniently close to Central Park, and there was 3 other hot guys, one was getting sucked laying on his back and the one who was sucking him was getting fucked, soon my clothes where far away from my body, and my verga grew fucking big and hard into Tim's juicy, warm and hungry mouth, but his dick wanted to go inside my hole right away, and sure it fucking did!, but then this other guy came by me wanting some of my fucking ass hole too, and sure i was fucking happy to share, his dick was so fucking pointy up, and his balls felt full of cum, so i knew what I was about to get, but i wasn't only getting fucked by this guy but also i was sucking really good on this dick that had a fucking big size and it had a cobra shape, but this guy fucking me put me in such a position that made Tim go in it too, FUCK YEAH! i got double fucked for few seconds, and sure it hurts but it made me even more horny, and it was hard for me to fuck anyone cause i was just too fucking close to shoot my fucking leche, still i managed, and by thinking of my grand mother then i got to hold my cum and I was able to fucking pound Tim's ass already filled with who knows how many loads already, and then i had this pointy dick guy fucking me at the same time, making a sandwich and me being the meat, YUM! fucking while getting fucked and kissing a 3rd person all at the same time feels like being in heaven, i mean, my freaky fucking brain just cannot think of any thing that feels better then that, so one guy was just watching and missing everything cause he was a condom guy, poor guy, and even that he was so good looking and muscular i cannot even fucking remember his face, at one point i was getting fucked by this pointy dick guy with my legs on his shoulder while rubbing my verga and kissing me so he shot his fucking HUGE load inside of me, and i felt every explosion making my hole feel extra good, and soon after i eat all of this cobra's dick cum, and taste it really fucking good, then i started fucking Tim really hard and rough and i just fucking pulled out my dick out of his fucking great love hole, and I fucking surrounded to the mighty power of the orgasm, and my cum just went high and strong out of my balls, soon after that, Tim ate some of my leche and shot his own load as well, big load from his fucking nice tool, the other guy was missed everything like most of his generation who are so fucking afraid and brainwashed, I really felt bad for him, so i gave him a big hug, and French kissed this other guys who make me feel like now I'm ready to die, cause i have lived, i mean REALLY LIVED!, a waste of my life would be nothing short then an insult to the mighty creator. The day after i went for a photo shot with Timothy Greenfield Sanders and his project partner Mark, and they were fucking great to me, cause the 2 PICS he needed look fucking WOW, it should be part of an up-cuming book called Icons, i think, and besides all the biggest celebrities they have a section of "Greatest Porn-stars", that book should be fucking major world wide i think, after that i went to Paper Magazine to meet with Mickey Boardman who i wanted to see so bad, I also saw Liz, Eric, Dennis and the list goes on and on cause they all are so fucking cool, then i cleaned myself again, cause i wanted to go to one of NYC's bathhouse, and wearing a hat made the magic of not being recognized, and consuming lots of cum from both of my holes, HHHMMM! there is some pretty big guys down there, and after getting off twice, depositing my second eyaculation into someone's juicy hole, is that i left. In NYC there was so many police buses, vans, trucks, cars going from one part of the city to the other, the protesters where everywhere and even that the war was going on, they had the cojones of showing their desire for peace by laying on the streets and getting arrested for more the 24 hours, so, I'm sure that their conscience are clear at least, they can go sleep at night, i wish i understand what is really going on, could BBC do the job explaining? i trust them when i worked twice for them already. On the 27th of march i officially turned 28 years old and my lover Papito flew from Miami to meet me in this super hotel in SOHO to spend the day with me but soon after meeting him i had a phone call from my fucking really good girlfriend Michelle telling me that one of her best friends, and friend of mine too died, yeah, he was being intoxicated with the excuse of cancer in his liver, and he left his pain and this world the very same morning of my birthday, but i would have to be really stupid to feel bad for the person who died since is going to a much better place then here, and that is fucking awesome, while all of us have to wait our turns, i just feel bad for Michelle who will miss him like i will too. Sometimes i used to associate my relation with Michelle like the characters of this TV show called "Will and Crace" but after this people became associated so much with the AIDS medicine monsters it turned me completely off, so, I see a down fall along their way, like me who don't watch it anymore, and hey! is fucking great anything that TV do against itself so i don't have to spend my time watching is great, I'm not fucking kidding, i really need reasons to not watch too much TV, Mishelle's current roommate and my ex-roomate called Mark AKA Candice Cash is about to became the Ru Paul of movies, kind of like Divine, cause he had a starring role on Anna Nicole Smith's new movie!, and I'm sure that Antonio SabattoJr., Alexis Arquette where not as much funny as Candice Cash, i think the name of this fucking movie is "Wassabi Tuna", and the National Enquirer is showing parts of it, cause tabloids are a must for me to read in airplanes, YUMMMM!, Well, that day with my lover Papito was full of love, shopping, and a great fuck, we watched TV from the bed, order food service, and cuddle, until falling at sleep, next day he flew back to Miami, and i went to this gym called iron steel, but besides working out i was checking the legs and butt of this guy who had them huge from such big muscles, and the Lycra black shorts showed them to me in a way that i did not care who was watching, and as i was leaving that gym he was leaving too coincidentally, few minutes after we got a protein shake and went into my hotel room where i fucked from behind filling his hole with one big load of mine, soon after i had to go to another photo shot for this other photographer doing another book, i guess that i have reach the level of books now, cumin from magazines. these where more then 2 PICS, i mean over a couple of dozens, beside most of them where shot with Nick Hammond who happens to be a really fucking hot porn star from the 80's, but he said to be straight, once done, Nick and his friend Mark and i took a cab to Mark's place which was in the same building where this girlfriend of the body builder that i fucked early lives in, so i just took the elevator and went from the 5th floor to the first and hang out with him and this girlfriend of his, then we went to my hotel and after fucking him really good, he told me his secret of his skin cause it was really nice unlike steroids, so, he said to use the same stuff the cows get injected with, but he has to mix it with few other things before injecting himself, who the fuck knows! i just enjoyed the results of it, AH AH! and he slept with me that fucking night, then the next morning he left and i prepared for my show by relaxing, cause later at night i meet at Indochina Restaurant with the best entertainment reporter Michael Musto, with the best Magazine editor Mickey Boardman, another girl and 4 other guys, it was so fucking nice, specially when they brought a portion of a cake with candles and they sang the happy birthday song to me, i blew the candles and at that moment i felt more shy then the POPE talking about peace at this time, then i went to my hotel room then i went to "Stonewall" around 12:30 am and put on my custom, and had Michael Musto, Mickey Boardman for a while in my dressing room, then they left and this guy starts sucking my dick, it gets hard and i go to the stage to perform my new song called Fantasy, but i realize that i did not have to sing in there, cause i was able to do all the nasty i wanted to do, so i started making out with the crowd and lots of hands and mouths got a hold of my verga bien caliente but the pulling, the fingers up my butt and no enough lightning made us move downstairs where they had a spot light on this confortable chair and table where i was signing autographs while getting sucked one after another, of course that the good cock suckers got to stay longer, and the spot light was so bright that everybody could watching it, then they got this big chocolate cake with candles and they sang the happy birthday song, and after blowing the candles i fucked the cake, i made a hole with my hard rock verga, and this Latin guy ate it all while cleaning my verga at the same time, mMMMMMMMMMM!! then i stand up and shot my big load while getting a big ovation, and some of them ate some of leche too! OINK! OINK!, and i said good bye to them, changed clothes, got paid, and went to my hotel room to sleep and make my abused verga rest from so much grabbing and pulling and sucking and ay ay ay!, and the next day I watched tennis on TV, it was Agassi who won that so called 5th glam slam for the 6th time and it became like his second glam slam of the year just like Serena WIlliams who have matching titles whit him, from Australia to Miami she prevails as unbeatable, so fucking inoperable, while Martina Navratilova still keeps winning against young number ones, being she 46 years old. That Sunday I hook up with this bodybuilder again and went to the movies to see "Dreamcatcher" and it was so fucking funny for me, even that they tried hard to make it scary, and I guess that my laughs attracted this fucking hot young guy who followed me out when I wanted to piss, and he came out too and say. Jeff Palmer yeah? i said ... yeah!, he said with a big smile... i just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed your last movie called "Raw", and at that moment i felt really good but weird too, cause that movie was being watch by no more then a dozen of persons, after that fucking stupid movie was done me and this bodybuilder came back into my hotel room, i fucked him really good, i filled him up fucking fine and we fall at sleep, next day he left, and i flew over here in LA, and yesterday i did the vocals of this new dance song with DJ Rock the Beat, and soon i will have to work in this other song in this other studio, lots of errands, bills, phone calls, are in my way, cause fulfilling my responsibilities justifies all the many increasing blessings that I keep getting every day of this life that the all mighty Jesus Christ and army of angels still keep protecting.

issue # 73
Thursday, March 13, 2003

Is a little cloudy today here in Miami Beach, FL, and it looks like we are about to enter the apocalypse era, if we are not already living in it, and even that people with so much courage as Martin Sheen representing the half of the country who is being persecuted by the other half of people here in USA who doesn't mind about war, still the prophecies of the bible will come truth, and what ever has to happen it will not matter how many people fight for it, is like vaccination, most people believe on them and they give them to their own children, but i have spoke with more then one smart parent out there who don't believe on them and their kids are never, i mean, never sick, and the proof of it i think is the Williams sisters, they are Jehova witness, and they don't celebrate birthdays or take medications, so, I'm almost 99% sure that they have never been vaccinated and that could explain why they are way more powerful and healthier in the long run then the others tennis competitors who train as hard or harder then these duo do, and talking about tennis I'm so fucking exited cause soon it will start here in Miami, "The 5th Glam Slam", right on Key Biscayne!, and i cannot fucking wait to see Martina Navratilova again, and Marat Safin, oh man! this Russian guy drives me fucking nuts, i luv him and when he insults in Spanish complaining to the referee, i hope he doesn't have a girlfriend, cause I'm sure that some fucking bitch like fucking Mandy More will take away my fantasies like it happened with Andy Roddick, but enough of tennis cause it can become really boring like Ellen & Sampras are for me, or fucking annoying like Elton John, Liz Taylor, Tom Hanks, Jack Nickolson, the eyebrowless of the Rock, Madonna are for me people who don't project positive things under my knowledge, also it looks like the black rappers are realizing about the real deal with Eminem, so he could be getting his pay back of his own karma anytime soon, if he is not already paying for it, also Britney Spears is into too many lies already, and that turned me off a little bet, but in the other hand is Celine Dion, yeah! so fucking chesse, but i respect her and her work, also "Chaplin" was a great movie that made me fall in love with Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon seems way too fucking cool, comedian Conan O'Brian is the most funny male ever in the fucking history of American TV, so i hope they don't kill him with legal lethal drugs like Jerry Lewis is being fucking killed, and that is enough of celebrities, cause I'm fucking enjoying my life big fucking time, working out more often cause soon this year is going to start demanding from me more and more photo shots, more live shows, also I'm working in putting together my own company for all my future videos, as well I'm working in a new music CD with 7 or 10 new songs, and hooking up with again, and taking care of my dog Bonito and Liona(his doggirlfriend), they drive me fucking nuts sometimes, but having back my health allows me to handle this pace, like i handle this fucking hot muscular blond hairy man with a cowboy hat on him, laying on his stomach on this bed inside this small dark room, yeah, i was in a bathhouse the other day, and sure that i didn't want to cum inside these incredible out of this world juicy love hole, after all he was only my first butt to fuck in there, and sure i made sure few guys would ejaculate into my thirsty mouth too, but also i had some other guy fuck me until i felt this huge volcano eruption of his big leche(sperm) caliente inside my warm butt hole, and living it so soft and lubricated combined with that particular smell of it, MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!, so when i had this other guy with long hair go down on my hard as a fucking rock verga, but i just fucking couldn't hold it, you see, his long hair was giving me this extra sensation rubbing my legs while he was performing an outstanding blow job with amazing deep throat skills, unfortunately it wasn't perfect, cause, he did not eat my cum, but after 10 or 15 minutes, i was ready for a second one, and this time i had this tall hairy guy into my room, and he did not want to get fucked, he just wanted to fuck me, so while i was sucking on his wood cock, and i started stretching my butthole with my fingers cause his dick was fucking huge, but he couldn't wait any longer, so behind my bad he started going for it, but he did not last too long, cause he complained that my butthole was just making him feel too close to cum due to how juicy it was inside, and i couldn't fucking blame him, since there is not better lube or anything else like sperm in this world that you can put inside your ass to make it magnificent for any other visitor cock that wishes to enter in,OINK!!!!!!!!!!!, so i felt like a fucking river cumin out of his fucking hot tamale!, and i suck some other, and i fucked some others, but my second and last come went to this very muscular, and shaved guy with tattoos, his butthole was also filled with sperm, and i even started to abuse him verbally and i insulted him until i just could not fucking hold it anymore and this big leche caliente of mine went inside his fucking superhuman ass hole, he thanked me, and I just left his room, the bathhouse, and drove back home. Soon i will be 28 years old and I feel like life is only getting better, cause any other way it wouldn't represent what really Jesus Christ is all about, being blessed is just one of the consequences of living with him all the fucking time, so people, you better not fucking ask me how do i do to be so fucking happy most of the time, i don't fucking keep it as a secret, is all because of the all mighty Jesucristo!.

issue # 72
Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Soon after i wrote the last scoop i flew to Miami and i stayed there working in some new live appearances dates for NY in march, Jacksonville in April, Orlando in June, lots and lots of emails, lots of phone calls, but the best part is when i get to be with papito, is so funny how small is the world and how much more popular in the gay world I'm becoming as the time goes by, and is the fucking best!, spending some time under the sun in Miami's famous nude beach "Hallover" was just fucking dreamy, but not as fucking dreamy as this other new song i created called "Loquito" is my second new song in the list i have to make at least a total of 7 songs before people can even hear them for the first time, I'm working extra hard in this new CD compilation, to the point of being here right now in LA working in a 3rd song already, the weather here in LA is not as good as Miami's but sure that i did not care cause all my thoughts were on San Francisco, yeah! i flew last Sunday over there, after i arrived there i went into my hotel, i clean up really good and chilled out before being picked up by the creators of this monthly party called "cute boy bareback party", where the boy is being used to ejaculate on, the record number of loads taken by a boy was 38, but now i hold the record, lol, i became the latest one to do it, oh fuck yeah!, i had dozens of guys ejaculating inside my ass, my mouth, and all over my face, the total of ejaculations where 56, a couple of guys ejaculated 5 times, the last one was 18 years old and shoot right inside my abused butt hole, i had so much fucking nice and juicy leche(sperm) cumin out of my butthole, and it all was done within one hour, there was all kind of races, and the biggest vergas(dicks) were the black ones, oh man they fucking pushed me to the fucking limit, sure i took it like a fucking man, but then i fucked this Asian bubble but boy and filled him up with my big, i mean huge cum that i was holding from days, all the way inside his super incredible sweet ass, after that i was in heaven, and hopefully the pictures that I'm planning in posting on my website will show better how much exiting my adventure was, i always had the fantasy of having lots of loads in and on me and to be able to show PICS of it at least, and finally is done, right now there is some PICS available at, something to never forget, and this goes to show that a lot, i mean a lot of faggets might live in fear out there, for faggets to have fear is the biggest wish that a homophobic posses, but not with me, cause what kind of faith would i have in my idol Jesus Christ?, if I chose to believe that this life is the best as it gets then when I'll die I won't have much to look forward , but if I believe there is a better life after death, then that is what I should get, but obviously I will have to live by certain convictions in this lifetime first, humans can chose, i chose to have the most faith as possible in my Jesus Christ the all mighty, and fucking magnificent is that I'm not the only one.

issue # 71
Monday, February 03, 2003

I arrived here in warm weather Los Angeles like a week ago, and I'm still working hard in making this new song called "Fantasy" super fantastic, soon i would start making some other ones, between some studios in this coast and some others in the other coast of this still number 1 country, why number 1? because there is not other country ever in the history of this small planet earth with more immigrants having the full complete list of races and cultures from every corner of this magnificent fucking world. Last Tuesday i had diner with Gina and one of her fuck buddies at the opening night of "Cinespace" right on Hollywood BV. with all the fucking stars in the floor and everything, great music of course with some fucking silly videos that made me laugh sooo much, oh man! to fucking weird shit, besides all the who is who in gaylandia was there, the same people who goes crazy for shit like the Oscars, but as usual i won't be fucking wasting my priceless time watching it, specially since is been a while since all the movies are really bad, so, no fucking way I'm wasting my time or money watching other's people problems or conversations and rather enjoy my own interactions in this fucking wonderful real life of mine with some of the many many people out there, that is why it gets so fucking, i mean soooooooooooooooooooooo fucking hard to take the time and the patient to come here and write about how much happiness keeps increasing into this fucking freaky life of mine, to the point that ...IF I DIE TOMORROW then I'll go with a smile on my face from ear to ear, cause my PAST YEAR ALONG was already worth a lifetime, it was my first year of being pain-fear free, cause before i had 4 years in a row of pain and fear, but my Jesus Christ had compassion for me and took off the evil's mask so i could see and understand that faith cannot have fair, is just not possible, and sure I'm not having any fear in fucking with so many people and eating and feeding lots of sperm, like i just did today, yeah! i just took a shower, oh man! i got into this big bathhouse here in LA earlier, around 2 PM and there was plenty of people there, so after getting naked in my room i went automatically into the dark room and started getting my verga-dick sucked really good by someone behind one of those many glory holes, and fuck! i was strong enough to hold it and keep playing with some other guys until this one who wasn't wearing a towel like everybody else, he was wearing a T-shirt and jeans but his verga(dick) was naked and out and really hard wanting to get sucked but i didn't know that by applying the Hoover sucking will make him ejaculate so fucking fast and sure that i ate every drop of his life-juice enjoying to the fullest all of my 5 senses at once, FUCK YEAH!, it was: the "smell" of his sperm, the "taste" of it, the "looking" at this dick, "touching" it, and "hearing" his moanings, yeah! you got it! the complete full 5 senses, but i hold it enough, and i decided to finally shot my sperm inside this other muscular ass that was laying on the bed of his room, and it didn't to many strokes of going in and out before all of my first ejaculation came like a fucking river inside his wide open and inviting love-hole, I thanked him and left to my room to rest for a while and then i went out again in this perfect camouflage of course that don't let people to see my face, is really fucking adventurous, and i always succeed in being uncovered, and when if it happens then i leave automatically, but it wasn't the case today so i enjoyed very much drinking few other loads from those fucking hot glory holes, and getting sucked too, but if i fucked through a glory hole then that hole would be filled with my own juicy of life, cause that is how i got off today twice, no tops in there today, so i took advantage and fucked lots of them, so I didn't get fucked, i guess that I'm reserving myself for some party that awaits 4 me in the near future in San Francisco, and that is supposed to be a party to remember like nothing before. Today wasn't the only day at a bathhouse of course, the other time I went I got off twice as well but those guys fucking swallowed my cum instead of getting fucking breeded like the ones I did today. Now I have to start working out much harder, after being totally inspired by another dream of mine cumin truth, yeah! Martina Navratilova became this year at the age of 46 the greatest champion in the history of tennis male or woman, is just WOW!, and in top of that my 2 other favorite ones, the William's sisters got to the final and I wanted Serena to win and she did, now she is getting herself closer and closer to Martina's shoes, WOW so fascinating, OH and in top of that my fave male won too, yeah! Andre Agassi put himself together after his disappointing last USopen final, it pushes me to do better somehow, and it feels so good to do it too, is all about mind over matter that translates to "faith," but there is things that are meant to happen, like certain prophecies. And before I finish writing for today I'd like to publicly thank my Jesus Christ for make me see that he is the ultimate source of power for happiness, and sure I totally fucking take advantage of it, wanting to listen to the truth so I can hear his voice, cause nothing, absolutely nothing can stand on the way of him doing ANY kind of miracle before, now and after.

issue # 70
Saturday, January 11, 2003

I think it was Monday, December 23rd when i did a photo shot with Mark Adley, and the pals from "San Vicente Inn" in West Hollywood let me use their fucking nice facilities so the product came out fucking super, later that night i went out to this bathhouse in downtown, OH FUCK!, sticking my hard verga(dick) full of cum into these dark glory holes was making my verga feel in heaven, but i wanted to hold my cum, so, instead i choose to get some guys off first, besides i was kind of thirsty too, so, of course i swallowed every drop of their so fucking delicious warm cum, and it was a hand full of them, mmm!, but before that some of them fucked me really fucking good, then when they left this shaved guy came by with this really big and stretched butt hole, and i tried to fuck him hard and long like he wanted, but the contractions of the walls of this juicy butt hole where too powerful, and I could not longer fight the feeling of letting my sperm be ejected like a fucking torpedo all the way deep inside that fantastic, warm and cozy ass hole that end up containing a fucking nice big sweet load of mine. On Thursday 26th of December of 2001 i did an interview for this new fetish magazine called "Instigator" and is dedicated to all the leather fans, it was done at the sling of "Mr. S" in Silverlake, oh man! they have in there is super toy that is very similar at the toilet seat, but the effect is fucking WOW! so if anyone wants to give me a present, now they know what to give me, cause i fucking want it!, i fucking want it!. Right after the interview Steve took me to "Gauntlet ll" the club where i was about to perform later that night, so i got ready in this kind of dressing room, and of course i felt a little nervous cause i gave them the wrong CD and it didn't came out like planned, it was really my own fucking fault, LOL, but crowd didn't seem to care at all, and it was like around 150 guys but it was packed cause that bar is very small, still i had the time of my life, i got to talk to them over the microphone besides singing 3 songs, and no! i did not use that opportunity to talk to them about my new philosophy, i cannot mix things like that, it was just a time for be fucking silly and get 3 of the most young and good looking guys from the audience, i got them to the stage one by one and i pulled their pants down and i spanked them really fucking hard, until their butt chicks got read, their reward was a dvd copy of my latest porno called "Jeff Palmer Raw", all wrapped in present's paper, and even that it was LA and blow jobs shows are not permitted, still i had fun French kissing lots of my fucking lovely fans, and i recognized quite few faces in there, the one that came out a lot was the one from Mike Gonzalez, cause i just used his studio again for this new song i just did called "Fantasy", and an old one called "Rocktronico", then I saw also "Beto", "John", and lots of other super loyal fans and lovers of mine, oh man! i hope they realize that they gave me the best Christmas present up to this date, that night i was so tired that i just showered and went sleep cause the next day on the last Friday of 2002 i went to see Michelle, i was missing her a lot, so it made me feel really good to see her, then i went to the airport to pick up Papito from the airport and the day after that, on Saturday we flew to Portland, Oregon and stayed in there to spend new years eve in the most romantic way as possible, and sure we did, cause the cold weather and rain is for me the perfect atmosphere for sweet fucking romance, where we can drink hot chocolate with cockies, and watch movies under the covers, and cuddling, order pizza, fuck, fall at sleep, mmm!!!, sure i started the year in a very relaxed way, but on the first day of this new 2003 i woke up in Portland Oregon and went to sleep in LA, CA with Perpetuo, and the day after i took him to the airport and he flew back to Miami while i stayed in LA, and went to the studio to do some small changes to this new musical creation, the day after i did all the errands i had to do in order to be ready to fly on the 5th to Las Vegas, YEAH!!!!!!!, this time it was crowder then last year, and ass soon as i checked into the Aladdin Hotel automatically i cleaned myself and went straight to the this gay bathhouse called something like "Olympus", and they had a room with black lights and porno videos, and i was there with someone sucking my verga like a fucking fish and i was sucking this dick of this 3rd guy, sucking like a fucking vacuum, and getting sucked the same one by some one else all at the same time, YUMM!, then it was fucking this one and that one, and this other one fucking me and ending that night with 1 or 2 loads of sperm way deep inside my fucking abused hole, swallowed few, and i came inside some one else too, so i left right after with a big smile on my face, and lasted all night long until i went to bed and fall at sleep, the next day i went tanning, made lots of phone calls and went shopping cause everything is too fucking cheap in there, then i took a shower, shaved and went to these Website Awards, i was defending my title as "2001 Best Porn Star Web Site", but obviously this company Falcon Studios paid a lot of money for those awards hidden themselves as one of "the sponsors", it was so fucking obvious that even the trophy boys of that show were from this company, it was a Falcon show awards instead of whatever the name of that show was, LOL, so, FUCK YEAH!, i left that place 10 minutes right after it started, right when i lost that fucking nomination, after all, i was in there for like 45 minutes before the show started talking with lots of interesting people in there, i meet William Higgins, i saw Lisa from Badpuppy, i hang out with John and Bill from Hot Desert Knights, Shante, so it was very worth being there, but not too much, cause i soon as i was out of there i went straight to this other bathhouse called "Hawks" and ay ay ay caramba! talking about a new gay owned one, this latin guy started fucking me from behind with his big hard verga while this other white and big guy as well was sucking my verga, then they took turns and both of them filled my hole twice in a row! and sure i felt all of those loads go inside, great juicy explosions, mmmmmm!!!!!!!!!! yumm!, but his small and smooth asian guy was in need to get fucked really fucking silly, so sure that is what i did, and besides making him eat all of these cum coming out of my fucking abused butt hole, he turned around, he spread his legs and took my verga in a very hard way, making lots of noise and bringing more guys into that dark room, then i made him lay down on his stomach on this bench and i fucked him from behind, but this position was just so fucking good that i had to couldn't take it anymore and this fucking big, huge amount of leche caliente blew out of my verga and i filled him up so fucking good, and i went back to my room and lay down for few minutes relaxing, until i got all horny again and i did a second round that I'm sure you can have an idea how it went, mmm! but then i came back to my hotel room, a couple of days after i came back here in Miami Beach, and i feel ready to come up this year with one new porn movie at least, and my second music compilation CD which can take all year long, but is gonna be hard cause woman are scaring man with such feminist movies like "The Hours" with 3 woman giving the message to men to not fuck with other man for fear of AIDS, and getting 2 million of Oscar nominations, but also the other 2 million of Oscar nominations go to this other feminist movie called "Chicago" and these other pussies really show you how most woman really are, criminals and fucking nasty, so i think in this year is going to be a lot of sexually afraid guys out there, but thank you Jesus for the ones with courage, cause for their faith their lives are already rewarded by enjoying the best of life, and not what certain people think is the best for them, their courage make them deserve such high recompense, so thank you big fucking time you my Jesus Christ.

issue # 69
Tuesday, December 24, 2002

The world is going fucking crazy!, but i just hope that at least my fans don't take any kind of vaccinations, after a long time of researching i have come out to the fucking incredible conclusion that ANY kind of vaccines are not only unnecessary, but also i believe that is a hazard to anyone's health, and this is only my personal opinion based on my own research, so please you people better inform yourself, for example, Lleyton Hewit got small pax in the beginning of this year that is why he couldn't compete at the Australian open, his home country, but guess what? He finished this year as the fucking number one player in both rankings of the professional tennis tour! Andre Agassi is number 2. Back in Miami I like spending time with Papito(lover) and my dog Bonito and his female buddy Leona. So, besides working out at Gold's gym and working on my move from LA, I feel like I need a really relaxing city to contrast the way too hip-Miami. And thanks God for friends like Dan Brady, cause he invited me to this annual Christmas party that is celebrated by the gay chorus of Miami, and i have to say that it was a little funny in the beginning cause it was my first time, but then you get to notice all the effort they put on it with all the great organization and great preparation, i really didn't think i was going to like it as much as i did, it was like a week ago. Last Friday night I was painting the walls of my office's room of my house in Miami when i got the award of "Best Top"at the Gay Entertainment awards" but the fucking funny thing is that i announced on my website with weeks of anticipation that i would not be there!, and it was Saturday morning that i find out about it from a phone call, it ultimately inspired me to write more songs, super great stuff!. I came here in LA last Friday the 20th, and as soon as i arrived at LAX Airport i called Jeff Clark(photographer-buddy) and his friend Julian, and soon after we meet at his house I drove us on my SUV to the Christmas party for "Smash Box" which are the photo studios where only celebrities get their pictures done, and it was quite fun for being a straight party cause it had few other fucking cool fags too, LOL, I'm sure i saw a lots of celebrities but i only recognized one, it was this English singer called Robbi Williams, but it looks like i was the only one who noticed when he passed by, cause now one else around did, and was avoiding eye contact in public and certainly was not smiling at all, and walking way too fast with this male young guy, hanging there with Jeff and Julian was a lot of fun, cause after the party we got pizza and crushed at Julian's place, we watched 1 or 2 episodes of "Sex in the City" and we all fell at sleep, but then Jeff woke up few hours after in the morning and went to work, and soon after Julian was in my couch with his sexy pajamas and a T-shirt that said something like "fuck me hard" printed in it, and he was laying on his stomach and then i pull down his pajamas and i noticed that his butthole was really nice small and smooth, but it was not the typical oriental asshole extremely tight, it was a very generous one for being a philippine boy, so it made my verga go really fucking hard automatically, and soon after I was on top of this fucking small, smooth and yet muscular 6 pack abs hot Philippine guy and just a spit of saliva was enough to lubricate that super wide open generous hole, and it made me appreciate even more my Philippine's Fan Club, yeah! Julius is the president of this fan club of mine in that country, he rented a room where him and around 70 guys get together on the weekends on my name, and the feeling of it is just way too overwhelming, cause this is a such fucking sweet excuse for my piggies to connect with eachother, sharing the same taste i guess, ay caramba! i better start singing something in that language for some next song. Back here in LA i can see the fucking great advertising that this club from Silverlake is doing for my show, and is way better then the ones from West Hollywood that i did for 3 years, now days Silverlake is doing such fucking comeback with gays, but my show is after tomorrow, tomorrow is the big day of the year, Christmas!, Jesus birthday! the fucking biggest celebration of every year all over the world honoring his status as the total God, FUCK YEAH!!!!, and that is why i wanted to write in here sharing myself with others like he did in life, giving him this way my birthday present to him, and also I'll get to hang out tonight with one of my longest friends Noel and 15 other friends, after all my verga is really fucking beat up with all the fucking i have been doing 2 days ago at this spa in Hollywood, i just went for this British guy who reminded me of one of my costars cause his butthole was such fucking verga-demanding and it was either my hand or my verga but never empty!, then it was this young kid with a big load shooting inside deep my fucking butthole, and another one too from an Asian kid, and another one from a white-blond 30's guy, and few others i don't even fucking remember, obviously is more the quantity of loads i take then the ones i can give, but that day i got breaded more then i swallowed, i still feel like more action so who knows when and who I'll fuck next?, all i know is that i don't think is gonna be a woman, cause like this straight incredible man Bill Maher says... We live in an extremely feminist country, so, thank God I'm a fag! and Thank you Jesus Christ, cause as long as him is with me then it will show on my life that is nothing but happier then ever before, period.

issue # 68
Friday, December 06, 2002

Finally today is a cloudy day, and it feels perfect for writing, Los Angeles have such great bathhouses, but not much else, since the fact that everybody in there seems to be a wanna be actor, and that's fine with me, but when the economy is not good then these wannabe actors get really, really bitter, and if in top of that you haven't call them back after a lonng time of getting his phone number and you they see you cruising with someone else in his place of work, then the results can be really nasty, and i might explain some day soon, but not yet, cause I'm having such good news that i don't want to spoil it, and the good news to celebrate is that tomorrow 7th of December is my first anniversary of brand new life, FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!, tomorrow is going to be one full year since i stopped intoxicating myself with the poisoning HIV drugs, and i haven't felt this healthy since i was 17 years old, so i shaved my head for complete few days ago in a moment of major euphoria, so now is growing black again and I feel like i just came from Ibiza yesterday, OH!!!!! those days are back!!!!!!!!!!! and sure they are since while i was back in LA few weeks ago i took care of my responsibilities, so i could feel good about going to certain bathhouses such as "Hollywood Spa" and "Midtown" in downtown, mmm!!!!!!!!, and i wasted no time in getting naked and cover myself with a towel and a hat, walking around,and getting inside these rooms finding juicy mouths like fish along the way, big juicy butt holes stretched by who knows how many dicks and lots of huge dildos in this bed where this particular guy was showing off the wonderful abilities of his way too hungry love hole, of course i fucked it too, but i didn't wanna cum yet, so i kept playing with some other guys, sucking off some dicks, drinking their cum, and after i loaded all of my very first leche caliente as soon as my verga enters the first ass hole i find on my way, even if the butt hole belongs to the Pope, every single drop o my juice of life, a big fucking one too, and few minutes after relaxing and resting is time again for more searching, this time it has to be an special hole, cause is the one that needs to get fucked for a fucking long time, reaching times of 90 minutes non stop, but some how i don't know why but these kind of fellas who take it for hours never get to repeat, and they seem to be very rare too, that's why their butt holes get to be the most fucking dreamy and generous ones, and if i came a third time then usually is with a dick inside my ass, or drinking someone's cum while masturbating, or while someone is sucking me in a fucking super 3 way, i also have noticed that the guys who only fuck and get fucked with condoms have these sort of irritation around the head of their dicks or in their butt holes and it feels nasty. I missed the final match of the professional women tennis players, and Serena Williams not only lost the title, but also lost a fan, yeah! after seen her and her sister's greediness by advertising no one else then "Mac Donald's" and their french fries, so I do not longer keep her autograph in my wallet, is gone. I also went to the entrance of Chi Chi La Rue's birthday bash in Hollywood, CA and gave away over 300 flyers with some great hidden information about the HIV fraud, and everybody seemed really appreciated of it, cause i got some great feed back, and when i saw Chi Chi we hugged and kissed while he was telling me that he don't appreciate me doing my little protest, and then i told him that i had to find an excuse to come there and see him, he was smiling the whole time, having a good time, so it was fine, specially with the people from APLA, cause the reason i was doing that is because 100% of the money was going to APLA who intoxicates people and keep most of the money in their pockets, of course i didn't went inside even after being insisted, once i gave away the last flyer i took off to hang out with Joe at his house, the day after on Saturday was the gym and later a good time with some good friends, it was Vasilia's house warming in WeHo and it was a lot of fun. Few days after it was time for me to finally get back to the studio to start creating a new song, and this time I'm using the same studio i used for Rocktronico, hopefully Mike Gonzalez will be even better for me this time, but still needs more time, it feels so fucking good, is just my favorite feeling, after sex of course, and so, few days after i got back here in Miami and i spent lots of time with Papito who i was missing already, and speny lots of time together the first couples of days, but then he got to do his things and i got to do mine too, like for example going to parties like this Traveling Tuesday Martinis, doing the recently one in the "Abbey Hotel" which is actually the first hotel i stayed in when i first came to Miami on the end of 1994, i was feeling so fucking weird, but extremely conformable too, hearing and talking with all of these Miami's high profile gay man, and i remember this cause is been few days ago. Now days I'm planning in going to Las Vegas for the Cybersocket Awards where I'm nominated again for "best porn website", besides is just too fucking sweet to not be there at least once a year, and I'm pretty ready to begin the process of moving from Hollywood, CA to Portland, OR, the air in LA sucks really bad already, and it seem like hopefully I'll get to celebrate Jesus' birthday on a new club in LA then the same one from the past 3 years in a row, this time it could be in Silverlake, CA, the hottest leather bar called "Gauntlet II", (for info please keep checking the "conectando tour" area of my web site). And one prophecy became truth, long time ago in one of the scoops i wrote maye around the beginning of this year i announced that this guy Lance from the popular group Nsync would get in trouble for dealing with NASA, and said and done, cause not only he is broke by giving all these millions to NASA, but also have on him a heart surgery with such young age that might give him some trouble in the near future, and my other prophecy is that one of my idol's Bill Clinton gets killed like Luther or Kennedy, or he will be president again, and i don't like politics but i love Clinton, anything can happen, so we better enjoy every minute right now or never. And may all the glory go to the one who's birth day always becomes the biggest celebration of the year on planet earth, every year since almost 2002 years ago, yeah! Jesus Christ my idol.

issue # 67
Sunday, November 03, 2002

I stayed in LA until the middle of October but a couple of days before flying back to Miami i decided to put an end to my long blond hair and i almost shaved it all, it looked like when i did this movie called "No Way Out", and it automatically refreshed me so fucking much, to the point of getting compliments and phone numbers while driving my car through West Hollywood, mmmmmm!!!, i saw this poll in the yahoo groups and 70% say to want me with short hair, and 30% say long, besides i had it long for over 2 years already.
Few days after I arrived in Miami Michael Musto, the legendary entertainment reporter for Village Voice News, and Mickey Boardman, the extremely talented Senior Associate Editor of PAPER mag. flew from New York on a Friday, they stayed at the "Delano" hotel, and i picked them up on this 2001 silver Mercedes Benz SUV that i started driving, and we went to the opening of this new restaurant in West Av. and 12th St., and entertainers like "The Trumps" , Gloria Gaynor and few old disco divas performed there, but when Thelma Houston was telling Michael that she is performing for APLA which is an AIDS event, and automatically i turned my head away, i felt horrible, she turned me off big time, so, now she and Madonna are in the list of entertainers that i cannot care any less, not even any of their music I listen to anyway. Michael Musto is really popular in the straight world, woman recognize him a lot, but he is very mysterious and writes in pieces of paper every very once in a while, and after being there for a while i took them to this club in Fort Lauderdale and we stayed for less then an hour and then i took them back to their hotel for sleeping time. On the next day, on Saturday It was the cleaning day at my home, but first I had to fuck the shit out of Papito who came early to visit me, so we got rid of some good amount of leche in the best way we enjoy, fucking him really good from behind, YUMMY!, even that at the same time my maids were cleaning in the other side of the house, but the door of my bedroom was closed of course, Papito left and I drove to the Delano Hotel to pick up Mr. Musto and Mickey and we went to "The Monkey Jungle", it was quite a very fun adventure, then after having a shower we had diner at Ball Harbor with an old friend of Michael, then we went to the gay nightclub "Twist", but they where exhausted from the Fucking jungle already, so i took them to their hotel and on the next day, Sunday, they went back to New York City, and i chilled out that night with Papito who rather the long hair then this short cut, but the next day on Monday i made my hair blond again, and now is my favorite new look, so i did a little photo shot with the great photographer "Ed Cox", it was at my house, and hopefully soon I'll have them available on my website, and I'm thinking in doing a new porno in the very beginning of next year, since JEFF PALMER RAW is doing so well being ranked as number 3 in sales for a while in RADVIDEO.COM, now i want to make another one, bareback of course, but this one would have me fucking abusing the shit out of some hot slave-bottom, and get the younger guys as possible for the orgy scene, still there is a lot of time to plan everything. Last Monday i was in Disney, Orlando, Papito and I wet there to relax, now days i enjoy going clubbing out, and I'm starting to record some melodies so i have them for when i go to the studio sometime this month i hope, I feel like doing a new song really bad. I'm staying away from TV the most as possible, and it gives me time to enjoy my life instead of watching others live theirs, besides there haven't been any good movies out there in a very long time, so listening to Phil Collins or Celine Dion, watching Woody Allen or Julia Roberts's movies, ("Conspiracy Theory"as my favorite of all time), stretching my muscles with lots of weights in the gym, going to the bathhouse and get everybody off and then get myself off orgasming into some one's juicy butthole, or reading the socialist news columns on Yahoo is way much better then watching TV. So, GOOD BLESS THE INTERNET AND THE GOOD INFORMATION, and thanks for having someone like Papito that always make me feel so fucking good to be with him, so i must be doing something right for such incredible blessings, it seems like a fantasy world, sometimes i feel I'm dreaming, but I'm awaked, and when I'm dreaming i feel like if I was awaked, and those moments rock and gives me the ultimate happiness that fades automatically every time i think of people in places like Africa who gets to suffer cause they don't have another choice, so i hope all the money that I still send thought the years to Worldvision is really going to these kids. And all my thanks to the mighty Jesusy Christ who keeps guiding me into never felt before happiness into this confusing life.

issue # 66
Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Since the last time that i wrote in here i flew to LA on Sept. 24th , I took care of bills and some errands, also on a Thursday I had a photo shot for "2" magazine, and it only features couples, not solo guys, and I was paired with this guy that had a fucking 10 inches dick, so it should look really fucking HOT on print. Not having an agent wasn't that bad after all, I'm finding quite fucking amusing, YUMMY! but i didn't got to got off after the photo shot, so i had to go to the bathhouse, and sure i fucking came twice, both times in different butt holes, but of course i drank few loads of sperm and some guys breed me too, but i had to be good for the next couple of days cause on Friday 27th i flew to San Francisco and i stayed at the Ramada Hotel on Market Street, and i immediately irrigated my colon so was really clean for Tracy, who happens to be this guy who i meet once in this orgy in Palms Springs not long ago, and sure his balls were filled with cum cause around 10 or 15 minutes after he started fucking me from behind i felt his one week old sperm exploding with ferocity inside my warm love hole, soon after i had my good friend Shante over my room and Tracy left, and me and Shante went party at this club called "End Up" with out people knowing how much fucking cum i had inside my fucking butt hole still, it was way too much fun that at one point i was even making out with this big and hot woman, she had big real boobs, but i was fucking tired by 2 am, so i left to my hotel and before going to my room i meet this guy who invites me to his room and he gave me another major load inside my hole, i got off too, and i went to my room to sleep, and the next day on Saturday i went for a walk at the magnificent Castro and Market where i meet one of my costar of my porno called "fever", Tristan Paris looked really fucking hot with that bear, then i found this place inside this gym in Castro where i tanned in this stand up tanning machine, i visited a good fan/friend of mine, "RJ," and went to the "Mack Folsom Prison", God bless this place!, is all in one floor, and when i wasn't getting fucked and making them to cum inside my juicy butt hole i was fucking some juicy asian smooth abused and filled of cum butt holes, the problem is that is really hard to hold yourself from cumin once you stick it in, and few guys had really yummy sperm for me to drink, so i left the club being completely satisfied while most of the guys paid 70 dollars to go to some circuit club, and i celebrated with some pizza, oh man! so much fun!, i went sleep around midnight that night, so i woke up the next day on Sunday early enough to take a shower, shave make some phone calls, have breakfast, clean up my colon, put on some leather gear on my arms, jockstrap and ready to go out to Folsom Street where the fair was already happening, and Shante was with me, and we started looking for the Treasure Island videos booth, cause they where the only bareback ones from all of those booths, and while doing that had all of these people stopping me for pictures, and pictures, and finally i got a hold of this booth, and i started making out with one the really good looking guys from this Treasure Island video booth, i all of this people started to take pictures and video tape it, woman, man, everybody watching right in the open, but i left abruptly cause i got a little shy, it was way too much attention, and i went into the "Powerhouse" bar, actually i went to the back of the bar, and i got really nasty in there, and i had not hat, so everybody knew who i was and i could even hear what they where talking about me, but i couldn't care any less at the time cause i was having too much fun in drinking lots of cum and getting my butt hole filled with one cum after the other, and once i couldn't hold anymore cum inside my butt i left that place with my hole dripping cum down my legs, and i was wearing only a jockstrap, so i had to clean it up with some napkins before i had more people looking at it, LOL and i went straight to the booth i was playing early, but this time i was told that i could do anything i wanted, and once this fucking hot guy from Netherlands felt my juicy butt hole and went right down on the floor and i seated on his face and he ate all of this cum i had inside my butt hole, and this made me so fucking horny cause i was looking at this huge, fucking huge crowd taking lots of PICS and filming with their video cams, so i made him go on his knees to suck my dick, right in front of everybody, and his mouth was extra juicy cause all of the cum he ate from my love hole, so i just shot my load inside his mouth and all over his left side of his face, he swallow it, and a little ovation came out of the crowd as i was having this really public orgasm, so i left like flying in heaven, and i kept walking around and getting my picture taken, at some point it was really overwhelming cause i had 4 or 5 of them at the same time and they took like 5 or 10 minutes and i was in the line to use those portable restrooms, but the sun was cumin down and it was getting colder, so i went back to my room and order some food, rest, cleaning up myself, and i went to "Mack"and i got off twice while inside that fucking awesome sex club, and that Sunday night was my last one in San Francisco, cause on Monday i tried to hook up with the people of "ACT UP" but they are such well organized group that i had to take appointment in order to be considered to be a member, but we are talking about life, so is way worth the process, and i flew straight to Miami and i stayed there preparing everything for my show in Orlando on the following weekend (which is actually now this past weekend), and sure that hanging out with Papito makes me feel so extra good, so, thanx Jesus 4 him!, he takes care of me in a way no one ever did before, but is important to share myself with my other too, maybe differently but still there, and last Friday i flew to Orlando, OHHHHHHHHHHH! YEAH! finally it was show time!, as soon as i arrived i meet with Susan and her husband who happen to be the owners of this huge "Parliament House Hotel", and i had some fucking great shrimps while talking to her and meeting also with Lisa, Jeff, Nye and Rudy from Badpuppy, and then Susan took me to my suite, the number 160 which i just realized it means "7" cause 1+6+0= "7", and this is my number, everybody have a number with their birth date numers being added to eachoter, mine is like this: 03+27+1975= 2005, so 2+0+0+5= "7". Anyway, it was time for me to become a pig and sure i did it, cause even with the guys who delivered food i fucked with, i just feel so good when i make this estrangers to get off either in my throat or in my butt hole, but few hours later of playing with quite few i had to take shower and go the booth outside next to the pool for autograph signings, and Matt Sumers(pornstar) and Chance(new pornstar) where there too, Badpuppy was out sponsor, and i gave away that night dozens of my "2003 X-rated calendars" and my "first music compilation CD's", sure I posed also for lots of PICS with them in it of course, it was so fucking sweet to make out with some of them right there in front of everybody, even with girls, and this one was really good looking, but she was really fucking drunk so she keep following me, and didn't let me make out with this guys, she would get in between, and i had a deja vu, of when i was being chased by my cousin Patricia when i was like 7 years old, and this girl was so fucking aggressive, she wanted to make out with me some more, so i went with this other escort good looking guy for help, but once he helped me to get escape from her then he turned himself into a fucking possessive freak himself, oh man! is fucking amazing what people do when they are fucking drunk!, but finally he went away and i went to sleep, the next day was Saturday, the day of my show, so showered, ate breakfast and went to the little beach right next to my room and got some sun, while watching this guys play volley ball between my room and the beach, and soon after i had this big black guy wanting to get off in my ass, so i couldn't say no he looked really desperado for it, cause it didn't took too long for him to get off and filling up my fucking hole really good, and i kept myself between tanning and fucking, but around 7 PM i order food into my room and relaxed until 11 PM that i got ready to go sign more autographs on my calendars and CD's, and had my picture taken with some of them too, and by 12:30 I already gave dozens of copies and left to y dressing room to put on my big boots and all my outfit, and Matt Summers opened for me with a few minutes dance, and then I heard the best introduction i ever got, and it was from this really fucking cool drag queen called "Darcell", and when i opened my black hooded cape i saw hundreds of heads in the crowd, surrounding the pool, and the ones in front next to the stage where screaming with their arms extended high towards me, the happiness in their faces took over me for complete, and i was performing my song "Conectando" first and at some point i went down on the floor and started rolling over and French kissing the crowd at the same time, and the second song was "High" and everybody still was crazy as the very first moment if not more, i was throwing CD's, Calendars, and "Jeff Palmer Raw" dvds, and at some point i got really close to them and turned my back on them, i extended my arms like crucifixion style to let them know about my stage diving intentions, and i just did, and i felt lots and lots of hands holding my body in a 180 degree position, was laying on their hands, but i had to comeback to the stage and beside i was fighting few hands off my butt hole, you see, i don't recommend to do this kind of stage diving if you have a jockstrap at the time, still i did it again, this time they really went for my butt hole, so i came right back to the stage finished off my song and left the stage with such fucking huge ovation, but i was so, so exhausted by the end that all i wanted is to eat and go sleep, but i fucked around with few guys before of course, then i went to sleep and the next day was last Sunday and i fucked around with few more guys, and i took a shower, ate some chicken and i got ready to go to the "T" dance and sign even more autographs, this time i had to finish off with the rest of the hundreds of calendars and CD's i sent weeks earlier, and there were some girls wanting my music and calendars too, even few of them french kissed me big time, well, i was french kissing everybody anyway, and around 10 PM i was done with dozens of fucking beautiful people, each one of them made me felt over overjoyed better then any rocks star, i was in a such trance zone, that sometimes i was feeling to be dreaming, but it was better then any dream that i could possible have, everybody in there treated me beyond kind, and they made sure that every minute of my stay was pleasant. On Monday i flew to Miami and yesterday Tuesday i flew here, in Hollywood, LA and writing this is one of the first things i did, cause is been so long, and i have been so, so, so fucking blessed for being guided by Jesus Christ that i can only scream it out of the top of my lungs to everybody.

issue # 65
Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I didn't know how hard it is to find time to write in here when i feel just like when i was 17 years old and the reason is very simple, is just the result of experimenting, cause soon, in few months is going to be my first year since taking any kind of medicine, i mean ANY!, is so fucking hard to see how ignorant and easy people are to control, but not me. Still i cannot stop listening to my own music. is just all i want to hear when i drive my Jaguar by myself of with Bonito, my compilation CD contains all the melodies, beats, rhythms and voices i love the most, and in this new world you cannot take tomorrow for granted, i feel like a freak sometimes for only listening to my own music, LOL, that is why i never give a fuck about negative critics which i haven't heard yet about this new CD, and I'm going fucking nuts already to make some more new songs. My last porno is called "Jeff Palmer Raw" and is out on DVD already and reading the reviews from "" and "" put the biggest smile in my face, plus i can even see a little bet for free every time by going to The last time i wrote in here was few days before flying to Los Angeles, and i stayed there for like a week, i had the chance to hang out and go out with Michelle and his fuck buddy Romeo who was along with us clubbing out, and even that this guy was so fucking hot and bisexual as he could be, but by the end of the day i already had the fucking bathhouse in my mind, and no, not "Flex", any other one is fine for me but not that little one cause all the wannabe gay actors condom nazis seems to have that one as THE ONE!, for them not for me, cause these other ones i go seem to be visited by the horny guys that after working 8 hours behind their computer desk are ready to suck dick and get off like there is not tomorrow, so i have to get off twice at least every time I go there, you know?, but releasing lots of other guys in the process, OINK!.
On the 8-22 I flew to NYC and stayed at Chelsea in a really horrible placed called "Chelsea Pines", but the next couple of days i spent the whole time either in the "US open" at Flushing Meadows where i shout lots of "come on" to Martina Navratilova who won 7-5 7-5 together with her big boobs partner in a doubles first round, she softly touch me in the chest while leaving the court, and i couldn't stop smiling for the rest of that day, she is the best 45 year old female i know on planet earth, and the best Bathhouse in NYC to celebrate by fucking with lots of estrangers was the "West side", YUMMY!, talking about lots of full loaded guns mixed with lots of juicy wide open hungry abused full of leche(sperm) caliente holes!!!!!!!, AY CARAMBA!, and the fucking wonderful invention of the baseball hat helped me once again to be anonymous in there. On Monday it was time to dress elegant and sexy for "Indochina" and have a fucking super incredible diner with the interesting Michael Musto, Mickey Boardman, Erik Meers, Drew Elliot, Dallas, John John, Dennis Dermody, Phil Smrek, and Scott Ashwelland, we took some pictures too of course, good time are meant to be remembered,FUCK YEAH!, like the next day on Tuesday that Puppyto came over and we stayed at the penthouse of the "60 Thompson Hotel", which became automatically the best place i have ever been in NYC, and being there with my puppyto made it completely romantic, we walked around the "US open" together, he got me some cool tennis shoes and some pants and shirts, great restaurants, and just chilling out in the hotel room, fucking, hugging, kissing, just really fucking sweet stuff, then he went back to Miami on Friday morning, and I checked myself into the "Chelsea Hotel", and this hotel was way better then the fucking "Pine's" one, my room even had an open balcony to 23rd street, I cleaned myself and went straight to the bathhouse and got off twice, introducing my sperm in each time into 2 different extremely hot butt holes, but also i got plenty seeded, and drank few loads before, after and in between me seeding this 2 guys, NYC have the best bathhouses period, OINK! but few minutes after leaving i meet this puertorican guy who took me to his house getting pizza on the way, and i eat them both, to the point of getting off twice again, but this time with the same guy, so i left cause i wanted to go visit my friend Aaron Cobbett and Bartolomeo and his pal, we played cards but i won just one game, and it got really late, so before leaving i went upstairs to Donnie Russo(pornstar) apartment and have too good of a time, cause his hard muscle tattooed body was riding my verga(dick) better then i can remember, cause once i turn him on his side i fucked him to the point of exploding all of my leche caliente inside his so fucking hot incredible juicy and so fucking hungry love-hole, and it became my 5th orgasm in just one day, WOW!, the last time i had that number was with this girl in Brazil and i was 18 years old, sure I should do it with Donnie on tape one day. On 8-26 I came back here in Miami, and watched on TV how the real "wondercatwoman" wins her big prize by overpowering her opponents not only with total power, but also looking as the most sexiest one ever lived, people cannot wait to see her next outfit, always out doing herself in "every" aspect of life, and people like her are few in humans history, they are the ultimate muses of life, yeah!, Serena Williams!, the only woman that I would fuck if I was straight. Another good news is that hopefully I'll be performing the same music that i like to hear when i drive my car, again here in Florida, this time in Orlando, "The Parliament House" is the place, autographs, give away of CD's, calendars, and JEFF PALMER RAW tapes, and a super orgy in my suite i hope, mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!, now i cannot fucking wait for it, so i'll prepare myself, ohhhhhhh!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!, If i only knew before that giving my glory to Jesus Christ can pay off so fucking much, oh man!, i feel like i would have to lose my mind or be a fucking retard to not believe in Jesus Christ's existence, cause let me tell you that my life wouldn't even be close of as being so good as right now is, and my heart goes to all the humans who are dying in Africa for not even having good water to drink, and being used as AIDS/HIV example, when clearly they are not.

issue # 64
Sunday, August 11, 2002

And yeah! going in LA to a gay bathhouse is sooooooo fucking releasing, OINK!, i soon as i got into my room i put the porn channels on, got undressed, put the towel on, and with this hat i covered my face, and it wasn't too many minutes later when this guy came into my room and did a juicy 69, i wanted to fuck him but his butt hole was way too fucking closed, so i let him fuck me, and i guess this guy was fucking holding cum from a week or so, cause it took him not too many strokes to fill my hole with such huge quantity of his leche(sperm) that was so fucking caliente!, YUMMY!, as soon as he left it was someone waiting for me, he was a really tall guy, and looks like he was partying with Tina, cause he ate all of this other guy's sperm, out of my dripping butt hole, this drove me fucking crazy, so i just push him in the bed and fucked him from behind, spitting some saliva in his what it looked like a really abused hole, and i started fucking him really really hard, but this only made me get close to fucking cum, so i just filled his tank with a fucking huge load, cause when i took it out of his asshole, lots of leche was dripping out of it too, mmmmmm!!!!!!!!, i rested for 15 or 20 minutes and then went out of my room in search of more fun, drinking sperm from 2 or 3 other guys, fuck some other ones, other ones fucking me too, until my second load exploded out of me, by then i was really fucking hungry, so i went out and got my favorite roasted chicken, YUMMY!. It just feels so fucking good to get an email from my fans saying how much they appreciate having this new x rated calendar and CD, and even I cannot stop playing my own music while driving my car, no other music makes me feel better, and i cannot wait to make more. On Thursday night 25th of July i drove to Palm Springs and i stayed at the Mirage Hotel, and that night was something, cause after checking in and getting undressed i went out completely naked cruising around in this really perfect warm weather, soon i had this guy cumin on to me, and after making out for few seconds i could tell that he was interested in fucking and not in getting fucked, but i decided to go his way instead of go away from him, so he grab me and took me to the laundry's tables room, right outside, but no one was there at the time, and he fucked me in 2 different positions, making the last one the one that made him fill my hole with a big hot load of cum, he left, and i kept walking around going to my room and i guess that this other guy saw what i just did or maybe he saw all these sperm dripping out of my butt hole going down on my legs, cause he forced his way into my room, and after sucking my dick and asshole is that he started to fuck me from behind leaving a big amount of sperm inside my warm and lubed rectum making me feel filled of cum, mmmm!OINK!, but he said to me something really really funny, "it was my first time as a top", , i couldn't stop laughing, and I'm still laughing cause I don't even know what the fuck to think about it, but all i know is that i enjoyed very much. The next morning i went to Hot Desert Knights so i can meet their owners, Bill and John, and they seemed to be very happy to have me there, and they had incredible news about this new porn of ours, then i came back to my hotel where i tanned under the sun naked, and once the sun went down, it was shower, food, and time to fuck around, cruising all over the rooms and going into the open ones, drinking cum, sucking getting sucked, fucking and getting fucked, breeding this great butt hole, until around 1 or 2 in the morning, then eat some pizza, and go sleep. The next morning i had to bring calendars and C D's to that gay mart store, and also i changed to the "Exile" hotel, cause i already did everybody in the other hotel, so, in this other one i played with even more guys, drinking like a dozen of guy's cum, all protein that taste really good to me, i was trying to save some energy because that night was the dungeon party, and I arrived around 9:30 i think, and soon i was i had this guy sucking on my hard rock full of cum verga(cock), while i was watching 2 guys getting fisted Hanging from the slings, and it was like around 50 guys playing with each other, and soon i had this really tall guy fucking me from behind in front of everybody, and it felt so fucking weird, and it didn't take too long before his first orgasm of the night went right inside my asshole, and then another guy, and then another, like around 7 guys put their loads inside my happy butt hole, a couple of guys repeat it with me, one of them put 3 loads inside me, and i fucked like 4 or 5 different juicy butt holes, it was a fucking sperm-fest, and i got off twice, the first time it was inside Ray Butler's incredible smooth and sweet ass, yeah!, it was a fucking huge load what i put inside him, the other one guy that i fucked in the sling, and around midnight i went back to my hotel and play some more with this other guys who where cruising around for sex, and sure i got off again, after fucking and getting fucked some more, i slept soooooooooooo good that night. The next morning was Sunday, so i left Palm Springs and drove back to LA, where i had to right this interview for "Porn Inside", JC Adams is the one in charge. Few days after i flew back here in Miami and i went back to the gym, and i fucking love hanging with Puppyto, it gives me lots of energy and pleasure, cause being a fucking slut feels the best ever, but romancing my Puppyto can feel even better sometimes, like the last couple of days that we have been watching "Jeff Palmer Raw", and he fucking crack out laughing when he saw me fucking in the screen TV and behind him in flesh too, and this porn is just sooooooo fucking hot, that I cannot stop watching it, is not only my best movie yet, but the best one i have ever seen yet, is just that sex was never meant to have fear as one of the ingredients, and it took me 7 years to learn,this, that is why i never had bareback sex before, i just did not know, just like so many people still don't know yet, and this is part of the stuff that i was talking with Ken Ryker(porn star), last night when i went to visit him and his friend in Hollywood, FL, which is 25 minutes from my home in South Beach, i was so happy to find out that this guy is soo fucking cool, so i enjoyed a lot hanging with him and talking about so much stuff i always wanted to talk about with him, and Chase Hunters(porn star) came also by, and he is so fucking sexy, just a hug from him and i could already smell sex all over him, hmm!, great guy to hang with too, but it was like fucking 3 in the morning so i had to drove back home, get a good 7 hours sleep and write this new scoop, cause is been so fucking long since the last time, and hopefully i can give some more new updates next time from NYC, yeah!,I'm planing in going there for the Us Open, being myself such tennis freak I must go there for the first rounds, plus i miss NYC, OH YEAH!, but I'll be in LA before that, so i just hope that Jesus Christ and his army of angels keep their mighty watch on me, so i can keep glorifying his name.

issue # 63
Sunday, July 21, 2002

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot fucking believe that only few months ago I got Serena Williams's autograph that I still keep in my wallet, and now she not only won the French Open but also the Wimbledon, plus she became the queen of tennis by being now number one in the rankings, WOW! She is now my only female platonic love.

But the real good news was that I performed live my own musical creations in Fort Lauderdale at "Boardwalk," for my fucking enthusiastic fans, the advertising they came up with was fucking major all over the local gay magazines, plus I became the cover boy for the 4th of July issue of "Outlook" (local gay magazine). The club was really small, but there it was over 250 people each night, and they where treated with my new X-rated calendar for 2003 and the new CD compilation, so i think they got a fucking kick out of it, and i guess that Victor and Shaun where very happy with my appearance cause as being the owners of that place they paid me more then what i asked for, first time ever, WOW! Besides it was about time for me to sing, sign autographs, hug and kiss some Florida fans, but the big fucking highlight of the night was Jeremy and his also Deaf friend, they couldn't hear my music, but just watching me perform was enough for them to go more crazy then my dozen of friends who drove from South beach just to watch and video recorded my show, Fort Lauderdale is just 40 minutes drive from Miami, but i stayed at "The Blue Dolphin Hotel"for that weekend, and good i did cause on Friday i left the club around 4:00am and after getting some pizza I called this guys i meet early in the autographs session, and sure they where a lot of fun, cause sucking each others cocks at the same time made a perfect warm and juicy triangle, OINK!, and yeah i got to drink Andrew's sweet sperm, mmm!, Michael was too fucking drunk i think, but i got off too, and sure another good time was the night after my second show when i fucked this boy in quite few positions, filling him up with mucha leche, i was really satisfied by the end of that weekend, after all Fort Lauderdale is a fast growing gay city.

The bad news are the brainwashing going on with children by having a character of an HIV virus infected puppet on the biggest TV show for kids called "Sesame Street", demons have no shame, like the cops who incarcerated the guy who videotaped the beating of this black kid, sending the signal of "don't mess with us", but hey! not me, cause i did more then messing around one night that my lover Papito wasn't around to satisfy my orgasmic neediness, so, this cop who i fucked with a couple of months ago popped into my computer screen, and soon after that i was over his place kissing and going for a long and juicy 69, but this big guy doesn't get fucked, so i had to fucking give it up, and of course i was clean already, so after of a little ouch in the beginning is that my prostate was saying FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but after a while he couldn't fucking hold it anymore and he just fucking seed me really good, making my leche to explode out of my fucking hard as a rock verga, and feeling also at the same time his big warm leche caliente inside my happy-hole, i wanted to cuddle more with him, but I had to fucking drive back, besides i rather save that for Papito anyway.

Once cool thing is to leave my dog Bonito in a new boarding place where there is no cages, and after passing a special interview he got to be accepted and now he gets to hang with dogs nonstop while I'm here in LA, and i arrived here last Wednesday night after having this flight attendant woman talking to me and calling me movie star, cause she lives in Ft. Lauderdale and she saw the ads and she have gay friends, anyway it was a straight woman giving me great recognition, and treating me in a very spectacular way, like this very Hip magazine called "PAPER", well, this is a straight mainstream magazine that features me on their page 44, it seems incredible, i see it and i still don't believe it, my very first time ever in a mainstream publication, and i cannot fucking stop asking myself the same fucking question, "what the fuck is going on?", i always thought that i could be featured in a mainstream publication only as for a scandal, or because of a way of dying, but with such adjectives overcome the other ones like the ones from Michael Musto call me "NUTS", and yeah, i might be nuts, cause i haven't been working out in the gym as much as i used to, maybe only once a week, is just that i don't wish to have my muscles any bigger then what already they are, plus playing tennis with Vasilia yesterday was a kind of work out too, and i cannot be away from pizza, ay ay ay!.

In November is going to be one year since i became blond, and i fucking love it, oh yeah! cause i put a hat and no one recognize me in the bathhouse, at least until my new porno comes out, and one place where i didn't have to worry is in Michael Brandon's pool party in the San Vicente Inn Hotel, WOW, a big gay place with naked horny man all around, and sure that besides getting some tan i got to fuck this guy who was laying on his stomach, his name was Mike, but his butt-hole was too tight, still i managed to enjoy it for a while, some others sucked my dick, i gave away few CD's in there but not as many as later on that night in the club "Hooker", last night around 200 guys got my calendar and CD before leaving the club, it was really cool the lights atmosphere and the music, not too crowded sweaty dropping wet, of course i made out with few guys before going home sleep, and today i had to write in here and sorry if I'm not getting into more details, but i have lots of CD's to autograph and send to my most loyal fans, and that means Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia, and here of course the Americas, this is the part i like the most i think cause it kills the farthest distance in some way.

And being guided by Jesus Christ through my instincts does it perfectly for me, just taking him on every fucking simple breath.

issue # 62
Sunday, June 30, 2002

On the Saturday before yesterday, (over a week ago)i took Papito to LAX airport and he flew back to Miami, but i stayed in LA doing not much on that saturday night cause i wanted to look feel really fresh te next morning when i meet with Vasilia and Eros for breakfast on Santa Monica BV, while waiting also for the parade to start, Eros was freaking out a little cause he is not used to going out with me to gay places, but Vasilia is used to already, and the first floats showed the major holding a gay flag, and into all of the floats there was one with the actor of Queer as folk, the one who plays a pornstar, so i got close to it and said HI! and he looked at me with this surprise face and big smile saying to me something like... "like you blond!", and i said, thanx!, it was just too much fun to take pictures with anyone who wanted one with me, and just connecting with people's eyes, and making out with quite few, OINK!, the festival was fucking huge, but the sun was cumin down, and it gets really fucking cold at night in LA, so i took my truck and ate half roasted chicken, YUM! and got ready to go one of the many spas LA have, OINK!, soon after i went into this guy's room and was so good at blowing my verga just the right way and even more, and i was getting fucking close to cum, so i went behind him, cause he was laying down his stomach and me in top, and i asked him how many guys came inside his hole already, and he said, "you'll be the first one", and i said, " you bet i will!", cause man! it was just way too fucking hard to control my fucking orgasm, and this big leche exploded inside his warm and hungry happy hole, it was lubricated already for the next verga already in line once i open the door and left to clean, piss, get some water and chill out for few minutes until the porno playing on the tv screen of my room was making my verga all exited again, and after playing with a little bet with few guys, and then this couple who was tweeking(doing crystal meth), came into my room and i fucked them both so good, it was hard to chose into who's hole i was gonna chose, and i keept holding my cum, and holding, until i just fill up one of them, and they left satisfied with what they wanted, i felt so fucking good after the second orgasm, that i falled at sleep for 10 or 15 minutes and i opened the door and this guy came by, it was a latin one, probably it was bi, cause he didn't even knew how to fucking suck a dick, so I let him fuck me, and i suck him off, drinking every drop of his big load, really fucking yumm!, of course that wasn't the first time i drinked cum, anyway, after this 3rd orgasm i went home to shower, eat and sleep, cause the next day i had to fucking deal with the situation this new CD compilation, it sucks when they are not done correctly, cause now is taking 4ever, FUCK!, and the people doing the fucking xrated calendar are close to be good as they could, i have to fucking bug them all the fucking time, but when i listen to this new song called "Life" is when i can relax and enjoy my favorite own musical creation, and i cannot fucking wait to fucking share it with my fucking fans, FUCK!!!!!!! like Serena Williams shared her autograph to me in march and still i keep it inside my wallet, incredible i haven't fucking lost it yet. There is so much cool stuff in the tabloids magazines, i have to read them every week The National Enquirer, Globe, Star and Examiner, what would i do with out them, they have such valuable information, like for example: did you know that Dasani is made by the fucking evil COCA COLA?, well, Dasani and Aquafina as many ohter ones are not mineral water, they are just purified water from the fucking sink. Instead of eating stuff with sugar i'm eat pizza, YUM!, well at least i'm really away from cooffe, cause there is a big connection between coofee and people with cancer, oh yeah! and do you ever ask yourself what is gonna happen with all of the thousands of cancer and aids organiztions having millions of people moving more and more money as the time and overpopulation goes by IF the cure comes out?, well, forget it about, it will be too many billions of dollars to lose, besides there is not cure with out real information, LOL. Something i'm exited to see on TV is the Ana Nicole Smith show, but Bill Clinton's should be the better one, mmmm!!!!!! also it will be so fucking cool for Seles to win Wimbledon in case the WIlliams don't take it. On the other hand i had an fucking fantastic sexual experience like I never had before, thanx to the magic of the internet is that i connected with this guy in his 30's, claiming to be able to cum 4 or 5 times in a row if he was fucking me, so i cleaned myself really good and went into his hotel room, he was hairy, 5'10, muscular, and his dick was like 6 or 7 inches but it was really fucking thick, and after stretching my smooth hole and lubing it up is that he went inside and it didn't take long before i started feeling his warm cum exloding inside my, and lubricating me even better so he keep pumping me giving me a second one, the he took it off, we hugged eachother and few minutes after he make me lay on my stomach and he fucked me from behind really good, and i felt his third one, but he keep fucking me more and more until i felt another of his loads going all the way inside me, and i knew that it was his 4th orgasm, so i got off a big leche caliente out of un-used verga, we hugged eachother in the bed for like 15 minutes, and he wanted to deposit more sperm inside me again, but this time i told him that i wanted to taste it, so we where standing up masturbating our dicks while kissing eachother, and he was fingering my butthole that opened up letting some of these big loads dripping out, a big chunk of cum on that carpet/floor, OINK! and he came inside my mouth, and i drink every drop of that fucking yummy cum, it was quite a lot for being his 5th orgasm in a row, but after a couple of hours i left with out even knowing his name or anything. So you may ask yourself how can i practice the so called unsafe sex and not get sick with something, well, let me tell you that is been many years since i'll do it, and i only got sick when i used take medications, and not taking care of myself like i do now, you see, i don't drink cooffee, alcohol, coke, sprite or anything that has chemicals, i sleep really good every night, i stay away from sugar as much as possible, i drink lots of water constantly, i don't do drugs, and pot is not a drug, is a plant created by God) relaxes more then the tee plant, i don't stress myself with fear, i study all the food i put in my mouth, all of these conducts combined creates a strong immune system that fights very easly any possible treath to my only body, but i wouldn't have got all of this information if wasn't that my Lord provided me with the guide i asked for, and AY AY AY for the one who's choice is to underestimate Jesus Christ power.

issue # 61
Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Is been over 6 months already since i stop taking the toxic medicines that i took for 4 years, and I'm more then happy to report that I'm feeling better then ever, my shit is hard again, no more skin rushes, stronger bones, no headaches, no more stomach pains, and no more fear, but i keep myself informed about everything, like food and drinks for example, eating just junk food, coffee, alcohol, counter medicines for a long period of time can be the cause for people to have cancer or make you sick in other ways, but not many people knows what is aspartame, high fructose, and a bunch of other nasty ingredients, but thank God for heroes like Bill Maher, and i hope that lots of people keep supporting him like i do by going to "", and helping the one so far in television that really really make sense, Ophra Winfrey got close to it, but she is way too commercial, and there also Showtime that put out movies like "Damage Care" explaining the HMO's, but nothing as sick as looking the gay local magazines advertising the evil toxic medicines, and trying to buy people's life insurance, lately i try to stay away from these sad and depressing magazines showing how some fags make money out of other fag's ignorance, is such fucking nasty business, cause anyone who works or perform for an events, foundations or organizations that collects money to buy toxic and put them into the people's body have to have a conscience, if they only knew what are they are really doing, how will they know?, but is not just this stupid HIV virus, the NASA hides too much , and no!, i don't believe in UFO's, but the most scary stuff is in the medical field, mal practices are only growing, and the the meat from some supermarkets are over dated, and i feel so bad for Lance of N'sync, cause is ask for it, he should have never been interested in dealing with NASA, but probably people thinks I'm crazy anyway, but I feel better now that I say it. Changing subjects, there is a lot of other exiting things are happening lately, i flew from Miami last Sunday after leaving my dog bonito in the boarding place where they are actually cutting his balls off as i write this, his attitude towards other dogs was like if he wanted to fucking kill them, so there it goes his balls, Papito flew with me, he is doing some business meetings all over California this week, and we have the best time together in between, is so fucking cool to have someone that you can tell everything even the details of the fuck you had with someone the day before for example, someone with no bullshit but some one cool 100%, cause let me tell you that the fuck i had the other day was out of this world, i was part of a fucking yummy sandwich, and i was the meat, this other 2 Latinos guys were the bread, and the feeling got to be the best one ever, cause i cannot even fucking explain in words, WOW! what a fucking pig! i was thinking, but then i started to think of my grandma (nona), so i would not fucking shot my load yet into this bubble's ass, but it was inevitable, cause once they knew that my leche caliente was exploding out of my verga into the walls of his love-hole, making it really juicy, is that they fucking exploded too, man! it was a lot of fucking protein leche everywhere, but i didn't eat any of that, it was another day and guy the time i drink some great protein cum, m!!!!!!!!!!! yeah! i know I'm fucking pig, so what?. And YEAHHHHH!!! I'll be performing on the 12 and 13 of July in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and hopefully I'll have the new X-rated calendars and new CD's ready for those days to give hundreds of them, the place is not really big, but it will be big enough to present my new music to the guys of that coast, and after all I'll play as a kind of local now, i just have to now be patient, something so fucking hard to do, so hopefully I'll keep enjoying my time with Papito until he returns to Miami on Saturday, and I'll stay here in LA for another week, meaning that going Sunday to the gay parade on Santa Monica Boulevard seems inevitable, SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!, hey! Maybe someone will invite me to an orgy? Let's see. Being able to be a living proof of Jesus Christ's existence is better then anything that I could have ever ask for in this life time, eternally thankful for that.

issue # 60
Friday, May 31, 2002

Thursday, May 16th, 2002 in Palm Springs was the day of my first scene from my latest porno and 11th in total, named "Jeff Palmer Raw" for Hot Desert Knights, NO dialog and NO story, YEAHHHHHH, we where all in dressed in leather, I started with fucking Tom Finn in the sling, while Tommy Saxx was fucking Brad Fletcher, and while Mitch Banning was fucking Reid Maddox, then i shared Tom's ass to be fucked by Tommy, and i went straight into Reid Maddox love-hole while was being already filled with Mitch's cock, mmmm!!, so that double fucking was Reid's first one, but it was hard for us to believe him, since it was such a good one, sweet!!!, lots of sucking and kissing went by as well, then i started fucking the hell out of Brad's hungry hole and it was becoming really hard to keep holding all of these leche inside my balls that i have been acumulating for few days already, so after Tommy shot his big load, then we all started to shot also, i came into Brad's hole-lips and i stick it in and out at the same time, oh man!!!!!!!!!!!! i was just flying way high with it, and Mitch came by and started to eat my leche out of Brad's abused hole and cleaning out my verga(cock), but Tom wanted already to get fisted really bad, so i went for it until he shut his load, and i shot mine into Mitch's tongue swallowing every drop of this leche caliente cumin from my verga, oh yeah!!!!!!, I'm missing few things out of this orgy, but when this porno comes out they will be seen. The director was Ray Buttler, the best and sexiest one I'll ever meet, I even sucked his constant hard dick for a couple of minutes in front of everybody, he was getting off out of what he was filming making him the best and hottest one I have ever been, just way to fucking good looking, after all he was a model once. Jackson Price was being the best casting director I have ever been with as well, so, it was like a fucking dream, having so much fun in a fucking paradise alike town, of course I was making sure to make everything right, anticipating all moves, just like in tennis. The next day i went to work out at the local Gold's gym, and i got more phone numbers then usual, even meeting some people i know, like Tom Chase, who wasn't the friendliest guy ever, but at least he was nice enough to acknowledge me, maybe he didn't want to talk about his recent divorce with this other dude, LOL yeah! for real, he had a ceremony with toxedos and everything few years ago, LOL, the rest of that day i chilled out in the pool tanning, the next day was Saturday and time for my 2nd scene, and it was the sunset time when we started walking towards this hidden location in the desert with rocks and torches around, and it was dark when we started shooting me and Tommy fucking each other, yeah! for the first time in my life i was letting the cameras record on tape my butt hole being fucked by a dick, everybody in the set was very shocked, cause i keep my intentions secret unit that point of course, so, after few different positions is that finally i couldn't take it anymore, fucking his love hole was waaaaaaay too fine, and after holding for a while is that i let my leche explode into his hot bubble butthole's lips and almost at the same time i introduced my verga again in and out, then he shot his load and i licked his cock tasting some of his yummy protein-cum, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! ay caramba!, the day after i had to do the promotional photo shot right on the middle of the desert in a place where gay people cruise, and there is a very little river which we used really well, and by the time we started shooting the non hard dick ones is when the Margaret and her crew from BBC (UK's TV channel) join us shooting some PICS as well, they where very surprised to hear this group of gay guys cruising around saying: OH my God !, look! is Jeff Palmer!!!!!, LOL, but the planet was moving, so the mountains covered the sun, and it was getting cold and windy, so we went to the dungeon to record in tape an interview where i explain my philosophy of life, and the director explained his own as well, they where so fucking sweet, but yet very persistent, so i guess it pay off for them, and later on i had a good rest for the last scene which was the following day, on Monday 20th, i fisted Brock Hunters and Tom Finn, ay ay ay! at one point i though my elbow will disappear into Brock's extremely well trained huge hole, oh man! my dick was just like a piece of steel wanting to constantly go in and out of those really hungry holes, giving me the ultimate satisfaction, the one so fucking hard to find, cause most people get weird about it, the day after i got paid what it is part of the best and most fair deal i ever got, then i checked out and this limousine car took me to my apt. in LA where i organized my self to fly the next day to Eugene, Oregon, i need it to be in a very peaceful city for few days after doing this porno, and sure i fucking love that little town so much, that i already have a place to live in there too, and i enjoy it so much, the people and environment are my favorite ones, so now i spent my time between 3 cities, their only gay club in there is called "Neighbors" and sure i made friends quickly in there, finding eventually who i was, so i enjoyed dancing to Pet Shot Boys, like if they already knew that i couldn't make it to their latest US concerts, i hope to catch the next one. In that little place i meet this HOT HOT muscular mulato guy who works for a local TV station, and i better be discret about it him, cause we got off really good at my place, and he offered me to take me to the airport the next day, so he sleept over and he took me to the airport and flew back to LA where i took care of bills, phone calls, the gym, and friends like Mark, Michelle, Jeff, and also enjoying good fucks with this super hot tall guy, and fucking him is really though, cause it feels so fucking good inside that is hard to hold my cum, his verbal hot language might contribute to this fucking nasty situation, ending up the encounter breeding him with all of this hot leche caliente inside his still unsatisfied hole, but i think it was like fucking 1:30 am already, so i thanked him for getting me off, and i hit my bed, mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!, I flew from LA to here Miami 2 days ago, and I'm just relaxing with my lover Papito. The movies i have seen lately are "Spider Man" one fucking cheese movie, LOL, but "Enough" and "Damage Care"(Showtime) are a couple of ones to remember. I cannot wait to see Bill Clinton to have an entertaining talk show once a week at least, YEAH!!!!!!, or maybe appear on SNL!!, My doggy Bonito turns 1 year old tomorrow. My first calendar and CD music compilation is about to be ready in a matter of weeks, so, maybe i will be give away lots of them on the 4 of July as part of the show that i might be performing at "Boardwalk", in Fort Lauderdale, the only problem is that because of the local elections here in FL is that i would have to be very, very clean, no one would be able to see my dick while I'm inside that building. Thank you Jesus Christ for such fucking cool message that you gave me through DR Joe, sure it seems we are finding new ways to connect, or maybe I'm just paying more attention to everything and everyone around, and you guide me with my instincts.

issue # 59
Thursday, May 16, 2002

I need to apologize for writting only once in the month of april, but i really didn't feel like doing it, so that is why i decided to just take my time, and here i'm going to copy and paste the new scoop i wrote on the way here in Palm Springs, and i better do it fucking quick cause the people from this new porno i'm doing, will pick me up in matter of minutes, and hopefully once i finnish the porno i will try to explain everything with all the details as possible.
And here it goes.....(Tuesday 14, 2002...Well, finally I get to write a new scoop, lots of stuff have been going on since the last time. Now days I'm being extra careful in doing everything right, not wrong moves at all, so i stayed the all month of April in Miami with my doggy Bonito and having my lover Papito to visit me quite often and sure we enjoy being with each other more and more, giving me the freedom to fuck with other guys, like this Cuban guy for example, oh man! i cannot fucking help myself with that fucker, he just keeps making my verga cum too fucking soon, every time i stick it inside such soft and warm love hole, i go crazy, he is really muscular in his early 40's horny and macho looking, just really fucking hot, and also i enjoyed hanging out with this new group of friends and girlfriends i have there in SoBe, Carlos and here sister Denise from Spain, Pia, Fleming, Kika, and Josefina are from Sweden, most of them are straight, and they love to listen to my latest music single called "High", I have just a fucking blast when i hang with them, but I have to be in top of everything all the fucking time, but once this 2003 xrated calendars and "my first music compilation CD" are ready, then I'll feel way much better, so, besides creating this new song called "Beautiful" here in LA with the same DJ as High i was creating another new one called "Life" while i was in FL, so i cannot wait to have them all in just one CD, but more exited I'm now that I'm writing this on the notepad of my new laptop computer inside this fucking sweet black limo, having all the fucking privacy i fucking want, but i got to hold my leche cause i need to save it for this new porno I'm about to film, hopefully, yeah! I'm on my fucking way to Palm Springs, hopefully I'll have all the comfort as possible in the Marquis villas, so many people compliments me about my hair, i cannot fucking believe that being blond is so fucking cool, anyway, last night i dreamed with Enrique Iglesias, LOL, very fucking weird but i have not fucking clue what the fuck happened in my dreams cause I'm still in love with him, and i still do, MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!, LOL, i did an interview with "Badpuppy magazine", and soon it should be out the issue of "Paper magazine" where a little interview with me is featured, plus I'm thinking about performing in a couple of places where i have been offered. And one offer that went away was the one that i got from Wash West, this director asked me if I could be part of this new documentary he is working on, he seemed really, really interested on me and my story, but when me and HDK asked them for an agreement saying that there won't be any miss interpretation, then we never heard back from the guy anymore, but the biggest TV news channel from Europe seems really serious about this interview they also want from me, but I don't know about their intentions either, after all, I already said not to big firms like Hustler, once after getting a contract from them for live Internet broadcast like 3 years ago. Life goes so fucking fast, but it feels like a much better one, and being back to California feels also better then ever, thanks to the one that now I trust 100%, fuck yeah! Jesucristo!!! the one.

issue # 58
Saturday, April 13, 2002

Well my people, here we go again, but this time stronger then yesterday, like Britney sings, cause let me tell you that my bones, muscles, skin, heart, energy level and other things are feeling better then ever, there is not a shadow of a doubt that my body is being disintoxicated since the last December 7th, FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!, so, I'm feeling so happy now days that i went to the finals at this major tournament here in Miami that used to be called "Ericson", and my mission was to cheer Serena Williams against Jennifer Capriati, and sure it worked good, cause at one point Serena was losing the second set 3-5 so, so, i don't know from where it came to me this fucking urge to scream really loud "anticipate Serena!" everytime she had to hit back Capriati's serve, sure it was very fucking annoying not only to the poor Jennifer but also to lots of people in the stands, LOL, big time BABY!, but it worked perfect cause Serena came back in that set and close it 7-6, ah! ah!, so quickly i went from the VIP box to where all the fans go for autographs, and after she got her new trophy and those hundreds of thousands of dollars then she came up to us and i told her that her blond hair, dress and those golden-orange shoes makes her look toooooooo good, there was nothing from her that i didn't like, and i guess that she recognized my voice from the "anticipation shouts i screamed earlier, cause not only was she having a fucking HUGE smile in her pretty face, but her eyes went really wide open while looking right at mine eyes, and she signed her autograph to me, and that went right through my heart so much, that i still keep her autograph in my wallet cause i really think that she's giving a run for kournikova's money. This month I decided to not fly to LA, so I'll have my great friend Dwight to take care of my things in there, while I try to put together a calendar here in Miami, so I feel like I doing something constructive. I hope this new "Gay Entertainment Awards" are a thing from the fans, cause I got fooled with those fucking Grabby ones, wwwwwwuuaaaaaackk!!!!!, cause those ones make money out of the fans like the GAYVN ones and they don't even respect fan's choices, so let's see about this ones and not get too exited about them. But the thing that I'm exited about is that I got a new agent, he use to represent the legendary John Holms in the 70's, so what else do I need to know? Unfortunately David Forest couldn't do it anymore, plus it feels really resurfacing for myself too, Johnny Johnston is seems to be liked by lots of people in this fucking industry, so, that is a fucking plus baby. And another refreshing thing is that I'm starting to dress more baggy, you see, I always said that after being 27 years old is when I'll start dressing more normal and not so fucking crazy anymore and it feels really fine to me, so it was shopping with papito a couple of days ago. I cannot fucking wait to film my next porno, the guys look really fucking hot, like this cuban guy that is very muscular and called me one of this past evenings, but what happens is that his butt hole was on fire, and it needed to be worked, and for me it was either that or go out to a night club and just dance, so feeling the side effects of eating turkey at night, is that i decided just go over his house and take him straight to bed where we'll get naked and his hungry throat starting to massage my hard rock verga from one end to the other like a fucking boa constrictor, fuck men! talking about a nice sloppy hole begging to be fucking destroyed by my verga's power, and the mission was accomplished cause after pounding and pounding and pounding for quite a while, is that his butt hole end up totally wide stretched open, watching some of my leche client dripping out of his beyond juicy love-hole, and it wasn't as good as when i fuck with Papito, but, hey! sure it gave me something so fucking hot to fucking remember for a while, hhhhmmmmmm!!!!
There is now a couple of other projects I'm working in, so hopefully I'll know what to do, not like most people right now that don't get it, Jews will always be the victims, they are Jesus's family, and even if all of the Palestinians die, still some one else will try to repress them, is all in the bible, evil make sure this particular people suffer the most always through the whole history of humanity, jelousy and envy are Evil biggest weapons but he hiddes under certain dresses such as the catholic church for example, it is meant to happens this anyway.
But playing tennis with my teacher Gaston was more then fantastico, forgetting about everything, remembering how much fun use to feel, man! and i lost 6-0 6-1 6-2, it was my first time in soooooooo long, but he is a straight guy, so no raunchy revenge from my part 4 him, so far I'm still feel real protected and guided by my eternal idol Jesus Christ, so here goes my public thanks 2 him, Hey! Is only fair for me to at least fucking say it like I always fucking do, FUCK YEAH! YEAH!

issue # 57
Friday, March 29, 2002

Due to my last scoop, (issue # 56) is that I haven't explain much of what have been doing since i left Miami.
On monday the 18th I arrived in LA around 8:30pm, and it was a taxi cab, eating some chicken, cleaning and orginizing my apt., phone calls, and falling sleep, the next day was gym, tan, errands, bills, hair cut from Jean Marc at "Jose Eber" my new hairstylist, i went out to "Beige" at night and i saw and talk to lots of friends, on Wednesday i work out at "Crunch" with Vasilia, man! that was a fucking major work out, she enjoyed my new abs exercise, Thursday came with the spring and close to my B-day i decided to create the issue # 56 in this scoop area of this website explaining my new philosophy of life, then i went to meet with DJ Rock the Beat at his new own Titanium Studios, and from 3:30pm until 10:30pm that day we created a new music single called "Beautiful", and certainly it is, i made sure every bet of a sound is like i want and by now he understand that it must be on my way 4 this one too, even the lyrics, by now he should be mixing it all together together, later that night i went to David A's house in Hollywood Hills and fuck him so fucking good until i released all of my leche of days, next day i went to my orthodontist and they took my braces off, even that i should have had them for quite some time longer, and even seeing Tom Cruise with them too didn't help to change my mind, i was sick of them after 2 years and a half, i had lunch with this assistant girl who seems so in love with me, and 1 hour and a half later i was working out in Gold's gym seeing so many people i knew like Mark and Mitch, and after working out hard and collecting some phone numbers along the way with out having those intentions that day, then i came back to my apt. to shave and shower get food on the way and drove to the Hilton Hotel in Universal Studios where i parked and ate quarter of a chicken inside my car and left to my agent's party in one of those floors but hugging, kissing and taking PICS with all this people took quite some time before finally i made it into that room and automatically i was handed a Gipsy instrument which i started playing and singing with these live musicians with guitars, violins and everything, my own version was, "bamba! bamba! caramba!, then i did one of the "interviews of a life time" with Tom Tangin, and right after that i had another one with Margaret from no one else then England's "BBC", to be part of a documentary called "Sexual Health", then i went downstairs and i seat on this almost front row table with my agent Davidito, Ryan Idol, Billy Herrington and Wendy, Ceasar and his wife, Mark Sendroff, Jason Mc Cain, and our table sponsor Chuck Howard, i tried to watch those GayVN awards but it was just too not funny at all, so after the first award was given i left the table and meet with Brent Blue and took him to my car and he gave me company while i was eating the other quarter of a chicken left, after a while we came back to that event and i was talking with Tristan Paris when i saw Jeff Striker walking very by me, so i went up to him and said to him, "hi! my honor to meet you!, and i kept talking with Tristan after noticing a big weirdness on Jeff, LOL, i really enjoyed so fucking much meeting all of these people in the industry that i had never meet before, seeing also the ones i already know, and after getting no recognition by denying me an award from the only 2 nominations they gave me is that i decided to not go to any event created by Mike Skee, Nick Di Martino of Jeremy Spencer, that was my last participation at those particular awards, and unfortunately i don't hear people saying they love them, then i went upstairs to the room and i meet Ken Ryker, he was very shy and hot looking still, Billy Brant gave up his previous attitude and was cool with me, and once that boring show was over lots of people came by to these rooms and sure i let some of them suck my happy verga, some PICS shots, and i quick meeting with Daddy Ferguson cause he is putting together on may 25th a porno award show made for the FANS, not the industry, and they seem to be way cool with me, so let's see what happens at those "Graby awards" in Chicago, but this italian guy was testing my italian, and thank God that it was enough good to make out with him and take him home in my car, and then i came back to the Hilton again cause in one of those rooms there was a couple of guys who gave me the room # earlier, and sure i had to stop by to fill the juicy and tender hole of one of them, while kissing his lover and this other black guy that had the best lips i can remember, oh man!!! but i couldn't do it for too long, cause it was too late and i had to take i flight the next day to NYC, and said and done, cause i arrived at JFK airport around 8:30pm, and i stayed at this guest house that was pretty fucking cute, but not enough to even mention the name cause i wouldn't stay there anymore i think, i got something to eat, i shaved and showered and went around midnight to the "Black Party" and i was introduced to my dressing room automatically, i put on my leather gear and went to play with the crowd tasting all kinds of mouths with my dick and lips, until finding the great one that i could enjoy for a while, and soon find another one, and of course that my verga found also great shelter into some warm, cozy and juicy butt holes, but all of the sudden i saw this shaved head guy in his late 30's with a hot mustache and i spit saliva in my finger tips and played with his ass hole while i was fucking this other guy standing up behind him, so i switched and with out knowing his name, or seeing much of his face, and with out him moving away is that my hard piece of rock verga went in and out of the best hole in that house, we where there standing up for over an hour i think, cause i was hugging him from behind and he was wearing chaps like me making it very simple to insert my verga that was having the best time ever probably, people around us didn't bother us, maybe they where thinking that we where just dancing while we watched those hot sexual shows on the stage, he was even talking to his friend next to him while getting plowed nonstop by my fucking piece of wood, but i had to come back to the dressing room to report, being ready for the show at any time, but it wasn't until the last show that was an orgy, that i started watching it from the crowd while fucking this same guy i fucked early for over an hour, and like after 10minutes of fucking him is that i jumped into the stage and tried to take off my cum jerking off with my hand, but it didn't worked so i stick my dick into the butt hole of this guy in the stage that i was fucking earlier in the dressing room, and few seconds later is that i felt that feeling of release, so i took it out of his nice hole and all this fucking leche ejected out of my balls, going through all the inches of my verga and just exploding high out of hole of my cock, i heard some ovations from that crowd at that point, WWWWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!, it felt just like New Years evening, i left that floor very sticky, but i cannot forget the eyes of all those people taking so much pleasure out of this humans connections, but it was around 4:30am already and i didn't want to wait until 6:00am to get paid, and i don't think i wanted to get paid anyway, cause i told Will Clark to hold it for me, and i knew i will never see it, cause now that he knows my philosophy of life is that he turned nasty, but he doesn't even know that i went to the place he told me to go in order to check where the money from all of his fundraisers goes, he said to me that in that place they should have records to share with the public, since this events are to help the public, and that they have nothing to hide, but i took the time to go there which is in S.Monica BV and Sweetzer 2nd floor, but they didn't want to show me anything with out a previous appointment, in which they can easily have time to fix any papers, but when i told them that i would be glad to come back the next day to get copies of the papers that i can take with me to read them carefully, then they said, NO! they said i could see this papers there ONLY, so i ask them why? and then they couldn't come up with an reasonable excuse at least, saying is private!!!!, so i wonder if Will Clark gets money out of this fundraisers too and how much, so i hope he didn't, cause dealing with the facts that he MAY be helping people to die due to his phylosophy that fails to even be informed in such HUGE matters, God help him please, cause he is the only one so far with big issues about my new honest way of life.
That morning i got something to eat before coming back to my room and sleeping until 1:30pm on Sunday in which I had Patrick(internet fan) visit me sharing the same birthday as me, turning him 39 i think, and sure we had a fucking awesome 69, having no braces make it more fun 4 me, plus we end up covering ourselves with lots of hot cum!, the weather outside was the coldest in NYC's recently winter, and i did not watch the Oscars. The next day was rainy but i went work out at the NYSC and it was 4 free, then i showered, then tanning saloon, and Paul(internet fan) came by my hotel and went for diner and talk, then we went to his fucking huge apt. hanged with him for a while, but he had to fly the next day, and it was late 4 me too anyway, cause the next day on Tuesday 26th i was photographed by no one else then Richard Phibbs, WOW! talking about major talent and hot looks, hhhhhhm!!!!!!!!!! bien guapo, but a couple of hours later Mickey Boardman walks into this super studio, and interview me, and based on his last client being Kyle from "i can't get you out of my head" is that i realized the magnitude of this magazine called PAPER, Mickey loves "Roctronico" very much which made me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo muy happy, YEAH!!!!!!!! plus Gal seems like the best assistant any photographer can have, later that day Alan(internet fan) came by my place and i fucked his great beefy butt with his legs on my shoulders, and after few conformable positions, is that lots of leche caliente exploded it out of him and me, leaving us in a total relaxing way, laying on my bed for a while before cleaning ourselves, and we went to watch "Blade 2" and it was kind of funny, and cool, but i had to go back for a good rest, the next day i received lots and lots of phone calls from my family, friends and fans congratulating me for my 27th birthday, then i went to the club "Stonewall" around 4:00pm to do some sound checks, David Cohen was an unusual manager since he was so fucking cool, few hours later i went to Richard Phibbs's apt. to have diner and hang out, no sex with him yet, HHHHHHHHHMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! some day i hope, but i had to run out of it cause it was getting late for me to get fucking ready for my show at midnight, so i showered and shaved at my room and left to the club around 11:30, and seeing Mark Nelson, Aaron Cobbet and Bart(Britney's Spears stylist)there 4 me was the best extasis feeling i could ever ask for, and being so energized by it, i quickly changed into my leather uniform and i did a video interview to "Pink under the table", and I'm not certain about where it will be shown on TV, at 12:15 it was show time, but the go go boy wouldn't leave the stage and the microphone wasn't working, so they quickly took him off, fixed the microphone and they started again the music, then i went to the stage and started singing "Gostoso" really close to their faces, but with "Rocktronico" i started to hug them and kiss them, and same thing with "Why?", but this time i wasn't seeing just their eyes really wide open, BUT also lots of fucking big endless smiles in their fucking beautiful faces, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! i was in love with each one of them, but also i could tell that they where ready for my verga, so i went back to my dressing room where i had the huge pleasure of meeting Michael Musto who asked me few questions about me and my music taking him few minutes to write down my answers, and when he left i didn't know if i was fucking dreaming or what, Mr. Musto is a major personality i see on TV all the fucking time, and Donnie Russo entered my dressing room making me feel even more like it really was a fucking dream, cause he is not only looking way fucking hot, but we enjoyed each other so good, to the point of being ready to go back to the stage, but this time i was getting sucked but quite few juicy mouths while the rest of my own music was playing, at one point i was laying on the floor with all of this guys hands and tongues all over me, and it was fucking super amazing! until this guy drop some poppers in my left shoulder, so i rushed automatically back to my dressing room quickly to take this poison out of me, once there and clean i took one of these guys outside my dressing room door and introduced him in, and i introduced my verga inside his sloppy and hungry hole, then i was called to go downstairs where i was seating in this couch having this security guy helping to be organized, and while somebody was sucking my hard verga i was kissing the next guy in the line, then this one i kissing went down on my cock, and the one who was sucking me moves on, so then i get some one new to kiss from the line, and it went on and on this way for quite a while that they told me i have 5 minutes to get off, and so i did, i felt even better right after, dreaming awaked, and some of this guys licked some leche out of my right hand and verga, then they took me to this other room where they sang to me the happy birthday, i felt TOOOOOOOOOOOOOO loved i wished for happiness for everybody in that room and i blew the candles of this big cake, then i told them over the microphone that i didn't think i never thought this birthday would be so fucking incredible, loving to do it always in NYC, then i signed the covers of some "High" CD's for a while and then we did a little ruffle giving away gifts certificates, posters, movies, then they took me back to my dressing room where i started playing with this guys i know from my last B-day, Fernando and Albert and they have big dicks too, so i convinced them to play with me on the stage, and we did it, letting everybody in there to watch out close all the fun we where having, but one of them was kind of why at one point so i told them we did enough and we came back to my dressing room where we dressed and left the club in their van with a couple of extremely 22yo.boys, and we had a very entertaining orgy where i fucked some more breeding Albert really good, we relaxed and then they took me back to my hotel where i slept waking up yesterday in NYC and went to sleep here in Miami with Papito who gives me more love then any other human i know right now, and now i should take a shower and shave cause we are going to this tennis tournament in Key Biscane tonight, and of course I'm ending this scoop thanking always Jesus Christ publicly for his mighty protection and guide, trying each day to make my faith on him even stronger, yeah! With actions!

issue # 56
Thursday, March 21, 2002

I just couldn't wait any longer, I couldn't let one minute go away without explaining now the miracle that I have just experienced.
By the summer of 1997 i was partying really hard, besides smoking this nasty crystal meth once in a while, i used to take some kind of nitro stuff into my nose to open it up, and also i was taking other stupid counter medicine too, drinking alcohol, and eating raw mushrooms(poison), and taking all of this periodically and even combined sometimes of course it made my immune system really low which showed in a test i did at the time, i had AIDS, but not from any HIV virus, but at the time i was younger and naive, so i believed it existed like most people still think it does, this public clinic pushed me to take their cocktail medicines for free, and only God Knows how uncomfortable it is to live for 4 years with those toxins into my body, knowing nothing of what i was putting into my only body, trusting people i did not know, but after September 11th, i knew something was wrong, to many things didn't make sense, so i started searching for information, so i asked God for help, and i started connecting with the bareback activists, and i found all kinds of hidden information, and my heart felt more sad then ever by each minute that my brain was taking all of this fresh brand new information that made so, so, so much sense, it was like putting a puzzle together, and i still try to not think of all of the millions of fags who did from intoxication with AZT for example, and not from any fucking virus, it was so fucking hard to believe it, but is been a while already since the people in Europe and other parts of this world knows the truth about this money machine monster, it seems like this country still have the most victims, so many people with fears, just like the one i used to have thinking that it was true that if i stop taking those fucking pills then this virus will take over and get me sick and die, but i stop taking it on the past 7th of December and i never felt and looked better then i do now, each day my body gets more and more clean from this toxins, and i checked my liver like 2 months ago and it is fine, still i won't do any drugs so i can keep myself even more healthy and stay away from AIDS which is a result of body contamination from lots of agents but not from any virus, people who take this medicines, poppers and other drugs get sick more often, i have discovered that is all about what you put in your body, and cancer treatments and certain heart surgeries can be fake too, i can't not believe in HIV tests, for HIV does not exist, fraud? money? why not?, specially going mainly to Blacks and gays, it ain't no coincidence, but the most sad part is that still there is a lot of people still blind, and they live under the best weapon from evil which is FEAR, and it is out of control since they are even giving these medicines to pregnant woman too, so I'm willing to be a living proof of my philosophy, and as the time goes by and i don't die from any weird accident, then my life will speak for itself, cause Jesus Christ and his angels are taking joy on my protection, he gave me back my life, and there will never be words to express my gratitude and happiness I'm experiencing, knowing that still there is hope for people to face the facts, and search for more information, and understanding of the souls out there who may be claiming for justice, and now authorities are trying to push this medicines and vaccines to the Africans, my life won't be the same, and no matter what happens after now i don't really care, cause i had said what i had to, maybe not to be a role model, but to explain my new way of living, which set me free wishing my best for the people who don't believe me, cause i know that the people who will believe me will be fine, and there is much more stuff that people don't know and probably will never know, we only have one body which is made from what you consume and right information is the key to the long&happy existence, it is time now for me to put to the test my faith on Jesus Christ my all mighty lord, feeling complete peace that my confession of what i know is been shared with the ones i love, yeah! you!, check one of the websites with that have great info,

issue # 55
Tuesday, March 05, 2002

My memory is not getting any better, and i kind o enjoy that, but now I'll try to remember since the day i went to Boston, i had to wake up that day at 5:45 am to make the flight, and John, Harry and his boyfriend picked me up at Boston's airport, on the way to my hotel i found out about the closing of the club where i was due to perform by the fire marshals with unfairly reasons, it seems to me that by Boston being so religiously oriented having churches in every fucking corner, that one of this groups donated a considerable amount of money to the fire marshals, know what I'm saying?, but we didn't gave up.
Once in my hotel room I relaxed with John, we relaxed so much that we end up getting each other off, then he left and I rested, watched TV, and at night they picked me up for diner in this great gay restaurant-bar and everybody in there seemed very exited, but that night I need it a good 8 or 9 hours of sleep. The next day was saturday=show time, so i started having lunch with Mark Adams and Manrique, and we took some PICS in the only gay video store in Boston, that is why Mark is one of my heroes he is way too cool, then i chilled out at my room and i meet with this new personality of the porno industry Damon Kruezer, his job was an interview (that is available in here on the "interviews" area), it was quite long, but i have to say that it may be the best one so far, he is a great writer and person who happens to be bisexual so he comes as weird for some of his colleagues, it took 3 hours, then he left my hotel room. It was my first time in Boston, which happen to be the "student" city, having Harvard and all those, that is why i guess the church tried to stop the pornstar from performing, but this pornstar is protected by the God of luv, and not but the fucking God hater of fags, so, all of the personal stuff from "Buzz" (with a capacity of 1000 people) went to "Hollywood" which have capacity for only 400 people, so there it was hundreds of them who couldn't get to see me, and the stage wasn't as good either, but all i need it was the music to play and start connecting with their eyes as i performed, and sure i took advantage of every minute of it, the DJ played "High" really short, but i flew with it, and i hugged and signed few dozens of autographs on the "High" CD cover, and i made sure to give my room number to some potential pigs, but at 2:00 am all clubs must be closed, besides, there is a rule in Boston's club's to no one touch my crotch or butt publicly. Around 2:30 John and this guy from Harvard university took me back to my hotel, they came into my room and we started playing, but this young hot guy had really not much sexual experience, but he was so fucking hot looking, yeah!, and then, we hear some one at the door, and it was a white and latin couple of guys who quickly got naked and the latin one had and incredible hungry hole dying to seat on my verga that happened to be hard rock as a pole while I was laying on bed on my back, and as soon as i felt his intentions I grabbed his legs and made him seat on my verga and make it disappear since it was juiced up already, while i was kissing this student from Harvard and sticking my fingers up this white butthole lover of the one who was jumping up and down my cock rubbing me so good with the walls of his juicy love-hole, hhhhhhhmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!! it was just too fucking much, so i pull it off and sprayed all of this big fucking huge monster leche all over my body while they all started cumin too making a big feast cumin, and after some cleaning, i just passed out sleeping so fucking good the rest of that night, and the next day on Sunday it was already time to leave Boston back to Miami, and here I'm relaxing in this cloudy day and taking care of the usual, and i cannot get over how much girls like now that i have such long hair, cause the other day i was in Flamingo Park with my doggy Bonito playing with other dogs and it was kind of windy and a little bet cold and i was dressing with almost nothing as usual, and this girl had a sweeter so she came to me and hugged me saying ...OK! i have to try other ways or I'll never get nothing or something like that but then she said... i know that you are cold and it will not be cool for Bonito to go home soon just because you are cold, so let me warm you, and i said sure!, but i couldn't help to feel extremely overwhelmed, other people where there too watching, she hugged me between 5 and 10 minutes non stop, then she took her time leaving, but i left early as thank God she was talking to somebody, I'm such fucking fag!, sorry man! but sex with woman is not 4 me. Lately I have been hanging around with this guy from Spain called Carlos who likes dancing in top of the bar, Gray from England who is trying to became a popular singer, and Fleming from Denmark who's not currently gay cause he is married to a fucking cool girl and as long as we don't fuck then we can still make out really good like we often do in the clubs, we all just have soooooooooooooooooo much fun! SSSSSSIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Also i had the super surprise of having Kevin Willimas over my house, he came with his buddy James and we went to the nude beach, and we talked about lots of stuff and found out how different is our philosophies of approaching the same industry, and we remembered how much fun was having our first and only fuck recorded on this video called "Betrayed"m fucking amazing shit!, but he just broke up with his lover and I have learn over the years to not get involved with someone who just broke up with someone, plain simple, sorry Kevin, I hope he understand me and finally I cannot wait to see a movie that is not porno, called "The time machine," besides I'm fucking in luv with Guy Pearce. Also I have to give credit to "Roxette" their music is always been and still is my inspiration for making music, listening to them make me feel so fucking good, not as good as my own music of course, I like them as much as Pet Shop Boys.
There is a lot of things from life that many people don't know, and maybe what you don't know is what can kill you, but as much as I want to say I have to wait for such moment, if.
But one thing I know 4 sure, that no matter what, I'm decided in making my faith stronger and better then ever, and such task requires a complete peace of mind, that comes from my idol "Jesus X" (x means Christ).

issue # 54
Friday, February 15, 2002

Today is or it was the Valentine's Day and as a present to all of my lovers out there is that I'm writing to let you all know what the fuck is it that I have been doing lately.
On the past Sunday 4th I flew in first class with Papito to LA, it was fucking strange and exiting to have him into my apartment in LA and driving my Ford Taurus car with him in there. The next day I went he went out of town for business and I proceeded to go work out at Gold's gym and take care of bills, errands and all of that boring shit. And the day after it was more bills and errands, but at night it was time for Beige club! so I called some friends and Vasilia, Michelle, Mark, Scott, Jessica and some others hang out with me there that night and it was a fucking blast.
Next day i went to my orthodontist to adjust my braces and find out that unfortunately they'll be out by next June, then i went work out at "Crunch" and at night i went to this new sexclub and as i was getting closer to it i was feeling more and more horny in thinking of how many horny guys where in there like me, and it didn't take that long before i was there in that small dark room full with really horny man french kissing each other, sucking nipples, dicks, buttholes, OH FUCK!!!!!, automatically i had this desperate mouth and throat taking full control of my rock hard verga, it felt like a fish blowing me, but i had to pull it out of that spectacular hungry throat cause i didn't wanna cum yet, but as soon as i took it out someone else got a hold of it and this young pig was white, completely nude and very athletic cause when he grabbed my verga he was already in perfect position to rape me and stick my wood dick inside of his already filled with leche butt-hole, and i couldn't control my cum anymore, and he ate all of my cum with his incredible asshole all the way deep inside, I'm sure someone there was happy to lick some cum out of his hole or just pound some load inside too. The next day i did another photo shot with this photographer so i can post those PICS online, plus he did drink my leche once we where finished with, great day!, The next day on Friday i had lunch with my agent and some of the guys that he represent, then i hang out with some friends, and at night i really enjoyed being in this new club called "here" WOW! it was filled! talking about the most good looking guys in all California, but unfortunately they were the kind of guys wanting to be big actors one day, know what I'm saying? but thank God i got to make out with few ones, and i end up going with this casting director to eat, fuck and sleep. Next day i went work out at "Gold's gym" and at night Michelle drove me, her date Romeo and Mark to Greg's house and meet this girls and guys from surviver and temptation island TV reality shows cause they have the same agent, so we went out to a straight club that night and we didn't have to do that fucking huge long line to get in, so we had so much fun dancing and dancing, Mishelle was very sexual, but Romeo enjoyed rubbing his body against mine once in a while, HHHHHMMM!! he is so fucking HOT!, we where all in our 20's, and all of the sudden i started flirting with this black guy and he tells me that my butt was the best one he ever saw, OH MAN! what my tight jeans are doing is more then i never thought considering i was in a straight club and that all of these people with me noticed him going a little nuts with his eyes and big smile, sure i would let him lick my butthole, his lips where perfect for it, OINK!, but then we left to Michelle's house and hang out with her and these straight guys while i was waiting for this great looking guy i know from the gym, he picked me up and took me to his place where we fucked and fall a sleep for 4 or 5 hours cause then i had to New Orleans, so after one connection in Dallas i arrived in there last Sunday night, around 10:30, it was Mardi Grass time!!!!!!!, so i checked into this new elegant guesthouse few blocks away from all of the action which is where me and one of the guesthouse's host went after eating something first, but this bar about Bourbon Street called Phoenix was way too much fun so i played in that dark room for a good couple of hours, and went to my room to sleep for a good 10 hours, and i woke up last Monday and shower and shave cause Vidkid Timo(pornstar) came by my room and filmed a mini interview, then we went eat and then i did some shopping for some clothes, then i meet with this bartender with a fucking hot mustache that added more sensation to the super blowjob he gave me later at his house where we hang out and play he couldn't take it for too long and he fucking had a big juicy orgasm, but i didn't, so i decided to have mine in this bathhouse in Toulouse Street, and i got off not once but twice, the first time was inside this hole that felt being already abused by others, so i added another load in him, I'm sure he felt how huge and long it was, then i rested for a while, to only get off again after playing with several horny guys and hit the road back to my room where i crashed in bed and called the bartender to come over and bring me some food, have one last fuck and sleep over until the next morning that he had to go work, and me go party on Bourbon Street in the popular "fat Tuesday", it wasn't cold as the day before, the sun made it perfect, not too cold and not too hot, and i was just going from one bar to the other, checking the balconies, and once i took my shirt off is when some people started to recognize me and ... can i take your picture? or.,..can i take a picture with you? or ...of my God! his dick is showing in this picture! and sure it was, i couldn't believe i was showing my verga semi hard to the people of this balconies and I got showered with lots of those beets, later on I found myself getting my dick sucked in the balcony of "Oz," the only problem was this religious groups protesting and trying to ruin our time, of course no one couldn't care less for them. A custom contest was being held since so many people had the most original ones i ever seen, people in New Orleans are really fucking cool, fucking awesome hospitality and very romantic too, once hungry, i took this 19 year old boy for diner around 8 PM, he made me feel so good by being so fucking sweet but I'm not meant for him, and he is meant for some one else too, so I took a cab to this other guy's house that I meet earlier and have a last fantastic fuck before I took a taxi cab back to my room and fall sleep until yesterday Wednesday that I flew over here in Miami, where I have to get ready and in shape for my show in Boston, having today some teddy bears as my valentine's present.
Also i find out that i have been nominated for "best actor"(even that I'm not one), and for "best group scene", then my costar got one for "best supporting actor" and my director of this last porno i did called "Palmer's Lust" making a total of only 4 nominations, i would be more exited if the fans where who chose them, but is was the GayVn Awards so i don't expect to win them.
Lately i haven't seen many movies in the theaters, I'm so fucking sick of the war movies, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and Beautiful Mind wasn't as good as is could have plus that actor is way to snobby, but thank God for Will and Grace cause Sean make me laugh so much, and one TV show that I'm turn off with is "Queer as folk", too boring already. Now I'm too tired, it is already Friday 2:30 am, so I'm going sleep now trusting that JesusX will keep protecting me like he always do. (X means Christ, like Xmas for Christmas, know what I'm saying?

issue # 53
Friday, February 01, 2002

After so many sunny days with temperature of mid 80's today finally is a rainy day, so now I have the enough patient to fucking seat and write about most of what I have been doing since last time wrote.
I came into Miami few weeks ago and i prepared myself by going to the gym consistently, eating right and tanning at the nude beach, so i got ready and i did it, it was in Knoxville, TN, and i had to perform all of my music, and even that the crowd wasn't big because that wasn't the biggest night of this particular club called "Electric Ballroom", their biggest night is Saturday and they don't need me for then I guess, but Hey! Ru Paul performed the Friday before me, and besides i only listening to my music when i perform, so it always feels fucking magical to do it, i couldn't believe i saw over a dozen of girls as part of the crowd seating in those tables, so i got really close to their faces when i was singing "Why?", the microphone wasn't that good, but i enjoyed every minute of that show, the autograph session wasn't that good cause only 2 fans sucked my dick, and signed like a dozen of autographs, they also took some PICS.
Then my promoter Margarito and Rod took me to my hotel room where we took off out clothes, Margarito is also 26, latin, shaved head, nipple rings, 110 pounds and a super fuck-hole, MAN! talking a fucking good promoter!, cause me and Rod took turns fucking his butt hole, forcing him to it since that was what he wanted, he like it rough, so fucked him the roughest as i could, such little body was being easy for me and for my over 6 feets white friend Rod to take control and full advantage of him, WOA! YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!! there he was laying on his stomach by the side of the bed with me in top of him while raping his juicy and stretched wide open luv hole, but when i was getting closer to shot i took it out and let Rod enjoy it too, but then few minutes later i wanted more, and it went on and on, using and fucking abusing that fucking hungry mother fucker hole, until my fucking verga(cock) couldn't fucking take it anymore and pluffffff!! my leche fucking jumped out the hole of the head of my verga, so Rod's dick did as well, Margarito's back was fucking covered with so much cum which he tasted as a fucking good fuck slave pig that he fucking is, HHHHHHHMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! how can i ever forget this one?, WWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF Margarito! i luv u man!
Then we washed and went out to the local open restaurant and we ate, also on our way out I signed some autographs for this guys eating there as well and who went to the other gay club that night, so, did they regret not seeing my show?, AH! AH!.
Once back in my hotel room again i got ready to go sleep when someone called me, and it was one of the boyfriends of this girls watching my show earlier, they got my room number from these HOT club strippers, so he got me all horny again over the phone, but this couple of early 20's guys knocked at my door, i ditched that guy in the phone and started playing with this kids, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! AY! AY!, talking about interactions of hard dicks and juicy holes a white and black guy at the same time, and their balls where very charged cause at the time of getting off i saw like a fucking gallon cumin out of them, i think i know why i like the smell of Clorox, OH!, i was so tired that i slept with their cum all over my body, next morning i flew back here in Miami.
Now i know why blondes have much more fun then the rest, is been a couple of months already since i have turned my hair blond expecting people to tell me to get back to brown, but still I'm waiting, and all i get is WOW i like better blond, so i cannot fucking wait to have a photo shot, HHHHHMMMM!!!!!!! so, from now and on anyone attempting to tell me to change my hair back to brown will fail, the test time is already due, so I'll it blond 4 ever perhaps, got that right man?, plus Papito tells me it goes better with this Jaguar XType that i have been driving since November, definitely i was feeling too pretentious driving that new Porsche, and Audi is too fucking speedy
Lately I got this Plant called Venus Fly Trap and last night i feed it with an ant it was my first time ever of seeing a plant moved, fascinating!, today another mouth of this plant is eating a worm.
I have never ever been to Boston, so i cannot fucking wait for it, i better have my full leather stuff for it cause they are suppose to be extremely pigs, so, let's see about that and the interview i did for New England's local gay magazine called "In News Weekly" by the great and popular Mark Adams, and Jason Curious is becoming a major one already, congratulations to him.
If I only had a wish I would wish to be able to connect with all of the people that I meet, connect with the best quality as possible, but time is fucking cruel, and information is lethal.
Connecting with Jesus Christ have its advantages, that is why I'm publicly grateful to him for the things I have learned due to urge he puts on me for search of information based on the facts.

issue # 52
Sunday, January 13, 2002

On Saturday 5th Papito and I flew to Las Vegas from Miami in first class, we stayed at the "Pleasure Island", perfect place to have a fucking romantic weekend, cause besides all of the romantic fucks we had, we also enjoyed great restaurants, but that night at 7:30 we had to be at the Mirage for the show of "Sigfried and Roy", we had seats right near the stage, but Papito did a little magic number cause he managed to get this better table, almost the best one in the house, cause the best one was the next one to our left side, that Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz where seating with this actress and this guy, we saw them after this man and woman sharing our table told us, WOW! it was extra exiting, there was few photographers hunting them, but the show started and i couldn't fucking help myself from screaming Bravo! really loud every time Sigfried and Roy did something unbelievable for your eyes (which was every 2 minutes), plus holding hands and cuddling with Papito at the same time was so fucking fantastic, watching Roy riding an elephant, the part where Sigfried shake hands with the audience include me papito, and when the show was over the lights came on and everybody started to leave, but i didn't want to leave with out seeing Tom Cruise in the eyes, and thank God he left by his right side where i was kind of standing, (for they where seating right in the very middle table), and when he crossed inches away from me, he look at me for one second and he kept walking away with his people and the press, and i can still remember how extremely white his skin in arms and face where, plus he was my size too, ay ay ay!. Soon Papito and I were back into our hotel room and we had a fuck-tastic fuck and food, before going to sleep into eachother's arms very fucking romantically, the next day it was a very fucking special one for us cause he finally got to meet for the first time some people from my industry at "Gypsy" the place where they did the "Cybersocket Awards" and Chi Chi was the very, very funny host (as usual), and i got great pleasure by seeing a lot of friends, when i got my award that made my year, and it just started!, so i thanked God, my fans (who choose me), Cybersocket and Papito, and few hours later we hook up with David Arias and his friend Bruce at the front row seats of "Mystere", this was the most sensual one from them all, oh man! i got so horny from that fucking show, that i fuck the hell out of Papito's ass that night once we got back to our hotel room. The next day we worked out in the gym from the hotel and went later to the show "O" and it was like being in a dream, such fucking awesome show under and over the water, but the next day, last Tuesday he flew back to Miami and i flew to LA which is the place from where I'm writing this, i went out to Rusty's club "Beige" that night and i saw certain popular LA's characters like Rohan Bisset for example, i had fun, but i also had lots of errands the next day, so i decided to fuck that night with this mainstream movie director, so, we went to cheap motel where he got me off like a good boy enjoying his pacifier, i mean enjoying my verga and all the leche i had that night inside of my balls, the next morning it was his turn to get off, MAN! he had like a fucking gallon of cum to take out, than i drove him over where he is living, the last time i remember fucking with a mainstream director soon after he went to make "The Wedding Planer" and had great success, so i hope this one will make too.
I have been meeting some friends and having great fucks with some people that i meet, so, tonight Sunday i will probably i will go to the "House of Blues" to celebrate this new award, but my future shows in Knoxville and Boston plus finding a new place in New York 4 my birthday show is all priority in my mind right now, so I have to make sure to make everything right any other way will not make me happy, happy like I feel for doing what I want, with who I want, and when I want it, always supervised by my all mighty Lord protector Jesus Christ, and I'm not talking about the one being charged with the Sept 11 attacks by evangelist Pat Robertson by saying... "we deserved this from God." I'm talking about the good Lord.

issue # 51
Friday, January 04, 2002

Wow! yeah! because besides Sept. 11, last year it was the best one me for me so far in this lifetime of 26 years,
I'm writing from Miami the day after i did a secret photo shot in which the photographer end up getting me off with his incredible luv-hole which was very, very juicy once my verga(cock) got all the way in, him also is the best water sports fetish guy i ever been with, I tell you that much! But, I cannot wait to see this PICS on this website at least, hopefully there is a "smart" publication out there, the smartest? well I think, but is secret still. The next morning my friend "D" took me to the airport at 12:00, my flight was the 999 at 1:30 PM, but this other flight of 9:30 am was re-sheudle for 12:30, so, i killed 2 birds in one shot, cause the flight 999 is the 666 in reverse, and besides i arrived to Miami one hour earlier, and for those people who said in some gossip website that i looked UN-relaxed, well, maybe because i have a fucking plane phobia?, they also said that i was going to the restroom very often, well you suckers, what the fuck happens to a fucking human body when he drinks lots and lots and lots of water daily? You go to the restrooms often, or you can piss in some one's mouth often (YUM!), or you piss your pants (stupid), and you can go on and on with this fuckers.
Papito was there waiting for me as usual, so we had a romantic night, making luv and sleeping together, his hole was too tight that night.
The next day I took my dog Bonito to "Flamingo Park" and sure he took his energy out from being in the boarding place for 2 fucking weeks, eat in Lincoln Road, i took Bonito home and went to "Ironworks", the hottest gym in South Beach right now, woof! some people told me that blond is the best look I had ever had, I don't know about that, but man! I'm having more fun than ever, cause the next day drove to the Crown Plaza Hotel in Palm Beach, the traffic to go there was "really" fucked up with a super major accident or some kind of shit, so it took me the double of time, i was so exited, but i rested, ate, and at 9:30 than i took a shower and got ready, than this limo with 4 guys picked me up warming me up with some blow jobs on the way to "Cupids" where i arrived around 11:45, it was rainy and cold, but i saw like 100 people in there, the place is very small, is a striptease for gay man, just like straight man have their own, very fucking cute but I'm not up for just the tease, so, i got naked in my dressing room, and this hot Canadian and Swiss guy came by and they sucked my dick that was hard like metal, this Canadian guy had "the" ass and the blond Swiss had "the" dick, but it was show time, so the DJ, who was full of energy through the microphone celebrating this new year, me, and the dancer, he was good, and the reason is because he is the boyfriend of Brandy, Brandy is the real queen of gays in all Palm Beach, she fucking rules man!!!!!!!!!!!!
So while me and my boys went to the stage we got a cool ovation while i knew they where all looking my verga live and hard, and i told the Canadian to laid on the floor on his stomach with his legs close and than i started doing setups on top of his muscular back, introducing my verga full of vaseline between his legs giving the impression that i was fucking him, than i make him suck me, but than i realize that there is all this spectators who could also do that too, so i went one by one from left to right trying all of this different mouths, some of them more deep than the others, so after lots of different kind of throats is that i decided to keep this one, man! he had a baby face seating with his lover who was the coolest lover cause he helping me to take his pants off while i could see the Canadian and Swiss guys getting on with 2 or 3 others in a stage orgy, and all of this people watching with eyes wide open so i just spitted some saliva in his butt hole and i inserted my dick into this butt hole that was clean and quite juicy kind of like had some other loads already inside and sure i took advantage of that cause it was easier for me to fuck him showing off to all those fuckers in there how my hard rock like a piece of steel was going in and out to of this juicy hole, moving him from one side of the stage to the other so around 200 people watched, hopefully there is a couple of good PICS at least, i couldn't recorded on video tape because of the customers, than the DJ started the count down, announcing 5 minutes left for the show to be over, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, bla bla bla. bla bla bla, so i took this toy man that i was fucking and make him masturbate me so i could get off all of my leche out of my balls for everybody to see, but it wasn't as good as his butt hole, so i told him that i can get close to cum if i fuck him some more, and sure i did, cause after not even a dozen of bumps of my verga fucking his ass is that i pull it off his butt went to the middle of this stage and just shot that 2 days old big, big leche, like 3 big long shots of white juice and the fucking huge ovation i was getting while they saw my cum fly high they got me by surprise cause it was the first time in my life that i got such big ovation while having an orgasm at the same time, almost as good as if when i cum thinking of God with out feeling guilty or fear.
And no, I'm not fucking crazy, think about it, an alternative of orgasm to raise it to a higher level, making the most of it.
Tomorrow night me and Papito should be in La Vegas, for the "Cybersocket" awards, I don't expect to win, but I want to show him a little bet of my industry and go see this show "O" the next day, so fucking sweet!
Reality has becomes better than my dreams, conquering some fears and being able to just be happy under my protector Lord Jesus Christ.

issue # 50
Tuesday, December 25, 2001

The past 7 of December was a memorable day for me, from that day my life is been better, and my faith much stronger ofcourse, i have sent my new CD's to fans in Australia, Philippines, Belgium, Germany, and other countries and cities, i enjoyed so much being with Papito and my dog Bonito, but in the 14th i flew here to Los Angeles, here i had to prepare for my upcoming show, pay bills, errands and all that shit, still i found time to go to this sex club called "Slammer", where i just went into their darkroom and got a hold of this hungry butthole that was being offered to any one you wished to fuck it and be filled with lots of leche very caliente, but all of the sudden this other guy with an even hungrier hole than this guy i was pounding with my verga in and out of, so i gave it a try and sure that one was the one that finally made my verga not being able to hold it anymore, and his juicy hole was just tooo much for my verga to handle it, so it surrender to the last second in which all of this big amounts of white juice kept exploding out of me relaxing every cell of my body to this ecstasy feeling of and orgasm, woof! i was set to go sleep like a baby. the day of the show arrived to i had to do the second and last rehearsal at "micky's" in westo Hollywood where i had to perform later, and the time arrived, so i came back to the club at 6 PM and got ready, my dancers and director of choreography were very exited since even that it was very cold and rainy, still there was around 200 people, for the first time i wasn't lip-synching, i had a microphone and it made all the difference, cause i really connected with the crowd more than ever before, the special effects i put in it plus the dancers made it the best one so far, and that i what i always look to be each new show i do, so after a super ovation i left to my dressing room for a little while and came out to where Will Clark interviewed Lane Fuller earlier, oh man! i cannot wait to fuck Lane in my next porno, he is the best looking guy out there right now, plus that little ruffle of this 10 Palmer's Lust Movie was so funny, and i signed lots of autographs on movies, CD's, magazines and glossy PICS, also this very good looking young girl was amazed by my show, so she keep telling me that i should share who I'm with the mainstream world, that i might be selfish by being exclusively for gays only, but glory is not my intention, so, sure i enjoy here appreciation, i was so hungry and still it was fucking rainy, but i had to go to the orgy and not with an empty stomach, so after eating than i came by to the orgy at the hotel Le Reve, but a lot of people had came and left, but thank God there was 4 or 5 guys at least, Neal was our fucking great host, so i got naked automatically and everybody did it too, soon i had this big mexican lips and juicy warm throat going in and out of my verga full of leche caliente, but this other blond young guy that looks like from Ohio came for my verga(cock) too, and he shared it with this other horny mother fucker, man! they took total control over my verga, and yeah! sure i make sure to enjoy this situation cause i was feeling in heaven, soon after i put a condom on and i stick it up this one hole while the other bottom guy was looking and wishing to be him the one being fucked by me, and i noticed that, so, I gave a sign with my eye to this other bottom telling him it was his turn, automatically he was with legs up and his hole was so fucking soft and stretched that my verga(cock) went in and out of it so fucking fast and hard at some points, changing the peace of it, but than this other bottom that I was fucking at first got kind of mad, so he positioned himself into the doggy style one and there was nothing i could do about it but to switch from fucking that yummy hole to this doggy style one, and once i was pounding on this beefy butt i realize how close to cum i was, so i started to think in my grandma so i could hold my orgasm for longer, but this hole was fucking my verga in and out, and i kept holding my cum, and holding it once twice, and another time, and another, but the hungriness of his hole was too powerful, so i couldn't take it any fucking longer, so i took this condom out and the first big long shot of leche caliente went strongly right into this bottom's mouth and the second big long one also went into this other bottom guy, and the rest went out everywhere, oh man! they seemed to enjoy the test of my cum, unfortunately i didn't recorded this orgy on video tape and my photographer Larry wasn't there, but at least i may be able to post the musical show some day in the future, plus this photographer who saw me gave me his phone number for an important project, hhhmmmm!!!!! but the day after i went to Cuffs which is a small leather bar in Silverlake and i fucked this big daddy guy in the restrooms, i unload my cum in him and left smiling all the way to my car, went home to work in my comp and a couple of hours after i drove all the way to this photographer's house in Silverlake, he show me a contact sheet with this popular female singer being pregnant holding the guitar, but the computer did a trick in the final product, great photographer, so we went to eat and after cumin back to his place he showed me he nice white little butt, and i touched this warm hole i spit on it so he could finger himself making this drive all of my blood into my verga making it so fucking hard that quickly went for this entrance, and from behind i started fucking his ass so fucking hard, this is the way he wanted it, so i gave to him so fucking hard, that when i started to see him in pain is when i released some fresh new cum in this such tender hot love fuck hole, oh man! with him is like to do it any time again, SWEET 4 ME!!. When i say that my life is much better ever after December 7th i mean it, cause I'm toooooooooo fucking sexual lately, the other day after working out i meet with this police guy i know from online in some secret place, he is a real cop so i let him play with my hole, his dick wasn't that big so it felt good for a little while, but it hurt, we did a juicy 69 and than after many time of holding our cum, finally we shot big loads of white juicy all over our bodies, ay ay ay caramba! fucking crazy shit!, than i had to do some errands, but also i told Sam Dixon(pornstar) that i would call him after getting his phone number at the gym, and sure i did i came by his house, we went to his bed soon right after arriving there, OH MY!!!!!!!! what a fucking amazing sweet hole he have! i lick it for quite a while, it was extremely inviting, so after a deep 69 i inserted all of my manhood all the way inside his super tender fucking juicy hole, oh man! i wanted to live there, it is impossible to describe how good is to fuck Sam D